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April 2019

You can read the April 2019 Newsletter from this page and also download it from here.



The Women’s Club is planning to host the following activities during the 2019/2020 season. There is a need for volunteers to chair and work on several of them. So please consider volunteering and contact me at the number below.


    Date        Day                 Event

10-30-19     Wed           Octoberfest​

11-11-19     Mon            Veteran’s Day Tribute

11-17-19     Sun             Golf Event

11-28-19     Thu             Thanksgiving Dinner

12-07-19     Sat              Bake Sale & Craft Sale

12-07-19     Sat              Golf Cart Parade

12-11-19     Wed           Dance (D. J. Doug & His Lovely Lady)

12-24-19     Tue             Scruffy Santa & White Elephant

12-25-19     Wed           Christmas Dinner

01-01-20     Wed           New Year’s Day Brunch

01-13-20     Mon            New Home Owner’s Party & Dance (Terry Porter Rowe)

02-02-20     Sun             Superbowl Party

02-13-19     Fri               Valentine Day Dance (The Classics Band)

02-22-20     Sat              Remember When

03-07-20     Sat              Sunshine Video & Show (to be named later)

03-13-20     Fri               Shrimp Boil

Vickie Jones, Activity Director




As another winter season comes to a close, I just want to give you all a reminder about the SUNSHINE HEROS wall.  In case you did not know, we are in the planning stages for an honor wall. The display will honor Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters and First Responders and is going to be placed in Retzlaff Hall. 


Remember as we travel home to be safe and when you get there find your favorite picture of you or your spouse in uniform to be placed in the book that is going to be placed with the display wall. The applications are available from Valerie in the SEPO office.  When you complete your application return it to Valerie along with your picture.  If you do not have a picture or prefer a current picture be sure to check the box on the form that you will need a picture taken.  I will be contacting you upon my return in the fall to take a current picture for this book. 


I want to have this SUNSHINE HEROS display to represent all of the people who served.


Jim Tennant

4161 N Missouri

(616) 866-9960




Work at the SEPO woodshop has been intense over the last three weeks as many prepare to head back north with their handmade projects to give to family members.  Projects included the usual bowls, lazy Susans, and cutting boards but an absolutely beautiful rocking horse, fancy rolling pins, and kids games joined the list, too. Use of the woodshop will slow down even more in April, leaving the woodshop to the full-time residents who will take great care of the facility and equipment for the next 6 months. Wishing everyone safe travels as they head home and a wonderful summer in the RGV for the full-time residents.  See everyone next winter!

Suzie Sawyer, President   


Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)

SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.

Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!

Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276

Officer Alicia Garcia,  NW HPD District Representative


Fair winds and following seas to those traveling and to those staying behind - be prepared to have a fun summer here.


There is a brief description of NW on the SCCE Web

Thanks to Beth. 


The Front Gate Code is officially changed – it does not affect your clickers.

Go to the Residents only section of our website for further info.


Red Envelope with Health history -- New and improved Medical info sheet ……

Copies have already been dispersed.  I have plenty and encourage you to complete yours.

The premise is when the EMTs arrive and things are in a stir, - you have this RED ENVELOPE on your fridge at the ready with a brief, current health history (example:  meds, surgeries, medical conditions such as Diabetes etc.)         FREE compliments from SEPO and NW-CERT. 


The separate little red square (2x2) is a sticky label for your door so when EMS comes to you, they see it and know to look on the fridge.


SCCE Emergency Contact Information form – please update this and return to SEPO Office.


Who’s Your Buddy?  Suggestion – have a good friend or two – handy - in case of…. For when you anticipate calling 911 because you will be stuck on the phone.  Your Buddy can call other volunteers, help gather papers, go to the Front Gate – turn on revolving red light on our Frontage Road on Texas Avenue to signal the emergency location.  Great help!      

By the way, if you need the AED – make sure you also call  911.





Who has called 911, who is doing compressions etc. etc. etc.??











Stop The Bleed Bags –  Sunshine has 3 of these special RED BAGS with First Aid stuff especially focused for STOP THE BLEED as a result from serious accidents, excessive bleeding from medicines etc. 


Also contains PPE - Personal Protection Equipment – goggles, gloves etc. and special gauze with a hemolytic agent which helps clotting.  There is extensive info on the web site about this.  Locations:  One is in the Office, one at the Work Shop area where their equipment (big golf course machines etc. are stored) and at the Woodshop.  If you need this bag – you must also call 911 since they have more extensive equipment and the victim will need it.  


Next NW – CERT meeting = Mon 15 April 3pm in Retz Hall.  Disaster Preparedness.

Kathy Wunderlich will take us on a Utility Ride – see the transformers, pads, Utility valves etc.

(see how they work and why clearing them of stuff to make access is important.  Golf Cart ride.


Also we will touch on Emergency Awareness Training – this is not part of an Emergency First Aid plan at Sunshine, however, we welcome the presence of awareness training as it instills confidence in the use of the AED and even First Aid. Give it some thought and please come.


Best Practice for getting ready to head home – securing your home, consideration of hurricanes, Bad Guys, etc.    (Easter is in April).  Typically we exchange ideas….

Hurricane season – June – November – Are You Ready?


Operation ID – Officer Alicia Garcia HPD

Contact Lenore 956 245 1276 so we can make arrangements with you. First, complete your Personal Inventory List then we can set up the engraving process & give you the Operation ID decal.  Additional Personal Inventory Lists are available in the Library next to the NW display.


CPR, AED, Choking & Stop The Bleed class - You are invited:   Wednesday, 3 April, 12 til 4pm. Certified Instructor - John Combs     CPR Card     $40.00    student supplies, handouts etc. 

There is a sign- up sheet in the Library.



I know there’s been lots of buying and selling of homes during March. So I’m hoping all of the new folks can quickly become familiar with all of the avenues available to keep aware of the Happenings here at Sunshine.


I will continue to send out SEPO E-News e-mails throughout the summer. Send your information to


I will also continue to work on/spruce up the Web site ( over the summer. Send any input you might have to


Beth Parrish


I want to thank Linda Abernethy for the years that she was the Sunshine Newsletter Editor. She did a wonderful job getting the news to all of us in a timely and professional manner. Thank you much.

I know it’s not the norm to produce an April Newsletter. I’m glad I was able to accommodate those of you who needed to get some information to all one last time this spring. I hope I captured everyone’s e-mails and didn’t miss anyone.


Safe travels to all heading away from Sunshine this summer. See you in the fall.


Beth Parrish
Sunshine Country Club Newsletter Editor





March 2019











If you are aware of the death of any resident or former resident of Sunshine please notify Valarie in the office and she will make certain that it is noted to the proper people.

Thank You,

Dick Shelton, President


SEPO Board Positions 2019

President Dick Shelton

1st VP Lynn Swonger

2nd VP Frank Tewell

Secretary John Chajec

Treasurer Mark Owen  

Common Grounds 1-Dir. Frank Tewell

  • Com. Gnd Rep/Maint. Area 1

  • Office & Lounge

  • Pavillion

  • Pool & Hot Tub-Capitol

  • Pool & Hot Tub-Operations

  • Retzlaff Hall

  • Sunburst

Common Grounds 2-Dir.Clint Wunderlich

  • Com. Gnd Rep/Maint Area II

  • Drainage & Irrigation Ditches

  • Indiana Street

  • Streets & Grounds

  • Texas Avenue

Common Grounds 3-Dir. Jerry Utterbach

  • Com. Gnd Repair

  • Storage & Shop Area

  • Shuffle Board

  • Tennis Court


Golf Course - Dir-Lyn Swonger

  • Contract Labour

  • 421 Equipment

  • Fuel

  • Golf Course Supplies

  • Golf Course Maint

  • Golf Equipment Repair

  • Irrigation Maint. 443

  • Maint Area 

  • Tee Box Project

Submitted by John Chajec, Secretary


It’s hard to believe how quickly the month of February flew by! We enjoyed another fun-filled Casino Night with Dale Hopfner and Sherri Gardner as co-hosts. Thank you to Sherri, Dale and their committee! Also, thank you Linda Abernethy for the excellent job as our newsletter editor. We so thank you for your many years of service! Beth Parrish, we welcome you as our new editor! We are so fortunate to have such a giving community of so many people that are willing to share their time and talents with us!

Please watch for our new events for next year, they will be posted in the Library under Women’s Club. Be sure to sign up for an event, it’s a great way to meet new people and have lots of fun too!

Many of you will be traveling in the upcoming months, we wish you safe travels and look forward to seeing you next fall.

Eileen Anderson, President



I want to thank Laurel Becker and Pam Pehl for the great job they did on the Art Show. Those in attendance appreciated the many talented individuals who live in our community. Casino Night was another huge success and great fun. A big thank you to co-chairs Sherri Gardner and Dale Hopfner.


The final event for the season will be a dance/music by The Classics Band. Deb Robins and Tiffany Prater are co-chairs for this event so watch the board and/or emails for more information. I will be having a planning meeting for the 2019-2020 season in the next few weeks, so If you have an idea for an activity or event please give me a call or an email. Thank you!


Vickie Jones, Activity Director




Hello everyone!

On March 14th, 2019 the women's club will be putting on a dance/fundraiser donating to Ronald McDonald House Charities.  In order to purchase items of need we will ask for a $5 donation per person or any item from their wish list. This is a B.Y.O.B and snack type of event. Lots of prizes will be given away! Come and get your groove on and enjoy your neighbors and friends, this will be one of the last events before we all head north for the summer. The wish list is as follows...

The Wish List is also posted in the Library.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Rio Grande Valley supports our community by providing a "home-away-from-home" for families of critically ill or injured children at local hospitals and clinics. We hope you will consider donating one or more items listed above to help us with our important work!

 Tiffany and Debbie



     GET READY -- on Friday and Saturday March 22nd and 23rd there will be a GUYS and DOLLS   golf tournament. Teams will be made up of --    guess      -- yes, one male and one female.


     Play will follow typical scramble format, although rules will be published to avoid any confusion.


     Three sign-up sheets for golfers will be posted in the lounge on March 5th.

One, for a Guy and a Doll (a team) who already know they will play as a team, and fees will be tendered. (cash)

Another, for an unmatched GUY.

And, a third, for an unmatched DOLL.

     These last two lists will include space for phone numbers so that teams can be arranged by the individuals. Fees will not be paid until a team is established and the main list is signed, and names scratched from the individual lists.

     Dinner and awards for CTP and score will take place on Saturday, early evening. The food served, (pre-plated buffet style) will be provided by Dave's BBQ on Commerce street. The $20 golf fee includes the dinner. Residents who wish to come for the ‘dinner only’ are certainly welcome for a cost of $11.


     This is what we know so far. Keep your eyes on the Bulletin Boards in the Library and other Community News sources for further details.


(Questions?  Gus Elliott 618-377-2813)


Come join in the fun at Sunshine’s newest Club – Crafty Creations.

  • Contact: Heidi Dill (She will be your guide/instructor during each class.)

  • Meets: Every four to six weeks throughout the Winter Season

  • Location: Retzlaff Hall 

  • First Project:

    • Will be a Clay Pot Lighthouse. The picture located here ( is the large model costing $50. You may also create a smaller model for a cost of $40.

    • There will be two classes to create your first Craft - 

      • Monday, March 18 from 1-3 PM

      • Friday, March 29 from 10 AM to Noon

    • Each class is limited to the first 25 people who are registered and paid (cash only). If you do not pay immediately when signing up the next person on the list takes your spot.

    • Signup is currently available in the Library and will end Friday, Mar 1 if classes are full.

Please help Heidi make this Club a success by coming out and joining in the fun.​ 😁


The Killer Bee Thursday morning quilting group is still busy with projects though our winter season is quickly coming to an end. It was decided that we cancel our bi-annual quilt show this year, and we'll hopefully reschedule it for next January or February. Here's a list of our scheduled projects for March.....7th is our Salad Luncheon with the Challenge Reveal; 14th has Jane Olson teaching/helping with another Appliqued Wool project; 21st has Jan Baethke teaching a Tom Russell Circles wall hanging project; and on the 28th Sandy Gurney will show us more ideas on Embellishing our projects with beads, stitches, and more. FYI, we do meet every Thursday morning at 9AM in Retzlaff Hall, even through the Summer.


Questions?? contact Jan Baethke or Diane Tewell



Winners of the 15th annual doubles -8- ball tournament were: Bob Harrison & Jerry Bressler

The Runner Ups were: Jerry Rash & Russell Abernethy

Thanks to all who participated in a very competitive tournament.

As a reminder we have open play every Tue/Thu/Sat and welcome all players.

Bob Harrison/Feb 26, 2019


I want to thank everyone for their kind words about the work I have done this season on the Web site. It is truly appreciated. I am still working to ‘stabilize’ the site so that ongoing after this season it will only be ‘updates’ that I’m making and not a lot of editing and reworking, which is what has taken up lots of my time this year.


Please continue (even if you head away from Sunshine for the summer) to view the site and send your updates, comments and/or questions to the following e-mail address:


I am also continuing efforts to find sites where I can ‘market’ our community. We have far too many homes for sale here right now. If there is a Web site that you think would be a good marketing site for us, send it to me and I will check it out. I will continue with updates and marketing efforts throughout the summer back in good old St. Louis, MO.


Thanks for everyone’s help with this endeavor.


Beth Parrish



I know it’s late in the 2018-2019 Winter Season here at Sunshine. But with a whole month left for most of us, work continues on the ‘Renters’ Directory to get it accurate. Please review the Renters’ document that is posted on the Web site site ( and let Valerie (in the office) know of any updates needed. If you know of any renter who has not yet complied with the SEPO Policies and Procedures, please have them do so right away.


Beth Parrish & Valerie Basaldua



I have completed the document and posted Resident’s e-mail addresses in the ‘Residents Only’ tab on the Sunshine Web site ( There will NOT be a printed copy of these e-mail addresses posted in the Library. They will only be available on the Web site. Please review this document for accuracy. If you Do Not want your e-mail address published there or if there needs to be any corrections made, send that info to


Beth Parrish



Come join in the fun, learn to play mahjong with us

Every Tuesday at 1PM in the Card Room


Every Saturday at 6:30PM in the Library.

It’s easy to learn and also very addicting!!!

Please come!

Heidi Dill 307-272-2440


Between 25-30 people went on the Birding and Nature Club field trip to Estero Llano Grande State Park located south of Weslaco. The weather was ideal. We enjoyed our nature walk and ate lunch on the covered deck overlooking a pond hosting a variety of birds. A good time was had by all.

Our next scheduled meeting is Monday, March 4 at 7:00 P.M.  Join us.


Submitted by Jean Burgoine



This is to let you know that there are sign up sheets in the SEPO Library for the Wall of Honor. This is for all SCCE residents. If you or your spouse were in the military, a police officer, firefighter or first responder, no matter where you are from, you are welcome to be on the wall of honor.


We are still looking for more ideas for this project and if you are interested in being part of this process please come to the Library Monday March 4 at 11:00 AM.


Submitted by Jim Tennant




Most of you know that we've sold our home here & that I have resigned as editor of this newsletter. I'd like to thank all of the contributors for their patience and understanding when I've needed to contact you. I'm confident that Beth Parrish, who's taking over this position, will do a great job.

Linda Abernethy




February 2019



The Annual Meeting of the Sunshine Estates Property Owners will be held on February 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm in Retzlaff Hall. The meeting must have a quorum to continue our business, such as counting the ballots, before we can proceed.  Please sign the proxy on the back of your envelope even if you plan to attend the 1:00 pm meeting. If a quorum is present we will adjourn to count the ballots and reassemble at 3:00 to continue our business. The directors will be making their end of the year reports. Please plan to attend as a member of SEPO to find out what your community and Board of Directors have been doing this past year.


The ballots were mailed on January 18th. If you have not received your ballot please call Chuck McEvoy, 956-245-2140 to get a ballot envelope. PLEASE VOTE. We have several candidates to fill three positions on the board, a gate system question and three covenant changes that will be voted on. Please read your ballots carefully and mark your choice.  Return them to the ballot box in the office by noon on February 19th, 2019.


This time of year is very busy and our buildings are hosting many events. Be sure your request for a special event is filled out and given to Valerie. She can check the calendar to be sure the building requested is available. If you need set-up time before the event include that time in your request. We have had a few problems with the space requested being decorated when there is another event scheduled before the party.


As you have noticed a new stop sign has been installed at the corner of Texas Avenue and Montana as you enter Sunshine. We hope this will help slow down the traffic as they enter our community.


Enjoy the events scheduled for your entertainment and have a wonderful time.


Jean Lawrence, SEPO Board President




How quickly our season is flying by with may fun filled events! Thank you to Pam Lacy, Sherri Gardner & committee for hosting the New Year’s Day brunch. Vicki Jones & committee for hosting the New Homeowners Fiesta Party and a warm welcome to all our new homeowners! Laurel Becker, Pamela Pehl & committee for hosting the Art Show. We are so fortunate to live in a community with so many people willing to share their talents & time. Thank you to all! Sign up sheets to be on a committee are located in the library on the bulletin board under Women’s Cub. It’s a great way to meet new friends & have lots of fun.

Our next meeting is Feb 15th at 9:00 am in Retzlaff Hall. Coffee and rolls provided. Please be sure to wear your name tag!

Eileen Anderson, President




A BIG thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the New Home Owner’s Fiesta a huge success. A fun time was had by all who attended.

Just a reminder that February 23rd is Casino Night. This event sells out quickly so get your tickets early. More info on sale dates and times will be coming out soon. This may be the last year of Casino Night unless the Women’s Club has a volunteer to step forward and take over the event. Sherri Gardner and Dale Hopfner have been chairing this event for the past six years. They are ready to step aside and have someone new take over this fun event.

The March Mystery Party was canceled for this year but a new event is being planned for the same night, March 14th. Watch for more info about this event!

If you have any questions about upcoming activities or would like to help out, please contact Vickie Jones, Activity Director Women’s Club, 262-689-7068.



Sending Community E-Mails started as a ‘public service’ to Sunshine residents several years ago. Guidelines have been developed to help everyone know what WILL and what WON’T be sent ongoing to Sunshine residents on the E-News Distribution List. If you know of someone who isn’t on the list, but you think they should or want to be, please tell them to send their request to Thank you for your cooperation with this attempt to provide some structure to the information that will be distributed ongoing. I do believe the E-Mails are an excellent form of communication to the Community. See the Guidelines below. You can also view them on the Sunshine Web site @:


SEPO E-News E-Mail Guidelines (Rev 3; Updated 01-26-2019)

A. CAN BE SENT via sepoenews:

  1. Information, reminders about, asking for help with or needing something for, etc. pertaining to Sunshine Events / Committees / Clubs / Meetings and so forth that are listed on the Sunshine Web site

  2. Notice of a Garage Sale within Sunshine. You can list:

    • Who is having the sale (with Contact Info Optional)

    • Address

    • Days, Dates & Times

    • Type of Items for Sale (optional)

  3. Items you may have 'for sale' or that you are 'looking to buy' that have a deadline they need to be sold or bought by, such as Concert Tickets.
    (NOTE: Can’t send attachments at this time & does not include sale of other types of personal items.)

  4. Items that have been Lost or Found.

  5. Sunshine Resident Home for Sale:

    • You can send out the following once per quarter:

      • Your Name

      • Address of the home for sale

      • Who to contact (yourself or Reality Company)

      • Include the phone number(s) and/or Web site address (if applicable)

      • DO NOT include the selling price.
        NOTE: Contact Beth Parrish if you think it may be pertinent to send out additional info within the same quarter (i.e. if your house sells or you take it off of the market within the quarter).

      • If you have told the community your home was for sale, it would be appropriate/nice if you informed them again when/if it sells or if you take it off the market.


  1. E-mail from a resident that states either one or more of the Board of Directors has ‘said’ or ‘approved’ something:

    • The original e-mail sent to SEPO E-News for distribution must contain the signature of the composer/sender and show that the Board member(s) has approved the e-mail can be sent to the Community.

      • In other words, include the e-mail(s) from the Board member(s) stating his/her approval.

      • The approval e-mails(s) should be included in the body of the original e-mail or as attachment(s).

      • Note: If the approvals are sent to SEPO E-News as an attachment, the e-mail administrator will ensure they get sent out as 'text' in the SEPO E-Mail sent to the Sunshine Community.

C. Can NOT BE SENT via sepoenews:

  1. Personal opinions.

  2. E-mails that do not contain the signature of the composer/sender.

  3. Replies to SEPO E-News E-Mails sent to the Community, except if the e-mail says ‘Replies Welcome’ or something similar.


Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club E-News






Work continues on putting together a ‘Renters’ Directory to be attached to the back of the ‘Residents’ Directory and also be available on the Web site. If you know of any renter who has not yet complied with the SEPO Policies and Procedures below, please have them do so right away.



Residents who own a home at Sunshine Estates and rent out their house must instruct the renters to come to the office and fill out the appropriate renter’s forms. Forms will include verification of over 55 years of age and the Renter’s Emergency information form.


The POLICIES AND PROCEDURES state other actions required concerning renters, but for the purpose of the Renters’ Directory the above info is what is needed at this time. Thanks in advance for your response to this request.


Beth Parrish & Valerie Basaldua




Casino night is less than a month away, so just updating you on what's happening!


Tickets go on sale Monday, February 4th from 10:00-1:00 in the Library. They are $20.00 each and NOT virtual ticket! You must be present to purchase and a resident or the guest of a resident! If need be we will also sell on Tuesday, February 5th . We usually sell out the first day so get there early, as we are limited to 180 tickets!


The grand prize raffle tickets will also be available for purchase at this time. They are $5.00 each or 3/$10.00. The raffle tickets will also be available at Casino night as well as tickets for Share the Wealth.

We are once again accepting gift donations from our generous residents for our prize table. We are looking for new gift items, hand crafted items, gift cards or cash donations. Please drop them off with either Sherri or Dale, as we appreciate your contribution to our fun evening.


See you soon!


Woodworkers’ News


It’s nice to welcome back the late-comers who finally found their way to the Rio Grande Valley.  Weather here certainly is better than it is in the northern states.  And, business sure has picked up at the Woodshop.

It is also amazing how supportive the people living in our development are of the woodworkers’ group.  The Woodworkers’ Spaghetti Dinner on Tuesday, January 29, is going to be a SOLD OUT event once again.  Our thanks to everyone who purchased tickets.  The woodworkers look forward to serving you dinner on Tuesday. 

The woodworkers have held orientation classes for new woodworkers, refresher classes for monitors at the woodshop, and turning classes for people who want to make their own bowls, vases, and anything else that can be made on a lathe. 


The woodworkers have two meetings a month on the second and fourth Friday at 1:00 p.m. at the woodshop.  February’s meetings will be held on the 8th and 22nd.  Feel free to join us to meet a lot of great guys and gals, now that more women are getting involved.  If you have visitors at your house, feel free to bring them to see woodshop because we believe SEPO has one of the best woodshops in the Rio Grande Valley!


Again, thanks to everyone for ensuring that the Woodworkers’ Spaghetti Dinner will be another great success.


Suzie Sawyer, President

Woodworkers Club




Just a reminder to send Videos and Pictures that you have taken of our Sunshine Activities/Events (this winter season OR before) to in order to have them considered for the Sunshine Video that the Committee is working on. Thanks for your input on this effort.


Beth Parrish (for the Sunshine Video Committee)




Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)

SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.

       Lights On --  Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!


Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276

Officer Alicia Garcia,  NW HPD District Representative


Dear Friends,

Mark the date – Monday the 28th of January  3pm  Retz Hall.  Coffee n Cookies!  Etc.

Our January NW-CERT meeting actually occurs after the January deadline for February’s newsletter article.  However, at Women’s Club the agenda items were reviewed including changing the Front Gate Code on Valentine’s Day.   It will not affect your clickers.


This past Monday, the 21st of January, in place of the meeting, many of us were at the Winter Texan Appreciation Day Fiesta in Harlingen.  Sunshine Neighborhood Watch had a prominent presence at the Harlingen Police booth with Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association.  Our C.E.R.T. team was at the Fire Department booth.  We had applications to join and for classes.  There were all sorts of informational pamphlets both for Police and Fire safety matters.   Had lots of fun with the NW stuffed dog who looks so real.  


The City, for the first time had a Veterans booth promoting two committees, the Veterans’ Memorial Project Committee who put on the Memorial Day and Veterans Day programs and offers a memorial paver opportunity for living and deceased Veterans and First Responders and the Harlingen Veterans Advisory Board which is an appointment.  Wreaths Across America was also featured as this was Harlingen’s first experience in placing remembrance wreaths at the Veterans’ graves in eight local cemeteries.  For the most part, we exhibited our community spirit, renewed acquaintances and encouraged folks to join the ranks.  


Thanks to Encore Neighborhood watch, the chain of security is taken down for all events such as Church, Veggie Man on Mondays and other items of interest.


Work on Lassey’s video – please be ready with ideas etc. for this project.   Wear your Orange Vest for a photo op.


Work on Beth’s assignment – need inspiring ideas and would like a small committee for input for the website.


Change the front Gate Code – on Valentine’s Day


New old tires for McGruff – a work in progress


Consideration of a pre-owned golf cart:  McGruff still has life.  Thanks to those who diligently look after it including those of you who patrol and treat it as your own golf cart.  Many complimentary comments received on the new cover especially in the Artic temperatures.


Welcome Letter 2019 – hot off the press.  This document goes with the New Comers package.  I’m convinced our new owners read this – just don’t know if it before or after the covenants!


“Stop The Bleed”  emergency kits – They are super-sized First Aid kits for life threatening emergencies – not just a band-aid.  They are equipped with special gauze for hemostatic control of bleeding.  They also contain PPE (personal protective equipment).  There are 3 – one in the Office, one in the Worker’s area and the third in the Woodshop.   They do not take the place of calling 911.


The one in the Office should one day move next to the AED (by the pool).  Fire Extinguishers, AEDs and Stop The Bleed Bags are items that will be commonplace and you will soon see all in one spot.


Increase surveillance on Vendor Program – we need to discuss this and how serious you, as residents wish to become.  The internet is loaded with all sorts of info.  Our Architectural Committee is a good source.  Basically, stuff happens in plain sight.  The idea of the Orange Card in the contractor’s vehicle is somewhat a testimony that they are invited by you to be at your property.  If you anticipate work at your home, get these cards at the Office or call me.  And it is wise you collect them when the work is completed. 


Your challenge is to check the guy out for liability insurance, etc. such as security bond worker’s comp insurance, licenses, permits and etc. – maybe even a background check.




The next major change I will be working on is to add all of the e-mail addresses I know of to the Sunshine Directory that is in the ‘Residents Only’ tab on the Sunshine Web site. Currently there are no plans to have a printed copy of these e-mail addresses in the Library. If you Do Not want your e-mail address published in the Directory send a ‘Do Not Publish E-Mail’ request to I will let everyone know when this is completed and on the Web site.


Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Web site (





I sent this information out previously but have still been getting lots of questions on where to send what. I worked with Valerie to get the New Homeowners Welcome Packet updated and I have also put a laminated document on the Bulletin Board in the Library just to the right of the Women’s Club Activities Sign-up sheets under ‘Other Activities’. You can also find this information on the Web site ( Here is the info.

  • If you want an e-mail sent out to the community, send your info to Beth Parrish is in charge of sending those out.

  • If you want anything added to, deleted from or corrected on the Web site ( send it to Beth Parrish is in charge of that as well.

  • If you want your info in the monthly newsletters that are created October thru March, send it to by the 24th of each month, September thru February. Linda Abernethy handles those.

Beth Parrish (314-960-6710)


Come join in the fun, learn to play mahjong with us

Every Tuesday at 1PM in the Card Room


Every Saturday at 6:30PM in the Library.

It’s easy to learn and also very addicting!!!

Please come!

Heidi Dill 307-272-2440



Residents, once again a reminder that articles for the monthly Sunshine Newsletter are due by the 24th of the month. When I have received & read your item, I return send a message saying that I have gotten it. If you don't get that message then I have not received it. The address is:


Happy Valentines.


Linda Abernethy, Editor





January 2019


NOTE: After this newsletter was sent to everyone who receives the SEPO Community E-News e-mails - the  Storage Lot Fee information has been updated.





 Just a few safety reminders now that we have most of us Winter Texans here. The speed limit is 20 miles per hour. This means from the gate on Texas Avenue throughout the entire community. Please observe all stop signs. This does mean a full stop and applies to golf carts also. If you walk at dawn or dusk please remember it is very hard to see a person unless they have on a white shirt or are wearing a reflective vest. Another good device is a flashing LED light on the back of your clothing. If you have a flashlight that helps the driver coming toward you but from the back you may not be as visible. If you have company and children want to visit the pool be sure an adult accompanies them at all times. Please, no jumping in the pool. Remind your guests that if they plan to play golf they need to have a golf bag of their own. We are into our busy social season so be sure you have your room reserved if you are planning an activity. Check with Valerie to see if it is written in on the calendar. Would everyone that has a sprinkler system for their yard please do a quick check of your watering schedule to be sure you are not watering too long. There is a lot of water running down the gutters in the morning and that extra moisture is not good for our streets. Remember that the yearly maintenance fee must be paid by January 20, 2019 to receive a discount. The yearly fee is $1320.00 and the discount is $26.00. If you plan to pay yearly and pay by January 20 the maintenance fee will be $1294.00. If you will be paying monthly the fee will be $110.00 per month due on the first of the month. The board has instructed Valerie not to accept any cash over the amount of $15.00. Storage lot fees are also due on January 1st. Check with Valerie for your storage lot fee amount and be sure to sign the storage lot lease. Our next Board meeting will be on January 7th at 1:00 pm in the library. If you have something to come before the board please give a note to Valerie so she can notify us. The board meetings are available on Face book. Log into Face book and search for SEPO BOARD. This is a private group so only Sunshine owners may see the meeting. If you want to belong to the group, email a message on the SEPO BOARD page telling me you wish to be included. I will add you to the group. When the SEPO BOARD page comes up there will be a short delay before you get the picture. To get sound tap on the speaker icon at the bottom right of the picture. You can also make the picture larger by tapping on the arrow buttons in the right corner. On Tuesday, January 8th the annual Directors and Residents meeting will be in Retzlaff Hall at 1:30 pm. The nominees for Board of Directors and nominations from the floor for Board members will be accepted at this meeting. Changes suggested by the board for by-laws and Covenants will be read. Please plan to attend, particularly the new owners here at Sunshine.


Jean Lawrence, SEPO President


2019 S.E.P.O. Annual Assessment


The 2019 Annual Assessments are $1320.00. If paid by January 20, 2019 a 2% discount, $26, will be applied resulting in a total of $1294.00.

Monthly dues are $110 per lot due on the 1st of the month. If not paid by the end of the month a 18% late fee will be added. Invoices will only be mailed for late payments.


Some residents have been paying in arrears. This is unacceptable and will result in a late fee.


Storage lot fees are due in January and remain the same as 2018.

STORAGE LOTS                                       lot fee

  • 101-114  STORAGE ANNUAL 2018   $  140.00

  • STORAGE ANNUAL 202-213 2018    $  160.00

  • Storage lots 201 & 214                      $  140.00

  • STORAGE ANNUAL 302-315-2018     $  150.00 (Corrected 01-03-19. Did state $140.00)

  • Storage lot 301                                  $  100.00

  • STORAGE ANNUAL 401-414 2018     $  110.00

  • STORAGE ANNUAL 501-516-2018     $  160.00

  • STORAGE ANNUAL 601-613 2018     $  140.00

  • STORAGE ANNUAL 701-714 2018     $  140.00

  • STORAGE ANNUAL 1-12 2018           $  100.00

Golf cart trail fees remain at $25 per year.


The SEPO board has approved the following covenants change and a new covenant (C.A.R.E.) for resident approval in the Feb. 2019 election.


All covenant changes require a 2/3 majority vote of all lots in order to pass.   A non-vote is a "NO" vote.


Proposed covenant change:

The annual assessment may be increased each year by not more than 5% of annual maintenance fees per year.  Any such possible increases in assessments shall be non-cumulative.  In any year following a year when there has been no increase, the assessment may not be increased by more than 5%.  The annual assessment may be increased each year by not more than 5% per year.

Current Covenant: 

Annual assessment shall be $300.00 payable $25.00 per month.  The annual assessment may be increased each year by not more than $45.00 per year.  Any such possible increases in assessments shall be non-cumulative.  In any year following a year when there has been no increase, the assessment may not be increased by more than $45.00.  The annual assessment may be increased each year by not more than $45.00 per year.

When this covenant was created, $45 was a 15% increase in the $300 maintenance fees.

Based on 2019 maintenance fees of $1320 a 5% increase would be $66 vs $45.


New Covenant C.A.R.E

Community and Resident Enhancement Fee Covenant

C.A.R.E. Fee

C.A.R.E. Fund  to supplement the Association's capital improvement account, each Person acquiring Lot shall pay to the Association immediately upon becoming the Owner of the Lot a Community and Resident Enhancement Fee (“C.A.R,E. Fee”) in an amount equal to the annual Base Assessment as of the close of escrow date. Said funds shall be nonrefundable and shall not be offset or credited against or considered an advanced payment of any assessment levied by the Association pursuant to this Declaration.


Any and all C.A.R.E. Fee funds collected shall be used only for funding capital improvement projects. A capital improvement project is defined as one that must be for an addition or improvement to real Common Area property and ca not be sold or separated from such real Common Area property. C.A.R.E. Fee funds shall not be used for operating expenses or reserve items. The C.A.R.E. Fee funds shall not displace existing Association contributions to the capital improvement account.


Funds collected through the C.A.R.E. Fee will be maintained in capital improvement account and will not commingle with the other accounts of the Association and will be used only for the express purpose as stated above.


No C.A.R.E. Fee shall be payable with respect to: (a) any person having been a bona fide owner of the subdivision for at least six months, receives the title to another lot in the subdivision for the purpose of occupancy (b) the transfer or conveyance of a Lot by devise or intestate succession; (c) a transfer or conveyance of a Lot to a family trust, family limited partnership or other person for bona fide estate planning purposes; or (d)  a transfer or conveyance of a Lot to a corporation , partnership, or other entity in which the grantor owns a majority interest unless the Board of Directors determines, in its sole discretion, that a materiel purpose of the transfer or conveyance was to avoid payment of the C.A.R.E. Fee in which event a C.A.R.E. Fee shall be payable with respect to such transfer or conveyance.


C.A.R.E Fee Amendment

Community and Resident Enhancement Fee

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the CARE Fee?

A:  CARE stands for "Community and Resident Enhancement". It is a one-time fee to each new home purchaser. The CARE Fees are used only for funding capital improvements. The CARE Fee is equal to the Homeowner Annual Assessment as of the close of escrow date.


Q. Who will be responsible for paying the CARE fee?

A. Only bona fide new buyers. The CARE fee will NOT apply to sales that are a transfer of a home to a family trust, family limited partnership or other person for bona fide estate planning purposes. 

The CARE fee will NOT apply to sales of an existing SEPO resident for at least six months who purchases  another home / lot for occupancy.

Q: Isn't this a lien on my home?

A: No, the Association files a lien for delinquent homeowner dues. This is totally separate from the transfer process that takes place when a home sells.  The CARE Fee will be disclosed and collected as part of the real estate transfer process. 


Q: What kind of income will this generate for Capital Improvements?

A: If the CARE fee was in place, for example, starting in 2018 the following income would have been received:

Income  2018   13 homes x $1287 = $16,731

Q: How much is the proposed CARE Fee?

A: It equals one years' worth of assessments. Using the 2019 assessment as an example $1,320.00 per home sale.


Q: Who decides what capital improvement funds get spent on?

A: Per SEPO Bylaw  7.01b a vote of 51% would be required
7.01b  In the event a proposal is introduced that would add a building or change the purpose or use of common ground area even when no special assessment is required because of donated monies, said project must be approved by a majority (51%) of Homeowners. 


Q: Why do we need a Capital Improvement Fund account?

A: The Association maintains three different types of accounts to clearly keep separated the three different kinds of expenses we face:


Operating Fund

  This fund is used to pay for the services that help carry out the everyday functions of the HOA.

Reserve Fund

  This fund is used for replacement and/or repair of assets maintained by the homeowners association. Typically these expenditures are infrequent, but cost a significant amount. Properly funded, a reserve fund allows an HOA to avoid a special assessment when an expensive asset must be replaced or repaired. Some reserve fund examples:

Capital Improvement Fund

  A capital improvement project is defined as one that must be an addition or improvement to real Common Area property such as:

Retzlaff Hall,    Pavilion,  Sunburst Building,   Tennis / Pickleball Courts   Dog Park,

 Fitness Center, Woodshop,  Kitchen Expansion,   Fences

These are just a few examples of potential projects that cannot be considered without capital improvement funds.

The above 4 articles submitted by John Chajec, SEPO Treasurer



Happy healthy New Year. We have enjoyed many great fun-filled activities this year and several more are in the planning stages for the up coming months. Please check the bulletin board in the library and feel free to sign up for one or all of the committees. It’s a great way to meet new people. Thank you to December’s chairpersons and committees- Jane Olson / Maria Welch - Bake Sale/Raffle, Lenore Combs - Golf Cart Parade, Kathy Sunder / Marion Young - Christmas Dinner and to all your committees for your part in making these events so special.

Our Women’s Club monthly meetings are held the third Friday of each month October-March. We meet in Retzlaff Hall at 9:00 am, coffee and rolls are provided. Hope to see you there!

Eileen Anderson, President



If you are a "Young At Heart" artist, don't forget to submit your art work  to Virginia Carubia or Laurel Becker by Jan.15th---any media accepted, must be original art work. Don't be shy. We really want to see what you've created. Call either of us if you have any questions.   Still seeking donations for the silent auction.

The opening will be Jan 26th from 6 to 9. We hope you'll all come and support our budding (and full-blooming?) artists. Some of us have never displayed our work before. Light refreshments will be served.  The show will be available for one week after the opening, from 12 to 4 daily. Except for the silent auction it's all free.


NEW HOMEOWNERS PARTY is Tuesday, Jan 22. Happy Hour at 5 pm, Dinner 5:30 pm, DJ with music, dancing and trivia 6:30 - 9:30 pm. The menu will be tacos and chicken fajitas. Virtual tickets are 10 dollars per person and sign up is in the library. Come and meet the new residents in the community and enjoy a fun evening of entertainment. If you have any questions please contact Vickie Jones at 262-689-7068.



Everyone is invited to the Birding and Nature Club's annual potluck dinner on Jan. 7.  Doors open at 4:30 with the meal being served at 5 p.m.  There is no need to sign up ahead of time and there is no cover fee.  Plates, plastic utensils, tea and coffee will be provided.  We request that you bring a dish to share.  Ranger George from the Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge will be our guest speaker.  His topic should be Wildlife Native to the RGV.  Please, join us for an informative evening.  Later in the spring, we will take a field trip to Laguna Atascosa.  


The annual Christmas Bird Count will be held on Saturday, January 5 this year.  The bird count is held throughout the U.S.  It is an attempt to monitor the numbers and types birds found in the United States.  Our club has been assigned a specific area to monitor.  We will assemble in front of the Warner's house (4117 N. Minnesota) at 7 a.m. to divide into groups.  A knowledgeable birder will be assigned to each group.  He or she will need a notetaker,  and counters to assist.   There will not be lots of walking in this activity. Join us if you are interested.


Our regular meeting time is the first Monday evening of the month at 7 p.m. in the library and is open to all Sunshine residents. 


Jean Burgoine




Just a quick reminder of the Good Neighbor Golf Tournament scheduled for Thursday Feb 7th through Saturday, February 9th, 2019. 

The cost to register is $50. This includes 3 days of play at our golf course, liquid refreshments during the event, door prizes, which include gift baskets and golf equipment prizes, golf tournament cash prizes, and a great Awards dinner on Saturday evening. 

One of the best deals in the valley!

Besides getting your register money in early, players will be required to have a fun time. 


This will be the 34th annual Sunshine Estates Good Neighbor Golf Tournament (SSEGNGT). 

The following is a correction that was made after the Newsletter was sent out to the community via the SEPO E-News e-mail distribution list.

Please register early. Registration will commence on Thursday, January 10th through Saturday January 12th from 9:00am until 1:00pm daily in the library.
Hope to see all the SEPO golfers participating in this fun event.

Tony Tramel
2019 Chairperson for Good Neighbor Golf Tournament 
Cell 337-693-6344



Happy New Year!  Need a new hobby?  Check out the Woodshop!

The woodshop is looking forward to the last big wave of winter Texans finally making their way to the Rio Grande Valley. The lathes will be spinning, the saws will be buzzing, the sanders will be sanding, and the dust collector will be performing miracles keeping the woodshop as dust free as possible.

January will be a very busy month for the Woodworkers. On Wednesday, January 2, at 8:00 a.m., the monthly cleaning of the woodshop will take place. There are always several folks who show up faithfully but help would be appreciated.

On Wednesdays, January 9 and 16, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., classes will be given on how to turn wood into beautiful decorative pieces that anyone would love to have. The two classes include hands-on learning.  There is no need to sign up; just show up at the woodshop.

The Woodworkers’ meetings will be held on January 11 and 25 at the woodshop at 1:00 p.m.


On January 22, at 1:30 p.m. there will be another monitor refresher course. It is important to re-train monitors every year on safety issues that need to be followed in the woodshop. We also need monitors to sign up for monitoring so the shop can stay open Monday through Friday from 9:00 – noon and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The woodworkers are being encouraged to display their creations at the January 26th Art Exhibit and to consider contributing a creation to support the Women’s Club auction.

The Woodworkers’ spaghetti dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, January 29. Tickets will go on sale 2 weeks before the event.

And to complete the January schedule, we will be working to clean up the email list used to notify people about Woodworkers’ meetings/notices.  If you get those notices and would like to be eliminated from the list, please email Chuck McEvoy at

The Woodworkers would like to thank Audrey Just for the efficient job she did serving as Treasurer for the club for the past 2 years. Officers for 2019 are Bill Gibson, Treasurer; Chuck McEvoy, Secretary; Jack Berning, Vice President; and Suzie Sawyer, President.

Remember to bring your aluminum cans to the can shed in the storage lot. That recycling program helps fund the purchase of supplies to keep the machines working as effectively as possible. Feel free to stop by the woodshop and consider taking on woodworking as your new hobby.

Suzie Sawyer, President



I am planning for this group to start Jan 14th in Retzlaf Hall at 6:00 p.m. Look for notices on bulletin boards for content. Originally we planned to start on Jan 7th, it has to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. If there are any questions, I can be reached at 314 719 6532.--Warren Hertel


Yup! It's that time of year again! Getting ready for our much anticipated Casino night 2019!

It will be held Saturday, February 23/19  tickets will go on sale Feb. 4th. We usually sell out so get them early, more details will follow. 


For now we just want to remind you that we are looking for items for the prize table. We have had many beautiful items donated over the last 5 years, of which we are most grateful! We are looking for new items, hand crafted items or gift cards, which can be dropped off with Sherri Gardner or myself, Dale Hopfner.


If anyone wants to try their hand at becoming a dealer, contact Carolyn Anderson as she will be happy to train you and have you take part in our fun event! We are always looking for volunteers for our committee "it takes a village" our next meeting is Jan 7/19 at 9:00 am in the Library or contact one of us.

Bye for now and will keep you posted!

Dale Hopfner & Sherri Gardner

Casino Night Chairs



Good afternoon! It is so exciting how Sunshine committees and residents are always busy finding ways to enhance or improve our community! With that said, the Sunshine Video Committee is in the beginning stages of working on Lassey Dahlstrom’s brain child - our very own community advertisement! You may notice at events or parties that one of our volunteer video persons may be recording. If for any reason you do not want to be in the video, please let the video person know and we will certainly respect your wishes! At our planned parties, i.e. Women’s Club events, there will be an announcement about the video(s) being taken, so you can let us know if it is indeed something you prefer not to participate in. Otherwise, please feel free to share your enthusiasm!!

Irene Phillips, who you may have noticed is an avid photographer, has agreed to take care of many of the planned videos. We also have others on our committee who will be assisting. Your cooperation and enjoyment of the production will be greatly appreciated, and we will have such a wonderful memory video! We would also like to invite you to submit any videos or still pictures that you think are exceptionally fun or interesting! They do not have to be recent as long as they are of good quality and, of course, of Sunshine people and/or activities. For instance, we know the cameras were out in full force at the Leslie Blassing concert/dance in early December.

The Video Committee will be gathering these videos and pictures and will then get to work on splicing, editing, etc.! The committee plan is for the end production to contain snippets of different activities and fun we have here at Sunshine; perhaps 15 to 30 seconds of different events, along with some still pictures. Stayed tuned for an announcement of when and where you will be able to view this marvelous production. Please send any video/picture submissions to




Beth Parrish (for the Sunshine Video Committee)






Work continues on the Sunshine Country Club Web site. Please view the site and send your updates, comments and/or questions to the following e-mail address: I am working my way through everything I have received to date. It’s definitely a work in progress and will take some time to get all of the information accurate and in formats that are pleasing to the eye.


The “Resident’s Only“ section is up and running and currently contains the Directory and Board Meeting minutes. If you still need the password, please click on the “Resident’s Only“ tab and you will see instructions on how to request it.


Thanks for everyone’s help with this endeavor.


Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Web site







Have you ever needed to contact someone you know is renting one of our resident’s homes here in Sunshine but don’t have their phone number and/or address? To help with this issue Valerie and Beth are putting together a ‘Renters’ Directory to be attached to the back of the ‘Residents’ Directory and also be available on the Web site.





Residents who own a home at Sunshine Estates and rent out their house must instruct the renters to come to the office and fill out the appropriate renter’s forms. Forms will include verification of over 55 years of age and the Renter’s Emergency information form.


The POLICIES AND PROCEDURES state other actions required concerning renters, but for the purpose of the Renter’s Directory the above info is what is needed at this time. If you have a renter in your residence, please stop by the office or instruct your renter to do so to ensure Valerie has the most up-to-date info for the directory. It would also be nice (if known) to list the time period the renter will be residing at Sunshine.


Thanks in advance for your response to this request.


Beth Parrish & Valerie Basaldua



Come join in the fun, learn to play mahjong with us

Every Tuesday at 1PM in the Card Room


Every Saturday at 6:30PM in the Library.

It’s easy to learn and also very addicting!!!

Please come!

Heidi Dill 307-272-2440  




The Killer Bees quilting group meets each Thursday in Retzlaff Hall at 9:00 for a brief look at what's coming up on our weekly schedule, and then Show and Tell. Some days a few of us stay and sew if there's a project scheduled. Some of the things coming up in January are: a demo of "Quilt as You Go/ Cotton Theory"; a denim purse class; and a wool applique class. And then on February 15-16 at the convention center on South Padre Island, many of us will be busy helping with The Rio Grande Quilt Guild's Annual Quilt Show "This Land is Your Land" Chaired by our SSCCE resident, Debi Warner and Co-Chaired by resident Marsha Santow! Any questions about The Killer Bees contact Jan Baethke.



SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.

Lights On -- Lock Up and Look Out for each other!


Dear Friends,


Our next meeting will be on Monday the 21st of January 2019 at 3pm in Retzlaff Hall. Coffee’s always on. You’re cordially invited. Bring a friend. We will change the code in February.


W I I F M – What’s In It For Me ?


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” (Margaret Mead)


You are the first link to safety and security. – Lock Up - Lights On – Look out for each other.


The most important thing you can do as an average citizen is to call Police to report a crime or any suspicious activity. You are the eyes and ears of Sunshine. The next best thing is to always be thinking of how to be smarter than the average Bad Guy.


Think of the Christmas season as a fishing expedition. Don’t let the Bad Guys trick you. Stay alert. Don’t give them the bait. Make sure your gift packaging is not advertising your new stuff in broad daylight. Packaging sitting at your curbside is a great enticement. How can they resist?


Watch what you post on Social Media – what an Encyclopedia Britannica for “some of my favorite things” – also a great ad for the Bad Guys to know you are away (example: away skiing in the Rockies for a week).


Theft by Credit card – this occurs when an unauthorized user is able to obtain your personal bank number/account info by an unknown means (most times a skimmer) and use it to make fraudulent charges to your accounts without your knowledge or permission. Thanksgiving thru Christmas is prime targeting. This is usually done by the Bad Guy with a skimmer.


A recommendation is to use your credit card unless you shop with old fashioned ca$h. Credit can be refunded and most credit companies offer protection. When you use your debit card (even if you’re using it for “credit”) money is directly taken out of your bank account. This causes checks to bounce and other withdrawals to not clear. Also it may take the bank days before putting money back into your account. Report unauthorized charges immediately.


When receiving electronic gifts, record their serial number with Operation ID as they aid LE in tracking stolen items. Better yet, engrave your ID on it. Bad Guys hate ID on stuff – makes it hard to pass on.


Hope you don’t have any external wire for lighting etc. running thru your window- that tiny wedge is all they need to pry the window open and get in.


Put lights on a timer. Bad Guys hate lighting. Solar lights are inexpensive too.


Don’t advertise your absence. Leave your light on a timer that goes on and off.

Keys hidden under flower pots etc. – not a good idea - better to leave a key with your neighbor.


Sign up for Patrols with Linda Jones.


Locking up the Buildings (and unlocking)


If you are scheduled to Patrol and cannot, - no problem – please try to lock up the buildings.


According to Women’s Club there is a “honey-do” list for the Chair of a committee having to do with your responsibility involving a program. (put a/c on 79, check toilets, check the stove, lock the doors and turn out the lights etc. – see them for the complete list).


There are two new 20MPH speed signs posted on Texas Avenue. Hopefully it will discourage autobahn racing. Common sense also dictates that slower traffic has the right of way such as walkers. Some golf carts can travel fast and they are quiet. Don’t wipe someone out because they can’t hear you.


Walkers have responsibility too. Don’t be a ninja. Wear light colored clothing preferably with reflective material on them and/or carry a light. PS: There are Penal Codes to back this up.


Submitted by Lenore Combs


Wow! Our residents are awesome, we had a most successful bake sale and raffle this year making $1,419.45 for the Women's Club treasury. You all did a wonderful job baking, donating prizes and money and gifts, working and purchasing.

We owe a special thanks to a wonderful committee: Diane Tewell, Judy Berning, Linda Braden, Sue Ann Crapsey, Jan Anderson and our raffle chair Marian Young. Also thanks again Mom for being our door greeter.

Glenda and Jerry Wetherbee came back again this year and made lefse. More popular than last year, they sold out by 9:30am. What a treat people really enjoy! We also had our cinnamon rolls and coffee for residents to enjoy and visit with neighbors. Thanks roll bakers.

We had a lot of crafters this year with a variety of beautiful products to purchase. This all came together to make a very successful event.


Wish we could thank each of you individually, you have made this such a success. We do great things working together, thank you all.


Marla Welch and Jane Olson

Christmas Golf Cart Parade and Cookie Baking Contest 15th of December 2018  


The “true meaning of Christmas” is a phrase that began to appear in the mid 19th century when a shift toward a more secular culture began. But some feel that the true meaning of Christmas is actually in bringing the greatest happiness to others – take Charlie Brown vs. the Grinch. So – end result, many participants and on lookers enjoyed this evening – that’s the Sunshine way!


Thanks to all who turned out for this event and made it special – from participants to judges to helpers and to spectators. There was lots of work behind the scenes to make this successful. The Harlingen Police Department lead out followed by our Neighborhood Watch McGruffmobile and assorted Golf Carts. Our Christmas Chorus sang assorted carols along with the Christmas Tree Lighting. The Harlingen Fire Truck brought Santa who arrived at Retzlaff Hall for photo ops. Cocoa and cookies were served plus we inherited the delicious left overs for the Bake Sale (Jane Olson et al). What a day!


The wonderful Elves deserve a huge round of applause – Kat Sunders, Marian Young, Sally Hardy, Helen Perry, Sherry Gardner, Mary Hendrickson, Pam Lacy Janice Drost


The awards ceremony began with the winners of the decorated Golf Carts:

1st Place Irene Philips, 2nd Place Aida Leach and 3rd Place Dee Novak.


The award winning cookie prizes were presented to:

Sherri Gardner for 1st Place, 2nd Place Wanda Levencourt and 3rd Place Mary Hendrickson.

We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and happy healthy New Year.

Submitted by Lenore Combs


Residents, once again a reminder that articles for the monthly Sunshine Newsletter are due by the 26th of the month. When I have received & read your item, I return send a message saying that I have gotten it. If you don't get that message then I have not received it. The address is: Happy New Year!


Linda Abernethy



December 2018

NOTE: Since this newsletter was sent out in the SEPO Community E-News e-mail it has been updated with info about the Annual Bake Sale and Raffle with Craft Sale on Dec 15.



We are glad to see more and more of our neighbors arriving at Sunshine. We all want to escape the cold northern breezes. Isn’t it nice to not worry about ice and snow, hats, scarves, boots and gloves every time we step outside? Although our annual meeting in February seems a long way away, we are starting to think about candidates for our election. Buzz Sawyer is Chairman of the nominating committee. They will be looking for three or more candidates to fill openings on the board. If you feel you could contribute to the community by serving on the board please call Buzz and let him know. His number is 573-480-6530. This is a chance to use your ideas to make Sunshine a better place to live. The December Board meeting on Monday, December 10th will be held in the library. We will be closing the folding door for a little more privacy. We can live stream to Facebook with our webcam from the library without losing connection like we experienced in November. We hope the sound will be improved so you can hear us better. As usual if you wish to bring something before the board please tell Valerie the week before the meeting so we can put you on the agenda. All of your board members are working hard to maintain the common areas so you can use them for your enjoyment. The golf course is looking wonderful and I see many golfers enjoying the course. The swamp area is finally beginning to dry out a little and we hope we don’t get any big rains in December. The park along Texas Avenue looks great and I hope you have been enjoying the birds in that area. The roseate spoonbills are a gorgeous bird and one we never see up north. Please enjoy some of the parties and activities the Women’s Club and other groups have arranged for the community. Get to know your neighbors and enjoy everything we have to offer for a pleasant retirement here at Sunshine.

Jean Lawrence,

SEPO Board President


With 2019 right around the corner, it’s time start thinking about our community and those that we elect to steer the SEPO ship. This year there are 3 positions on the Board of Directors that need to be filled. We're looking for a few good people.The Nominating Committee is in the process of finding qualified candidates so that a list can be presented to the Board by the January meeting. The elections take place in February.
Should you be interested in running for one of these positions or just want more information, please contact me. Thank you.

Buzz Sawyer, Chairman



It’s hard to believe we are well into our season with many activities completed and committees are busy planning for our upcoming events. Thank you to  Lenore Combs & Helen Perry for chairing the Veteran’s Day program & potluck, we are so grateful to all our veteran’s. Thank you to Janis & Derek McFee for chairing the Goofy Golf tournament, fun was had by all! Thank you to Mary & Bob Hendrickson  for chairing the Thanksgiving Day dinner, what amazing cooks we have!  Thank you to the many people that volunteered to help on these committees, without you we could not enjoy all the activities we have.


The next Women’s Club meeting will be held December 21st, 9;00am. Please come and enjoy coffee and a donut. If you have not yet signed up for a committee please check out the Women’s Club board in the library, it’s a great way to make new friends!


I would like to wish everyone a very blessed Christmas!


Eileen Anderson, President


Women's Club - Leslie Blasing Concert/Dance


Mark your calendars and prepare to be wowed by the RGV’s #1 Female Entertainer – Leslie Blasing. Over the years a lot of you have enjoyed her talents multiple times on the island. She will be performing for us right here at Sunshine on December 6th from 6 - 8 pm in Retzlaff Hall for a mere $6 admission fee. You are encouraged to not only listen to her but to also get up and dance. No food will be served at this Women’s Club event, but feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks. NOTE: The weekly Thursday Happy Hour is still scheduled in the Pavilion that night, so you can attend that first and then come on in to the concert/dance.

A signup sheet is currently on the easel in the library. After you sign up, fill out the envelope with your information, put your money in the envelope and drop it in the collection box by the easel. We are looking for a sellout so if we don’t have that from within our community by Dec 1, tickets will become available to the public.


Contact: Dee Novak (314-846-3199)


SEPO Community E-Mail


Most of you already know this but here it is one last time. Starting on November 12 I took over the responsibility of sending out the SEPO Community E-mails. Stan Nelson and I did a short training session and away I went. I don’t have a set schedule for checking the e-mail box ( but do so as time permits. So if you have something that needs to go out immediately or is time sensitive, give me a call before you send it and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.


I want to give a huge Thank You to Stan for performing these duties for the past few years. Volunteering is definitely what it takes to make this community a place we all love.


Beth Parrish
Sunshine Country Club E-News


SCCE Web )


I wanted to let everyone know that I have been working on the new SCCE Web site this week. Please go to the site and give me your thoughts. I have already received some suggestions from residents and am working my way through those. It’s definitely a work in progress and will take some time to get all of the information accurate and in formats that are pleasing to the eye. I am also working on  ‘residents only’ tabs that will contain Sunshine proprietary info that we don’t want the ‘world’ to be able to see – such as our phone #s and addresses. These tabs will require our residents to enter a password. Please go to to learn how to obtain the password.


This week I concentrated on ‘Activities and Meetings’. For those of you who have been to the site previously, you will notice that I added three sub-pages under the ‘Acty & Mtgs’ tab. And you will see that is where I still need lots of updates. Please send your updates, comments and/or questions to the following new e-mail .

 NOTE: So as not to be confused - The SEPO Community e-mail address remains the same ( ).


Thanks in advance for everyone’s help with this endeavor.


Beth Parrish

Sunshine Country Club Web site





A committee, chaired by Lassey Dahlstrom, has been formed to create a video of you all performing/partaking in as many activities as possible that are going on here at Sunshine. So don’t be surprised if you see one of our residents off in the distance or up close taking a video of you being active here at Sunshine. If your club or activity, i.e. Wood Workers, needs advance notice before we starting filming you, please contact Irene Phillips @ (214) 549-3993.


We are in the initial planning phase of this project, so if anyone has suggestions to share, please do so by contacting Lassey. Our goal right now is to make a more lengthy video to share with all of the residents at some sort of gathering in

the Hall. We will also be creating a ‘short’ video to put on the Sunshine Web site.


We currently don’t have a completion date for this project but look forward to seeing you on film in the future.




Beth Parrish

Sunshine Video Communications



It's that time of year for homemade goodies and pretty handmade items. The annual Bake Sale, Raffle and Craft Sale held by the SCCE Women's Club will be Saturday, December 15th at Retzlaff Hall. The doors will open at 8:00am with cinnamon rolls and coffee available for $1. Last year for the first time Glenda and Jerry Wetherbee made lafse that morning for us, and what a treat! They sold out in no time. Glenda and Jerry have generously agreed to come back again.

This is a great time to come relax and enjoy coffee and a treat with your neighbors and visit. Don't forget to buy some homemade goodies to take home also. We are incorporating a cookie walk into the bake sale so you have the option of having more variety. Another thing we are doing this year for the first time is a "Pie a Month" (for 6 months) auction.
We will be selling raffle tickets, $1 ea or 6 for $5. You will be able to view the items on display before the drawing, which will be held about 11am. We already have quite a number of nice items donated.
Crafters from the Estates are ready to "wow" you with their hand crafted items. What a great time to do some Christmas shopping.
Come out, visit, support your community and you might even win a door prize. We plan to give one away every 20 minutes or so but you have to be present to win. We hope to see you there!

Co-chairs if you have questions: Jane Olson 217-414-1656 / Marla Welch 573-465-0050
If you wish to donate to the Raffle, the chair is Marian Young 719-468-4556.

Our annual Bake Sale and Raffle is fast approaching. We need the help and support of all the residents for this to be a success. The Women's club has been able to help support our park by purchasing needed equipment and accessories in the past with funds raised. Many of you heard discussed at the November meeting the plans for purchasing a new sound system. This is something that will benefit everyone as it would be used for parties, programs, meetings, memorials and basically all events.
Please consider making a generous donation of baked items to make our bake sale a success. The bake sale begins at 8am on Saturday, December 15th in Retzlaff Hall. You may bring donations of baked goods to the hall Friday evening from 6 - 8 pm or beginning Saturday morning at 6:00am. On Saturday morning you must come to the kitchen door as we will not unlock the hall until 8am.
Please wrap your items with clear plastic wrap and add a bow or ribbon. Label your item and price it.
Co-chairs if you have questions: Jane Olson 217-414-1656 / Ma
rla Welch 573-465-0050

If you wish to donate to the Raffle, the chair is Marian Young 719-468-4556.



Activities at the Woodshop are picking up now that SEPO folks are making their treks to the Rio Grande Valley to get away from the cold up north.  Every Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00, except holidays, people will be in the woodshop making bowls, doing other wood projects, and bringing home projects into the woodshop to work on.  If you need tools to complete a project within your home, simply come by the woodshop, secure the tools you need, and have the shop monitor sign them out for you.  All you have to do is bring them back when your project is completed. 

At the recent Woodworkers’ Club meeting, candidates for office were nominated.  Bill Gibson was nominated for Treasurer; Chuck McEvoy for Secretary; Jack Berning for Vice President; and Suzie Sawyer for President.  Elections will be held on Friday, December 14 at the woodshop at 1:00 p.m. and terms of office will begin in January. Our hats go off to Audrey Just who chose not to run for Treasurer for the coming year.  During the time she served as Treasurer she did a tremendous job and she will be missed.  Thank you, Audrey, for your years of service to the Woodworkers’ Club.  And thanks to Cathy Chajec for jumping in to take minutes of the meeting since Chuck McEvoy hasn’t arrived in the RGV yet.  The gathering heard that Harold Gunderson and his wife, Shirley, are moving to San Antonio to be closer to family.  The Woodworkers will really miss Harold; he did a lot for the organization.  We wish them all the best the future can bring.


The Woodworkers’ Club thanks Vern Luellen for taking care of our can recycling project last year and bringing in enough money to restock the supplies that are needed within the woodshop.  Vern announced at the Woodworkers’ meeting that he promised to do that for only one year, so Sandy Gades and Ron Pemberton have offered to handle that project for the Club.  Please save your aluminum cans and drop them off at the “can shed” in the storage lot.  Direction signs will guide you to the “can shed”.


If you happen to be interested in joining the Woodworkers’ Club, a mandatory tool orientation will be held at 4:00 p.m. on November 27th (call John Chajec at 708-280-8940) for people who would like to have access to the woodshop, and members who are interested in becoming a monitor at the shop can attend a training on December 4 at 1:30 p.m. (call Pat Harvey at 956-320-7280).


We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing some new faces at the woodshop and the Woodworkers’ Club meetings.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  The woodshop spaghetti dinner is scheduled for January 29.  Tickets will go on sale about 2 weeks before the event. 

Suzie Sawyer, President




The Annual LAS VEGAS GOLF SCRAMBLE will be Saturday, Dec. 8th. Sign up sheets will be in the library Monday, Nov. 26th until noon, Thursday, Dec 6th.Also, be sure to put your name & latest handicap on the fee envelope with the $5.00 (cash) inside. Drop it into the golf fee box below the sign up sheet! Play will be limited to the first90 players. All residents, renters & house guests invites! Prizes will be awarded following the POTATO BAKE IN THE Hall. All entry fees will be returned in awards!


Call Judy Parker: 956-245-4156 if you have any questions.





DECEMBER 8, 2018












5:00 pm Christmas Tree Lighting and start of Golf Cart Parade

Contact: Lenore J. Combs 956 245 1276

We welcome everyone. You are all cordially invited. Come one, come all – decorated cart or not. Just join in on the festivities and have fun.


The “true meaning of Christmas” is a phrase that began to appear in the mid 19th century when a shift toward a more secular culture began. But actually some feel that the true meaning of Christmas is how to bring the greatest happiness to others – take Charlie Brown vs. the Grinch. So let’s all enjoy the day.


If you wish not to be in the parade – be a great spectator! Gather your buddies, grab a lawn chair and enjoy in the merriment. The Parade route (both Encore & Sunshine) will be posted in the Library. The improved route is under construction and is more inclusive as we shall devote more time to this per your request.


  • Harlingen and Combes Police Department will lead out followed by Neighborhood Watch Captain and assorted Golf Carts. The Harlingen Fire Truck will bring Santa.

  • 4:30 pm Line up behind Friendship Hall at Encore for judging etc.

  • 5:00 pm Parade start - we will do a brief Christmas Tree Lighting by Registration Office and let the Parade begin.

  • Travel thru Encore Route – go thru open gate to Texas Avenue (will not be chained)

  • Travel thru Sunshine route

  • End up at Retzlaff Hall for refreshments etc., photo op with Santa and awards.

Game plan:

  • Everyone is invited to participate – tell your friends and neighbors.

  • The Prize Patrol will award three prizes from Sunshine and 3 prizes from Encore for decorated Golf Carts.

  • There is a sign-up sheet for the Parade (decorated or not)

  • There is a sign-up sheet for the Cookie Contest. Bake a dozen or so and you many win a prize. There is a sign – up sheet for Help in Retzlaff Hall. Just a little help needed for the nourishments – cookies, hot cocoa, cider etc.

Recommended Parade safety tips:

  • Be sure your cart is fully charged. Lights are needed for night driving. Be sure your bicycle has safety lights. No walkers as we will be moving briskly.

  • Keep up with speed - Pull over if a problem – NW escorts will assist you.

Golf Cart Safety tips:

  • A good strategy: Drive responsibly, operate safely and prevent accidents. Recommended prior to the Golf Cart Parade, please check brakes, tires, steering and lights. Fully charge your golf cart.

  • Operate in the parade at a well- paced speed. Keep up. Do not get off route.

  • Safety mirrors are ok but with many guests, better to use your eyes and ears before maneuvering. Use your passenger as a “lookout” too. Please remain seated thru-out the route.

  • Back at the Tree Lighting, be aware – lots of foot traffic. Pedestrians have the right of way.


Veterans’ Memorial Project Committee

Veterans Advisory Board - Harlingen

Harlingen, Texas

                                               ( )


Dear Friends


You are cordially invited to attend, participate or volunteer for Wreaths Across America this December 15th (Saturday) at Veterans Memorial At Pendleton Park.  (1425 Morgan Blvd.) Opening Ceremony begins at 11 am sharp.  There are eight local cemeteries where the wreath-laying ceremony will take place.  A motorcycle escort will be provided but do follow traffic laws as it is not a funeral procession.


Any questions etc., please contact Lenore J. Combs, WAA-LRGV Location Coordinator

956 245 1276



  • SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.

  • Lights On -- Lock Up and Look Out for each other!

  • SCCE Newsletter December 2018

  • Lenore J. Combs, Coordinator 956 245 1276

  • Officer Alicia Garcia, NW HPD District Representative

Dear NW- CERT Volunteers, Residents and Friends,

Next meeting Monday, 17 December 2018. 3pm. This is an open meeting and we welcome your constructive input. The NW -CERT Team is a valuable commodity for Sunshine.


Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. Security and convenience are sometimes opposing objectives. It’s your call. In any case, we had a productive discussion on the Front Gate. To lock or not to lock – that is the question. From mechanism of the gate staying closed, a code system for all residents and vendors to weighing the tally of Bad Guy activity to leaving it alone – what is your opinion? Encore’s Corporation has a great idea – it works for them – they have a big office staff and many NW volunteers. Sunshine has you all taking care of you home and volunteering for Patrols and keeping your eye out. There is a common Suggestion Box at the SCCE Office for you to render your opinion when you have a chance to assess your security plan. Some concerns might be cost, convenience and others. Let’s try to weigh risk – benefit for the greater good of Sunshine.


As an exercise, we reviewed the top questions asked by 86 burglars on how they broke into homes. The responses were not genius answers but were so simple it baffled us. Simple things reported as a deterrent - such as lights on, radio or TV on, picking up several days of newspapers in the driveway etc. The favorite time of day - either early morning; or 12:30 to 2:30 – if you were home for lunch, now you were gone and most kids are still in school. Alicia Garcia HPD says 2am til 4am for our Bad Guys. They usually came in thru an unlocked door or window. Their favorite items were jewelry, electronics, cash, credit cards, collectable and guns. Security signs – some said it did not faze them, others reported they knew how to disarm them or avoid setting them off. Dogs were a deterrent. If you had an alarm and it went off they were gone gone gone. Most Bad Guys knocked on the door. (no end to creativity). If you answered, they said “wrong house”, acted like they were looking for a friend or Craigslist and even asked “have you seen my dog?” Security cameras were a deterrent. Security signs could signal you have lots of good stuff to take. Most Bad Guys would think twice if there was a car in the driveway (better have it locked). Big fences and overgrown trees or bushes gave a great hiding place. General consensus – Bad Guys agreed – easy target, great opportunity . Food for thought.



Sunshine CC Estates proudly presented “Honoring All Those Who Served”. Thank you to all who attended and made this program a success. Also, special appreciation goes to the Veterans who participated in the exercise and a special thanks to all who made the Pot Luck very delicious.


On 11 – 11 – 11 in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI we recognized this date and time in spirit. On Monday, the 12th we had our patriotic program and acknowledged all Veterans who served in the U.S.A., Canada, Great Britain, Australia and France. Activities included a Flag Retirement ceremony, Invocation, Posting of the Colors and the Ringing of the Peace Bells.


Flag Retirement ceremony – The U.S. Code stipulates “when a U.S. Flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way. When our Flags have reached this present state, in a proper service of respect, the ceremony marks the tribute and the memory of all who served. What we do is evidence of our utmost respect and undying honor for our Flag.


A brief presentation of WWI was given by Caroline Clements and she offered a patch to our Veterans as a reminder of this event. Her years of “school teacher” experiences diligently reenacted the highpoints. Helen Perry spoke about Flanders Field and Lt. Col. John McCrea. Our resident Agnes Saylor, a Sunshine resident, lived close by Flanders Field as a child and remembers clearly events of the times. A Social & Pot Luck followed led by Helen Perry and Eileen Anderson.

Flag bearers:

  • American Flag: Vic Hillman

  • Canadian Flag: Jim Perry

  • Republic of Texas: John Sandusky

  • U.S. Army: Clint Wunderlich

  • U.S. Navy: Doug Almond

  • U.S. Marine Corps: Bob Hendrickson

  • U.S. Coast Guard: Jim Tennent

  • U.S. Air Force: Jack Scott

  • POW/MIA Buzz Sawyer

Tolling of the Bells - A traditional, global expression of honor and remembrance. This bell embodies the aspiration for peace from peoples of the entire world. It is a solemn reminder of the sacrifice and service of the Veterans of the Great War, and all Veterans. In America, we honor the Americans who died in combat related deaths and the wounded in the Great War. Canada suffered many casualties too. Great Britain, France and Australia also commemorated their Veterans. The Armistice of 1918 ended the terrible slaughter of WWI. For one moment at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – on 11 November 1918, the world agreed that WWI must be the end to end all wars. There was exuberant joy.

A word about the poem as Helen described.

“In Flanders Fields” is a war poem written by Canadian physician Lt.Col. John McCrae. He was inspired to write it on May 3, 1918 after presiding over a funeral of a friend and fellow soldier who died in the battle of Ypres. (The Germans attacked French positions north of the Canadians with one of the first chemical attacks using chlorine gas but were unable to break thru the Canadian line). It references the red poppies that grew over the graves of the fallen soldiers resulting in the remembrance poppy becoming the world’s most recognized memorial symbols for soldiers who have died in conflict. Colonel McCrea died just before the Armistice signing. resulting in the remembrance poppy becoming the world’s most recognized memorial symbols for soldiers who have died in conflict. Colonel McCrea died just before the Armistice signing.

In Flanders Fields by Lt. Col. John Mc Crae 1872 - 1918

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses row on row

That mark our place: and in the sky

The larks still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie,

In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch: be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders Fields.


Thanks again to all who made this event a success.



The Good Neighbor Golf Tournament, a 3 day event, is scheduled for Feb 7, 8 and 9th in 2019. If we encounter rain, the rainout dates are scheduled a week later beginning Feb 14th. 

Please note these dates on your calendar now. The 2019 Committee for this event is is still looking for volunteers and new blood to hold this fun event. Golfing experience is not a requirement, but having fun with others is one. 

As you might remember an earlier email was sent about donating a “Gift Basket” as part of the awards banquet. The baskets would contain products, food, liquid refreshments, etc,  that might be from your home town / region.

Other donations appropriate for golfers and their families would also be appreciated. 

If you want to do this you still have plenty of time. If you are headed that way for Christmas please give this idea consideration as a great way to participate in the event. 

Please contact me directly to get on the list to help out, if you do not believe you are already being counted on to bring this annual tradition to SEPO. 

Tony Tramel
Cell 337-693-6344
1948 W Wisconsin Ave



  • SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.

  • Lights On -- Lock Up and Look Out for each other!

  • SCCE Newsletter December 2018

  • Lenore J. Combs, Coordinator 956 245 1276

  • Officer Alicia Garcia, NW HPD District Representative

Dear NW- CERT Volunteers, Residents and Friends,

Next meeting Monday, 17 December 2018. 3pm. This is an open meeting and we welcome your constructive input. The NW -CERT Team is a valuable commodity for Sunshine.


Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. Security and convenience are sometimes opposing objectives. It’s your call. In any case, we had a productive discussion on the Front Gate. To lock or not to lock – that is the question. From mechanism of the gate staying closed, a code system for all residents and vendors to weighing the tally of Bad Guy activity to leaving it alone – what is your opinion? Encore’s Corporation has a great idea – it works for them – they have a big office staff and many NW volunteers. Sunshine has you all taking care of you home and volunteering for Patrols and keeping your eye out. There is a common Suggestion Box at the SCCE Office for you to render your opinion when you have a chance to assess your security plan. Some concerns might be cost, convenience and others. Let’s try to weigh risk – benefit for the greater good of Sunshine.


As an exercise, we reviewed the top questions asked by 86 burglars on how they broke into homes. The responses were not genius answers but were so simple it baffled us. Simple things reported as a deterrent - such as lights on, radio or TV on, picking up several days of newspapers in the driveway etc. The favorite time of day - either early morning; or 12:30 to 2:30 – if you were home for lunch, now you were gone and most kids are still in school. Alicia Garcia HPD says 2am til 4am for our Bad Guys. They usually came in thru an unlocked door or window. Their favorite items were jewelry, electronics, cash, credit cards, collectable and guns. Security signs – some said it did not faze them, others reported they knew how to disarm them or avoid setting them off. Dogs were a deterrent. If you had an alarm and it went off they were gone gone gone. Most Bad Guys knocked on the door. (no end to creativity). If you answered, they said “wrong house”, acted like they were looking for a friend or Craigslist and even asked “have you seen my dog?” Security cameras were a deterrent. Security signs could signal you have lots of good stuff to take. Most Bad Guys would think twice if there was a car in the driveway (better have it locked). Big fences and overgrown trees or bushes gave a great hiding place. General consensus – Bad Guys agreed – easy target, great opportunity . Food for thought.



November 2018

Greetings from your SEPO Board.


I am glad to see so many Winter Texans arriving every day. I thought we left this cold weather back in Iowa but it seems to have followed us down here. I hope by the time this newsletter is printed we will be having warmer weather. Our November Board meeting will be on November 12th. We are not sure about our ability to Facebook this meeting but we will try. You can come to the Informational Meeting on Tuesday, November 13th at 1:30 pm and get a rehash of everything we talk about on Monday. We will have the 2019 budget ready along with any news about our maintenance fees. We hope to have some new ideas for improvements as well as keeping Sunshine running along without any major hiccups. Please remember that your board is trying to do what we think is best for Sunshine even though you might not agree with us all the time. If you have ideas you think would make Sunshine better, run for the board and put your talents to work.


Deb Robins has accepted the appointment of Secretary for the SEPO board.  She will fill the position until the February 2019 election.  Dick Parrish resigned in October for personal reasons. We welcome Deb as a new board member.

Jean Lawrence

SEPO Board President




Our first meeting of the season was so fun to see friends greeting one another after many residents spent their summer away from Sunshine. Thank you to all the ladies that attended our first meeting.


Irene Phillips reported on the Memorial garden & the front gate area. Help is needed, it was suggested to add to the November agenda as there will be more residents to share their thoughts. Thank you Irene for your many labor intensive hours this summer!


Please watch for upcoming event dates, as well as when tickets go on sale. If you would like to volunteer, signup sheets are located in the library. Thank you to all volunteers for these events.


Hope to see all the ladies at our next meeting November 16th at 9:00 am for coffee & donuts.


Eileen Anderson, President


Activities for the 2018-2019 Season:

Nov. 12, Monday              Veteran’s DayTribute                     Lenore & John Combs

                                             4 pm flag burning

                                             5 pm potluck dinner                Helen Perry

Nov.18, Sunday                 Goofy Golf                                 Janis & Derek McFee

                                             2 pm games begin

                                             5 pm bring your own picnic

Nov. 22, Thursday             Thanksgiving Dinner                     Mary & Bob Hendrickson

Dec. 6, Thursday                Leslie Blassing Concert                  Dee Novak

                                                                                          Bev McIntosh

Dec. 15, Saturday              Bake & Craft Sale                         Jane Olson

                                                                                          Marcia Welch

Dec. 15, Saturday              Golf Cart Parade                          Lenore Combs

Dec. 25, Tuesday               Christmas Dinner                          ???????

Jan. 1, Tuesday                  New Year's Day Brunch                Pam Lacy

                                                                                          Bev McIntosh

Jan. 15, Tuesday                 New Homeowner’s Party              ???????

Jan. 26, Saturday                Art Show                                   Laurel Becker

                                                                                         Virginia Carubia


Feb. 23, Saturday               Casino Night                             Sherri Gardner

                                                                                         Dale Hopfner


March 14, Thursday           Mystery Party                              Kay Sluyter

                                                                                         Sue Bob Swidryk


Watch for times and updates on the information board by the hall.

We are in need of a few more co-chairs for several events and would love to have lots more people sign up to help with the above events. If you have any questions please contact Vickie Jones, activity director at 262-689-7068 (cell)




Monday 12 November 2018 - a special day. 4pm sharp!


Dear Friends,

November 11th 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended hostilities in WWI.


Sunshine will host a Veterans Day program beginning outside the Office at 4 pm sharp with a Flag Retirement ceremony. We will adjourn and proceed to Retzlaff Hall followed by a Tolling of the Bells and Posting of the Colors. A social time will follow and a Pot Luck at 5pm or so. This is a combined effort with Woman’s Club with Caroline Clements, Lenore & John and Helen Perry.

You are all cordially invited and hope to see you there. We shall post a sign up sheet in the Library for the Pot Luck - see Helen. Lenore & John invite our Veterans to come forward to carry their Branch Flag, we also need a Flag bearer for Old Glory, the Canadian Flag (Helen), the Texas Flag and the POW/MIA Flag.


When the Armistice ending WWI was signed in 1918 at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the eleventh month, bells of joy rang round the world asking everyone, everywhere to work for lasting peace. To mark this anniversary, the US is being called upon to toll the bells. We will be part of a global recognition. We will also honor those who gave the ultimate so we may live in freedom. We are committed to letting the bells of peace ring out the hard work of building peace around the world once again.

Seems these days this emphasis has somewhat faded away. Sunshine will not forget. We are committed to letting the bells of peace ring out. Rendering Bell Honors is performed in a tradition known as the “ancient tolling method”. After the folded Flag is presented to the next of kin, the Bell Guard provides a tribute of dignity, honor and respect with the Seven Solemn Tolls to the Honor Bell. The bell is tolled seven times, with seven seconds between each toll. Seven is the number of completion and represents the Veterans life. You ring a bell for life and toll a bell for sorrow. Tolling is the deliberate slow-ringing of a bell to illicit sorrow and show respect.


Caroline will walk us thru some of the WWI historic points.

The Flag Retirement Ceremony:

Title 36, Section 176 of the US Code sate “no disrespect should be shown to the Flag of the United States America”.

The Flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning. This will be done in a simple way with dignity and respect. The Flag selected today has been inspected and rendered as no longer suitable for display. We will follow the procedure.

Lenore Combs



The Sunshine Womens Golf League is a group of women who get together every Wednesday morning @ 9am to play golf.

Our goal is to have FUN!  Any woman who owns or rents a home in The Sunshine Country Club Estates is eligible to join.

Our dues for this year are $25.00.  Winter league officially starts Nov. 7th & our first official meeting will be Nov. 14th in the hall after we play golf. 

So, come and join us!  We meet in the library @ 8:30am to sign up, draw names for teams, & have FUN!


Questions?  Joyce Smith, President 507-236-6302

                    Anita Woodward, V.P. 210-421-7890

                    Bonnie Fransene, Secretary 309-335-4251

                    June DeLeon, Treasurer 425-367-4656

Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team (Est. 2008)

Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.


Lights On - Lock Up and Look Out


Lenore J. Combs, Coordinator 956 245 1276


Officer Alicia Garcia, NW HPD District Representative


Good Morning, Welcome home everyone and we are looking forward to another safe and secure year. A huge heartfelt thanks to each and every NW – CERT volunteer YOU ARE APPRECIATED.


Our next Neighborhood Watch - CERT meeting is Monday the19th of November at 3pm. Coffee’s always hot. Cookie Bakers, please bring a dozen. Important issues will be addressed, please be there so your voice can be heard. The Bad Guys visited us and Encore this summer. Residents were assisted by HPD.


Goals and Objectives of a NW:

  • To assist with creation, development and support of our NW.

  • Promote good citizenship, public awareness and increase resident participation in crime prevention.

  • Reduce fear of crime.

  • Partner with recognized authorities – relevant organizations.

  • Act as a forum - coordinate resources

  • Foster our relationship with the Harlingen PD and the Town of Combes PD.

  • Promote community cohesion and increase confidence in local policing.

  • Contribute to preventing crime and building a stronger Sunshine community


Our Summer Patrols were covered but we need a force multiplier. The Bad Guys have a lot of time on their hands and become very creative. Relying on the same volunteers over and over is not a fair policy. Hopefully the newer residents will engage and help out. The cost of hiring a security service would be very expensive. The worth of a volunteer is $27.50 according to industry standards. NW does not get paid ‘cause our work is priceless. With 306 homes in Sunshine, a few opportunities from each family would lighten the burden. Safety and security living in our Sunshine community is in everyone’s best interest. And we are so fortunate to have the partnership with enjoy with Police, Fire & EMS - let’s do our part.


Winter Evening Patrols are pretty well covered thanks to Linda Jones outreach - again mostly same volunteers. Patrols are just one aspect, not the only project under NW. Please explore your opportunity. Last month’s edition of our Sunshine Newsletter explained all our projects listed in detail. Could use assistance with Block Captains and co-captains, vendor patrol, cameras, tending to the McGruffmobile, cranking the NW generator etc. Please contact me.


A word about the Vendor Program:

Lately, many residents have shown support for this program. It is not odd these days for the vendor to expect to check in….. The vendors have been most cordial as they realize their obligation with compliance. Thanks and Valerie helps. She and I both have Orange Cards. All residents are strongly encouraged to have their vendor have some sort of Sunshine ID on their vehicle. Stuff happens in plain sight. Could use more assistance with this surveillance – simple – just ask the vendor - cordially – “Where is your Sunshine ID? In the new normalcy of the real world, vendors are routinely asked for ID etc. They understand to register at the Office. This is for security and safety issues. We may have to consider ramping up this tradition.

CERT Class: Community Emergency Response Team - free 20 hr. training class - learn how to hold down the fort (in an emergency) ‘til professional help arrives.!

Nov 14, 15, 16 6p -10p W, Th, F Hgn Fire Station 8 on Grimes Street off the Loop 499.

We will have a mock drill on Saturday the 17th (8a – 12n) followed by a Fire House BBQ. (yummm) Classes include disaster operations, light search n rescue, terrorism, incident command, disaster psychology and disaster medical ops First Aid, AED, Stop The Bleed etc. Great common knowledge opportunity. Great opportunity to see our Firefighters in action when they assist us with training. Applications are by the NW bulletin board.

The Police Department is standing up a Citizens Police Academy soon as well. This 40-hour program takes the average citizen thru a day’s work of an Officer. Everything from training, to court documents, use of force, active shooter, firearm safety traffic, gangs, cybercrime, fingerprints, penal code, etc. - it’s all there plus a great opportunity to meet our local heroes in blue as they conduct a class. Applications are by the NW bulletin board.

FTI: October is Fire Prevention Month – how’s your smoke alarm? How ‘bout the fire extinguishers???

We still are in Hurricane season til November – are you prepared?

And it’s Cyber Security month……

McGruffmobile Golf Cart cover – will be ordered

The Front Gate was having issues but it’s fixed – needed a new sensor in the street.

Operation ID – Officer Alicia Garcia HPD (great document for your insurance)

Contact Lenore 956 245 1276 so we can make arrangements with you. First, complete your Personal Inventory List then we can set up the engraving process & give you the Operation ID decal. Additional Personal Inventory Lists are available in the Library next to the NW display.


Thank you




The Thursday Morning quilt group, The Killer Bees, has been meeting all Summer long, and we'll be starting our Winter schedule on November 1st.  We don't just make quilts. We have a purse class planned this season along with a trip to the museum in Brownsville one Thursday. Come and see what we're up to every Thursday at 9AM in Retzlaff Hall. Please contact Jan Baethke or Diane Tewell or Marsha Santow if you have any questions.

SALVATION ARMY bell ringing


Some things change as we see here at Sunshine.  If we look over the people here and we have been around awhile, it is quite a different group.

I personally have been here for 18 years.  What a change, yet some things are the same.  One of those is our efforts for the Salvations Army Fund raising program to support them as they bring the Christmas message and joy to the underprivileged of the area.

What we do is cost free to the Salvation Army and the day we get insures maximum traffic.  That day is the Friday after Thanksgiving (November 23 this year), which is the busiest shopping day of the year.

We have helped be a source of much joy to the people who benefit from the toy and clothes that they receive during the Season.

Let’s continue to do it this year.  We need 44 people to man the two doors at Walmart on that day.  We do one hour shifts and need two people at both doors.


Please sign up with either Arv Russell (956 357-7302) or Lorraine Lewis (956 244-2094)




Welcome Back Winter Texans





What?  October is here?  You have to be kidding, it was just June yesterday. Now I need to pack up the car again.

Welcome back to all the returning Sunshine residents.  I hope you are all ready for lots of fun this season.  I know the Women's Club is busy planning wonderful parties for our enjoyment in addition to all the usual activities we have going on every year.


Summer was pretty quiet at Sunshine except when Mother Nature dumped a huge bucket of water on us and we had the usual street closure problems.  Luckily no permanent damage and we dodged any other storms headed our way so far.


Our first board meeting of the season is on October 22 so get out your instructions on how to tune into Facebook so you can watch the meeting.


The informational meeting will be the next day, Tuesday, October 23 at 1:00 pm in Retzlaff Hall.  Please plan to attend so you will get the news from our mouths to your ears with no interpretation from someone else in between.  


The board is ready to take care of SEPO business.


Jean Lawrence, President

Welcome back to Sunshine for all our residents that travel during the summer. We are looking forward to a fun-filled season with many great activities planned this year. Some of the committees are already in the planning stages and could always use more help. The sign-up sheets for volunteers are located in the lounge on the Women's Club board. For the new residents, this is a great way to get involved and meet your neighbors and get to know your fellow residents. We are always looking for new ideas and we never turn down help. The Women's Club was established to work in conjunction with the SEPO Board of Directors in improving our community as well as bringing our residents together to enjoy some fun activities throughout the year.
All women of the community are invited to our monthly Women's Club meeting held on the 3rd Friday of each month beginning October 19th through March 15th. Meetings are held at 9:00 am in Retzlaff Hall. Donuts & coffee are provided and we request you wear your name tag. A gift is presented at the end of the meeting by a drawing for those who have worn their name tag.
The Women's Club officers are as follows: Eileen Anderson, President;(507)317-0296 Janis McFee, VP; Linda Almond, Secretary; Cathy Richmond, Treasurer; Vicky Jones, Activities Director.
Let us all help make this season enjoyable and successful for all. Together we can make Sunshine Country Club Estates a wonderful and caring place to live.
Eileen Anderson, President
Put October 27, 2018 on your calendar for our annual shrimp boil. Tickets will go on
sale 10 days before the event. I will send out more detail on SEPO e-mail list.
Marsha Santow
  The "Third Annual Goofy Golf Tournament" will be held in Sunshine on Sunday November 18 at 2:00 PM. It is a fun scramble for golfers and non golfers of all ages. Each hole will have a different sports theme, so you might be hitting a tennis ball with a hockey stick for example. We can only take 100 players and the entry fee is $5. After expenses, all monies are given out in cash prizes. Following the tournament, all players, residents, and guests are invited to bring a picnic lunch to the Hall at about 4:30.

  You must bring your own individual lunch or plan a shared picnic with a group of friends. It is very informal and you may arrange tables to fit your group. Please remember to bring your own plates and cutlery. Coffee, iced tea, water and cups will be provided.


  Watch for the sign-up sheet in the Library on Monday Nov.5, and you can put your fee in an envelope (put your names on it) and place it in the collection box. In the past, Thanksgiving Dinner is being planned for the same week, so make sure you sign up and pay in the correct place.
Deadline to sign up will be Tuesday Nov.13. Team lists will be posted in the Library on Thursday Nov.15.
If you have visitors, they are welcome to play but would have to pay a greens fee as well if they are not immediate family of a resident. Golfers bring your clubs.


Non golfers bring a few golf balls.
Plan for a day of laughs and Goofy antics!!
For other information, please call Janis or Derek McFee at 651-271-8264 

Lenore Combs, Coordinator, 956 245 1276

Dear Sunshine Residents,


  Welcome to our community. We are entering our eleventh year and we have a ten year story.
Our Neighborhood Watch aims to foster a strong and positive working relationship with the local Police Departments in Harlingen and Combes. “Take a Bite Out of Crime” All residents are the “eyes and ears” of SCCE. Lights On – Lock Up and Look Out for each other.

  We meet the third Monday monthly at 3pm in Retzlaff Hall. Coffee’s always on, Cookie Bakers are invited to bring a dozen. We have a variety of projects and welcome all residents to have a voice, provide their time and talent and serve on a position. Just consider this volunteer activity vs. having to pay big buck$ for security.

  SCCE is the premier NW in our area - we earned it. We formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Dolly – looting etc. Each monthly meeting brings us together to addresses current concerns and crime prevention techniques, Officer Alicia Garcia HPD is our liaison. Topics we discuss are how to recognize and report suspicious activity, how to make your home more secure, how to identify your property (Operation ID) and more. This association in SCCE allows neighbors to get to know each other and their routines so that unusual activity can be reported and investigated. (REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 956 216 5940). We also have First Aid, CPR, AED and Stop The Bleed classes available.

  Neighborhood Watch groups are NOT vigilante forces working outside the normal procedures of law enforcement. We REPORT and OBSERVE. We are not a program designed for residents to take a personal risk to prevent crime. A NW cannot guarantee 100% that crime will not occur in Sunshine but we can make life miserable for the Bad Guys. They are experts in crimes of opportunity.

  The CERT Team is also associated with the Harlingen Fire Department. Community Emergency Response Team. A little history….. This Team also began after Dolly because nobody evacuated. Dolly was only a Cat 1 storm but the rains became heavy and hung around steadily for 24 hours. The result was severe flooding and wind damage. Nobody was hurt but shingles and aluminum were all over. Hindsight being 20:20 we are now working smarter, not harder.

  CERT teaches us about disasters. CERT developed in 1985 after the earthquake in LA by the Fire Department. Communities were stranded. So the CERT model was developed for us to “hold down the fort until professional help arrives”.

  How true, here’s our story. Hurricane Dolly 1998. Since were classified as an RV Park – go figure – why would any residents be in here????? Power was out, Texas Avenue had Carp swimming around, other critters were displaced, mosquitoes, hot & sticky weather……. Finally and by accident, Chief Darrell Loftus, HFD found us on a routine check. Folks were out of gas for generators, food was spoiled, meds were damaged or running low etc. Temperature and tempers were becoming testy. He supplied ice, gas and some other amenities. Finally the water level receded and driving was possible. But those few days were a challenge.
  So, there will be a CERT class in November - You are invited! Come to the Fire Station #8 (3410 E. Grimes Street) just past the airport on Loop 499. Free. Try it out! Mark your calendar:
November 14 15 16 W Th F 6p – 10p for class. On Saturday, the 17th we will have a
Mock Drill 9am – 12n. Then we will enjoy a Fire House BBQ – yum, yum. Just call Lenore 956 245 1276.
Classes include Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety, Medical Ops, Light Search n rescue, CERT Organization, Disaster Psychology and Terrorism & CERT,


  Now, back to our Neighborhood Watch - The various projects below are illustrated. Job descriptions are included. Contact me if you wish to serve or have questions. Orientation is always available. There is a protocol.
  There is a Neighborhood Watch display in the Library with a Patrol calendar and up-to-date notices. Please visit. “Inside Sunshine”, a monthly newsletter will have an article but if there is an alert, it will go out on the NW email contact. If you wish to be on the email list, send me an email request and it’s done.
Projects: Sunshine NW is involved and we welcome your input and we welcome you to join a project. We have 306 homes in Sunshine. If each home gave a day's service,..... wow! We will work around your schedule. You will be thoroughly oriented. We will make you feel welcome, train you and provide you with almost unlimited opportunities.
  Patrols: Lenore 956 245 1276 gets this project together each month with volunteers who sign up mostly for an evening patrol. Hours are available and orientation is a must. “Patrols” is the heart of the program. Bob Saylor or I can arrange to take you on an “area-fam” – patrol routine. You will learn some very interesting stuff about security. Linda Jones plans our monthly Patrol Calendar. We have a dedicated NW Golf Cart . Check it out! We encourage 2 volunteers to patrol as one drives the Golf Cart and the other can take notes, call in suspicious activity etc. Safety is first and your job is to observe and report. No weapons allowed.
  Day Time patrols: are similar and you do need an orientation as well. However, these patrols can be done on foot, bicycle, golf cart (NW or personal) or vehicle. We still encourage teams but getting the mail or walking the dog is a good example. The Bad Guys don’t know any different – except you are the “eyes and ears” of Sunshine.
  Vendor Patrols: Lenore & Konnie usually patrol every morning. Residents can do this do easily while walking around or driving. They are random patrols but are done regularly as we are looking for the Vendor “hanging tag” in the vehicle – or the “Orange card” as the case may be. This could help prevent a robbery in plain sight. Any unmarked contractor vehicle should have one. Any resident can call me or inquire at the Office.
  Stuff happens - very curious - right under your nose - in plain sight!
  We have a bright Orange Vest complete with reflective stripes for $10.00. Even if you walk the dog, get the mail or whatever, wearing your vest gives the idea the “Eyes of Sunshine Are Upon Them” - workers, contractors, laborers, seedy visitors included.
  Oh, don't forget we do have some K-9 patrols too. They enjoy the ride as well.
  Block Captains and Co-Captains: Rita DelSardo is the recruiter. These special volunteers make the NW tick. You are the glue. All nine streets should have a volunteer Block Captain as a point of contact. The Co- Captains are those volunteers who are next door to four or six homes – just keeping an eye out. This is simply for communication. This key person is an integral component in keeping the block – the street actively informed - from crime prevention efforts to exchange of information. The NW can flourish or dwindle. These suggestions are not all inclusive. Develop a comms system to distribute vital info to your neighbors. Facilitate the unity. Get new residents involved. Obtain their support. Rekindle older connections of residents who have gotten away from the mission. Remind your street of an upcoming meeting.
Operation ID: We work on this project with the Harlingen PD. You complete a form with your stuff – make, model and serial number etc., and then arrange to get them engraved with your ID number on it. We will give you the recognizable decal for your door. It is good for your insurance Company too.
Special projects:
  911 Helpers: These volunteers assist you at any hour of the day, noon or night. For example, if you are contemplating notifying 911 because of an emergency, a volunteer or two can go to your home and stay with you while you call and/or they can go to the gate and watch for the EMTs to get here. (Once you call 911, you are on the phone til help arrives. Having a 9-1-1 Helper is handy).
  Be-A-Buddy This project is encouraged and is a more personal choice. For example, I may ask my good friend to be my Buddy and I have their phone number posted on my fridge. This way, if I am contemplating a (? health) concern, they could assist with notifying EMTs and the 9-1-1 Helpers.
  Red flashing light for the emergency EMTs attached to the front gate. It has to be manually turned on. It aids the EMTs in finding Sunshine as opposed to looking for us in Encore. This little light is visible down past the corner of Gayle Street towards the gas station.
  Life Alert Systems -several residents have one of these. We do not endorse any particular brand. If you are interested, contact me for info.
  Sunshine Emergency Contact form: We all completed this when we moved in. Keeping it current is the operative word. They are retained in the Office in a cabinet. Old and outdated phone numbers are useless for help in contacting you.
  NW Worry Box: These are index cards the CERT Readiness Team keeps in case of..… (voluntarily completed by the resident) For example, several residents lost their meds during Dolly because the power went out and these meds should have been kept cool. Some residents have Oxygen condensers. They need power. So this is a “fluid” Worry Box that any resident may voluntarily give their info when there is an impending concern..
  2-1-1- Helpers: Cameron County Registry for Mandatory Evacuation: This project gets activated by the Governor. Our philosophy and best bet is to get “Out Of Dodge” as this county program is for those who really need it. However, it is available.
  Vial of L.I.F.E. This recognized program is available to you. There are 2 red decals, a brief health history form and a baggie. You put one red decal visibly on your door or window for the EMTs – Rescue folks to see and the other red decal is on the baggie which has your completed health history form in it. This baggie is in or on your fridge – in plain sight! We ask a $1.00 donation to the NW for the baggie, 2 red ID decals and 2 health forms. There will be forms at the October meeting as you should keep them current. Keep them in your car or RV too.
  Readiness Team: This committee drew up an Emergency Plan after Hurricane Dolly. We update/revise it annually as necessary. Whether you are a Winter Texan or not, your input is valuable and you are invited to help us. We meet for the April meeting to stay current and make revisions. Several of us generate a plat of our community for the authorities in case of emergency such as evacuation. We usually have a Utility Awareness golf cart ride for transformers and water turn-offs etc.
  Citizens Police Academy at the Harlingen PD. Classes offered twice yearly. Learn about Police procedures and activities. (Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Use of Force, Family Violence, Juvenile Procedures, Handgun Quals, Narcotics, K-9, Baton/OC, SWAT, etc. Classes are presented by highly qualified Peace Officers with many talents. They keep the class moving and their guest speakers are well informed. The Chief, Jeffry Adickes meets with the class several times as well – proves its worth and his interest as busy as he is. This is a class you won’t regret. Last but not least, Sgt. Jaime Palafox and Officer Alicia Garcia are the CPA liaisons . They cannot be more supportive and this organization is on the move!
  Safety & Security measures: Several talented members have good information on these various items. Come to a meeting and see. Solar lighting is strongly encouraged because Bad Guys luv the dark!
  Vehicle decals: This square orange reflective decal is on our vehicles (rear window-upper corner – driver side) so we know this vehicle belongs to Sunshine. If someone is in here without one, they may be visited by an inquiring resident. (For example - If you see someone waiting at the gate to come in, and they don't have one - one would wonder WHY? - We suggest you discretely follow them to their intended location.       Observe & Report! If they look suspicious – call the 956 216 5940 “ number to report suspicious activity” or 911 if you think it is an emergency. Try to have details for the Police such as a description, the plate and make, model, color etc. If they leave is a big hurry, try to notice which way they headed. Do not attempt to apprehend. We don't want you to get hurt and we have no law enforcement authority. If you think there are weapons or drugs involved – include that too.
  Refrigerator magnets: These are business card size magnets. They are free, compliments of the Woman’s Club. They have the phone number to report suspicious activity 956 216 5940. This number is answered by a person 24 x 7 from the Police Department Dispatcher on Loop 499.
  Reporting Suspicious Activity: When reporting, we ask you have some details put together such as Who What Where When How
For instance - boy girl, - fat skinny, - old young, hair style, facial hair, etc., color of clothing, (gangs use colors) – make & model, plate of vehicle, any markings like convertible, SUV, pick-up, any drugs - what were they doing, - where they going. It helps! Weapons make a big difference and it is most important for the Police to know.
  Amber Security Lights on Golf Carts: If you buy a cigarette lighter receptacle for your Golf cart Bob Saylor and some helpers will install it. Then you can outfit your Golf Cart with a security light for patrol. A kind and generous resident donated several of these for us.
  Vendor tags: these VENDOR tags hang from the rear view mirror. Residents are encouraged to contact the NW or the Office when a vendor comes to do work at your house. We have had several successful scam artists in the community. (long story, bad outcome, tough lesson learned)
These hanging tags are also issued to residents that may have day and/or night time care givers. The resident may also get them a clicker and assumes this responsibility.
  Vehicle orange decals: Interestingly enough – neighbors are becoming very aware of orange decals and Vendor tags – and they look into it. Also, we have a VISITOR tag (TEMPORARY)– if you need it for extended company.
  There is a No Trespassing sign at the Front Gate.
  Gate Codes & Key Pads & Clickers: Occasionally we change the Gate Code. We will do the Front Gate code change periodically. It will not affect your Clickers. Call me 956 245 1276 or the Office for concerns.
  Storage Lot for entry (use your gate opener)
  Cameras: are located throughout the community. There is an Infra-red Sensaphone System in the Storage Lot. We can always use help in looking after them. It is short, sporadic work. Orientation and mentoring is available.
  Generators: Courtesy of Mark & Debbie Warner – we have our own NW-CERT generator. Several kind and generous residents also make their generators available in case of….. This usually is discovered at our annual Disaster Planning meeting in April. In fact one was donated to us.
  Security begins at your house. We are living in a new normalcy and the burden is on you so Lights On - Lock Up and Look Out for each other. If you see something – say something!
  Timely communication is of utmost importance!


Don't forget our monthly meetings (3rd Monday at 3pm) in Retzlaff Hall.
The SOS “Yelper” was installed at the Front Gate to allow emergency vehicles to enter by sounding their siren.


Visit the NW – CERT display in the Lounge. Postings are kept current. Contact me if you want to get our email.


Important phone numbers:

  • 9-1-1

  • Harlingen PD - to report suspicious activity: 956 216 5940
    This number is staffed at the Police Department (24 x 7) by a real person. Have your details ready.

  • Combes PD – 956 425 7131 (21626 Hand Road).

  • We also have a partnership with the Cameron County Constable Office – PCT. 5 Eddie Solis.

  • There are copies of the NW training manual available in the Library. Sign it out, review it and please return it. Thanks. Look for a bright orange folder. Good info for all. (lately, they must be all tucked in someone’s home – please return to Library).


Other stuff: The Harlingen Police Department is squarely behind us and touts us as being a model community and uses our Neighborhood Watch as an example. Most meetings, Officer Alicia Garcia joins us with a training session.
The National Sheriff's Association and the Harlingen Police Department both have manuals that we use as resources. Training is key to our NW projects and there is a thorough orientation to each one. In keeping with training, Sunshine boasts several CPA (Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni) members and several CERT Team members.


Sunshine can certainly hold down the fort in an emergency until professional help arrives. We attend regular meetings at the Police Station and/or Fire House. The Citizens Police Academy is a 40 hour course held at the Harlingen PD. CERT is the Community Emergency Response Team involving a 20 hour course held at the Harlingen Fire Department. Training and drills are ongoing. We have even participated in a mock disaster for the Texas State Guard.


In October 2014, Sunshine was the site for a local Train-The-Trainer (State wide) course. We stationed a mock disaster drill and many of the Sunshine residents acted as victims. Suffice it to say, Sunshine is empowered by these lessons learned and we give back to the community. Conversely, we enjoy a valuable partnership with both the Police and the Fire Departments - EMS also. Many members attend these meetings and we volunteer for their special projects too.


Chief Darrell Loftus, Harlingen Fire Department was our CERT Instructor and frequently attends our meetings and does a Fire Safety presentation. Several times he has brought Fire Fighter instructors-in-training to Sunshine and discussed their projects. At any rate, we always have informative meetings.
Sunshine also is represented at the National Night Out both in Harlingen and in Combes.
So, now you have the scoop. We look forward to you joining our projects.

Just a reminder to all SEPO residents. Your articles for the newsletter are due by the 24th of each month. The address is If you haven't received a return message from me then I haven't received/seen your item. My phone is 713-239-1327.
Linda Abernethy


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