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David Farr - December 28th
Jean Kleinschmidt - (Former Resident) December 19th
Ollie Clark - (Former Resident) December 7th
Louis Shipler - (Former Resident) November 24th
Ken Markwardt - November 10th
Bob Hedstrom - November 10th
Bruce Osmundson - (Former Resident) October 26th
Bill Proznikar - (Former Resident) October 20th
Bill Gannon - October 12th
Dick Studnika - September 27th
Mike Schroud - August 22nd
Timothy Chennell - August 13th
Doris Maier - August 11th
Claire Brown - (Former Resident) August 1st
Dean Haege - July 23rd
Vera Brown - (Former Resident) June 30th
Carol Schnack - (Former Resident) June 25th
Arlett Kompelien- May 14th
Rita Shoemaker - April 7th
Jim Brady - April 5th
Ken Michaelson - March 19th
Doug Carlson - (Former Resident) - March 17th
Sally Jensen - (Former Resident) - March 10th
Mildred Thiesfeld  - (Former Resident) - February 16th  

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