Activities: Women's Club 

(Winter: 2021-2022)


The Women's Club Committee Activities Committee Signup Sheets are posted in the SEPO Library.

As Details concerning the Events below become available they will be posted here.

   Date        Day            Event (Chairpersons)


10-29-21     Fri              Mexican Fiesta Chair (Nancy Luellen)

11-11-21     Wed           Veteran’s Day (Lenore Combs & Marian Young) 

11-21-21     Sun             Goofy Golf Co-chairs (Derek & Janis McFee)

11-25-21     Thu             Thanksgiving Dinner (NEED CHAIRs)

12-03-21     Fri               Craft & Bake Sale (Terry Debackere & Debbie Robins)

12-25-21     Fri               Christmas Dinner (NEED CHAIRs)

01-20-22     Thu              New Homeowners' (Vickie Jones & Sherri Gardner)

02-06-22     Sun             SuperBowl Party (Eileen Anderson & Pam Lacy)

02-25-22     Fri               Casino Night (Roy & Debbie Robins)

03-08-22     Tue              Hillbilly Hog Roast (Carolyn Anderson)

If you would like to volunteer to be on one or more of the Committees, please contact Sue Swidryk 

Sue Swidryk

Women’s Club Activities Director