Activities: Women's Club 

(Winter: 2022-2023)

The Women's Club Activities Committee Signup Sheets are posted in the SEPO Library.

As Details concerning the Events below become available, they will be posted here.

   Date        Day      Event (Chairpersons)

10-22-22     Sat       Shrimp Boil (Cathy Richmond)

11-11-21     Thu       Veteran’s Day (Lenore Combs)

11-24-22     Thu       Thanksgiving Dinner (Vicky LeRoy Krueger)

12-10-22     Sat        Craft & Bake Sale & Raffle (Terry DeBackere)

12-23-22     Fri         Caroling (Pam Lacy)

12-25-22     Sun       Christmas Dinner 
(Need Chairperson(s))

12-25-22     Sun       Drama Skit (Nancy Steele)

12-31-22     Sat        NYE Party (Beth Parrish/Denise Utterback)

01-13-23     Fri         New Homeowners' Party (Pam Davis/Lisa Perrier)

02-12-23     Sun       Superbowl Party (Need Chairperson(s))

02-14-23     Tue        Bowtie Brunch (Pam Lacy)

02-23-23     Thu       Taste of Sunshine & Cake Walk

                              (Pam Davis/Vicky LeRoy Krueger)

03-18-23     Sat        Comedy / Drama Play (Nancy Steele)

03-30-22     Thu        Farewell: Hobo Party (Dee Novak/Robin Fleiner)

If you would like to volunteer to Chair/Co-Chair OR be on one or more Committee, please sign up on the poster(s) in the Library or contact Judy Stone (see her contact info below).

Judy Stone

Women’s Club Activities Director




   Date        Day      Event (Chairpersons)

10-22-22     Sat       Shrimp Boil (Cathy Richmond)

Sent 2022-09-23: WC - Shrimp boil - 

The first women’s club activity this year is a shrimp boil on October 22nd.

It looks like we will be able to keep the cost at $10 per person!
There will be shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes and desserts. The shrimp is cooked separately so those with allergies may safely eat the rest of the food.

Signup will be virtually in the library. A quick review of virtual signups:

  • There is a flowery lock box in the library. It will have envelopes on it that are stamped so you can fill in your name and submit either cash or a check made out to SCCE Womens Club.

  • A list will be compiled with names of paid residents and as you enter your name will be checked off at the door.

  • There is a limit of 160 tickets and no tickets will be sold at the door.

Watch the SEPO e-news for more details! Hope to see you there!     - Cathy Richmond

Sent 2022-09-11: Women's Club (WC): Shrimp Boil - 

The first Women’s Club event of the season is the shrimp boil on October 22.

We will have shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage (and dessert). All four main items are served from roasters and the shrimp is cooked separately for those who have shrimp allergies.

I would like to have a meeting of those willing to help next week to plan the event. Contact me text or call at (303)990-2730 if you would like to help and we will set up a meeting.
After the meeting we will be better able to let the community know the particulars.

Thanks in advance

Cathy Richmond



   Date        Day      Event (Chairpersons)

02-23-23     Thu       Taste of Sunshine & Cake Walk (Pam Davis/Vicky LeRoy Krueger)

Sent 2022-08-16: CORRECTION: Women's Club (WC): Taste of Sunshine Event Date - 

Taste of Sunshine Event 🌞 
We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing everyone’s safe return this fall. 
As a reminder, we will be having a new unique event this season (Saturday, February 25, 2023) in which we will be asking everyone to prepare your favorite dish from your home state, country or a place that you have lived and loved. We feel this would be a wonderful way to get to know each other better through the joy of food!
That being said, please think about what you would like to make and please be sure to bring any ingredients you may need from your travels back to Sunshine with you. We are looking forward to learning more about each other through food.
Also, as a bonus, we will be offering a cake walk during this event so please let us know if you are interested in donating a baked good.
If you have any questions or concerns about this event, please feel free to contact Pam Davis 214-516-4844.
Pam Davis and Vicky LeRoy Krueger