SEPO E-News E-Mail Guidelines

Revision 4 - Updated 04-18-2020:

Sending Community E-Mails started out as a ‘public service’ to Sunshine residents several years ago. Guidelines have been developed to help everyone know what WILL and what WON’T be sent ongoing to Sunshine Residents who are on the SEPO E-News Distribution List.

If you or any resident you know isn’t on the distribution list, but would like to be, please send the request, which should also include your address, to

Thank you for your cooperation with this attempt to provide some structure to the information that will be distributed ongoing. I do believe the SEPO E-Mails are an excellent form of communication to the Community.

Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club E-News



A. CAN BE SENT via sepoenews:

  1. Information, reminders about, asking for help with or needing something for, etc. pertaining to Sunshine Events / Committees / Clubs / Meetings and so forth that are listed on the Sunshine Web site

  2. Notice of a Garage Sale within Sunshine. You can list:

    • Who is having the sale (with Contact Info Optional)

    • Address

    • Days, Dates & Times

    • Type of Items for Sale (optional)

  3. Items you may have 'for sale' or that you are 'looking to buy' that have a deadline they need to be sold or bought by, such as Concert Tickets.
    (NOTE: Does not include sale of other types of personal items.)

  4. Items that have been Lost or Found.

  5. Sunshine Resident Home for Sale:

  • You can send out the following once per quarter:

    • Your Name

    • Address of the home for sale

    • Who to contact (yourself or Reality Company)

    • Include the phone number(s) and/or Web site address (if applicable)

    • DO NOT include the selling price.

NOTE: Contact Beth Parrish if you think it may be pertinent to send out additional info within the same quarter (i.e. if your house sells or you take it off of the market within the quarter).

  • If you have told the community your home was for sale, it would be appropriate/nice if you informed them again when/if it sells or if you take it off the market.


  1. E-mail from a resident that states either one or more of the Board of Directors has ‘said’ or ‘approved’ something:

  • The resident's e-mail sent to SEPO E-News for distribution must contain the signature of the composer/sender and show that the Board member(s) has approved the e-mail being sent to the Community.

    • In other words, include the e-mail(s) from the Board member(s) stating his/her approval.

    • The approval e-mails(s) should be included in the body of the original e-mail or as attachment(s).

C. COVID-19:

  1. Our residents are responsible enough to keep up on what is going on in the world and how it affects them. The rules concerning the current Covid-19 situation change so frequently nowadays the E-MaiI Admin would constantly be sending out updates that everyone has access to already, i.e. the local news, newspapers, Web sites etc.

    The exception to the above is if the Board has an official announcement that directly affects all of the Sunshine Residents (and their guests) residing within the borders of our community. An example of this would be notification that all SEPO buildings - Office, Library, Fitness Room etc. - were being locked up with No Entry allowed.

D. Can NOT BE SENT via sepoenews:

  1. Personal opinions.

  2. E-mails that do not contain the signature of the composer/sender.

  3. Replies to SEPO E-News E-Mails sent to the Community, except if the e-mail says ‘Replies Welcome’ or something similar.


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