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SEPO Community Emails: August 2023

Sent 2023-08-31: Storage Lot Upgrade - 

It has come to my attention that one of your SEPO Board members, Frank Tewell, has been very busy sprucing up the Sunshine Storage Lot Roadbed. I'm not sure who, or how many, helpers he had, but thanks to all of you as well. As I'm not physically in TX at this time, I had asked Frank to send me some pictures, which he has done. And knowing lots more of you aren't there right now, I wanted you to get a view of this improvement as well. Thank you Frank for the great job you have done with the roadbed. I have posted the pics you sent me on the Sunshine website HERE.

- Beth Parrish,     SEPO Communications Mgr

Sent 2023-08-29: LABOR DAY - 












Vicky Krueger

Sent 2023-08-28: Resident Passing - 

I have been Informed by both Jim Foster and Jean Burgoine that Connie Robertson passed away Saturday, August 26, 2023.     - Valerie Basaldua,   SEPO Office

Sent 2023-08-27: Rock Painting Club (next session 08-28-23) - 

Rock Club will meet Monday in the Hall from 1-3. 

Bring your rocks for the Ronald McDonald house and we may make some more!
Minions and Nemo and more!
We may also take some of the rocks we have painted and sign the back SCCE Rocks and hide them!
See you there!

- Cathy Richmond (by Beth Parrish - From SEPO Facebook page)

Sent 2023-08-21: MARKET: Home For Sale Updates - 

The listing of my home at 4340 North Missouri Street that is for sale on the Sunshine MARKET has been updated to include 1) more pictures & 2) lower price.

Marge Sandusky by - 

- Cindy Shriver, Broker/Owner
  Dream Valley Properties, LLC

Sent 2023-08-20: Calling All Dogs and Cats too - 

Hey Everyone - Sandra Delaunay will be coming to the Estates on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023, to take care of your pet's nails. She will be starting at 12:30 pm. The cost is ten dollars per pet. Please text Sandra and she will schedule your appointment. Sandra's number is 956-226-9919. Sandra will come to your home. Thanks.
- Marian Young     719-468-4556

Sent 2023-08-18: MARKET: Home For Sale - 

See my home at 4340 North Missouri Street that is for sale on the Sunshine MARKET.

Marge Sandusky by - 

- Cindy Shriver, Broker/Owner
  Dream Valley Properties, LLC

Sent 2023-08-12: UPDATED: SEPO Activity/Meeting Room Request Process - 

As previously promised, this is to inform everyone that the SEPO Activitiy / Meeting Room Request Process has been updated slightly as of August 7, 2023 to Revision 5 and is now on the website HERE

Hopefully, this will answer some questions that have been asked in the past concerning when and how to request the use of Sunshine Common Areas.

Thanks for your understanding of these revisions in order to make the scheduling of all of the Fun SEPO Events easier to coordinate.

Valerie Basaldua, SEPO Office Mgr AND Beth Parrish, SEPO Communications Mgr

Sent 2023-08-12: Golf Cart Street Crossings - 

We have added golf cart street crossings on Indiana Circle (from hole 4 to 5) and Michigan (from hole 5 to 6). Street signs have been ordered. See Pictures HERE.

- Randy Davis,     SEPO Board Golf Course Director

Sent 2023-08-12: Neighborhood Watch - 

Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team (Est. 2008)
SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.

Lights On -- Lock Up and Look Out for each other!

11 August 2023                        Community Comms
Lenore J. Combs, Coordinator 956 245 1276

Reminder, as I have said several times before, just want to get a few words out! The heat is not impacting the Bad Guys! They are still snooping around in the middle of the night checking to see if your car doors are locked and maybe there is other interesting stuff left out. And they are being rewarded because they are so successful. So – as a reminder……. Lights on and Lock up!

We shall relive the Sunshine Vehicle Decal Program (previously endorsed by our Board). For several reasons, none worthwhile, it was sort of dropped during COVID times. But the Bad Guys have proven value and the Harlingen Police Department agrees. Jean Burgoine and I will begin this soon. We have decals for the vehicles and for our Golf Carts.

Congrats to Mary Grandy and Nancy Johns who recently completed the Citizens Police Academy.

Thanks to Carol and Miles who resigned for health reasons and who faithfully patrolled Sunshine for many schedules. And thanks again to those who continue to patrol.

I recently completed the Activity/Meeting Request form for our NW-CERT meetings – 3rd Monday every month starting October – June (give or take summer months if necessary). What about Finger Lickin’ Chicken? (NW fundraiser)

The city of COMBES Police Department will be hosting a National Night Out & Fall Fest on Thursday 12 October 5:30 PM – 9 PM at Combes Community Park located at 21626 Hand Road. FREE!
In the past, our Neighborhood Watch provided a Safety Patrol for the area.
Any volunteers. Let me know soon. I need a few volunteers with golf carts.


Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276
Coordinator Neighborhood Watch - CERT Team


Sent 2023-08-12: UPDATE: Rock Painting Club Status - 

Ten members of the Rock Club met Monday, August 7th. A good and fruitful discussion was had with the following outcomes:

  1. Karren Amos is taking a leave to deal with her medical issues. She remains a consultant and supporter of the club.

  2. Anita Lamb Smith will continue to keep the books for the club.

  3. Catherine Cummings Richmond will serve as club communicator.

  4. Meetings will continue to be held according to the schedule of twice a month (first and fourth Mondays unless a holiday interferes). See Sunshine website HERE for exact dates remaining in 2023.

  5. The club will continue to create rocks for the Ronald McDonald house. You can create rocks at home and donate them and the club will create rocks at their meetings.

  6. Anita Smith will work on creating a private Facebook group for rock club members only to share ideas and their creations. This will take some time as she is very busy right now.

  7. Vicky Andreatos offered to give a class on acrylic pour painting tiles for coasters in the future. Great for gifts!

All members familiarized themselves with the products in the storage area used by the rock club.

- Cathy Richmond

Sent 2023-08-11: Resident Passing -

Barbara Wagner wanted me to let everyone know that Richard passed away early Thu afternoon. A fun loving man with so many stories to tell, he will be missed by all that knew him. 
May he rest in peace [🙏🏻]

Our hearts go out to Barbara, and her family.

- Cathy Richmond

Sent 2023-08-11: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Financials, 2023-07 (Jul) - 

The UNAPPROVED Jun 2023 SEPO Financials are posted on the Sunshine Website HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions.     - Mark Owen     SEPO Treasurer

Sent 2023-08-10: Former resident passing - 

Mac McPherson, former long-time resident, passed away at 2 AM Thursday 08/10/23.
- Valerie Basaldua,     SEPO Office

Sent 2023-08-06: UPDATED: SEPO Activity/Meeting Room Request Form - 

Please be aware the SEPO Activitiy / Meeting Room Request Form has been updated as of July 5, 2023 to Revision 4.

The Process for submitting this form and it being approved or denied is currently being reviewed and the updated Process Document will be published on the Sunshine website. An email will be sent to the community as soon as it is completed. For the time being, please continue to follow the current process for submitting your request forms.


The updated form can be found HERE, along with the current process. Valerie will also have the updated forms available in the office.

The primary change to the Request Form itself is that you will now need to provide the info below: Prep, Event & Cleanup times. This info won't be applicable to all events, but if it is applicable to yours, please list it. This will enable the SEPO Calendar to reflect more clearly the various phases of an event. And when residents view the SEPO calendar they will know the exact time the 'actual event' is taking place rather than the calendar showing the event is taking place all day long or even multiple days.


Start Date/Time: ________________________

End Date/Time: _________________________


Start Date/Time: ________________________

End Date/Time: _________________________


Start Date/Time: ________________________

End Date/Time: _________________________


There are a few other minor changes to the form which Valerie can explain to you if you have any questions.


Thanks for your understanding of these revisions in order to make the scheduling of all of the Fun SEPO Events easier to coordinate.


Valerie Basaldua, SEPO Office Mgr


Beth Parrish, SEPO Communications Mgr


Sent 2023-08-03: (CORRECTION) Rock Painting Club: Update - Let's Talk Rocks - 

To all Sunshine Rock Painting Club members - and others that are interested in rock painting.

I've scheduled a "LET'S TALK ROCKS!" get-together on the 7th of August, 2023, 1pm in Retzlaff Hall. All current club members and perspective Sunshine Rock Painting club members are invited.


P.S. sorry for all of the confusion on my part.

Also, please let me know if you can attend.
- Karren Amos,     309-781-3479 (Corrected),

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