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 Covid-19 & SEPO 

 Board Approved Announcement as of the March 25, 2022 Board meeting 

There are no longer any Covid-19 restrictions within all SEPO Community Property. That includes all buildings, pool, pavilion, gazebo, golf course etc.

Also, the Board is no longer requesting the Covid-19 statement/disclaimer be read at SEPO meetings and events.

Everyone should feel free to wear a mask or take any other safety precautions they feel necessary to protect themselves. And, as is always suggested with a cold, flu, etc., if you feel sick, please stay home and do not expose others.

We thank you for your diligence these past months/years in doing everything possible to keep our Sunshine Community safe and protected.

NOTE: The justification for lifting any restrictions is based on current CDC recommendations and Cameron County statistics dated March 2022. It is stressed that everyone needs to be vigilant and that the Board could adjust the above accordingly if things change.


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