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Banner Lindsay - (Former Resident) November 30th
Clara Maron - (Former Resident) November 12th
Nadine Price - (Former Resident) October 23rd
Deborah Parks - August 29th
Marcie Bramlet - (Former Resident) July 26th
Mark Everett - June 11th
George Bischoff - April 30th
Arlene Richie - (Former Resident) April 12th
Richard Chase - April 10th
Bernice Kingma - (Former Resident) April 10th
Marty Wrublewski -  (Former Resident) April 7th
Lon Seeley - April 1st
Bob Lindburg - (Former Resident) March 30th
Jesse Curry - March 11th
Jeanne Borders - February 24th
Grady Clements - January 26th
Bob Weitzel - January 4th 

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