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Sunshine Country Club Estates

O'Clockers Golf Group

(Approved by SEPO Board on 05-20-2021)

  1. O'Clockers Golf is a golf event approved by the SEPO Board. Therefore, it shall adhere to all the same rules as other SEPO approved golf events.

  2. Play shall commence at 4:00 pm each day and may be delayed, postponed or canceled when conflicting with special events (i.e., Good Neighbor Golf Tournament or prior established events, i.e., the 3:00 pm Thursday Golf Scramble).
    (NOTE: During warmer months the start time often gets pushed back to avoid the worst heat of the day.)

  3. O'Clockers Golf is open to all Sunshine Country Club Estate residents and renters and their immediate family and guests.

  4. This is a shotgun start, best ball scramble. Teams and start hole will be determined by a random draw. The number of start holes and team size will be determined by the number of players present. At no time shall any team exceed five players.

  5. No advance signup is necessary. Player's meet at 4:00 pm (or a later designated time) in the parking lot outside the SEPO office.

  6. Team ‘one’ will commence play on hole one and other teams will start on consecutive holes two, three, four etc.

  7. There is no cost to play. Therefore, no prize monies are paid.

  8. In an effort to accommodate all golfers not participating in O’Clockers Golf, individual players may tee off following the scramble team on hole one.

  9. Participants shall adhere to normal golf etiquette by allowing players already on the course to complete their hole before proceeding. Example: The scramble consists of four teams starting on holes one through four. There is already a group on hole two preparing to tee off. O’Clockers Golf teams on hole one, three and four may proceed to tee off. But the scramble team on hole two must wait until the group already there completes that hole and moves on.

  10. The course is not closed for this scramble. Therefore, all players need to be courteous and respectful toward all golfers.

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