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Memorial Day (2024-05-27) COMPLETE



Memorial Day 2024 (May 27, 2024)

Sent 2024-05-31: Memorial Day Salute -  

Dear Friends,


A special THANKS to all in supporting Sunshine's Memorial Day Tribute and Potluck - from the forming of ideas to the setup and the cleanup and the Program.


Retz Hall was patriotically decorated including photos of special family and friends who had served in times past.  How grateful are we to have known their acquaintance.  


BTW - our patriotic wall (see the Sunshine Website HERE has a book of photos of our past Veterans.  And do you know you are invited to submit a photo to Jim Tennant regarding your Military Service.  We would be proud to have past and present residents on display.  Check it out!


Thanks to Pam and her help as the Potluck was spectacular as always with a grand selection of food to eat.  The decorations were nicely done and provided a patriotic experience.  


And a round of applause for our friends who opened the program, sang and signed our National Anthem, gave the Invocation, presented our past Heroes with a Veterans Wreath, and whose few words recalled the history and the sacrifices with gratitude and reflection on this special Day of Remembrance.  


We are so lucky to live here.     God Bless America

Sincerely, Lenore & John Combs USAF

Sent 2024-05-21: Final plans for Memorial Day at Sunshine - 

Dear Friends - 

MONDAY  27 May 2024  Memorial Day at SCCE  3PM


You are most cordially invited to our Memorial Day program- 

We shall meet at the Flagpole by the Office at 2:45 pm sharp to begin our Memorial Day Tribute.  Due to 100 degree weather, we will operate from Retz Hall after the Wreath Ceremony,


3pm  Wreath Laying tribute --  begins at the Flagpole


Please, I need 10 Flag Bearers (including 2 Guards w/ wooden rifles)

John Combs will have a briefing at 2:30.


Please signup on Bulletin Board in Library - if you wish to help.


I need several volunteers who would like to read a few short explanations of the short program as it proceeds.  Sign up please.....  (I have scripts).


        1.  Wreath Laying ceremony _________

        2.  Welcome, meaning of Memorial Day __________

        3.  Vic is doing the Invocation - Vic Hillman        

        4.   Meaning  --  Missing Man Table  __________

         5.  Reading/Meaning - - Soldiers Cross  __________


The readings are short - just a reminder of why we are here.  

- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 2024-05-20: Memorial Day - 

Memorial Day is approaching. Just like we did last year, the bulletin board in Retzlaff Hall is decorated so that anyone who wants to, can put pictures, letters or any memorabilia of a loved one who has served or is serving on it for all to see. Please make sure you put your name on the back so we can get it returned to you.

- Jill Ventrello & Pam Davis

Sent 2024-05-13: Memorial Day Event: Few more details - 

From SEPO Facebook, by Pam Davis, a few days ago:


Memorial Day meeting in the books! Monday the 27th at 2:30PM, please meet in front of the office for a wreath ceremony. We will then have a golf cart, parade to the gazebo. At that time, we will have a memorial day tribute. At 3:30 PM, the doors will open for the potluck. We will eat @ 4 PM.

We would like volunteers to carry flags to represent each branch of the services. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact Lenore Combs via telephone or email.

-- Lenore J Combs,     956-245-1276

Sent 2024-05-10: Update for Memorial Day - 

Dear Friends - 


We had a brief meeting working meeting yesterday.


Pam Davis and ?? are heading up the Potluck and seem to have it well under control. THANKS for their support. 


The program so far will include a Golf cart Parade around SCCE from the Office to the Gazebo - everyone invited!!!!!


Please, if anyone wishes to have a part in this, I have made some examples for you to consider.  All this is posted on the bulletin board in the Library.  Please make a copy and leave the original.  


We will begin at the Flag Pole by the Office for a Wreath presentation

Then Golf Cart Parade to the Gazebo

Need two (2) volunteers to post the wreath


Program:  Presentation of the Colors,  

Posting of the Colors 

Invocation (a short prayer of Thanks for God's blessings) 

National Anthem       Pledge of Allegiance  

What is Memorial Day and why we honor this day--  

Flag Folding Ceremony --  

Bell Honors- tolling of the bell saluting our Veteran's sacrifices   

God Bless the USA


Help wanted:

I Need eight (8) Flag Bearers and two (2) Centuries

May we have some volunteers to do the Flag Folding piece

We will have a practice  - need four (4) volunteers


Need two (2) volunteers to do the Bell Tolling

One (1) reader for the eight (8) reasons and a bell ringer.  (we have a Bell)


The Soldiers Cross and the Veteran Remembrance Table will be on display.


A Candle Of Honor for the Remembrance of our Fallen will be on the Remembrance Table.


Dismiss - Potluck   


Once we return to the Hall, we will again post the Colors - have an Invocation prior to dinner and then eat and enjoy our celebration of this day.


Everyone is invited to participate especially in an area of your special concern  --   Invocation   Flag Bearers  


When a Flag of your choosing Army or Air Force, etc.  is to be posted in Retz Hall, you may walk with that Flag Bearer - representing your special Branch.  John will be calling the Posting of the Colors.


THANKS for the help so far and a special thanks for those who would like to take a part.

-- Lenore J Combs  9956 245 1276


Sent 2024-05-06: Memorial Day - SCCE - Monday 27 May 2024 -  

Dear Friends,


Could we meet on Wednesday 8 MAY  at 11:30 am  in the Library - to discuss a line up of our schedule - 

Everyone is welcome to sign up for a part in which you would like to do or help to do.

Signup sheets are on the bulletin board in the Library.


Pam and company have already planned the Potluck side of this. - Thanks to her team.  Everyone invited.


Everyone is invited for the Golf Cart Parade

     decorate if you like

We will meet at the Office

We will do a Wreath Ceremony at our Flag Pole.


We will proceed to the Gazebo for the Memorial Day program.  

          PROGRAM:   (tentatively)

Presentation of the Colors     Invocation     National Anthem

Pledge of Allegiance

What Is Memorial Day and why we honor this day


Soldiers Cross (explained)     Veterans Remembrance Table (explained)

Bell Honors

Patriotic songs





Thank you all for your assistance

-- Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276

Sent 2024-04-19: Memorial Day 2024 - 

TO: SCCE Women’s Club,  Jill  and Sunshine community

FROM:  Lenore Combs  956 245 1276

RE:  Memorial Day – Program and Potluck


Dear Friends,


SCCE plans for Memorial Day Holiday:   Monday –  27 May 2024             

* Realizing our program will be two-fold = the Program followed by a Potluck. 

John & I cannot look after both facets, so we will need Program help and a Potluck committee.  Lenore will keep in constant communication. Everyone is cordially invited to assist & participate. 


In the past, our Sunshine Memorial Day Program generally included a Golf Cart Parade, a small quality Memorial Day presentation at the Gazebo, followed by a break so folks can get their dish and then return for the Potluck. 


Preceding the Potluck, there will be a marching Flag presentation into Retz Hall and the colors posted.  Then we begin…...  (Signup sheets in Library)


I have plans for the street Golf Cart Parade and a patriotic program at the Gazebo.  Hope that you can obtain help for the Potluck side, please. 


MEMORIAL DAY -- City of Harlingen – they will have a Candlelight Ceremony at Veterans Memorial at Pendleton Park on Thursday the 30th of May at 7:30 pm (1425 Morgan Blvd, Harlingen)  The Public is invited.


Lenore Combs

Sent 2024-04-2119: Memorial Day 2024 - Mtg on Apr 21 - 

I had physically posted info about my upcoming meeting to start discussing plans for the Sunshine Memorial Day festivities. However, I am unable to meet at the original time. I have updated my postings and also asked that this email be sent to the community. The meeting will now take place @ 2 PM in the Library.      - Lenore Combs

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