Golf Scramble

(Commonly Known as the "4 O'Clockers"

  • Contact: Donna Myers / George Moore

  • Play: Daily (w/varying times)

    • Most of Winter Season​ (4 PM)

    • Once Daylight Savings Starts (5 PM)

    • Beginning of May - usually (6 PM)

  • Location: Sunshine Golf Course

  • Details:

Golfing Notifications

O'Clockers Details_2021-05-04.jpeg

From: SEPO Community <>
Sent: Saturday, May 1, 2021 9:29 PM
Subject: Golf Scramble

We will be starting the afternoon Scramble at 6 PM starting Monday, May 3rd. Open to all golfers in the community. Every level of golfer welcome. No charge. Meet beside shuffleboard court at 5:45 for team assignments. Just out for a fun time.


Donna Myers