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SEPO Community Emails: February 2024

Sent 2024-02-27: SUNSHINE NEWSLETTER: Mar 2024 - 

The Mar 2024 Sunshine Newsletter, which is the final one for this season, is hot off the press. You will see this month there are three (3) attachments, which makes the Newsletter look very lengthy. So don't freak out when you pull up the file to read. There is lots of info in it from the contributors concerning the multitude of great activities coming up. If you have questions about any of the information in this Newsletter, please contact the person who wrote the article. You can view/print a copy of it Directly from HERE or On the website HERE. Valerie will be making copies for the Library for anyone who wishes to read it from paper. Thanks so much all for helping to 'get the word out'.

- Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Mgr   Email:    314-960-6710

Sent 2024-02-27: Resaca Water​ - 

The resaca water pump house will be off this Thursday through Saturday. No irrigation water will be available. Please prepare accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Randy Davis     Golf Course Director

Sent 2024-02-26: 2024 SEPO Election Results: Board & Covenants - 

The results of the 2024 SEPO Election were presented during the 3 PM portion of the Annual meeting on Feb 20, 2024. Each of the three Board Candidates, Tracy Wagner, Randy Davis and Scott Kronshage were elected to fill the three open Board positions. Immediately after the Annual meeting the 2024 Board members held the Required Board meeting and determined which members would fill which Board positions. This document is available on the Sunshine Website HERE at the SEPO Board 'Contact Us' button.

To see the proposed Covenants descriptions and the tallies of the Ballots submitted and 'not' submitted' for all three proposals go HERE. To change a Covenant requires 205 'approvals' of the 306 possible ballots. As was emphasized before the election, if you did not submit a ballot for a Covenants proposal, it is an automatic 'DISAPPROVE' vote.


Beth Parrish     2024 SEPO Board Election Committee Chairperson   Email:   314-960-6710

Sent 2024-02-26: Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament - 

Let’s start “Leap Day and the month of March off with good weather and the

38th Annual Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament (GNDGT).

Registration was held in the pool area last week.  If you are reading this on Monday, Feb 26, and still want to play we need immediate action to make contact. We have a few slots open and need standby players.


For more information, please contact:
       Randy Davis @ 214-782-4604 or Dick Parrish @ 314-402-0219
Or myself:
      Tony Tramel

      GNDGT Committee Chair

      @ 337-693-6344 or

Sent 2024-02-23: Neighborhood garage sale - 

We will be having a neighborhood garage sale Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 9th from 8:00am to 2:00pm. If there are any leftover items that you want to get rid of, please set them on the curb and a local charity organization will pick them up on Saturday the 9th at 3:00pm. If you have any large ticket items, such as furniture left, let me know and I will contact Aguilar's to come pick them up. 

- Jill Ventrello

Sent 2024-02-23: UPDATE: political signs -  

In addition to the note I put out yesterday (see below) pertaining to political signs, this was passed onto me by the city. We have some additional restrictions.

     In our covenants (Section 6.8)    This was added in 2023k per Texas Property Code:

     * One sign per candidate

     * Sign not larger than 4’ X 6’

SEPO may remove a sign in violation of this covenant.

Hope this covers this subject. Thanks in advance for you cooperation.

- Jim Kennedy,     SEPO President

Sent 2024-04-23: FINAL REMINDER: MAR 2024 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day Feb 24, 2024 - 

     This is the FINAL reminder that next month's Newsletter articles are due by the 24th of this month. It doesn't seem possible already, but this is the FINAL Newsletter for this 2023-2024 Season.

     If you would like to include information about future Sunshine Activities beyond Mar 2024, please feel free to send me those as well. I know lots of the winter activities do continue on into the summer for those of you who stay here.
    All articles need to be submitted to by End of Day on Feb 24, at the latest.
    The current Newsletter Guidelines are posted on the Web site HERE.

Please call with questions.
- Beth Parrish,     SEPO Newsletter Editor   314-960-6710

Sent 2024-04-22: Women's Club Activities - 

I would like to start by thanking everyone who volunteered this past year for all our successful events. We couldn't do it without you! And if I can be so bold, I'd like to thank those of you in advance, that have volunteered or plan to volunteer for the upcoming year. Unfortunately I was sick last week and wasn't able to attend the Women's Club activity planning meeting but Judy Stone and Pam Davis informed me of all the planned activities and all the fun activity ideas that were proposed. What a lot of fabulous ideas! I'm excited for a fun new year! 


This will be my 2nd year as the Women's Club activity director and like I said I'm excited for a new year of fun times. I have learned a lot along the way and will no doubt continue to learn new ways to help our volunteers. One way is that I plan on attending each activity committee's first meeting. That way I can get to know the volunteers better and go over the revised activity guidelines with the chairperson. 


A lot of activities/events already have a chairperson but there are some that are still in need of one. Once the proposed planned events are approved we will be posting them once again in the library. Please come in and take a look at what you might be interested in helping out with. 


We have one more Women's Club event planned for this year and that is the Farewell/Luau party on March 23rd. More details will follow the closer we get to that event.


I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer! Come back rested and refreshed and ready to make the 2024-25 year the best ever!

- Jill Ventrello,     Women's Club Activities Director

Sent 2024-04-22: Table Tennis Cancellation - 

Table Tennis has been cancelled due to other activities on Saturday, February 24. Thanks.     - Jan

Sent 2024-02-22: Guys & Dolls Tournament - 

           Guys & Dolls Tournament will start tomorrow. We will be gathering in the pavilion not the library. The morning session will gather at 9:15 to go over rules, get hole assessments and scorecard.   The afternoon session will gather at 12:15 for the same. 

        Saturday evening will be our Happy Hour and awards ceremony. Everyone bring your favorite finger foods to share and as always BYOB.

We still need one lady to fill up the roster!

- Deloris Pearcy,     417-830-1816 

Sent 2024-02-22: Missing American Flags​ - 

Hi All – 

I am baffled by the disappearance of the American Flag that I proudly display on one of my vehicles. It has come up missing – not only once, but twice – recently. I know we have had a lot of wind, but I vigilantly remove the flag and bring it into my house when I know it is going to be windy.


I’m asking for your help. If you have by any chance seen an American flag(s) on the ground somewhere or otherwise know of the location of either of them, please contact me.


Thank you in advance for helping me out with this issue.

- Steve Valmassoi,     313-407-5826   4212 N MO St

Sent 2024-02-22: political signs - 


At yesterdays meeting, the question came up about political signs.  Here is what I found:

Political signs come under Chapter 394 of the Texas Transportation Code (TXDOT).

This pertains mostly to Right-of-Way on highways and signs on poles etc.

It states if signs are in a municipality, refer to city for codes and ordinances.

Did that------ and the City of Harlingen has no restrictions as far as size or number of signs on a private lot. The only restrictions are -----signs are to be put up 90 days before the election and removed within 10 days after the election.


My hope is that folks in our Community will use a little “common sense” if you want to put up these signs. Thanks in advance!!!

- Jim Kennedy,     SEPO Board President

Sent 2024-02-22: UNAPPROVED: WC - Minutes from 2024-02-16 - 

The 'UNAPPROVED' minutes from the Women's Club meeting on Friday, Feb 16, 2024 are available on the Sunshine website HERE.     - Karen Baase,     WC Secretary

Sent 2024-02-22: WC Bylaws: Proposed Updates for Review & to be voted on at the Mar 15, 2024 Mtg -

As was discussed in the Feb 16, 2024 Women's Club meeting, the WC Bylaws have been reviewed and updates are being proposed. As promised, the proposals have been added to the Sunshine website for you to review prior to the next meeting on Mar 15, 2024. This website page contains:

  • the current Bylaws as of Feb 18, 2022

  • a document showing comments of why each of the changes are being proposed

  • the Bylaws as they would look if all changes are approved.

If you have any questions about the proposed updates, please contact Lisa Perrier or Pam Davis.

If you have any technical issues concerning the website, please contact Beth Parrish.

We hope to see all of you ladies at the Mar 15 meeting when the vote will take place.

- Lisa Perrier & Pam Davis


Sent 2024-02-21: Guys & Dolls Tournament - 


CALL ME - DELORIS PEARCY @ 417 830-1816

Sent 2024-02-21: VIDEOs: Annual & 2024 Board (1st Required) Mtgs - Both on Feb 20, 2024 - 

The videos from the following meetings held on Feb 20, 2024 are now available for viewing on the Sunshine website HERE.

- Tony Adams & Scott Kronshage (with assistance from Beth Parrish)     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-21: REMINDER: Valley Voices - 

Just a reminder that the Valley Voices will be performing in Retzlaff Hall this Friday at 2:30 pm. Doors will be open at 2:15 pm. Women's Club will be providing cookies, popcorn and for $2 you can cool off with an ice cream sandwich. Join us for an afternoon of great music.     - Jill Ventrello

Sent 2024-02-21: GNDGT Registration - 

See the poster below for info about the GNDGT Registration on Tues, Wed, and Thursday this week.


Please register early, do not wait until the last day, as you might be placed on a standby list.


We will be in the pool area on Tue and Wed and the Library on Thursday from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM.


Tony Tramel

Chair of Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament.


Don’t forget to attend the Neighborhood Watch Meeting today at 3:00 pm. in Retzlaff Hall.  This wonderful organization needs and deserves all the support we can give. See you there!

- Share Nelson,     SEPO President

Sent 2024-02-18: Tennis Players - 

Susanne Ulrich sent me a pic yesterday of the Tennis regulars. Two were missing (Nancy & Dave). It is such a great pic I not only wanted to put it on the website HERE but also send it in this email.

Tennis: All Year: Mon, Wed, Fri / Tennis Court)    8 - 11 am

- Beth Parrish (for the Tennis activity)

Sent 2024-12-18: AGENDA for 2024 Board First 'Required' Meeting on Tue, Feb 20, 2024 - 

The agenda for the Tue, Feb 20 1st Required Board Meeting of your 2024 Board is posted on the Sunshine website HERE. A paper copy of this agenda will also be posted in the SEPO office, on the poolside door into Retzlaff Hall and by the mailboxes. - Share Nelson (for Tony Adams),     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-18: AGENDA: ANNUAL Mtg - Tue, Feb 20, 2024 @ 1 & 3 PM - 

The agenda for the Tue, Feb 20 2024 ANNUAL Meeting at 1 & 3 PM is posted on the Sunshine website HERE.

A paper copy of this agenda will also be posted in the SEPO office, on the poolside door into Retzlaff Hall and by the mailboxes. - Share Nelson (for Tony Adams),     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-18: Garden tour: Salinas Farm (& Pics) - 

Thank you all for joining us at Salinas Family Farm in Lyford on Tuesday.  It was a beautiful day and very informative for vegetable and fruits. Cruz Salinas shared some of his experiences and garden secrets with us.  One I can share is: he has good luck planting celery with tomatoes.  In the valley we have a problem with white fly.  This has proven to help with his crop. Some went home with celery, tomatoes, strawberries, cabbage, purple sweet potato and oranges. They have a Facebook page and will announce "U Pick" for their produce when available. See pictures of your fellow residents enjoying this experience HERE.

- Garden Club, Susanne and Debbie

Sent 2024-02-18: Garden Club Speaker: Pictures - 

If you remember this announcement or even if you don't, the Sunshine Garden Club welcomed speaker Dr. Julie Mustard on Jan 9. The day started with a tour of Texas Avenue at the Butterfly Garden.  She pointed out what pollinators were present and how to attract more. Very Informative. See pictures of the participants intensely listening to Julie HERE.

Also Beth Parrish (Website Mgr) wanted me to remind you that she also posts our Garden Club News, Pictures etc on the Website HERE. If you haven't visited those pages recently or never, please take a peek.

- Susanne and Deb

Sent 2024-12-18: Gazebo Garden Clean Up - 

Seems the Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament is a good reason to spruce up the community. The woodworkers have saved their very best wood shavings to reuse by the gazebo. If you are able to help clean up freeze damaged plants by the gazebo on Thursday,  the 22nd, at 10:30 it will be greatly appreciated.  Once plants are trimmed we can put down the wood shavings. I always appreciate the help.  Thank you.

- Susanne Ulrich

Sent 2024-02-18: Message to Homeowners - 


A time for us all to get together is our ANNUAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS.

You MUST have placed your ballot envelope into the Ballot Box next to Valerie’s office before one o’clock, next Tuesday afternoon, February 20th, to have your vote counted in this election. THEN, be in Retzlaff Hall at 12:45 p.m. and go to the table that has the name of the street you live on and check in. The meeting will be called to order at 1:00 p.m., and we will learn if there is a quorum so the ballots can be counted.  We will recess the meeting until 3:00 p.m.


IN THE MEANWHILE, stay and enjoy the HISTORY OF SUNSHINE, a slide presentation of how we became what we are today.  Oh, and popcorn will be available. 

- Share Nelson

Sent 2024-02-17: REMINDER: MAR 2024 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day FEB 24, 2024 - 

Here's your first reminder that next month's Newsletter articles are due by end of day on the 24th of this month. They should be submitted to


This will be the FINAL Sunshine Newsletter for this Winter Season. This is a super way to get the word out about upcoming activities. Even if you don't have all of the information finalized by the Newsletter deadline, at least put 'what you do know so far' or even just a 'Save the Date' sentence in the Newsletter. It's also a perfect opportunity to recap past events and/or thank those who helped you with prior events/activities.

The Newsletter Guidelines are posted on the Web site HERE. Prior Newsletters,which you can use as examples, can be found HERE.

Please call with questions.
- Beth Parrish,     SEPO Newsletter Editor   Email:   314-960-6710

Sent 2024-02-16: Guys & Dolls - 

  Guys & Dolls Tournament 


The tournament has been postponed until next weekend 

February 23 & 24.

I will send out more information later.


Contact me at (417) 830-1816 if this 

doesn’t fit in your schedule. We will take

some new signups if we have dropouts


We can’t change the weather!


Deloris Pearcy

Sent 2024-02-16: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Financials, 2024-01 (Jan) - 

The UNAPPROVED January 2024 SEPO Financials are posted on the Sunshine Website HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions.     - Mark Owen,   SEPO Treasurer

Sent 2024-02-16: UNAPPROVED: SEPO Board Mtg (Reg) Minutes, Jan 16, 2024 - 

The UNAPPROVED minutes from the Jan 13, 2024 Board Meeting (Regular) can be found on the Sunshine website HERE AND viewed/printed directly from HERE. They will also be posted in the office. Please call with any issues or questions.
- Tony Adams, SEPO Board Secretary

- Assisted by Share Nelson

Sent 2024-02-15: 38th - 2024 Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament Feb 29 - Mar 2, 2024 - 

Registration for the 38th - 2024 Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament will be:

Tuesday and Wednesday, February 20-21st. in the pool area from 1:00 – 4:00 PM and 

Thursday, February 22, where it will be in the Library.  

Golfers must be 55 or older.   


This is a 27-hole, 3-day scramble with Prizes and an Award Dinner. 

The cost per golfer is $60.  Checks should be made out to SEPO.


Guests of a participating golfer can attend the award dinner for $20. Monetary and door prizes will be awarded.


Several of you will be preparing unique gift baskets for the Awards Dinner.  Please deliver your gift basket to Janis or Derek McFee at 2028 W Michigan before Saturday, March 2, 2024


Tony Tramel, Chair

The Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament Committee

Cell 337-693-6344

Sent 2024-02-15: Come say HI to Lassey Dahlstrom and Family - 

Hi folks! If you are out and about this Sunday (18th) between 4:00 and 6:00 pm stop by Lassey Dahlstrom’s house and say hi to her family and drink a toast to her health! All six (6) of her kids will be there and assorted grandkids and great grandkids—so stop by and enjoy the craziness!

Laurel Becker, Lassey's daughter and former Sunshine Resident

Sent 2024-02-15: Sunshine Activities/Events - 


In case you haven't noticed there are LOTS AND LOTS of activities/events scheduled for us here at Sunshine to take part in between now and the end of March.


Frankly, it's been a nightmare for me this today making sure everything has been updated correctly on the website. I know, I volunteered to manage the website. ANY TAKERS ONGOING? 🤩



Anyway - Enough about me. The reason for this email is to remind everyone that since there is sooooo much going on, please please please, remember to complete an Activity Request form for anything new that hasn't already been requested and approved by the SEPO Office. And if 'anything' with your original request changes, please resubmit a new form in order for the Office to approve your changes and update the SEPO Calendar appropriately. The process and form to do this can be obtained from either the Office or from the website HERE.


I concentrated on updating the following pages. But if you see ANYTHING out of whack on any of the web pages, contact me ASAP so I can get it corrected.

  1. Winter Season Activities Summary: FYI - The 2 pager was updated on this page. You will see on Page 2 I have color coded an event and it's Rain Date(s) this time. Hope that helps keep things straight.

  2. Winter Season Golf Events.


In order not to have to send an additional email, here is a reminder that if you think you may have missed reading a SEPO Email or if you need an information refresher, I always post all of the emails I send out HERE (currently going back to Jan 2021).

Sorry this got so long, but I hope all of the above is clear as mud 😃to everyone. Thx for your attention. Bye for now.     - Beth Parrish,     SEPO Communications   314-960-6710

Sent 2024-02-15: Dates for Women's Golf Events - 













Thank you for making this year a fun one!     - Nancy Lyne

Sent 2024-02-15: Guys & Dolls - 

         Tomorrow morning (weather permitting) the "Guys & Dolls" Tournament will begin. If you don't know when you are assigned to play the listing is posted in the Library.


          Tomorrow the morning session will meet in the library at 9:15 to get your score cards, hole assignments and to go over the rules. 


          We will do the same for the afternoon session to meet at 12:15.


          The weather forecast does not look favorable for play, but we have rain-out dates for next weekend February 23 & 24, so the tournament will go on. 

See you there!     - Deloris Pearcy,

Sent 2024-02-15: TX Ave Front Gate Hours - 

The hours for the TX Ave front gate are: Opens at 6 AM - Closes at 7 PM.

Beth has just now posted this info in the 'Residents' Section of the website. This web page is listed under the "Residents" Tab / "Front Gate".     - Tom Perrier,   SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-15: FREE Rose Bushes - 

As part of the preparation for sprucing up the entrance to the Community for the upcoming Good Neighbor Day Golf Tournament, Lalo will be removing the rose bushes at the TX Ave front gate entrance. He will be putting them in buckets and they are free for you to come get - first come, first served. Unfortunately, I can't give you an exact time when they will be available since Lalo is working this job into his schedule sometime today.

- Tom Perrier,     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-15: 2024 SEPO Election: GENTLE REMINDER RE: VOTING - 

GENTLE REMINDER - Voting for 2024 Election:

  • The absolute deadline is 1 PM next Tuesday, Feb 20.

  • Put completed ballots in the envelope marked Ballot Envelope.

  • Ballot Envelope goes inside ‘Attendance Proxy’ envelope.

  • 'Attendance Proxy' envelope goes in the Ballot Box in the office.

  • Don’t bring ballots into the hall for the 1 PM meeting on the 20th.

It’s critical if you don’t sign the ‘attendance proxy’, you need to come early (starting at 12:30 PM) to the 1 PM Tuesday meeting on the 20th to ‘check in’ in order to be included in the QUORUM number. 156 is required for a quorum.

I and and two Election Committee members will be doing ‘early’ proxy counting this Friday, Feb 16, at 1 PM. The more ballots submitted prior to then, the less time it will take to determine if we have a quorum at 1 PM on the 20th.


Please call w/questions, etc.

Beth Parrish,     2024 SEPO Board Election Committee Chairperson

Email:   314-960-6710

Sent 2024-02-15: REMINDER: 59 1/2 Minutes w/Brett Dana - 

Just a gentle reminder of my concert this coming Sunday in Retzlaff Hall. No Charge. See other details below. Hope to see you there.

- Fellow Resident Dana Boettcher (aka Brett Dana)

Sent 2024-02-14: Women's Club activity planning meeting - 

This is a final reminder of the upcoming Women's Club activity planning meeting. It will be this Friday, February 16th following the Women's Club meeting in Retzlaff Hall. Please come help plan a fun and exciting new season of activities here in Sunshine Estates. We already have a lot of great ideas, but your input is always valuable and wanted. Hope to see many of you there!

- Jill Ventrello,     Women's Club Activities Director

Sent 2024-02-12: B&N Club: Meeting Minutes from Feb 5, 2024 - 

The minutes from the Birding & Nature (B&N) Club meeting on Feb 5, 2024 have been uploaded to the Sunshine Website HERE.     - Deb Jones

Sent 2024-02-12: VIDEO & UNAPPROVED MINUTES: SEPO Board Meeting (Special), Feb 9, 2024 - 

The VIDEO and the UNAPPROVED MINUTES from the Jan 9, 2024 Board Meeting (Special) can both be found on the Sunshine website HERE. They will also be posted in the SEPO Office. Please call with any issues or questions.     - Tony Adams,   SEPO Board Secretary

Sent 2024-02-12: Guys and Dolls - 

Sign-up for Guy & Dolls Tournament will be closing on Wednesday February 14, 2024 by 12:00pm. We may adjust the starting times if the weather requires it. We will meet in the library before the start of each session to pick up your score cards and go over rules. You will turn in your scorecard each day at the end of your round. 

Hope to see you out there. For questions or concerns contact - 

Deloris Pearcy at 417-830-1816 or Nancy Lyne 308-870-4286

Sent 2024-02-12: WC: Valley Voices - 

It's almost Spring which means it's time for Valley Voices to come back and entertain us in Retzlaff Hall. They will be here on Friday, February 23rd at 2:30 pm.  The cost is free but donations are gladly accepted. Women's Club will be providing refreshments. Doors will open at 2:15 pm. For those of you who haven't been able to make it to one of their concerts, join us for an afternoon of beautiful music.     - Jill Ventrello

Sent 2024-02-12: Speeding - 

Hi All! I’ve been getting calls and having conversations with residents about vehicles speeding on our streets.

I’m looking into those things I can do to encourage people to slow down, but it truly comes down to recognizing that our streets have walkers, joggers, bikers and lots of golf carts!

Plus many folks have work being done on their homes by contractors currently. This means equipment and employees vehicles crowding the streets. (side note make sure your contractors have checked in with Valerie before starting work to get a permit for their vehicles)

I’ll be adding more signs and other visual and physical items, to remind drivers to keep their speed down.

But at the end of the day the majority of the people here are retired, what’s your rush! lol  20 mph is the speed limit but slower is safer. Thx

- Tom Perrier,     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-12: MARKET: Home For Sale - 

See my home at 1944 W Wisconsin Ave that is for sale on the Sunshine MARKET.

- Mirtala Bowman by

- Dana Weise,

Sent 2024-02-11: Karaoke, Friday, Feb 16 - 

Karaoke in the Hall on Friday, February 16th.

Please note a couple of changes.

  • First, doors will open at 5:30 and singing will start at 6pm.

  • Second, the Women’s Club will have a concession stand selling pulled pork sandwiches and chips for $5 (while supplies last), as well as, Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches for $2.


As always, bring a snack if you’d like, but not necessary. BYOB.


They’ll be dancing and remember, you don’t have to sing. Phillip and Patricia Lay will be your hosts and I will be running around like a crazy person as usual. If you’re looking for a good time that’s a golf cart ride away, don’t miss this event.     - Randy Davis

Sent 2024-02-11: Calling All Dogs and Cats - 

Hey Everyone - Sandra Delaunay will be coming to the Estates on Saturday, February 17th, 2024, to take care of your pet's nails. She will be starting at 11:30 am. The cost is ten dollars per pet. Please text Sandra and she will schedule your appointment. Sandra's number is 956-226-9919. Sandra will come to your home. Thanks,
- Marian Young,     719-468-4556

Sent 2024-02-10: Former resident passing - 

Former resident Fran Twesten passed away on Nov 10, 2023 at the age of 95.     - Nancy Johns

Sent 2024-02-10: Tx Ave - 

Hi all!

Just a reminder, the Texas Ave area is available for everyone to use and enjoy in Sunshine. So please do your best to keep track of where your dog relieves it self and pick it up. Nobody likes to drag that around on their shoes. We’re going to setup another bag station near the intersection of Tx/Mn/Mt so no one should have to go searching for a bag. Thank you     - Tom Perrier, SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-10: Soda/Pop in the Card Room - 

Hi friends! Just a gentle reminder to please pay the 50 cents for a soda/pop in the card room. Several sodas/pops have been unaccounted for in the past several days. Please remember that this money goes towards buying more sodas/pops, so that we don’t have to go out of the community to buy them. If the sodas/pops continue to disappear, we will have to stop having them in the card room. Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter.     - Pam Davis

Sent 2024-02-09: Practice golf net - 

The practice golf net in the storage area is open for use now.

- Frank Tewell,   SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-08: FOUND: Earring - 

I found this earring on the golf course today after league play.

- Contact Deloris Pearcy at 417 830-1816

Sent 2024-02-08: Salinas Family Farm Tour - 

Sunshine Garden Club Tour


Final details on our February Garden Tour in place of a regular garden meeting.


  • Date:  February 13th, Tuesday

  • Speaker:  Cruz Salinas, Agricultural Specialist

  • Where:  Salinas Family Farm, 7233 Simon Gomez Road, Lyford, Texas.

  • Time:  Meet by the library at 2:00pm. Let me know if you want to carpool.  


The tour will start about 2:30pm.  We will have to limit to 20 people.  A signup sheet will be in the library.  If more than 20 we can schedule another tour, so put your name down and we can keep you informed.


Cruz will be showing us his vegetable garden, fruit and citrus set up.  He has strawberries planted and in the future you can schedule a "U Pick Day".  Will discuss his raised beds, drip systems and custom made planting tunnels.  

- Susanne Ulrich

Sent 2024-02-08: Women's Club planning meeting: Activities for 2024-2025 Season - 

Just a reminder of the upcoming Women's Club meeting next Friday the 16th @ 9:00am in Retzlaff Hall. And following that meeting is our annual Women's Club planning meeting. This is your opportunity to have a say in what activities and events you would like to see scheduled for the 2024-25 season. Come and share your ideas!     - Jill Ventrello,   Women's Club Activity Director

Sent 2024-02-07: FOUND: Golf clubs - 

Found 2 golf clubs today after 1:00 pm. near hole 9. Stop at 4329 N. Missouri Street to claim. Thanks

- Susanne Ulrich

Sent 2024-02-07: Trash in the Storage Lot -  

Please - No more trash dumping in the Storage Lot area until further notice.

- Frank Tewell,     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-07: Woodworker meeting Rescheduled to 1:00 PM February 19 - 

Due to scheduling conflicts, the decision was made to change the February woodworker meeting from Friday, February 9, to Monday, February 19. Hopefully more people will be able to attend and I’m sorry if I’ve inconvenienced anyone.     - Chuck McEvoy,   President Woodworkers

Sent 2024-02-07: Fishing meeting changed from Feb 14th to Feb 12th - 

The fishing club meeting was scheduled for February 14th at 6:00 pm which is the second Wednesday of the month. Due to the Valentines Day holiday on February 14th, we have rescheduled the meeting to Monday, February 12th at 6:00 pm in Retzlaff hall. Thank you.

- Deb DesLauriers-Eich on behalf of Paul Lucas, Vice President


Sent 2024-02-07: REMINDER: SEPO Election Voting - 

I wanted to remind everyone that your ballots for the 2024 SEPO Election (1 for Board members and 3 for SEPO Covenants) are due to be deposited in the Ballot Box in front of the SEPO Office or mailed to the SEPO Office by 1 PM on Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024, AT THE ABSOLUTE LATEST


At that time another member of the committee and I will be determining if we have a quorum. A quorum is defined as the majority of the votes of the homeowners who are signed in as present at the 1 PM mtg that day along with the signed ‘Attendance’ proxies.

If you haven't voted yet and still have any questions about the ballots, please contact one of your Board Members. Also, the recording from the Jan 23 'Meet & Greet' session, where lots of great questions were answered, is also available here:


PLEASE NOTE: If you DO NOT vote, it's a NO vote.

Beth Parrish

2024 Board Election Committee Chairperson



Sent 2024-02-06: Golf practice net - 

The practice golf net will be closed in the storage area on Wednesday until we replace the pads . Probably two or three days.     - Frank Tewell,   SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-06: AGENDA: Board Mtg (Regular) - Tue, Feb 13, 2024 @ 1 PM - 

The agenda for the Tue, Feb 13 2024 SEPO Board (Regular) meeting at 1 PM is posted on the Sunshine website HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NEW Google Meet code for everyone to use for this meeting and for all Board & Residents meetings going forward is:


A paper copy of this agenda will also be posted in the SEPO office, on the poolside door into Retzlaff Hall and by the mailboxes by 1 pm Wed, Feb 7, at the latest.
Share Nelson (for Tony Adams),     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-06: AGENDA: Board Mtg (Special) - Fri, Feb 9, 2024 @ 1 PM - 

The agenda for the Fri, Feb 9, 2024 SEPO Board (Special) meeting at 1 PM is posted on the Sunshine website HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NEW Google Meet code for everyone to use for this meeting and for all Board & Residents meetings going forward is:

A paper copy of this agenda will also be posted in the SEPO office, on the poolside door into Retzlaff Hall and by the mailboxes today.Share Nelson (for Tony Adams),     SEPO Board

Sent 2024-02-05: Missing cash boxes - 

I had put out a notice a few weeks ago concerning two missing cash boxes from Women's Club but I still have not received them. So I'm putting out another notice. The last event I am personally aware of them being used is the craft/bake sale back in December. Please, if anyone has them or know who might have them, please contact me at 720-660-8417. Thank you.     - Jill Ventrello

Sent 2024-02-03: REMINDER: Potato Bake - 

The Womens' Golf

Potato bake is Scheduled for next Saturday, February 10. We need those wishing to attend to sign up in the library by noon on Tuesday, February 6.  This is necessary so we can order potatoes. The cost is $5.00 each. If you have questions contact Glenda Wetherbee at 425-418-0031

Sent 2024-02-02: Golf Course Cart Path - 


If you see this on the golf course cart path, it’s an indication that you’re 50 yards from the center of the green. The one pictured is on # 4, but we’ll be adding more holes later this week.


- Randy Davis: SEPO Board (from SEPO Facebook)

Sent 2024-02-02: Sunshine Community Gardens/Flowers - 

We cleaned up what we could. Now fingers crossed no more freeze temps.


Thank you Tom Perrier and staff for the mulch and transporting it to our sites.

Thank you Tony Adams for the plantings of the passion vine along wooden fence.

We are training them now to climb the fence. Should be beautiful. They were not affected by the freeze.


- Susanne Ulrich (Garden Club from Facebook)

Sent 2024-02-02: Resaca Water available again - 

Just so the community knows what is going on with the Resaca Water and the Pump now and in a few weeks.


Randy had posted this on SEPO Facebook yesterday.

It appears there is a major issue with the pump for our resaca water. We may be without the irrigation water for an unknown amount of days. There may be a “patch” done to get us to next week and an overhaul later, but prepare for the worst. We will keep you informed of the status. This will affect the golf course and your home systems. - Randy Davis


Last hour Randy posted this all is well message.

The pump is working, so we have irrigation water.

In a few weeks, we will shut it down for a couple of days for an overhaul. We will give you notice when this occurs so that you can plan accordingly.

- Randy Davis

Sent 2024-02-02: Casino Night: Thank You Cards Missing - 

Missing thank you cards!

Has anyone seen a box of these blank cards. I used them in 2019 after the last Casino night and they got stored. Please let me know if you have seen them or if they got thrown out. Thanks

- Dale Hopfner 431-739-2524

Sent 2024-02-01: Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament - 


FEBRUARY 16 & 17, Friday & Saturday

Signup sheets will be posted in the library tomorrow morning Feb. 2, 2024 by 10:00am. There are 3 signup sheets:

  • One for couples, (a team) who already know they will play together.

  • Another for unmatched Guys.

  • A third for unmatched Dolls. 

The last two will include space for phone numbers so teams can be arranged by the individuals.

     Play will follow typical scramble format, the rules will be posted to avoid any confusion.

     Cost is $10.00 per person (cash only). Money is to be placed in the envelopes provided. Please put your name or names on the envelope. Start time for the morning is 9:30am, afternoon start time is 12:30pm. 

     Saturday evening there will be a Happy Hour and awards ceremony. Everyone bring your favorite finger food to share, and also BYOB. It is always lots of fun!!!

Guys and Doll Committee

Contact Deloris Pearcy at

Sent 2024-02-01: Providing many new rock painting materials at the 5 February meeting - 

Rock painting materials donated includes:


Paint pens (mostly new and some gently used)



4 new artistro paint pens (× 2 black and 2 white)

2 new paint pen sets

7 new small chalk

Acrylic paint (2 lg & 3 sm 2oz)

Rubber gloves


Brief instructions on painting rocks


Hope to see all Sunshine Rock Club members, current & new, women and men,

Monday, Jan 5th in the hall at 1pm.


- Karren Amos

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