Norris Thorstad - November 3rd
Gregg Stecher -
Patty Stecher -
John Dellwo - September 29th
Pauline Vaughn – September 18th (Former Resident)
Norma Boykiw - September 20th (Former Resident)
Eldon Beemer - September 12th
John Azmus - September 3rd
Wesley Dappen - September 1st
Wilma Russell - August 30th
Cecil Gillispie – July 21st (Former Resident)
Carl Tuchalski – July 17th
Hazel Johnston - July 10th
Carl Tuchalski – July 17th
Cecil Gillispie – July 21st (Former Resident)
Al Allen - July 2nd
Jim Noonan - June 27th
Phil Knautz - April 26th. Bob Schmitz - April 18th
Betty Zoettl – April 4th (Former Resident)
Stanley Smith - March 30th
James Richardson - Feb 28th (Former Resident)
Pat Laughter - Feb 15th
Charlie Loucks - Jan 29th
Evah Martin - Jan 27th
Jack McNair - Jan 10th (Former Resident)  


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