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Here you will find E-Mails sent to the SEPO Community in Dec 2018. 

Sent 12-31-2018: Another Calico Cat Found - 

Another Calico kitten has been found today in our community. We are thinking the two of them may be from the same household. The second one is also being cared for temporarily. If either or both of them is/are yours, please call Cathy Richmond at 303-990-2730. If this one doesn't have an owner either we may be looking for a home for it.   Cathy


Sent 12-31-2018: Calico cat found -

A young friendly calico cat was found on Missouri street today. She is being cared for temporarily. If she is yours, please call Cathy Richmond at 303-990-2730. If she does not have an owner we may be looking for a home for her.   Cathy



Question: "I don't understand why I have to pay the storage fees on the first of January, Since I've been here I paid the storage fees with my lot fees by the 20th of January"
Answer: All our fees, maintenance, storage lot, are based on the 1st of the month with a "grace period" until the 1st of the next month. 
A due date has to be chosen and the 1st of the month was it. Any penalty for nonpayment will occur after the "grace period." I'm not aware of any bill that does not have a "payment due" date.   John Chajec   SEPO Treasurer


Sent 12-30-2018: MONTHLY SHOP CLEANUP -

This coming Wednesday, Jan. 2nd at 8 am is our monthly shop clean up day. Hope you an make it. Thanks, Cathy

Sent 12-30-2018: Board Nominees -

The SEPO board nominees per the  bulletin board are:

  • Grace Clark

  • Sandy Gades

  • Mark Owen

Sent 12-27-2018: ​January 2019 Newsletter -

The Jan 2019 Newsletter can be found here.

Sent 12-25-2018: speed bumps -

The reason we contacted the Sepo board regarding speed bumps, was the concern over damage done to our property and others on Minnesota street. Jean Lawrence neglected to mention this in the email she sent out earlier this month.

When there is high water in the streets, people are driving too fast, which creates waves and does damage to property! Our hurricane garage door panel was dented due to the extreme force of the wave action against it! Some of our surrounding neighbors had the same damage, as well as damage to yards, skirting & sheds. We realize that most of you don't experience this problem of property damage but some of you are the reason property damage is occurring.

Not only residents but vendors, delivery vehicles and visitors are driving too fast within our community! Stop signs & speed limit signs aren't working, so what is the answer to this problem? We know speed bumps will get your attention and slow you down, otherwise you will do damage to your property too. We certainly appreciate those of you that stop at the signs and adhere to the speed limits but there is a growing number of people that are driving too fast and not stopping.

Hopefully the Sepo board will rectify this problem so as property damage ends and people slow down and enjoy our beautiful community!
SCCE residents
Hal & Dale Hopfner


Sent 12-25-2018: Carol Blair’s birthday -

Carol Blair’s birthday is today. Since her stroke she doesn’t get out but maybe she would enjoy her friends at Sunshine wishing her happy birthday. Thanks   Cathy Richmond


Sent 12-24-2018: BIBLE STUDY/MOVIE GROUP -

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, the Bible Study/Movie Group will not begin until Jan 14th. Planning to start at 6:00 p.m. in Retzlaf Hall.  Questions call me at 314 719 6532. Watch for bulletin board postings.   Warren Hertel


Sent 12-23-2018: January Newsletter -

Residents, It's that time again for your newsletter articles to be submitted by the 26th. Please send to: Once I have received & read your article I always send a return message stating 'received'. If you have not gotten this message I have not received it. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.   Linda Abernethy, Editor


I anticipate starting up this group on Monday January 7th at 6:00 p.m. in Retzlaf Hall as we did last year. Watch bulletin boards for info-times-etc... Questions call Warren Hertel @ 314 718 6532

Sent 12-17-2018: Updated Sunshine Directory -

I wanted to let all Sunshine Residents know that the Sunshine Directory on the Web has been updated as of 3 PM today. As a reminder, it is in the "Resident's Only" tab on If you haven't requested the password yet, please do so per the instructions under this tab. Valerie will be updating her 'paper' directory this week to match the Web document and she and I will be keeping both docs in sync going forward.

A couple of the advantages of having the Directory on the Web are:
(1)  Less paper will need to be used for printing since you will have 24 hr access to the Web document.
(2)  Less paper being printed saves us money. And who doesn't like to save money - right!
(3)  And speaking of 24 hr access - how many times have you been doing something outside of your home and you've said - Does anyone know "so-and-so's" phone number. At that point you can just pull out your smart phone (providing you have one) and look up whoever it is you need to get hold of no matter where you are.

So please try to utilize the Web doc whenever you possibly can. Thanks so much and please call with any questions or comments.


Beth Parrish   Sunshine Country Club Web site (

E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 12-17-2018: Neighborhood Watch Mtg Reminder - It's Today -

Reminder - Neighborhood Watch meeting  3pm  Retz Hall   Lenore

Sent 12-17-2018: Christmas wrapping Toys For Tots etc. -

Sgt Brooks ---🎅 Harlingen Police ---requests as many helpers at 5:30p at the PD to help with wrapping. The volunteers will be there and I will too. The place is locked up after 6p but call me and I will come down to the door and let u in 😇 
Lenore J Combs  956 245 1276


Sent 12-17-2018: Women's Club Meeting -

REMEMBER - Women’s Club December Meeting:

  • Friday December 21

  • 9:00 AM

  • Retzlaff HallJanis McFee

Wear your name tag- to be eligible for a door prize.


Sent 12-16-2018: Birding and Nature Pot Luck - 

There will be a community wide pot luck supper hosted by the Birding and Nature Club on January 7.  Our speaker at this event will be Ranger George Garcia from Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Center.  He is featured in an article on page 2 of today's (Dec. 16) Valley Morning Star.  He should be an interesting and informative speaker.  This event was not planned as a fund raiser although donations will be accepted.  Plates, plastic eating utensils, tea and coffee will be provided.  There will not be a sign up sheet.  We want everyone to come for an evening of fellowship and to learn about the wildlife of South Texas. Just show up with your covered dish.  Doors open at 4:30.  Dinner at 5:00.

Sent 12-15-2018: Golf Carts and STOP signs -

As part of the "study" of speeding and Speed Bumps on SEPO streets we have been collecting statistics of the conduct at STOP signs. Guess who is by far the worst ones at running STOP signs - Golf Carts.  It seems everyone does it, some worse than others, but most of us do not actually stop at STOP signs on our golf cart.  If there is an accident between a car and a golf cart - guess which driver will be injured the worst? SO - Next time you are approaching a STOP sign on your golf cart, think about laying on the blacktop with a lump on your head and actually "stop".  Stop means the wheels no longer turn, if even for a split second. Take Care   Pat Harvey - SEPO Director for streets


Sent 12-15-2018: Do Not Reply to this e-mail: Need Your Opinion Concerning Speed Bumps in Sunshine

Please do not reply to this e-mail address on this matter. In order for the Board to get your vote/opinion, please fill out the form in the office with your reply.   Beth Parrish


Sent 12-14-2018: Speed Bumps on SEPO streets -

Our President, Jean  Lawrence has called for you to provide your opinion via the suggestion box outside the office - Do it - let Jean know your opinion. Now - the folks who came to the board this past Monday have a very real concern. They see Speed Bumps as a solution, and Speed Bumps will fix the problem that they have. Many of us are driving too fast - well over the 20 MPH speed limit. Add to that we do not stop at Stop signs. Simply stated - We need to clean up our act. If we can't get our speed under control and STOP at stop signs, get ready for the Speed Bumps. Regards   Pat Harvey - SEPO Director for streets.

Sent 12-14-2018: Walking and Biking our SEPO Streets -

A lot of us walk or bike the streets for exercise and given the crown on the streets, you almost have to walk near the center of the street or it kills your knees. BUT - those streets were intended for cars and some of us more "seasoned" drivers don't see as well as we once did, especially when it is dark or almost dark. If you walk or bike the streets when it is dark or almost dark, do yourself and the drivers a favor, wear light colored cloths and a light that is fully visible from behind. You can see the oncoming cars, it's the ones behind you that are a danger. There are lots of LED lights available today for about $5 that come in a variety of colors and flash. My favorite is to use one that flashes and I clip it on my White tee shirt collar hanging down my back. The lights are available from e-bay, Amazon and probably a hundred shops. Bike shops also have lights usable for walkers. Give it a try - you will feel safer.   Pat Harvey (an early morning walker)

Sent 12-14-2018: New Years Day Brunch - 

Tickets are ready for sale for the New Years Day Brunch.

  •  Tuesday, January 1, 2019

  • 10:00a.m.

  • Retzlaff Hall

  • Tickets $7.00 per person

Let's celebrate together - With: Funny, Fun and Food.  Hmmmm?  Come join us and find out.

Pam Lacy and a great volunteer committee!


Sent 12-14-2018: Sunshine Video Committee Announcement - 

Sunshine Video Committee - Good afternoon!  It is so exciting how Sunshine committees and residents are always busy finding ways to enhance or improve our community! With that said, The Sunshine Video committee is in the beginning stages of working on Lassey Dahlstrom’s brain child - our very own community advertisement!   
You may notice at events or parties that one of our volunteer video persons may be recording. If for any reason you do not want to be in the video, please let the video person know and we will certainly respect your wishes!

At our planned parties, i.e. Women’s Club events, there will be an announcement about the video(s) being taken, so you can let us know if it is indeed something you prefer not to participate in. Otherwise, please feel free to share your enthusiasm!!
Irene Phillips, who you may have noticed is an avid photographer, has agreed to take care of many of the planned videos. We also have others on our committee who will be assisting.  Your cooperation and enjoyment of the production will be greatly appreciated, and we will have such a wonderful memory video!

We would also like to invite you to submit any videos or still pictures that you think are exceptionally fun or interesting! They do not have to be recent as long as they are of good quality and, of course, of Sunshine people and/or activities. For instance, we know the cameras were out in full force at the Leslie Blassing concert/dance.

The Video Committee will be gathering these videos and pictures and will then get to work on splicing, editing, etc.! The committee plan is for the end production to contain snippets of different activities and fun we have here at Sunshine; perhaps 15 to 30 seconds of different events, along with some still pictures. Stayed tuned for an announcement of when and where you will be able to view this marvelous production. But don’t hold your breath on the announcement, because this may take a few months to create.

Please send any video/picture submissions to


Sent 12-12-2018: Need Your Opinion Concerning Speed Bumps in Sunshine -

There has been quite a bit of discussion in the last few days concerning 'speeding' on Sunshine streets. In order to get a view of how the community feels about this matter, I am requesting that all residents submit their opinion/vote on whether they would like to have speed bumps on our streets or not. You can do this by filling out a "SEPO Suggestion, Complaint & Idea Form" saying YES you want them or NO you don't want them. If you say YES, please indicate on which street(s) you would like to see them. This form is available outside of Valerie's office.   Jean Lawrence   SEPO Board President


Sent 12-12-2018: Wreaths Across America 18 wheeler arrives Thursday - 

Dear Friends:  The 18 wheeler is in Corpus and will unload their wreaths about 7 am. Then it will head for Harlingen -- ETA  ?? 10 am  -- with a motorcycle escort, then  to San Benito then to La Feria. Stay tuned. Our load will be stored at the U-Haul on Morgan Blvd in the old K-Mart building.     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 12-12-2018: Missing Women's Club Cash Box - 

The Women's Club has two cash boxes that are used during the various activities they sponsor. One of these boxes is missing. If you have this missing cash box, please notify Vickie Jones @ 262-689-7068. Thanks in advance for your quick reply to this request.     Vickie

Sent 12-11-2018: Minutes from the Meeting of the Board of Directors from November 12, 2018 - 

The Nov 12, 2018 SEPO Board Meeting Minutes can be found here.

Sent 12-11-2018: NW comms theft on Missouri and cyber theft warning etc - 

Dear Friends: Christmas is the season..... Bad Guys are shopping right under your nose!. Last week jewelry was stolen from a home on Missouri. ?? workers, creative drive-bys - you name it. Not funny if it is your stuff gone gone gone.
Also, read today's paper about identity theft & cybercrime - beware of using your computer etc in mall - beware of scams that sound so real.  
And let's have fun - We live in a great community and we should celebrate the friendships we have and be grateful.

  • The Bake Sale - Raffle and Craft Sale is this Saturday - get your stuff over there and then stop by and eat it with your friends. See the creative crafts your talented neighbors produce.  Great shopping opportunity!

  • Last but not least - in your spare time take a nap and then get ready for the World Greatest Golf Cart Parade in Harlingen. Police, Fire escort - and all of us will have a grand time when we return to Retz Hall for the Cookie Contest, refreshments, awards and photo ops with Santa.Sign up in the Library.

📝🎅🍰 ☕🍩🍪🎄🚔🚒😊     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276


Dear Friends, Mark your calendars; Tuesday, December 25th, 2018. Please join us for a Christmas Dinner Potluck. Sign-up sheets and Virtual Ticket Sales will be in the Library starting Tuesday, December 11th @ noon.

  • Doors open @ 12:15*****Social Hour @ 12:30*****Dinner@1:00

  • Cost: $6.00 per person.

  • Ham, Rolls, Coffee and Tea will be provided.

  • Please bring a dish for 8-12 to share.

  • Reserved signs will be available at the check-in tables.

Hope to see you there!   We wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Thank you for your support in our Community,
Contacts: Kathleen Sunders (225-921-4531), Marian Young (719-468-4556) and Tiffany Prater (956-264-0355)
We are still in need of help for kitchen, set-up and clean-up.
If you would like to help there will be a pre-dinner meeting in the Library, Tuesday December 11th @ 10:30 am  Thank You!

Sent 12-08-2018: Sunshine Christmas Golf Cart Parade - Cookie Contest and Refreshments - 

Dear Friends, The Christmas Golf Cart Parade etc is next Saturday the 15th of December. Line up 4:30pm at Friendship Hall in Encore for the kick-off, judging and Christmas Tree Lighting. The Parade is part of this, starts immediately and will continue directly after the Lighting.  

  • Our committee has been working hard - big effort behind the scenes for this event. There is lots of fun stuff happening so here are some details.

  • There is a sign up sheet posted in the Library for the Golf Cart Parade, Cookie Contest and a "Help-Wanted" (kitchen) list for the refreshments.

  • Everyone is invited. You do not have to decorate your Golf Cart to be in the Parade but there will be prizes for the best decorated, innovative carts. ($25.00, 15.00, 10.00)

  • Cookie Contest: There is a $20.00 Best Cookie prize. And these cookie entries are part of the refreshments to be served.(maybe bake a dozen or two).

  • The Parade route is posted in the library. After the Parade, we shall return to Retzlaff Hall for refreshments (cookies and hot chocolate etc.), the awards presentation and photo ops with Santa. The Harlingen PD, Combes PD and the Harlingen Fire Departments will bring Santa.

  • The Kitchen "Help-Wanted" is simple. Set up coffee, hot chocolate, hot water for tea etc., some paper plates, napkins, cups and small clean-up.  

It takes a village.....
Encore will do their share - Christmas Tree Lighting etc and kitchen help too. Both Neighborhood Watch teams will lead in their respective communities for the paced route which will be kept moving.
Looking forward to your support in another fun, food and fellowship event. Contacts:  Lenore Combs, Helen Perry, Mary Tennant, Janice Drost, Pam Lacy, Sally Hardy, Sherry Gardner     Questions and concerns welcomed.
Lenore J Combs 956-245-1276


Sent 12-06-2018: DIRECTOR REPORTS AREA 1, 2 & 3 (and CORRECTION) - 

SEPO Financials can be found here.


Sent 12-06-18: Saying Goodbye -

Saying goodbye is always hard, you’ve been such a beautiful part of our front entry for so long, but it is time to say “Goodbye”. At 9:00 Monday morning (12/10) we will need volunteers to help as the carved log along Texas Avenue is cut into smaller pieces and hauled to the recycle area in the storage lot. The fish and the frog were salvaged this morning. The Raccoon will be attempted to be saved on Monday at 9:00 when we cut up the rest of the rotted trunk and haul it to the recycle area. So – If you are free Monday at 9:00 we can use your help. No experience needed, just wear gloves if you have them.   Thanks   Pat Harvey - Birding & Nature Club


Sent 12-06-2018: SEPO Board of Directors Election -

I am pleased to announce the members of the 2019 SEPO Nomination Committee. The committee consists of:

  • Mari Tennant

  • Buzz Sawyer

  • Vince Smith

The purpose of the committee is to identify and recommend residents who would like to serve on the SEPO Board of Directors. There are 3 board positions being vacated that will need to be filled in the forthcoming election in February, 2019. If you are interested and would like to be considered, please contact one of the committee members.
Respectfully,   Buzz Sawyer   Committee Chairman   573-480-6530



SEPO Financials can be found here.

Sent 12-05-2018: wine bottles -

Dear Wine Lovers: Rodney Fink is looking for about 12 empty wine bottles which he takes over to Mexico and uses as a craft with the church ladies. If you have empty bottles, please get them to Rodney at 1932 Iowa and leave them on his porch.  I know you wine drinkers will not disappoint.  As soon as you can will really help him out. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas,     Cathy Chajec


Sent 12-05-2018: Young At Heart Art Show -

Call For Entry

  • Original Artwork (2D, 3D, mixed media, sculpture, wood art. If it is from a pattern, it is not original).

  • Juried By Committee

  • Bring Artwork to Laurel Becker or Virginia Carubia on or before 1-15-2019.

  • Opening Night 1-26-2019 at Retzlaff Hall (Artwork will be on display the following week)

  • Seeking Donations of Artwork for Silent Auction

Virginia Carubia


Sent 12-04-2018: SEPO E-Mail Accounts Guidance -

It has come to my attention that there is confusion about where to send various types of info in order to get it published by SEPO. So here's the scoop.

  • If you want an e-mail sent out to the community concerning your upcoming event etc, send your info to

    • Beth Parrish is in charge of sending those out to everyone on the current contact list.

    • If you know of any resident who isn't getting these e-mails and wants to start getting them, tell them to send an e-mail to with that request.

  • If you want anything added to, deleted from or corrected on the Web site ( send it to

    • Beth Parrish is also in charge of that Web site.

  • If you want your info in the Monthly Newsletter, send it to by the 26th of each month, October thru March.

    • Linda Abernethy handles this.

    • I you don't receive a 'reply e-mail' from her with the word "received" in it, you need to contact her again to ensure your info makes it into her publication.

Hopefully this helps resolve the many questions I've been getting. If not, give me a call at the number below. Thanks
Beth Parrish   (314-960-6710)



Our annual Bake Sale and Raffle is fast approaching. We need the help and support of all the residents for this to be a success. The Women's club has been able to help support our park by purchasing needed equipment and accessories in the past with funds raised. Many of you heard discussed at the November meeting the plans for purchasing a new sound system. This is something that will benefit everyone as it would be used for parties, programs, meetings, memorials and basically all events. Please consider making a generous donation of baked items to make our bake sale a success. The bake sale begins at 8am on Saturday, December 15th in Retzlaff Hall. You may bring donations of baked goods to the hall Friday evening from 6 - 8 pm or beginning Saturday morning at 6:00am. On Saturday morning you must come to the kitchen door as we will not unlock the hall until 8am. Please wrap your items with clear plastic wrap and add a bow or ribbon. Label your item and price it.
Co-chairs if you have questions: Jane Olson 217-414-1656
                                              Marla Welch 573-465-0050
If you wish to donate to the Raffle, the chair is Marian Young 719-468-4556.


It's that time of year for homemade goodies and pretty handmade items. The annual Bake Sale, Raffle and Craft Sale held by the SCCE Women's Club will be Saturday, December 15th at Retzlaff Hall. The doors will open at 8:00am with cinnamon rolls and coffee available for $1. Last year for the first time Glenda and Jerry Wetherbee made lafse that morning for us, and what a treat! They sold out in no time. Glenda and Jerry have generously agreed to come back again.

This is a great time to come relax and enjoy coffee and a treat with your neighbors and visit. Don't forget to buy some homemade goodies to take home also. We are incorporating a cookie walk into the bake sale so you have the option of having more variety. Another thing we are doing this year for the first time is a "Pie a Month" (for 6 months) auction.
We will be selling raffle tickets, $1 ea or 6 for $5. You will be able to view the items on display before the drawing, which will be held about 11am. We already have quite a number of nice items donated.
Crafters from the Estates are ready to "wow" you with their hand crafted items. What a great time to do some Christmas shopping.
Come out, visit, support your community and you might even win a door prize. We plan to give one away every 20 minutes or so but you have to be present to win. We hope to see you there!

Co-chairs if you have questions: Jane Olson 217-414-1656
                                              Marla Welch 573-465-0050
If you wish to donate to the Raffle, the chair is Marian Young 719-468-4556.

Sent 12-03-2018: Birding and Nature - 

The Birding and Nature group meets tonight at 7.  Everyone is welcome.  We meet in the library.

Sent 12-03-2018: Las Vegas Golf Scramble Reminder -

The Annual Las Vegas Golf Scramble still has some slots available for this Saturday’s fun scramble!  Play will be limited to 90 players.  Sign up in the library ($5.00 cash) until noon Thursday.  The stand-by list will be up for any cancellations.

Judy Parker

Sent 12-02-2018: Kitty needs a home -

The owner of the sweet little black kitty has been found but is not able to care for it. Kitten needs a loving home. Comes with carrying cage and other equipment.     Contact Karen Peterson. 

Sent 12-02-2018: Ladies Golf Baked Potato Supper -

Sign up for the Ladies Golf Baked Potato Supper Saturday, December 8, 2018 following the Las Vegas Scramble. Social hour 4:30 pm. Dinner 5:00 pm. Sign up in the library. $6.00 per person. Cash Only. Hope to see you there!

Glenda Wetherbee

Sent 12-02-2018: Is this your Kitty? - 

It has come to my attention that there has been a little black kitten (probably around 2 mos old) wandering around Sunshine the last couple of days. It has a Silver Sparkly collar with a Bell on it. It has been crying so Karen Peterson has taken it into her home. However, she is looking for the owner. If you know of anyone, either in Sunshine or the RV Park, who may have lost this kitten, please contact Karen.  Beth Parrish (for Karen Peterson)

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