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 Clubs & Committees (2022-2023 Winter) 
 Additional Details 

B&N Club (Ongong)



Birding & Nature Club


Sent 2023-01-17: Community Bird Walk - 

There will be a community Bird Walk for all interested community residents starting at 9:00am at the gazebo on Texas Ave. on Thursday, Jan. 19th.  Anyone interested in learning about our local bird population is welcome to attend.  Tour will include some walking and some carting as we will be going over to Lake Side to view species there.  Questions, call Ralph Peterson at 607-590-0606.

Sent 2023-01-02: Birding and Nature Club Pot Luck Canceled - 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Birding and Nature Club community Pot Luck supper scheduled for Jan. 9th has been canceled. Instead, the club will hold a regular meeting in the Library at 7:00pm on Jan. 9th.

Ralph Peterson

Sent 2022-12-28: Christmas Bird Count - 

The Christmas Bird Count will take place this Saturday, December 31.


The Bird Count is a national volunteer event. Every species and bird is counted. Results are tabulated throughout the United States. The results are an indication of how well or poorly the bird population is doing.

The Sunshine Birding and Nature Group has participated in this event for many years. We will assemble at the Gazebo on Texas Avenue at 7:30 a.m. We will be divided into groups with assigned areas to cover. We need bird identifiers, bird sighters, and tally keepers. No special talent is needed for the last 2 jobs listed. We will go out on foot, in golf carts, and in cars. Bring binoculars.

This event is open to anyone in the community. Please join us. For more information contact Ralph Peterson.

Woodshop Orientation (Periodic)



Woodshop Orientation

Sent 2023-01-14: Wood Shop Orientation Class Thursday January 19th 5 pm - 

Woodshop Orientation Class Thursday Jan 19th 5 pm in the woodshop.

This class is a requirement for using the woodshop.

A one time attendance is required.

The shop will be closed during the class.


Call John Chajec 708-280-8940 with any questions.

Sent 2022-10-18: Wood Shop Orientation Class Thursday October 20th 5 pm - 


Woodshop Orientation Class Thursday Oct 20th 5 pm in the wood shop.


This class is a requirement for using the wood shop.

A one-time attendance is required.

The shop will be closed during the class.


Call John Chajec 708-280-8940 with any questions.

Woodworkers - Spaghetti Dinner (2023-01-24)



Woodworkers Spaghetti Dinner (Jan 24, 2023)

Newsletter 2023-02: Woodworkers - Spaghetti Supper - 

The woodworkers would like to thank everyone who supported our Spaghetti Supper fundraiser.  We had a great turn out and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible.  Those who baked cakes, cooked for two days, kitchen help, hall set up, all the servers and cleanup crew. This endeavor could not happen without all your support.  We hope you all enjoyed your meal and look forward to seeing you in the woodshop.

- Cathy Chajec, Woodworker Club Treasurer


Sunshine Estates Woodworkers Spaghetti Fundraiser

$10 per person

Tuesday Jan. 24th 4:30 to 6 pm

Carry outs and delivery available.

Spaghetti w/meat sauce, salad, garlic or non-garlic bread, dessert, iced or hot tea, coffee, water.

Spaghetti dinner tickets are still available.

Contact John Chajec, Pat Harvey, Vic Hillman or Neil Moorehead for tickets.

Delivery: 956-893-2508 from 4 to 5:30pm the night of the dinner

Or, better yet, 708-280-8940 for advance notice.


  • Carryouts: a server will be at the north door (street) and will assist you.

  • Dining: you may come at any time between 4:30 and 6 pm

  • Process:

    • before taking your seat, pick up your salad and dessert.

    • Your drinks and spaghetti will be served at your table.

    • Please fill out the back of your ticket: name, table# and garlic or nongarlic bread. (pencils will be at the table)

    • A server will pick up your ticket and bring your spaghetti back.  

Hope to see you there,     Cathy Chajec


Sunshine Country Club Estates


Woodworkers Spaghetti Dinner


Tuesday January 24th 4:30 to 6 pm

Retzlaff Hall


Spaghetti w/meat sauce, salad,

garlic or nongarlic bread, dessert,

iced or hot tea, coffee, water


$10 per ticket


Carryouts and delivery available

Only 250 tkts available, sells out fast, get your tickets early

Tkts available from your friendly Woodworkers.


Any questions call Cathy Chajec 708-280-8910

NW - Finger Lickin' Chicken (2023-01-16) CANCELED



Neighborhood Watch

Sent 2023-01-09:  Finger Lickin' Chicken CANCELED - 

I was diagnosed with COVID Sunday morning. No fever No chills, Chest X-Ray is neg. I feel fine except for a little sore throat and body ache.

Therefore, for the safety of all of us, I am calling off the Finger LIckin' Chicken Fundraiser until further notice.

I have asked Jean Burgoine to clear the board in the Library, open the $$ box and give back your envelopes via Valerie at the Office. Please contact Valerie to pick up your envelope.

Thanks for your generosity and Sorry for the disappointment but we will reschedule at a safer time.
-- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     NW - CERT Coordinator

Sent 2023-01-05:  RE: Invitation and Fundraiser for Neighborhood Watch - Finger Lickin' Chicken - 

Dear Friends - 
Our Neighborhood Watch will soon hold a fundraiser - Monday 16 January 2023 about 4pm Retz Hall.

Information and signup etc is in the Library.   Eat in or Take out.

If you would like to help with this project - please let me know.
You do not have to be a NW volunteer to help.
There are a variety of "jobs" - before - during & after.

Thanks.     Lenore Combs 956 245 1276

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