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 SEPO Board Nominating Committee 

 For 2024 SEPO Board Election 

Sunshine Estates Property Owners, Inc., (SEPO)

governs Sunshine Country Club Estates (SCCE).

(The following information (from various emails, etc) is presented in reverse chronological order.)

Nominating Committee Activity for 2024 Election


Sent via SEPO Enews Email - 2023-12-27:


The SEPO Board Nomination Committee, consisting of Pam Adams (Chairperson), Pam Lacy and Patrick Heinerikson, are pleased to submit the following Candidate names, in alphabetical order, for the 2024 SEPO Board of Directors election. These SEPO Residents have met the requirements and are in good standing in the Sunshine Estates Community. All Candidates have been interviewed by one or more Nominating Committee members and were considered by the Committee for nomination based upon their responses to the questions asked of them. The BIOs we receive from each Candidate will be sent via separate email in the next day or two.


During the January 2024 SEPO Residents & Directors meeting the Nominating Committee will move that the SEPO Board place the names of these nominees on the 2024 ballot.


Randy Davis

Scott Kronshage

Tracy Wagner


This announcement is currently posted outside the SEPO Office. The Candidates’ BIOs will also be posted there, once they are all received by the committee.


Please contact Pam Adams, Chairperson, with any questions.

615 668 3145

Sent via SEPO Enews Email - 2023-12-14: 

SEPO Board Nominating Committee Roster & Request for Potential Candidates 

Members of the SEPO Board Nominating Committee are made up of:

  • Pam Adams 615-668-4145 (Chairperson)

  • Patrick Heinerikson  816-810-2862

  • Pam Lacy   218-443-3416


We have met and are in the process of locating talented SEPO Resident volunteers who would like to serve on the SEPO Board of Directors or would maybe be willing to assist in any of these positions. Experience and willingness to learn and grow is a plus for homeowners wishing to volunteer. Three of the current Board Directors’ terms are ending in the forthcoming SEPO Board election in February 2024.


There are a total of seven positions that make up the SEPO Board and they are:

  • Officers: President, Secretary and Treasurer

  • Director Golf Course

  • Director Common Area 1 (SEPO Buildings)

  • Director Common Area 2 (Streets, Drainage & Irrigation Ditches and Texas Ave)

  • Director Common Area 3 (Storage & Shop Area, Tennis/Shuffleboard).


These positions are elected and appointed at the Organizational Meeting held immediately following the Annual Meeting in February each year. This means a Board member may hold a position this past year but may not necessarily retain that position during their second year. It’s up to the Board members to make this determination amongst themselves. Share Nelson, Mark Owen and Randy Davis are not planning to run again but are willing to mentor anyone taking the positions currently held by them.


Please contact any of the above Nominating Committee  if you'd like to learn more, volunteer, have interest or know homeowners who may have talent in any and /or all positions.


Together we can achieve so much!  Thanking you all in advance.  

Pam Adams

SEPO Nominating Committee Chairperson


Nominating Committee Process Guide (2023-12-08)
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