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                                                                                  OF THE
                                                                 WOMEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION
                                                             SUNSHINE COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES
                                                                        HARLINGEN, TEXAS

                                                              ARTICLE  1:  NAME AND OBJECTIVE

                This organization shall be known as the Women’s Golf Association of the Sunshine Country Club 
                 The objective of this organization shall be to bring into closer unity the women golfers of
                  Sunshine Estates through a planned schedule of meetings and competitive events for the 
                  general  purpose of encouraging a spirit of friendship, sportsmanship and fair play among

                                                     ARTICLE  II:  MEMBERSHIP, DUES, MEETINGS

Sec .   1.    Membership shall be open to all property owners and renting residents of Sunshine Estates.
                    Guests may play a maximum of two (2) times and are not eligible for prizes.

Sec.    2.   Annual dues shall be determined at the March meeting and voted on by the membership

Sec.    3.    To be considered a member eligible to compete and vote, dues must have been paid at the
                    beginning  date of league play or within two weeks of the member beginning league play.

Sec.    4.     Regular monthly meetings shall be held on the third Wednesday of the months of November
                    through March, immediately after completion of play or as posted.

Sec.   5.      A quorum of 40% of the membership shall be required before business requiring votes can be

Sec.   6.      Special meetings may be called as required with proper notice being given.

Sec.   7.      Meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board shall be conducted in accordance
                    With Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, when not inconsistent with these BYLAWS.

                                                                 ARTICLE III:  OFFICERS

Sec.   1      The elected officers of this organization shall be:
                    President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Handicap Chairman

Sec.   2.     These officers shall be elected at the regular March meeting. The President and Vice President
                    Will be elected for a term of one year each with the Vice President moving to President the
                     following year. The Secretary, Treasurer will serve two years each and the Handicap
                     Chairman may serve an unlimited term.   The officers shall assume the duties of their
                     respective office following the election.

Sec.   3.        No officer shall be eligible to serve more than two years in succession in any one office.

Sec.   4.        In the event the President is unable to complete her term of office, the Vice President shall
                      automatically assume the title and duties of that office. Vacancies occurring in any office
                      other than that of President, shall be appointed by the remaining members of the Executive

A. Duties of the President shall be:

1. To serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Association and ex officio member
of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

2.  To serve as official representative of the Association and to designate other
necessary representation.

3.  To preside at all meetings and functions of the Association and of the Executive

4. With the approval of the Executive Board, to make such appointments from the
Membership as required and not otherwise provided for (such as three election
Tellers, if needed, auditors, Chairman of Rules Committee, Guest Day, Chairman of
the Championship tournament, etc.)

5. To cast an open vote at meetings whenever necessary to break a tie.

6. To maintain general supervision over all affairs of the Association and to report to
the general membership on the activities for the year.

B. Duties of Vice President shall be :

1.  To serve in the absence of the President and to perform all duties that office as
outlined above whenever required to do so.

2. To designate weekly hostesses when vacancies occur and post duties thereof.

3. To supervise, purchase and present each special awards programs such as Birdies
and Chip-ins, Banks Award, or any special awards determined by the Executive

C. Duties of the Secretary shall be:

1. To keep a record of all meetings of the Association and Executive Board.

2. To conduct correspondence as necessary for the Association or at the request of

3. To keep an up-to-date copy of the BYLAWS and have it available at all meetings.

4. To perform such duties as the President direct.

D.  Duties of the Treasurer shall be:

1. To assume full responsibility for receiving and dispensing of all Association’s funds.
An assistant can be appointed to perform the duties of that office if necessary,
such as during the summer months if the Treasure is not a year around resident.
The Treasurer and assistant each being able to sign checks.

2. To keep a detailed accounting of all money received /expended.

3. To collect annual dues from each member joining the Association for the period of
November through March.

4. To receive all money from special events or fund-raising functions and dispense as
directed by the Board and /or general membership of the Association.

5. To pay all authorized Association bills and maintain all substantiating records.

6. To post in the Association bulletin board a current roster of all paid up members

7.  To make a report of funds whenever called for by the President at the monthly

8. To pay all outstanding debts of the Association following the final golfing day in
March so that said books may be closed in time for a report by the auditors.

9. To serve as Chairman of the Budget Committee.

E. Duties of the Handicap Chairman:

1. To prepare and post on the Association bulletin board rules regarding
handicapping procedures.

2. To keep record of all Wednesday scorecards and adjust handicaps accordingly
thereto, based on the best four of the last six scores.

3. To post computation of handicaps weekly.

4. To compute a handicap for a beginning golfer based on four scores, either from
league play and/or with another golfer.

5. In  case of a temporary absence or the Handicap Chairman, the President can
appoint an assistant to perform these duties as provided by the BYLAWS.


                            This Committee shall be composed of three (3) members appointed early enough for
                            their slate of officers to be present at the February monthly meeting with the election
                             held at the March meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor with the prior
                             consent of the one newly nominated.

A. Election shall be by secret ballot if there are multiple nominations. No absentee

B. In order to be elected, a nominee must receive a majority of the votes cast.

C. The elected officers shall be announced by the Chairman of the Nominating
Committee at the conclusion of the business meeting in March.


Sec. 1.                        The administration of the Women’s Golf Association shall be vested in and managed   
                                     By the Executive Board which shall be comprised of the five elected officers, each of
                            Whom shall make a report at the regular meetings.

Sec.2                   It shall be the duty of the Executive Board:

A. To transact all detailed business of the Association.

B. To propose plans and recommendations for the consideration of the members at

C. To operate under the budget based on the dues collected and other fund raisers for

Sec.3.                      At least three of the five elected officers must be present to constitute a quorum.

                                                                    ARTICLE VI: AMENDMENTS

Sec. 1.                   Proposed amendments to these BYLAWS shall be posted on the Associations bulletin
                              Board and a vote to approve same will be held at the following meeting.

Sec.2.                    These BYLAWS may be amended at any regular meeting be a vote of a majority of

Sec.3.                    These BYLAWS shall be reviewed at least every two years, even if no revision is made.

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