"Looking For" Guidelines

Revision 1 - 04-01-2021

There is currently a "For Sale or Free" Web page for items other than Homes. It is located HERE.

If you are a resident or renter in Sunshine Country Club Estates and are looking for item(s) that your friends and neighbors in Sunshine may no longer have use for, you can specify what you need by following the Guidelines below.


  • Send an e-mail to sunshinecountryclubweb@gmail.com containing -  

    • Looking For in the Subject of your e-mail.

    • Contact info - Name(s), Phone (s), e-mail and/or other.

    • A list of the item(s) you are looking for.

    • Description and picture(s) (optional) of the item(s).

  • Key thing to remember about this process is - 
    You need to keep the Web Administrator informed when your item(s) need to be removed from the listing page. Do this by sending an e-mail to sunshinecountryclubweb@gmail.com.

Beth Parrish

SEPO Web site Admin

E-Mail: sunshinecountryclubweb@gmail.com