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Stained Glass Class (COMPLETE)



Stained Glass Class (Jan-March 2023)  COMPLETE 


Sent 2023-01-09: Stained Glass class - 

I will begin the stained glass instructions this Thursday evening from 6:30 pm in the Woodshop. You will need your front gate clicker in order to enter the storage area. Class usually runs til about 8:30. The first couple weeks are usually large classes.

If there are any experienced stained glass people, I could really use your help to break up the group into manageable sizes.

There is no fee for your first project.

If you have any questions, please call me at 708-280-8910.
- Cathy Chajec

Calling All Dogs & Cats (COMPLETE)



Grooming: Calling All Dogs and Cats too (03-22-2023)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2023-03-18: Calling All Dogs and Cats too -  

Hey Everyone, Sandra Delaunay will be coming to the Estates on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023, to take care of your pet's nails. She will be starting at 1:30 pm. The cost is ten dollars per pet. Please text Sandra and she will schedule your appointment. Sandra's number is 956-226-9919. Sandra will come to your home.
- Marian Young     719-468-4556

Grooming: Calling All Dogs and Cats too (01-13-2023) COMPLETE 

Sent 2023-01-10: Calling All Dogs and Cats too -  

Hey Everyone,     Sandra Delaunay will be coming to the Estates on Friday, January13th, 2023, to take care of your pet's nails. She will be starting at 1:00 pm. The cost is ten dollars per pet. Please text or call Sandra and she will schedule your appointment. Sandra's number is 956-226-9919. Sandra will come to your home.
Thanks,     - Marian Young   719-468-4556

Grooming: Dogs and Cats (08-31-2022) COMPLETE 

Sent 2022-11-09: Calling All Dogs and Cats - 

Hey Everyone, 
Sandra Delaunay will be coming to the Estates on Wednesday, November 16th, 2022, to take care of your pet's nails. She will be starting at 1:00 pm. The cost is ten dollars per pet.

Please text or call Sandra and she will schedule your appointment. Sandra's number is 956-226-9919. Sandra will come to your home. 
Marian Young

Garage Sales (COMPLETE)



Patio/Garage Sales (Mar 11, 2023)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2023-03-11: Howard & Nancy Hecker Book Give Away Sat March 11, 2023

Patio/Garage Sale Bonus Giveaway – It Free!


This Saturday March 11, 2023 from 8 AM - Noon
Howard & Nancy Hecker, 4329 Minnesota

Nancy and Howard Hecker are leaving Sunshine Estates, April 1st. Nancy has collected a small library of approximately 300 books that will not be making the move. These books could be classified as “Inspirational”, fiction and non-fiction. She has whole series of books in her library collection. For example, one title that was a popular and familiar series is “Left Behind”.

Howard is making these books available for free to anyone who would like them.

You can view the available library and pick up one or more books this Saturday, March 11th, from 8 AM until Noon. The library is located inside Howard's house, so you will need to enter Howard's house to view them. Signs will be posted at his home, which is located at 4329 Minnesota Street.

Nancy and Howard want these books to go to those who would enjoy them.

- Howard & Nancy Hecker (by Tony Tramel for them)

Sent 2023-03-07: Patio Sales - 

There will be several patio sales this Saturday, March 11 from 8-12.

- Linda Dabney

Garage Sale (Jan 19, 20 & 21, 2023)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2022-11-17: Garage Sale: Multiple homes in Sunshine this weekend - 

There are multiple homes in Sunshine having garage sales on the following days/times. 

  • 8 AM - 4 PM, Thursday (01-19) & Friday (01-20)

  • 8 AM - Noon, Saturday (01-21)

Individual home addresses are not being published here. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to get out and drive around the community to find the homes having a sale and find yourself some bargains.

From: Those who are having a Garage Sale

Garage Sale (Nov 4 & 5, 2022)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2022-11-03: REMINDER: Garage Sale: Nov 4 & 5, 2022 - 

As A Reminder: We have sold our home at 1920 W Iowa Ave and are having a garage sale Fri, Nov 4, and Sat, Nov 5 from 8 am to 1 pm both days.
- Blanca Hiett

Food Drive (2022-12) (COMPLETE)



Food Drive (Dec 2022)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2022-11-22: Food drive - 

Once again we are having a food drive for Valley Haven Children's Home and Loaves and Fishes of Harlingen. Items needed include but are not limited to: canned vegetables, fruits and meats, packaged beans, rice and pasta, boxed dinners and fruit drinks, cereal and peanut butter. If you can help there are containers in the library for you to put your items in. We will be delivering all food collected on December 20th so please make sure you drop off your items before then. Thank you in advance for your kind generosity.
- Deb Jones & Jill Ventrello

Toys for Tots (2022-12) (COMPLETE)



Toys for Tots (Dec 2022)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2022-11-30: HPD - Marines 2022 TOYS for TOTS 501 C3 - 

Dear Friends - 

Toys for Tots date of distribution for Harlingen is 16 December 2022. Some of the HPD Officers will be by to pick up this box tomorrow and leave another in its place. There are some gifts still to be wrapped - I did a bunch earlier. -  Maybe one of the Sunshine elves can wrap one or two. Thanks - reminder to please put the age and Boy / Girl on the bottom for distribution purposes.  


Since the 1940's, the USMC program has assisted families nationwide who are struggling financially.  The mission is to provide a tangible sign of hope for the disadvantaged children at Christmas.


Wrapping the gifts with BOY / GIRL and age really speeds up the process.  Thanks again. Makes the project easier for the PD.


THANK YOU for Getting Involved and Making a Difference.  

God Bless you and God Bless the USA

-- Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276 (Santa's helper)

Sent 2022-11-30:  TOYS FOR TOTS - 

THANKS for your generosity with Toys For Tots.  You are wonderful! and appreciated.
We could have a quick wrapping party in the Library soon.
I will be checking with Harlingen Police on their pickup day.  Stay tuned.
- Lenore Combs

Sent 2022-11-11:  TOYS FOR TOTS - 

Dear Friends,
We briefly spoke about this at Woman’s Club the other day – so as a reminder:
Our Harlingen Police dropped off a TOYS FOR TOTS box.  It is in the Library.
Toys For Tots – is the premier community action program sending a message of hope through the gift of a new toy to help bring the joy of Christmas to the less fortunate children.
The mission is to collect new toys each year and distribute these toys as Christmas gifts to these children in our community.  The Harlingen Police Department becomes familiar with these families, currently is collecting toys and hereby requests if anyone at Sunshine can please donate a gift ($10.00 or so). 
They (HPD) are waiving the “unwrapped” part since the Harlingen PD is most familiar with us thru NW & CERT and wrapping would be handy – just put GIRL/BOY  and  AGE __yrs. on the gift – visibly on the bottom. 
The Officers will pick up the boxes in a few weeks.  THANK YOU  
Lenore J. Combs  956 245 1276
Resident and member of the Hgn. Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association
Coordinator NW - CERT at SCCE

Private: Shuffleboard & Pavilion (2023-01-28) (COMPLETE)



Private Event: Shuffleboard & Pavilion (Jan 28, 2023)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2023-01-25: Private Event: Shuffleboard & Pavilion - 

The Pavilion and Shuffleboard Courts have been reserved on Saturday, January 28, from 3:00 to 10:00 for a private event.     - Janis McFee

Potato Bake Supper (2023-02-25) (COMPLETE)



Ladies Golf: Potato Bake Supper (Feb 25, 2023)  COMPLETE 

Sent 2023-02-17: Potato Bake - 



Sign up soon.  We need to order those spuds!  Saturday, February 25, 2023.  4:30-6:00 pm.

Large baked potato with lots of fixins to choose from.  Chili, cheese, butter, sour cream, broccoli, jalapenos, bacon bits, onions.  We tried to think of them all.  Dessert too!


$8:00 per person. Cash only please. Sign up in the library until Wednesday, February 22 at Noon.

- Contact Glenda Wetherbee with questions.  425-418-3345

Sent 2023-02-11: Women’s Golf Potato Bake - 

“Signup" for the Women’s Golf Potato Bake is now available in the Library. The event is Saturday, February 25. Happy Hour at 4:30 pm, Dinner served from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


$8.00 per person. Put your money (cash only) in an envelope with your name on the outside and place it in the drop box marked Potato Bake.

Glenda Wetherbee, chairperson
425-418-0031 with questions

Newsletter 2023-02: Ladies Golf - Potato Back Supper - 

Glenda Wetherbee



St. Pat's Day Party (Mar 17, 2023)  COMPLETE 


Sent 2023-03-14: ST. PATRICK’S PARTY UPDATE - 

The party is still Friday March 17 at 4:00 and open to all residents. Beer, Wine and Margaritas are free while they last. Please bring Finger Foods for the Happy 2 Hours!

We have made a couple changes:

  • “PARTY CENTRAL” will be in Retzlaff Hall. It will alleviate concerns about weather, numbers, glass in pool area and food setup.

  • Due to many generous donations, pizza has been added - while quantity lasts. They will be delivered at 6:00.


- Janis McFee


Sent 2023-03-07: St. Patrick’s Day Party - 

St. Patrick’s Day Party
DATE: Friday March 17
TIME: 4:00
PLACE: THE PAVILION (Retzlaff Hall as backup)


WINE, BEER and MARGARITAS are FREE until we run out!
Please bring FINGER FOODS.

These beverages are paid for by several residents who want a great party to honor the GREEN! Anyone who wishes to donate can drop off any amount to Derek (Dak) McFee at 2028 W. Michigan.

HOSTED BY: Derek McFee, Friends, and the Pickett’s, Covey’s and Dierker’s in spirit.

- Janis McFee

St. Pat's Day Party (2023-03-17) (COMPLETE)
Concert: Brett (2023-03-25) (CANCELLED)



MN Get-Together (Mar 19, 2023)  COMPLETE 

Newsletter 2032-03 - 

Minnesota Get Together

Sunday,                March 19th, 2023,           1:00pm,               Retzlaff Hall,       Cost: $15.00


  • 1 slice of brisket

  • 1 piece of chicken

  • 1 piece of sausage

  • w/sides, dessert and a beverage


Many door prizes will be drawn for after lunch.

Ticket sales will start on March 3rd. I will start making phone calls then or you can call me and leave a message.


We had a large turn out last year and I hope to see all of the current or former Minnesotan's again and all the new residents who just moved here.


Thank you and hope to see you at the Get-Together.

- Linda Ramsdell, 218-851-6353

MN Get-Together (2023-03-19) (COMPLETE)



Concert:59.5 Minutes w/Brett (Mar 25, 2023)  CANCELED 

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