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 Men's Golf League Officers: Summer 2023 

Matt Lyne has volunteered to run the Men's Golf League

during the summer of 2023.

See below for details of summer play.

Sent via SEPO email on 2023-03-31: Men's Golf League - 

The Men’s Golf League will resume this Tuesday April 4th. Meet at library by 9:00 a.m. to draw for teams and starting positions. Cost is $1.00 per week which will go toward flight prizes and CTP’s. Prizes and CTP’s will be based on the number of entries. Handicaps used will be those established through the previous league. An optional 27 hole tournament will conclude the league. All men golfers are welcome.


Matt Lyne

 As of March 7, 2023 the league is in need of Officers. 

Sent via SEPO email on 2023-03-11: Men's Golfing - 

​The men will keep the 08:30 and 10:00 tee off times on Tuesdays. The only difference is that EVERYONE will need to go to the library for their assignment in which hole they will start at and pick up the score sheets to turn in after golf.

- Rocky Lockwood

​Newsletter 2023-03: Men’s Golf: Leader Replacements Needed on March 7 - 

It is time for myself, Rocky Lockwood, as well as Matt Lyne to inform the Men’s Golf League we are officially done with running the league effective March 7, 2023. Thanks for letting us run it for the last two years. So Men, please get together prior to the date listed with the new person or persons to take over for us. It has been a real honor and privilege.

- Rocky Lockwood

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