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 Access to Kitchen Area

(March 25, 2023)


New keypads have been installed on the door leading into the kitchen from the outside and on the small supply closet just outside of the kitchen door in Retzlaff Hall.

A master code will be held by SEPO.

When hosting an event or otherwise needing access to the kitchen, a temporary code can be obtained from Valerie in the office. Keep in mind, if there is a weekend event, you should obtain the temporary code prior to Valerie closing the office on Friday. In the event, you have an unexpected need to access the kitchen and Valerie is not available, the President of Women’s Club will assist you. The temporary code will be deleted the following Monday or in an otherwise timely manner following weekday events.

Upon leaving the kitchen, the interior doors will be closed and must be physically locked, from inside the kitchen and people will exit from the kitchen to the outside after physically locking that door.

If you oversee closing the hall, lock the doors, and exit through the kitchen as described above.

The kitchen area is currently open on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

If a person in charge of an event wishes to lock the freezer, that person must check the key out from the office. If the freezer remains unlocked, there are cameras in place for security in the hall including the kitchen and storage room which can be reviewed for up to three months, if necessary.


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