Activities: Women's Club 

(Winter: 2021-2022)

The Women's Club Committee Activities Committee Signup Sheets are posted in the SEPO Library.

As Details concerning the Events below become available they will be posted here.



Women's Club Events for the 2021-2022 Winter Season

(+ a bonus breakfast in April)

The Women's Club Committee Activities Committee Signup Sheets are be posted in the SEPO Library.

   Date        Day             Event (Chairpersons)


10-29-21     Fri               Mexican Fiesta Chair (Cathy Richmond/Marian Young) (COMPLETE)

10-31-21     Sun             SUNSHINE Halloween Golf Cart Gala (Pam Lacy) (COMPLETE)

11-11-21     Wed           Veteran’s Day (Lenore Combs/Marian Young) (COMPLETE)

11-21-21     Sun             Goofy Golf Co-chairs (Derek & Janis McFee) (COMPLETE)

11-25-21     Thu              Thanksgiving Dinner (Bev McIntosh) (COMPLETE)

12-03-21     Fri                Back Sale & Craft Show (Terry DeBackere/Deb Robins) (COMPLETE)

12-23-21     Wed            Christmas Caroling (Pam Lacy) (COMPLETE)

12-25-21     Fri                Christmas Potluck (Lenore Combs) (COMPLETE)

01-01-22     Sat               NY Day Potluck Brunch (Marian Young) (COMPLETE)

01-18-22     Tue               Slideshow: History of SCCE (Cathy Richmond) (COMPLETE)

01-22-22     Sat               Breakfast Burritos (Pam Davis) (COMPLETE)

02-13-22     Sun              Superbowl Party (Various) (CANCELLED)

02-24-22     Thu              Mardi Gras (Mary Hendrickson) (COMPLETE)

02-19-22     Sat               Breakfast (Pam Davis) (COMPLETE)

03-26-22     Sat               Fundraiser for Lost Ball Rescue (Marge Sandusky) (COMPLETE)

03-31-22     Thu              New Homeowners' Party (Vickie Jones/Sherri Gardner) (COMPLETE)

04-16-22     Sat               Breakfast (Pam Davis) (UPCOMING)

If you would like to volunteer to be on one or more of the Committees, please contact Judy Stone. 

Judy Stone

Women’s Club Activities Director




   Date              Day            Event (Chairpersons)

  04-16-22        Sat            Breakfast (Pam Davis) UPCOMING

Sent 2022-04-13: Saturday Breakfast -

Final Women’s Club Breakfast of the season!

The Women’s Club will be sponsoring a Saturday Breakfast in Retzlaff Hall, this Saturday, April 16th from 7:30 - 10am. This time we will have scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits with sausage gravy, and mini blueberry muffins - all for just $5.00! Coffee, orange juice, and water will be included with purchase.


Stay and eat with friends in the hall or out at the pavilion…or grab a a plate to go! Saturday Golf Scramblers, make sure and stop by before you tee off!


For questions or info, contact Pam Davis at 214-516-4844

Sat Breakfast_2022-04-16.jpg


   Date              Day            Event (Chairpersons)

03-31-22          Thu             New Homeowners' (Vickie Jones/Sherri Gardner) COMPLETE


Sent 2022-03-17: New Homeowners' Party - 

REMINDER!!!!! The New Homeowners’ Party is fast approaching. Please sign up in the library. Important info:

THEME- Meet and Greet in the Street
WHEN- Thursday, March 31st
WHERE- Michigan Ave. by the shuffleboard courts

  • 4 till 5:30 New Homeowner’s will be introduced

  • 5:30 Cookout dinner

  • 6-9 DJ Doug music/dance

COST- $10 per person (virtual tickets)
All new homeowners are FREE and have been contacted by phone or a personal invite.

ONLY new homeowners are to RSVP TO Vickie Jones at 262-689-7068, please do not signup in library.
We are planning on being outside, so we ask everyone to bring a lawn chair.

Thank you!
Co-chairs - Sherri Gardner & Vickie Jones

Sent 2022-03-07: WC: New Homeowners' Party Announcement - 

Poster_New HO.jpg

Sent 2022-01-09: Women's Club: New Homeowners' Party Postponed - 

The New Homeowner’s Party scheduled for Jan. 20th has been postponed until a future date in this coming season. Watch for an email or check the bulletin board in the library for new date. Thank you!Co-chairs: Sherri Gardner and Vickie Jones



   Date         Day            Event (Chairpersons)

03-26-22     Sat              Fundraiser for Lost Ball Rescue (Marge Sandusky) COMPLETE

Sent 2022-04-03: Dog Rescue Fundraiser - 

On Saturday March 26, the community of SCCE came together for a fundraising event to support Lost Ball Rescue who has helped us in the past with stray dogs that have wandered into our community.

So many residents helped with this event from Woodshop donations, handmade quilts, Dog themed baskets, to cashiers, kitchen help, set up and clean up and more. Special shout out to Wade Prater and his band Whisky Dent who donated their talents and tips to the event. Tiffany Prater who created all the posters for the the silent auction, each individualized for each item.

The Harlingen community gave generously and big thanks to Sally Hardy who obtained all the South Padre boat trips. Each contribution

was large and necessary for the success of our event.

Many have been asked how much we raised. We raised $4,993, rounded out to $5,000. We did have to cover the cost of the food which was $672.21 so our total donation to Lost Ball was $4347.79.
They are very appreciative, thank you to each and every one of you who helped.

Marge Sandusky

Sent 2022-03-22: Silent auction item - 

Just a reminder that we are closing in on our Fundraiser Saturday, March 26. We have Pulled pork plates, dancing and music. Silent auction with close to 50 items! Let's have fun while raising money for this worthy cause! Doors open at 4:30, dinner at 5:30, the band Whiskey Dent starts at 6:30. This schedule will allow time to see and bid on all our amazing items.


Some of the items up for auction can be seen below. Bring cash or checkbooks please.

Envelopes in the library for virtual sign up at $10 per person. BYOB.
- Marge Sandusky

Sent 2022-03-15: Silent auction item - 

We have many great silent auction items for the Women's Club Fundraiser next week, but we would love if anyone from the woodshop might donate something that they have made there. The event is on 3/26 but we are trying to wrap up our auction items. Thank you,     Marge Sandusky



   Date              Day            Event (Chairpersons)

  03-19-22        Sat            Breakfast (Pam Davis) COMPLETE

2022-03-17: WC: Breakfast Poster Reminder - 

Poster_Breakfast _2022-03-19_1.jpg

2022-03-06: WC: Breakfast - 

Breakfast Pancakes 
The Women’s Club will be sponsoring a Saturday Breakfast in Retzlaff Hall on March 19th from 7:30 AM to 10 AM.
This time, we will feature a pancake breakfast which will include pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage all for just $5! Coffee, orange juice, and water will be included with purchase. We will have fruit, whipped cream, butter, regular syrup and sugar free syrup.
Stay and eat with friends in the hall or out at the pavilion…or grab a plate to go! Saturday Golf Scramblers, make sure and stop by before you tee off!
     For questions or info, contact Pam Davis at 214-516-4844



   Date         Day            Event (Chairpersons)

02-26-22     Sat             Breakfast (Pam Davis) COMPLETE

Sent 2022-02-17: Women's Club Breakfast: Feb 26, 2022 - 

Breakfast Casserole

The Women’s Club will be sponsoring a Saturday Breakfast in Retzlaff Hall on February 26th from 7:30AM – 10:00 AM.


It will be a little different than past breakfasts. This month’s breakfast will feature Breakfast Casserole (a casserole with eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese and tater tots) accompanied by a delicious biscuit with choice of regular or sausage gravy. We will have condiments of butter, salsa, jalapeños and ketchup.


This entire breakfast will be served for just $5.00 and will be served with orange juice, coffee and water!

Stay and eat with friends in the hall or out at the pavilion…or grab a meal to go. Saturday Golf Scramblers, make sure and stop by before you tee off!

Pam Davis



   Date         Day            Event (Chairpersons)

02-24-22     Thu              Mardi Gras (Mary Hendrickson) COMPLETE


Sent 2022-02-13: WC: Mardi Gras Update (Change of Plans) - 

Mardi Gras Change of plans. We will have virtual payment in the library when you signup instead of collecting money at the door. The Box is available in the library with envelopes to put your money in. $10 per person.
Costumes and prizes!     Mary Hendrickson   Mardi Gras Chair

Newsletter 2022-02: 

Party time on February 24, Thursday, at Retzlaff Hall.  Dance the night away in your costumes.  Prizes will be given away!!! Doors will open at 4 pm for Happy Hour! Meal at 4:30. Music from 5-7 with DJ Doug and his wife, Kathy.  Kathy works the crowd and is so much fun. This party is being thrown by the Women’s Club. The cost will be $10.00 a person. The Signup sheet will be available in the Library on Feb 10 and will be taken down on Feb 21. So be sure and signup and support our club!!     Mary Hendrickson   Mardi Gras Committee

Sent 2022-01-21: Women's Club - Mardi Gras: Committee Mtg Details - 

The Mardi Gras meeting for volunteers will be next Tuesday, January 25 @ 2 PM in the library. Please bring ideas and we will discuss decorations.

Party is planned for Thursday, February 24 in Retzlaff Hall. Doors will open at 4 for Happy Hour.  Food will be served at 4:30. Dancing at 5 to DJ Doug and his wife!!

Mary Hendrickson

Sent 2022-01-17: CANCELLED, Women's Club - Superbowl Party -

The Women's Club Superbowl party in Retzlaff Hall scheduled for Feb 6, 2022 (which really should have been scheduled on Feb 13) is being cancelled this year. So sorry.     Pam Lacy & Eileen Anderson



   Date         Day            Event (Chairpersons)

02-13-22     Sun             Superbowl Party (Various) CANCELLED

Sent 2022-02-09: WC: Superbowl Party Cancellation - 

Due to only mild interest in the Superbowl event at Retzlaff Hall and equipment malfunction (issue with TV Antenna so no reception), the Super Bowl event Sunday at Retzlaff Hall is being cancelled.     Sue Swidryk

Sent 2022-02-07: WC, Superbowl Party - 

Sue Swidryk

Sent 2022-01-18: UNCANCELLED: Women's Club - Superbowl Party - 

YAY - It's back on.

Our fearless Women's Club Activities Director, Sue (SueBob) Swidryk, has decided to take on chairing the Superbowl Party, which will be on Feb 13 in Retzlaff Hall. I don't know if a committee had already been formed or not, but 'm sure she would welcome help with this endeavor. Please give her a call if you can help out.

Watch for upcoming e-mails for more details concerning this event.

And as suggested be stated for all activities & meetings being held at Sunshine - 

Everyone attending this event “in person”, by their presence, acknowledges potential exposure to Covid-19. Each person is responsible for his/her own choice as it relates to attending Sunshine activities.

Beth Parrish (for Sue Swidryk)

Sent 2022-01-17: CANCELLED, Women's Club - Superbowl Party -

The Women's Club Superbowl party in Retzlaff Hall scheduled for Feb 6, 2022 (which really should have been scheduled on Feb 13) is being cancelled this year. So sorry.     Pam Lacy & Eileen Anderson



   Date         Day            Event (Chairpersons)

01-22-22     Sat              Breakfast Burritos (Pam Davis) COMPLETE

Newsletter 2022-02: 

Our first Breakfast was a success.  Thanks to Pam Davis and her fantastic crew. More breakfasts will be planned with different menus. 

Sent 2022-01-18: REMINDER: Women's Club Breakfast Burritos - 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday, January 22 for breakfast! You can eat with us or take it to go!     Pam Davis, Women's Club

Sent 2021-12-29: SEPO Woman’s Club event  - 

Breakfast Burritos

The Women’s Club will be sponsoring a Saturday Breakfast in Retzlaff Hall on January 22nd from 7am – 9am. It will be a little different than past breakfasts. Our breakfast will feature Breakfast Burritos (a tortilla, with either bacon and egg or sausage and egg). Toppings of cheese, salsa, and jalapenos will be available. The burritos will be $3.00 each (or 2 for $5.00, no limit). Coffee, orange juice, and water will be available with purchase.


Stay and eat with friends in the hall or out at the pavilion…or grab a few to go. Saturday Golf Scramblers, make sure and stop by before you tee off!


For questions or info, contact Pam Davis at 214-516-4844



   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

01-18-22    Tue             Slideshow: History of SCCE (Cathy Richmond) COMPLETE

Newsletter 2022-02: 

The history of Sunshine Estates slideshow played to a full audience. It was great to see so many residents come out to a Women's Club event. Thanks to Share Nelson and John Combs for putting the program together.

Sent 2022-01-17: History of Sunshine Country Club Estates - 

Friendly reminder!
Tomorrow, Tuesday January 18th, Share Nelson will present the history of Sunshine slideshow with technical support from John Combs.
This extremely interesting presentation traces our history from the inception until the present.
All residents, especially new residents, will learn much about us.
Doors to the Hall open at 5:30 with the show starting at 6pm.
Women’s Club is sponsoring free refreshments to include champagne punch and hors d’ouerves!
See you there!     Cathy Richmond

Sent 2022-01-11: Slide show on January 18th - 

I forgot to add this event is FREE.     Women's Club
Hear ye! Hear ye!

We are announcing exciting changes to the SEPO history slide show in the hall on January 18th. Instead of popcorn and ice cream we are having Champagne punch and hors d’oeuvres! 
This slide show has been updated to explore the history of Sunshine Estates from the beginning to now.
All residents are invited and our newer residents will find this particularly interesting.
Doors to the hall will open at 5:30 with the show starting at 6PM.
We will also provide iced tea and water but feel free to BYOB.
Hope to see you there!
Share Nelson (narrator)     John Combs (technical support)     Women’s Club

Newsletter 2022-01:

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, we will have Movie Night and show the history of Sunshine Country Club Estates. We will serve popcorn, and the movie/slide show is free to all residents. We will also have ice cream bars available for one dollar! The movie night starts at 6:00 pm.



   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

01-01-22     Sat            NY Day Potluck Brunch (Marian Young) COMPLETE

Sent 2021-12-27: New Year's Day Event - 

Hey Everyone,
We will be holding a community potluck brunch on Saturday, January 1, 2022 to step forward into the New Year!
Doors will be open at 10 am for a half-hour social, and we'll eat at 10:30 am.  
Traditional dishes for breakfast are welcome, but you can bring anything you'd like. We provide the plates, napkins, etc. and we'll have coffee and tea available. Bring a mimosa or other beverages if you'd like. 
Come and join us on Saturday!
Marian Young



   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

12-25-21     Fri              Christmas Potluck (Lenore Combs) COMPLETE

Sent 2021-12-27: Christmas Potluck - 

Dear Friends,   Just wanted to say Thanks to ALL who made this event happen - .  We had fun, fellowship and food - what else does a human need?     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

2021-12-11: Women's Club: CHRISTMAS DAY POT LUCK - 

XMAS Dinner_E-mail 01


   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

12-23-21    Wed           Christmas Caroling (Pam Lacy) COMPLETE

Sent 2021-12-24: CHRISTMAS CAROLING: - Was Such Fun - 

Please take a little time out of your busy schedule and look below. Here you will see pictures and videos of what I'm talking about. I'm sure I'm saying this, not only for myself, but for all of those here in Sunshine, especially those who had the wonderful Christmas Carolers sing to them last night in front of their homes - Thank You to Pam Lacy, the Christmas Carolers, Ron Clark in his sleigh, the Elves, those who came out of their homes to listen and anyone else involved in this event.

From what I witnessed; a super fun time was had by all. Not only was everyone spreading cheer, but I was also told by a couple of residents that it was great being able to get out and see their friends and also meet some of the new residents they had not had a chance to mingle with to date.

Thanks again Pam - YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Beth Parrish     SEPO Communications

The PICTURES start here.

The VIDEOS start here.

Sent 2021-12-16: CORRECTION - Christmas Caroling sites within Sunshine - 

This is Beth - I hadn't realized the original list Pam had sent me was in the exact order of the locations the Carolers were going to visit. And Pam has also corrected a name from the original list. So here is the list with the correct names and in the correct order.
The following are the Christmas Caroling sites, in the order we will be stopping at, on December 23, 2021 starting at 5 PM to roughly 7 PM. We will be caroling in the streets in front of these residents' homes.

  1. Dahlstrom

  2. Tamayo

  3. Delsardo

  4. Montgomery

  5. Clark

  6. Whitley

  7. Hecker

  8. Pech

  9. Elliot

  10. Penrod

  11. Nelson

​We invite you to come outside to listen when we are near your home.     Pam Lacy

Sent 2021-12-16: Calling all Christmas Carolers! -

We will be meeting this Sunday, December 5th at 1:00 in Retzlaff hall.
Please come and bring your singing friends with you.
If you have any questions, please call Pam Lacy at 218-443-3416
Thank you and see you there.     Pam Lacy


   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

12-03-21     Fri              Bake Sale & Craft Show (Terry Debackere & Debbie Robins) COMPLETE

2021-11-16: WC: Bake Sale & Craft Show - Dec 3, 2021 -

Women's Club Bake Sale & Craft Show will be Fri Dec 3rd from 8 am to noon at Retzlaff Hall. All are encouraged to get out your recipe books and make your favorite goodies to donate. Whatever your specialty...pies, cookies,  homemade candies, jam...anything yummy...Drop off of your goodies will be from 4 to 7 on Thursday Dec 2.

Also available will be homemade rolls & coffee to enjoy with your neighbors.
Kathleen Sumner is in charge of the raffle table and drop offs.
Crafters...tables will be available to display your wares for a fee of $5.00 per table.

Call Terry DeBackere to save your table.

Terry - 309 714 4743 at 989-397-7482.



   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

11-25-21     Thu            Thanksgiving Dinner (Bev McIntosh) COMPLETE

2021-11-20: WC: Thanksgiving Dinner Signup

Signup for the Thanksgiving Dinner ends on Monday November 22nd at 10 am. We are looking for a final count to plan our dinner. Please don't miss an opportunity to share a meal and fellowship with your friends and neighbors.
Thank you,     Bev McIntosh

2021-11-16: WC: Thanksgiving Dinner -

Signup sheets for Thanksgiving Dinner are in the library.     Bev McIntosh


2021-11-07: WC: Thanksgiving Dinner -

REMINDER - Women's Club: Thanksgiving Dinner

The Women's Club will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving Day Dinner again this year in Retzlaff Hall on Nov 25, 2021, but there will be changes from how we’ve done it in the past. Rather than the Women's Club providing the meat, stuffing, gravy etc. and residents bringing the sides, desserts etc., for everyone in the hall to share, here’s the plan for this year. Due to Covid-19, in order to social distance, we will be setting up ten (10) tables in the hall. Each table can seat 8 to 12 people. We are looking for a host to ‘sponsor’ one (1) of each of the ten (10) tables. The host signup sheet is currently on the Women's Club Committee Signup Bulletin Board in the Library.

Responsibilities of the host are defined later in this e-mail.

I would like to have a meeting in the library with the hosts prior to putting the residents/renters signup sheet on the WC easel in the library. Anyone not signed up as a host is also welcome to attend this meeting, ask questions and then maybe volunteer to be a host. This meeting is planned for Friday, Nov 12 at 1pm in the library. The resident/renter signup sheet will go up on Nov 15, ten (10) days prior to the Thanksgiving dinner. When this signup sheet goes up residents/renters can signup for the table they wish to sit at.

The hall will open at 12:30 pm on Thanksgiving Day for pre-dinner socializing. Plan to eat at 1 pm.

Host Responsibilities - Each host will be responsible for meeting with the residents/renters who signed up at their table to decide on the following:

  • Decorations (if any wanted). The Women's Club can supply decorations if you wish to use them or you can use your own. The hall is reserved on Wed, Nov 24 @ 4 pm for those wanting to decorate their tables.

  • Place Settings (Does the table want to be uniform, or everyone bring their own?)

  • Food and Drink. (What will be prepared and served at each individual table and who will bring what?)

  • Table cleanup. (Each table will need to be cleaned when you are finished, by those sitting at that table.)

We encourage you to signup 'now' to be a host and invite your friends and neighbors to share this most wonderful holiday together with you at your table. We would like to see all the tables full.
For any questions or anyone wishing to know more, please contact Bev McIntosh at 989-397-7482.



   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

11-21-21     Sun            Goofy Golf Co-chairs (Derek & Janis McFee) COMPLETE

Posted 2021-11-19: Goofy Golf Roster - 

Goofy Golf_Hole Assignments.jpg

Sent 2021-11-09: Goofy Golf - 

Our annual Goofy Golf Tournament WILL once again take place on Sunday November 21 at 2:00 pm. 

It is a "fun" scramble for golfers and non-golfers. Each hole will have a different sports theme-you may be hitting tennis balls with a hockey stick, for example.

We can have four (4) players per team, and two (2) teams per hole, plus an activity on the putting green.
Therefore, we can only sign up 80 players. But we will also have a spare list in case of cancellations.

The fee is $5 per player.

Following the scramble, players and guests are invited to bring a picnic lunch to Retzlaff Hall at about 4:30. Iced Tea, water and cups will be provided, and cash prizes awarded. Bring your own individual picnic lunch, or plan a shared picnic with a group of friends. Remember to bring your plates, cutlery etc.

Signup sheets are now in the library. Sign the sheet-put money in the Goofy Golf envelope-write your name(s) on the envelope and drop it in the collection box. Deadline is November 17. Team lists will be posted in the library on November 19.

Golfers bring your clubs and balls. Non-golfers bring a few golf balls.

Plan for a day of laughs and goofy antics!!

For questions or info, call Janis or Derek McFee at 651-271-8214

Poster_Goofy Golf.jpg
Signup_Goofy Golf.jpg


   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

11-11-21     Wed           Veteran’s Day (Lenore Combs & Marian Young) COMPLETE

Sent 2021-11-09: REVISED: WC Veterans Day Tribute - 

There's been a slight change in plans for the Veterans Day Tribute this coming Thu, Nov 11. We are going to simplify it somewhat, but still pay a deserving tribute. See the poster below for the updated details.

Hope to see lots of you there.     Lenore Combs

SCCE Vet Day 2021 poster (LAG 11-09)

Sent 2021-11-13: Thank You for a wonderful Veterans Day - 

Dear Sunshine Residents - Thanks to all for Thursday's tribute for Veterans Day.  They say "It takes a village" and to have a program our guests are the biggest plus.  Yes, the worker bees have a task with the supporting role but the payoff is enjoying the enjoyment.
Behind the scenes are the Potluck providers with scrumptious goodies and then there are the other pieces, such as preparation to cleanup, the program and the partners.
Marian always is there and several others for the Potluck - THANKS
And for Thursday -
THANKS to:  Anita and Spencer for leading the Golf Cart Parade and to the participants and the audience.
THANKS to Wade, Tiffany, Spencer and Anita for providing the sound for our National Anthem, the Canadian National Anthem and the Veterans Tribute with the Military Marching songs.   And to John, Drill Sgt and our MC.  Last but not least were our Veterans proudly carrying our Flags. THANKS.  And THANKS for Dan for reciting "In Flanders Fields" - bringing back thoughts of the price of war and hoping we never have to return to it.
God Bless you and God Bless the USA.     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276


Sent 2021-10-30: Women's Club: Veterans Day 11 November 2021



Dear Friends - There will be a Veterans Day celebration next Thursday, the 11th of November 2021 at SCCE. Everyone is especially invited. The program will be twofold.
One: a golf cart parade starting at the Office around SCCE and heading to the Gazebo for a Flag Presentation. - "Honoring All Those Who Served"
This year is the 100th Year Commemoration of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Volunteers wanted for Flag Bearers.  Please call me.  956 245 1276.
Then we shall have a Potluck in Retzlaff Hall following shortly after, so you have time to get your food items.  
The schedule is:

  • Lineup at the Office for the Parade -   2: 30 PM

  • Gazebo presentation:  to follow  

  • Potluck -- Social  4:30pm    Dine:  5pm

God Bless the USA and us. Respectfully,  Lenore & John
Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276   USAF Nurse Corps


   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

10-31-21    Sun             Halloween Golf Cart Gala (Pam Lacy) COMPLETE

Sent 2021-10-24:

There appears to be some confusion concerning the information/instructions which were sent out previously about the Women's Club Golf Cart Halloween Gala. Hopefully, this will clear things up.

WC_Halloween_Poster_2021-10-31_Rev 1
PXL_20211023_145718631 (2).jpg

Sent 2021-10-21: SUNSHINE Halloween Golf Cart Gala - 

(See above on 2021-10-24 for more CLARIFICATION of this event)



    Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)

10-29-21     Fri              Mexican Fiesta (Cathy Richmond & Marian Young) COMPLETE

Sent 2021-10-29: Mexican Fiesta Info - 

Since we have not had a function in so long and because there are many newer residents, please wear your name tags!  Those getting takeout dinners, please show up closer to 5PM so we can serve you in a timely fashion.  Thanks   Cathy Richmond and Dee Novak

Sent 2021-10-24: REMINDER: WC Mexican Fiesta Oct 29th ! - 

Reminder! Signup ends Wednesday, October 27th at 6PM.

Our first event of the season is a Mexican Fiesta on Friday, October 29th. Chapitas will cater the meal which consists of a cheese enchilada, carne guisata (beef stew), Mexican rice, charro beans, jalapeño, salsa and a tortilla. Desert is a tres leches cake. Coffee and iced tea provided. Bring anything else you want to drink.

There will be a DJ after dinner.

Doors open at 4:30.

Tickets are $10.00 per person with takeout available.

Signup sheet and virtual tickets can be found in the Library. Just sign up, put your money in an envelope and deposit in the box provided.

Again - Signup end Wednesday, October 27th at 6PM.

Cathy Richmond

Sent 2021-10-17: Mexican Fiesta - 

Women’s Club will have it’s first event of the season, which will be a Mexican Fiesta on Friday, October 29th. Doors open at 4:30 PM.

The main course will be a Mexican combo plate catered by Chapitas. It will include a cheese enchilada, carne guisata, rice, charro beans, salsa, jalapeño pepper and a flour tortilla. Dessert will be a tres leches cake.

There will be a DJ for music from 6:30 to 8:30.

The cost is $10 and takeouts will be available. (See how to indicate you want takeout below.)

It's optional, but you are encouraged to dress in your favorite Mexican outfit.

Signup starts Monday, October 18th with virtual tickets sold in the library. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term 'virtual tickets' here's what that means. On the Women's Club easel in the library you sign your name(s). Here is where you can indicate if you want 'takeout'. Then you put your money in the designated envelope and place it in the box by the Easel. Signups will be cut off on October 26th.

Can’t wait too see everybody there!

Cathy Richmond

Mex Fiesta_Poster

WC Mexican Fiesta Poster

Mex Fiesta_Signup

WC Mexican Fiesta Signup