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 SEPO & Covid-19 

The board is trying to protect our employees, as well as our residents/renters, and immediate families/guests (where permitted). We all hope we will soon be back to what life was before Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding.

SEPO Board

(The following was approved by a consensus of the Board, via e-mail, on April 2, 2021)

The diagram below can be printed HERE.



  • Wearing a Mask is a requirement as stated in the DIAGRAM ABOVE.

  • Please maintain Social Distance EVERYWHERE.

WHAT IS OPEN: (other than what is shown in diagram above)

  • Woodshop - As long as a Monitor is present.

  • Front gate (Continues to be locked at night as normal.)

  • Access to Encore.



  • Residents/Renters who have get-togethers:

    • In their Homes are no longer limited to ten participants. Social Distance is recommended.

    • In the Common Areas are no longer limited to ten participants, but must maintain Social Distance.


  • Keypads are active:

    • Into the Sunburst Building (on Fitness Room door)

    • Into the Library/Lounge

  • Upon entering and exiting any buildings that have an active Keypad, please shut the door behind you to eliminate entry by anyone not permitted in that building.

  • The Keypad codes can be found on this Web site in the "Residents Only" section.


  • Mail packages that are too big to fit in your mailbox are being placed in the General Purpose Room, which is located between the Pool and the Fitness Room. A slip will be placed in your mailbox by the postman to inform you of delivery.

  • This room has a Keypad to allow residents/renters 24 hr access. It also has a video camera with monitoring capacity. The Keypad Code can be found in the "Residents Only" section of this Web site.

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