SEPO Board Nominating Committee 

 For 2023 SEPO Board Election 

Sunshine Estates Property Owners, Inc., (SEPO)

governs Sunshine Country Club Estates (SCCE).

(The following information is presented in chronological order within EACH Committee.)



Sent via SEPO E-News 2022-09-24: NEED: Volunteers for 2023 SEPO NOMINATING & ELECTION Committees - 

The Board is currently looking for volunteers for both the Nominating and Election Committees. Several residents in our community have previously served on one or both of these committees. The Board is confident they will either volunteer again or be available to assist this year's committee members with any questions / issues they may have.

Nominating Committee:

  • Primary Duties - After determining how many open positions are available for next year’s SEPO Board, the goal of the Nominating Committee is to identify and vet qualified candidates for these open positions.

  • We need a committee chairperson and from two to four additional committee members.

Election Committee:

  • Primary Duties - The committee shall prepare the election ballots, stuff envelopes, man the registration tables at the Annual Shareholders Meeting and count votes cast in the ballots provided.

  • We need a committee chairperson and from five to ten additional committee members.

The plan is to have committee process documents / manuals available in the next couple of weeks to assist each committee.

If you have any interest in being on either of these committees or just have questions right now, please contact any Board member at your earliest convenience.

The Board looks forward to working with the committee volunteers and thanks you in advance for your assistance and supporting this wonderful community.