SEPO & Covid-19 

The below conditions concerning SEPO & Covid-19 will more than likely change depending on many unknown factors in the future. The SEPO board is trying to protect our employees as well as our residents. We all hope we will soon be trending back towards what life was before Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding.

SEPO Board



(The following was updated on December 30, 2020)


Covid-19 Vaccination Info in the RGV sent via e-mail on Dec 30, 2020 is at the Bottom of this Page.


  • There will not be any quarantine restrictions for those residents who are returning to Sunshine this winter season.

  • It is the hope of the Board that returning residents will take precautions and limit contact with others for a few days. They want residents to use common sense and do what is best for the Community.


  • Wearing a Mask is a requirement in any SEPO buildings that are open, unless notified otherwise.

  • Please maintain Social Distancing of at least six feet from other persons.



  • Retzlaff Hall 

  • Restroom in the Pavilion

WHAT IS OPEN (TO RESIDENTS ONLY – no visitors: including visiting family members):

  • SEPO Office - 

    • Only 'one' person at a time is allowed in the Office.

      • Please call the office before going there so the Office Manager can anticipate your arrival.

    • Wearing a mask is required.

  • Golf Course​ - 

    • Only one person per riding golf cart.

    • Social distancing while on the course.

  • Pool and Hot Tub - Monitored daily for social distancing.

  • Pavilion

  • Woodshop - As long as a Monitor is present.

  • Library/Lounge - via Keypad.

  • Sunburst Building - via Keypad.

  • Front gate (Continues to be locked at night as normal.)

  • Access to Encore.



  • Residents that have get-togethers in the community MUST limit the number of participants to ten. (11-18-20)

SUNSHINE ACTIVITIES:​​ (Go HERE to view details about the Activities in this Section.) (10-06-20)

  • Golf is still being played - subject to the Restrictions Above.

    • Men's Golf League - ​

    • ​Ladies' Golf League - (Starting Nov 4)

    • 4 O'clock Golf Scramble

    • Saturday Scramble - (Starting Oct 10)​

  • Tennis - Being played every Mon, Wed & Fri at 8 AM

  • Pickleball - Being played every Tue & Wed at 9 AM

  • Quilting (Killer Bees) - via ZOOM call

  • All other Activities, including the annual "Good Neighbor Golf Tournament" are cancelled for now.


  • All Keypads (except into Retzlaff Hall) are active.

  • Upon entering and exiting any buildings that have an active Keypad, please shut the door behind you to eliminate entry by anyone other than current residents.

  • The Keypad codes can be found on this Web site in the "Residents Only" section.


  • Mail packages that are too big to fit in your mailbox are being placed in the General Purpose Room, which is located between the Pool and the Fitness Room. A slip will be placed in your mailbox by the postman to inform you of delivery.

  • This room has a Keypad to allow residents 24 hr access and a video camera with monitoring capacity. The Keypad Code can be found in the "Residents Only" section of this Web site.

Covid-19 Vaccination Info in the RGV sent via e-mail on Dec 30, 2020.

E-MAIL #1:
Please let those who are currently in residence in Sunshine know that UTRGV has a waiting list for those who wish to receive the vaccine. It is sorted by county, zip code, age, ailment etc.

The electronic form is very brief. Being registered might mean that you would get notified of some excess 1A group serum being available or earlier in the 1B group process. Link below:
Bruce Lehman

E-MAIL #2:

Since some of us here in Sunshine have an interest in receiving the COVID19 vaccine. The following is current information as of Tuesday afternoon (12/29) and it also has Web sites that should remain helpful as long as you are interested in the availability of the shots.

As of now those over 65 are allowed to get the shot, if you can find it.  The details are available on this Texas Department of Health web site:


On the above web site you will also find that the vaccines were distributed as follows:

Week 2 distribution of vaccine in Harlingen was to these locations:

  • AV Rehab, LLC 2902 S. 77 Sunshine Strip Harlingen CAMERON 100

  • Garcia's Pharmacy LLC 101 S Stuart Place Rd Harlingen CAMERON 100

  • HEB Pharmacy 136 1213 S Commerce St Harlingen CAMERON 100

  • HEB Pharmacy 168 1103 Morgan Blvd Harlingen CAMERON 100

  • Heb Pharmacy 291 613 S Exp Hwy 83 Harlingen CAMERON 100

  • Rio Grande State Center 1401 S Rangerville Rd Harlingen CAMERON 600

  • Stephanie H. Garcia, M.D. 5505 S. Expressway 77 Harlingen CAMERON 500

  • Ut Health Rgv Multispecialty 2106 Treasure Hills Blvd Ste 1.326 Harlingen CAMERON 500

  • Valley Baptist Family Practice Residency 2222 Benwood St Harlingen CAMERON 600

Week 3 distribution of vaccine in Harlingen was as follows:

  • Harlingen Medical Center 5501 S Expressway 77 Harlingen CAMERON 800

  • Valley Baptist Medical Center 2101 Pease St Harlingen CAMERON 800

All of the above were the Moderna vaccine.  The number to the right of each line is the number of doses provided.

In order to actually get an appointment you will need to contact one of the organizations which are receiving the vaccine. I attempted to find such an option on each of the local hospital's web site but I could not find it.


However, both HEB and UTRGV do speak to the possibility on their web sites:

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Pat Harvey


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