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 Activities: Women's Club  "LEGEND"


(Winter: 2023-2024)

The Women's Club Activities Committee Signup Sheets are in the SEPO Library.

As Details concerning the various Activities become available, they will be posted for the Community.

       Date        Day      Event (Chairpersons)

 Info about WC Events "UPCOMING" this Season can be found below.

  • 02-23-24     Fri          Valley Voices (Jill Ventrello)

  • 03-23-24     Sat         Luau (Denise Utterback)

 Info about WC Events"COMPLETED" this Season can be found HERE.

  • 10-07-23     Sat       Pool Party (Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

  • 10-28-23     Sat       Halloween (Judy Stone & Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

  • 11-04-23     Sat       Chili Cook-Off (Lisa Perrier & the 3 Pams: Davis, Adams, Lacy) (COMPLETE)

  • 11-11-23     Sat       Veteran's Day (Lenore Combs) (COMPLETE)

  • 11-23-23     Thu       Thanksgiving Dinner (Lenore Combs) (COMPLETE)

  • 12-08-23     Fri        Craft/Bake Sale & Raffle (Terry DeBackere & Nancy Lyne) (COMPLETE)

  • 12-14-23     Thu       Hope Tour: Snoopy Christmas (Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

  • 12-21-23     Thu       Rolling Carolers (Pam Lacy) (COMPLETE)

  • 12-22-23     Fri        Valley Voices (Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

  • 12-25-23     Mon      Christmas Dinner (Vicky Krueger) (COMPLETE)

  • 12-31-23     Sun       NYE Party (Jill Ventrello) (COMPLETE)

  • 01-12-24     Fri         New Homeowners' Party (Irene Phillips) (COMPLETE)

  • 01-20-24     Sat        Breakfast (Lisa Perrier & the 3 Pams: Davis, Adams, Lacy) (COMPLETE)

  • 02-02-24     Fri         Casino Night (Sherri Gardner) (COMPLETE)

If you would like to volunteer to Chair/Co-Chair OR be on one or more Committees, the posters for signing up to do that are in the Library. Or you can contact Jill Ventrello (see her contact info below).

Jill Ventrello

Women’s Club Activities Director


Valley Voices (2024-02-23)


      Date           Day       Event (Chairpersons)

   02-23-24       Fri          Valley Voices (Jill Ventrello)

Sent 2024-02-12: WC: Valley Voices - 

It's almost Spring which means it's time for Valley Voices to come back and entertain us in Retzlaff Hall. They will be here on Friday, February 23rd at 2:30 pm.  The cost is free but donations are gladly accepted. Women's Club will be providing refreshments. Doors will open at 2:15 pm. For those of you who haven't been able to make it to one of their concerts, join us for an afternoon of beautiful music.     - Jill Ventrello

Sent 2024-02-21: REMINDER: Valley Voices - 

Just a reminder that the Valley Voices will be performing in Retzlaff Hall this Friday at 2:30 pm. Doors will be open at 2:15 pm. Women's Club will be providing cookies, popcorn and for $2 you can cool off with an ice cream sandwich. Join us for an afternoon of great music.     - Jill Ventrello

Farewell Party / Luau (2024-03-23)


      Date           Day       Event (Chairpersons)

   03-23-24       Sat         Luau (Denise Utterback)

2024-02 NEWSLETTER - 

Please ‘save the date’ for the Women's Club farewell event of this winter season. We will be having a Luau on March 23. As soon as the planning sessions start you will be provided with more info. Thanks.

- Denise Utterback, Luau Committee Chairperson

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