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 Activities: Women's Club "LEGEND"

(Winter: 2023-2024)

The Women's Club Activities Committee Signup Sheets will be in the SEPO Library soon.

As Details concerning the various Activities become available, they will be posted for the Community.

   Date        Day      Event (Chairpersons)

10-07-23     Sat       Pool Party

10-28-23     Sat       Halloween

11-04-23     Sat       Shrimp Boil

11-11-23     Sat       Veteran's Day

11-23-23     Thu       Thanksgiving Dinner

12-08-23     Fri        Craft & Bake Sale

12-25-23     Mon      Christmas Dinner

12-31-23     Sun        NYE Party

01-12-24     Fri          New Homeowners' Party

02-24-24     Sat         Casino Night

03-23-24     Sat         Luau

If you would like to volunteer to Chair/Co-Chair OR be on one or more Committees, the posters for signing up to do that are in the Library. Or you can contact Jill Ventrello (see her contact info below).

Jill Ventrello

Women’s Club Activities Director


Sent 2023-03-28: WC: 2023-2024 Activities Signup sheets - 

The signup sheets for Women's Club 2023-2024 events are now posted in the library. Also, as of today, the Shrimp Boil that was cancelled is back on for November 4th. This listing of all current planned events is above.

We're hoping and planning on having a successful season this coming fall, winter and spring, so help us accomplish that by signing up to help or possibly chair any one or more of these events.

Those of you who are "flying" north for the summer, have a safe journey and we'll be looking forward to seeing you all back here in the fall. And for those of you who are sticking around all summer, if you come up with a fun activity you'd like to do here in the community, let me know. I'm all ears!
- Jill Ventrello,   Women's Club Activity Director

Sent 2023-03-24: WC Events: 2023-2024 Winter Season - 

The WC Events for the 2023-2024 Winter Season were approved at the March 13, 2023 Board meeting and have been posted on the Sunshine website under the Events tab HERE. The signup sheets will be going up soon in the library. Please check them out and sign up on one or more sheets to Chair an event or be on a Committee.

- Jill Ventrello,   WC Activities Director

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