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 Covid-19 & SEPO 

The SEPO Board met earlier today (May 20, 2021 @ 1:30 PM via Google Meet).

One of the agenda items was as follows:

  • Determine next steps (Review/Change or Not/Approve) SEPO Covid-19 Restrictions with discussion and potential Action.

During the discussion of this item, each board member voiced his/her opinion on what the next step should be pertaining to the current SEPO Covid-19 restrictions. At the end of this discussion, a motion was made and seconded to ‘remove’ all current SEPO Covid-19 restrictions. A formal vote was taken with the following results – YES from Beth Parrish, Larry Keller, Lenore Combs and Jean Burgoine & NO from Mecca Henry and Lyn Swonger. Since the vote was not a tie, President Tony Tramel did not vote.


The Board would like to thank everyone for being diligent over the past 16 or so months in helping keep our Sunshine Estates residents safe.
Although, Sunshine is now starting our normal activities, we encourage you using your personal decision regarding mask use / attendance at meetings and other activities.  We believe each person has to be responsible for themselves. Please do what YOU feel comfortable doing.
It is my feeling that SEPO owners are highly vaccinated and have been so for more than a couple of months, which I believe, was a primary reason for the positive vote to remove our restrictions.

Prior posted Covid-19 restrictions which have been posted on SEPO buildings and the Sunshine Web site will be removed.
The May 27th Summer Potluck, chaired by Marian Young, will be the first activity that will not have SEPO Covid-19 restrictions.

Refer to the Sunshine Web site Activity Summary page for additional scheduled Activities.

It appears this is the beginning of the end for Covid-19 for SEPO, and hopefully the State and the Nation.
Tony Tramel
SEPO Board President

Covid-19 & SEPO (05-20-2021)
Covid-19 & Woodshop (08-14-2021)

The Woodworkers Club Board has determined

the following Covid-19 restrictions need to be implemented.

Sent via SEPO E-Mail on 2021-08-14: Changes in your access to the Sunshine Woodshop - 

Because of the changes being brought about by the Delta variant of the Covid virus, the Woodworker's club is implementing some changes in access to the woodshop.

Starting Monday 8/15/21, you will be asked to show the on-duty Monitor either a copy of your Vaccination Record Card or a copy of a recent Negative Covid test. Should you need one, tests are available free from both Walgreens and CVS.

We are truly sorry for this change but then, we are even more sorry that the Delta variant is creating such rapid increases in infections in society. The number of positive tests in Harlingen has increased 19 fold in the last 2 months - going from just 2 new infections per day to 38 new infections per day since mid June. The Woodworkers club will review this change on a monthly basis as needed.

Let's all try to stay safe.     Pat Harvey

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