SEPO & Covid-19 

The below conditions concerning SEPO & Covid-19 will more than likely change depending on many unknown factors in the future. The SEPO board is trying to protect our employees as well as our residents. We all hope we will soon be trending back towards what life was before Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding.

SEPO Board



(The following was updated on August 3, 2020)



  • Wearing a Mask is a requirement in any SEPO buildings that are open, unless notified otherwise.

  • Please maintain Social Distancing of at least six feet from other persons.



  • All buildings will be  temporarily closed, until further notice, including the Woodshop. 

  • SEPO Office -

    • If you have SEPO Office business that can only be conducted by visiting the Office, call the Office first (956-425-1420). Valerie will either come to the door to let you in or she will come out to your car (your preference).


WHAT IS OPEN (to residents only – no visitors (including visiting family members):

  • Golf Course

    • ​Men’s league golf will meet in the Pavilion. Stan Nelson has the signup sheet. (Cards will be available in the Window Box)

  • Pool and Hot Tub will remain open but monitored daily for social distancing.

  • Pavilion

  • Front gate and access to Encore


  • All Keypads will be deactivated, with the exception of the General Purpose Room, where you can still  pick up your boxes. (See USPS Oversize Package Delivery below.)

  • Upon entering and exiting any buildings that have a Keypad, please shut the door behind you to eliminate entry by non-residents.

  • The Keypad codes can be found on this Web site in the "Residents Only" section.



  • Mail packages that are too big to fit in your post office box are being placed in the General Purpose Room, which is located between the Pool and the Fitness Room. A slip will be placed in your box by the postman to inform you of delivery.

  • This room has a Keypad (which is the only Keypad that is operational at this time) to allow residents 24 hr access and a video camera with monitoring capacity. The Keypad Code can be found in the "Residents Only" section of this Web site


Office: (956) 425-1420

FAX: (956) 425-1420


1957 W Michigan Dr

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