Crafty Creations by heidi

  • The SEPO (Sunshine Estates Property Owners) Board approved the startup of this club in early 2019.

  • It is a not-for-profit SEPO club. All of the money that is collected from those attending the class is spent on purchasing the supplies for the class.

  • It is necessary to close signup two weeks before each class in order to have time to purchase all of the needed supplies.

  • It’s for anyone interested in learning something new, or for those who just need to get their your “craft fix”!!

  • Each class is limited to the first 25 people who are registered and paid (cash only). If you do not pay immediately when signing up the next person on the list takes your spot.


2019-2020 Winter Season

This winter season's classes feature the following:

The larger signs cost $50 each and can be made at any class. Here are two examples.

The cost of each Dangler is $10. Each month there will be 3-4 danglers available you can pick from that depict something seasonal from the month the class is held. You can make 1 or more - you choose. Some of the various designs available for this season are shown here.

NOTE: If you have crafted one of the larger signs with a knob, the danglers can be hung from the knob and are, therefore, interchangeable throughout the various seasons.


Pics from Nov, 13 2019 class.

It was a success!!! Check out these beauties (and their crafts too) !!!!



Pics from Dec 4, 2019 class.

It was another success!!! Check out these Holiday crafts.


Pics from Jan 8, 2020 class.

It was success again!!! And, oh, such Fun!!!


Pics from Feb 5, 2020 class.

We are just having a ball doing this.



2018-2019 Winter Season

There were two classes in Mar 2019 to create the first Craft/Project - Which was a Lighthouse. See the pictures of finished products at the bottom.

The Yellow Lighthouse picture is the large model ($50). You could also make a slightly smaller one ($40). See the Aqua Lighthouse below. You chose the size and colors you wished to create. The poster containing additional information i.e. signup, costs etc. is displayed below.


Lighthouse pics (from first class on March 18, 2019)

Crafty Creations Class #1 was a success!!!

Check out these beauties!!!!


Lighthouse pics (from second class on March 29, 2019)

Crafty Creations Class #2 was a success!!!

Check out these beauties!!!!


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