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 Activities: Women's Club "LEGEND"

(Winter: 2022-2023)

The Women's Club Activities Committee Signup Sheets are posted in the SEPO Library.

As Details concerning the various Activities become available, they will be posted for the Community.



   Date        Day      Event (Chairpersons)

10-22-22     Sat       Shrimp Boil (Cathy Richmond) (COMPLETE)

10-31-22     Mon     Halloween Parade (Vicky Leroy-Krueger) (COMPLETE)

11-11-22     Thu       Veteran’s Day (Lenore Combs) (COMPLETE)

11-24-22     Thu       Thanksgiving Dinner (Vicky LeRoy-Krueger) (COMPLETE)

12-10-22     Sat        Craft & Bake Sale & Raffle (Terry DeBackere) (COMPLETE)

12-17-22     Sat        Breakfast (Pam Adams) (COMPLETE)

12-20-22     Tue        Valley Voices (Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

12-22-22     Thu        Caroling (Pam Lacy) (COMPLETE)

12-25-22     Sun        Christmas Dinner (Lenore Combs) 

12-25-22     Sun        Drama Skit (Nancy Steele) (COMPLETE)

12-31-22     Sat         NYE Party (Beth Parrish/Denise Utterback) (COMPLETE)

01-13-23     Fri          New Homeowners' Party: How Sweet It Is (Pam Davis/Lisa Perrier) (COMPLETE)

02-12-23     Sun        Superbowl Party (Need Chairperson(s)) (CANCELED)

02-14-23     Tue         Bow-Tie Happy Hour (Pam Lacy) (CANCELED)

02-23-23     Thu        Taste of Sunshine & Cake Walk (Pam Davis/Vicky LeRoy-Krueger) (COMPLETE)

02-24-23     Fri          Valley Voices (Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

03-12-23     Sun        Concert: Rusty Rierson (Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

03-18-23     Sat         Drama Skit (Nancy Steele)

03-30-23     Thu         Farewell: Hobo Party (Dee Novak)

If you would like to volunteer to Chair/Co-Chair OR be on one or more Committees, please sign up on the poster(s) in the Library or contact Jill Ventrello (see her contact info below).

Jill Ventrello

Women’s Club Activities Director


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