Here you will find SEPO E-Mails that were sent to the Community concerning the flooding in Sunshine in June 2019.

Sent 07-25-2019: Trash bin Found after the Great Flood - 

Lost trash bin was found at residents home. If you still are in need of it, it can be picked up at 1905 Montana. If you know the resident that lost it and has already replaced it let us know so that way we can have it picked up.

Valerie Basaldua     Office Manager


Sent 07-19-2019: Disaster declaration by Trump - 

This was sent to me by Diana Wolf - a former resident of Sunshine. Thanks so much Diana.
In the article, there is a link about how to apply for aid, up to $34,000. From channel 4 in the Valley.


Federal disaster declaration declared for RGV following June floods


Sent 07-07-2019: Sunshine Flooding 'Aftermath' Photos - 

I have received several photos showing some of the aftermath of the Sunshine flooding. They are posted in the 'Residents Only' section of the Web site. The direct link to the 'Password Required' page is Let me know if anyone has any issues with getting to them.

Please say some prayers for our friends and neighbors who have been affected by this terrible flooding. They are going thru a horrible ordeal and we wish all of you our very best with your recovery efforts.    
Beth Parrish



Marcus Phipps is the Choir Director at our church and also a Realtor. He sent this to me to forward to those of us who got flooded.     Sam & Linda Davis



Friends, The REALTOR Relief Fund is open and available to victims of the recent flooding. It must be their primary residence to be eligible. All they need to do is fill out this online application and they should be eligible for up to $1,000 of relief funds, while funds last. Please forward this to anyone you know who had flooding to their primary residence. This is one of the many ways that REALTORS give back to their communities!!

Marcus Phipps, CRS, GRI
Harlingen Homes
1617 E. Tyler Ave, Suite H
Harlingen, TX  78550
(956) 423-5300 - Office
(956) 793-2355 - cell
(510) 423-5300 - fax



Sunshine Neighborhood Watch – CERT Team  (Est. 2008)
SCCE - Harlingen’s premier NW & CERT Team.
Lights On -- Lock Up  and Look Out for each other!



Lenore J. Combs,  Coordinator  956 245 1276
Dear Friends,
Had a note from Chief Patrick Quill, Town of Combes Police Department yesterday inquiring on our status following the flood. He is aware of our property loss and sends his regards and concerns.
Chief Quill sent us an abbreviated damage assessment form for you about your residence. Please complete it and get it back to Combes Town Hall as soon as possible. To make this easier for you - Valerie has the forms and a box for this in the SEPO Office for your convenience. The form can't be attached to this e-mail. However, Beth Parrish has uploaded it to the Web site
here if that is easier for you to access.

I will bring the completed forms up to Combes – unless you want to do this yourself.
Please take a minute and complete it now.
FEMA and the State are already here and are checking the areas.
Follow FACEBOOK – for the Town of Combes for the most up to date info.
Per the Chief: About Combes and the Republic Garbage Disposal company……..
- Republic Services will pick up debris but Combes is asking that damaged carpeting be stacked separately from construction debris and furniture. Because… the Town of Combes will be removing the carpeting and have Republic pick it up at a central location (don’t ask why - ……)
About your home:
From my plat layout of Sunshine – it looks like about 107 or so homes in the Combes area, plus the Woodshop.

Sample info needed for the form – very short and to the point.
TYPE OF STRUCTURE (Brick, Manufactured, Mobile)
(Circle)  Your assessment:  ASSESSMENT         MINOR         MAJOR         DESTROYED

Thank you in advance for your rapid replies.
Lenore Combs


Sent 06-30-2019: RE: Lost & Found - 

Thanks to Cathy Richmond the pelican has returned, but there is still a brown flower pot that belongs to someone in front of our house.

The Clarks - 2017 W Montana Ave

Sent 06-30-2019: Treasure seekers going thru our stuff - 

Dear Friends: Already the treasure hunters are in here - unsolicited (and probably many of us were at church).


So, they are not invited - they are trespassing and they are stealing.

Call HPD =  216 5940 for Suspicious Activity


Call 911 for Crime-In-Progress


Maybe some Orange vests could take a ride around periodically in your Golf cart πŸ˜Š


Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276   NW-CERT Coordinator


Sent 06-29-2019: Lost & Found - 

A wooden pelican lawn ornament swam away and a flower pot arrived. Please let us know, if you have info.
The Clarks - 2017 W Montana Ave


Sent 06-29-2019: Are you missing Landscaping Logs - 

We have had several people tell us that our landscaping logs had floated down Montana. A few have been brought to my house but we are not missing any, so these are not mine. Anyone looking for these type logs can come and get them from the south side of my house.  Thanks.
Dovie Dyer, 4117 N. Nebraska St, 956-412-1339

Sent 06-29-2019: Flooding con't........... and then some more info - 

Dear Friends,


1.  Chief Quill  inquired on our status.  We must thank him and the Officers for the frequent patrols and the concern for us.


Just tonite, we were reminded by the Officer on Patrol - per Chief Quill - that the Combes residents should report their damage to the Combes City Hall on Monday.

2.  Valerie sent a note earlier today about the trash pickup (debris and carpet) on Monday.


3.  Chief Miryam Anderson HPD and Chief Alvarez HFD met with big shots from the State this am. They have a report from Sunshine and the RV Park about our dilemma - first hand.


One of our CERT members was with Chief Darrell Loftus checking up on us.


We gave them a basic, informal, 5 words or less "windshield" damage assessment (a FEMA tool) for SCCE affected homes etc, re floodwater depth, damage level - habitable or not etc.


The FEMA guys will do the real thing.


4.  Some flood insurance basics-

  • hope you are covered - have your policy stuff ready - contact your agent

  • Gather a "notice of loss", complete it and get ready to submit it.

  • Pictures are worth a million words - serial numbers etc

  • There is lots of info on the net

  • If you make temporary repairs, keep your receipts

  • Clean out your wet stuff if you can

  • Prepare for the adjuster - proof of loss form

    • ID structural damage to your home, garage, shed - cracks in walls - car, golf cart, electrical system .....

    • Have documents of damages - contractor estimates, photos, receipts etc


The adjuster will:

  • Have official ID

  • Takes measurements and photos and note flood damage

  • Provide you with a local contact number if additional visits are needed

  • Provide you with a flood certification number

  • Provide you a suggested Proof of Loss based on the assessment

The adjuster will NOT:

  • Approve or disapprove claims

  • Tell you if the claim will be approved. 


Best to get bids from licensed contractors - beware of scammers.

Any vendor in Harlingen must have appropriate ID

Get written bids and don't give money off the bat (up front)


Keep copies of lists and other documents you submit to the insurance folks - any any other paperwork etc - record names and phone numbers of everyone you speak with


Any monkey business - ask to speak with the insurance claim dept manager


After your claim is settled and repairs are underway - have a Margarita (or your favorite beverage of choice).


If you discover additional damage after filing, or repairs cost more than estimated, you can file for additional payment.

Contact your adjuster or agent to start the process.


Check out FEMA - how do I start my flood claim

--  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276


Sent 06-28-2019: Debris and Carpet Pick Up - 

Several of our residents have been putting out debris and carpet from damages to their homes after the flood. For the Harlingen area they will be coming out sometime next week and picking up items. As for the Combes area they will be coming anytime between the 8th and the 13th but will not be picking up carpet. A few suggestions would be is to cut up the carpet and place in your trash bins in pieces or call City Of Combes Trash and make your complaint with them. I say the more complaints the more they will have to come out here and do something about it.


I also have heard that FEMA would be out here picking up items including carpet if you would like more info on that please contact Lenore Combes this weekend on status. 


I know all this mess is an eye sore but bare with us. It will be taken care of soon enough.


Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 06-28-2019: Web site Flood info - 

Hi all - I hope everyone affected by the flooding in Sunshine is able to get things back to normal soon and without too much effort.

I just wanted to let everyone know that all flooding pictures I have received from residents (thank you) and all of the e-mails I have been sending out directly related to the flooding are now on the Web site in the Residents section. Here is a direct link to the Password Signin page. (

Let me know if you still need the password by sending an e-mail to Include your name and house number telling me you need the password.

And as always - Any SEPO e-mails sent out since Dec 2018 can always be found on the Web site (


Beth Parrish   314-960-6710


Sent 06-28-19: Residential Palm Tree Trimming Update - 

Due to Flooding and wet golf course the trimming had been postponed and will be taken care of tomorrow morning 06/29/19 as per Mr. Dimas.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager


Sent 06-28-19: Blue Storage Bin Found -  

Blue Storage bin containing decorative items has been found and turned into the office.     Valerie Basaldua

Office Manager


Sent 06-27-2019: trash can -  

Lost trash can from 1924 W Indiana Circle. Anyone have an extra one?       Randy Davis


Sent 06-27-2019: green box - 

In reply to an earlier e-mail - There is a green box in the dog park stuck in the trees.

Lyn Swonger

Sent 06-27-2019: Missing items - 

We have a small terra-cotta turtle that does not belong to us. He would like to go home.  If he is yours you may pick him up at 1961 w. Iowa at the end of the driveway.      Mary Thorstad


Sent 06-27-2019: Flood Damages and Missing Items - 

*10 Lids from sprinkler control valve boxes were found and can be picked up at the shop

*Missing storage Box floated away from our resident’s home @ 2032 W Montana

  Description: Grayish Green Box filled with Garden Items

                                                           IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN

*We also have had several inquiries about damages to your home that was caused by the flood. We do apologize for all inconvenience but all damages to homes will be private property responsibility.


Any Questions Feel free to contact the office.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager  956-425-1420 or

Sent 06-27-2019: A Big Thanks - 

Hi everyone - This is Beth. I normally wouldn't send out personal notes to the community but I do believe the flooding at Sunshine warrants me to break my own rules. Please see Pam Lacy's kind words below. And ditto from me.

NOTE: Please do not reply to this e-mail directly. If you wish to contact each other the list of all resident e-mails that I am aware of is located here. (

Hello from Minnesota!


Here we are in dry Minnesota thinking about you who went through this terrible storm. Disasters can bring out the best in people and I think Sunshine Estates has some of the finest people I know.  For all you who are physically there working through this, our thoughts are with you. And for all of you who are standing in the gap for those who are not there, you deserve a huge thanks. I would like to specially thank Jim Kennedy, Vern Luellen and Lois Humberg who have been our special angels. Communicating with us and doing all they could to help us.  I know a lot of you are worried about your own homes and yet took the time to check out your neighbors. This is true community. Thank you is not enough. I’m sending you hugs and prayers.

I love our community.     Pam Lacy


Sent 06-26-2019: Flood Pictures now on Web site - 

Thanks to all of you who have sent pictures to post on the Web site. They are in the 'Residents Only' section (which requires you to enter the password to view them). If anyone else has anything they would like posted, just send them to and I will get them out there tomorrow.

Beth Parrish


Sent 06-26-2019: Update: from 5:30 AM (so you know what it was like earlier today) - 

As of 5:30 AM, Wed. June 26, 2019:

  • In the past 24 hours the water has only dropped 10 inches.  That says it is dropping a little faster in the latest 12 hours but still very slow.

  • Michigan drive (the circle) is still flooded.

  • We have not had any new rain in the past 24 hours.

  • Time Warner is down but power, water and sewer are fine.


Regards   Pat Harvey


Sent 06-26-2019: Wood Berm - 

Anyone missing a wood berm, it flooded down Montana and is in my yard Too heavy for me to lift.   

Lorraine Lewis

Sent 06-26-2019: Update: Water Drainage Assistance - 

I heard back from Harlingen City just now and they are working on water drainage on the Loop during the day today. They will be here to assist with drainage in Sunshine later today/this evening. So, help is on the way.    Lenore


Sent 06-26-2019: Update: Sunshine Flooding - 

Hi all – This is Beth Parrish.

I know there are some anxious folks out there, both at Sunshine and also at your summer residences. I talked with Lenore this morning (they have no internet at this time) and here is the update she gave me.


Dear Friends –


First off I want to thank everyone for being such good sports about our water problems. There has been lots of teamwork and networking, especially in assisting those folks with medical/medication needs and also any other concerns/needs.


Around 9:30 CT this morning it appears the water is starting to recede slowly. But please continue to be vigilant and DO NOT DRIVE until the water has receded to a safe level.


I am currently waiting for a return call from Harlingen Police and Fire Depts. They will hopefully be able to tell me when/if we can expect some help from them with water drainage. They are definitely aware of our situation here at Sunshine and have our backs.


Now, if you are wondering, was my house affected by the water – the answer is more than likely ‘yes’. It appears that no matter where your house is locatedin the Estates  the water probably reached it. But before you book your plane reservations or gas up your car, hopefully you can talk with someone in Sunshine who can give your more info on your home.


Please hang in there and we will get through this together.


Lenore Combs


Sent 06-25-2019: The water is dropping SLOWLY - 

Using a picture taken 12 hours ago I measured the drop at 3 1/2 inches in that period.

At this rate we will not have passable streets for a couple of days.        Regards   Pat Harvey


Sent 06-25-2019: Do you have pictures of the flooding in Sunshine to post? - 

I know a lot of you have been posting pics of the Sunshine neighbor flooding on your Facebook pages. If you could send those pics to I will post them in the 'Residents Only' section of the Web site. Questions - Call Beth Parrish (314-960-6710)


Sent 06-25-2019: Severe flooding and precautions -  

Subject: Flooding Info and Do Not Drive  -

Dear Friends, Spoke with Dick Shelton - alerted him to severe flooding etc etc 


Please do not drive.  The water is extremely high.  Harlingen PD knows we are tucked in and Laguna Fire Dept just made rounds in here. Harlingen is also severely flooded.  Red Cross is setting up shelters


Keep in touch with each other by phone - thank God we have power.


Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

NW - CERT Team Coordinator

Concerned resident


Subject: Massive Flooding in the Estates - 


At 5:30 AM it is hard to tell just how bad, but we have massive flooding in the Estates from HEAVY rains last night.  Michigan Drive (the circle) is standing water.  For those who know the "Harvey" house on the south side of the circle, the standing water is against the front porch.  The water does not appear to be in the card room.  It is not receding.     Pat Harvey


Office: (956) 425-1420

FAX: (956) 425-1420


1957 W Michigan Dr

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