Women's Club Meeting Minutes 

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Minutes of Women’s Club Meeting

November 15, 2019

NOTE: These minutes are pending approval at the December 2019 meeting.


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President Eileen Anderson.


Terry DeBackere led us in prayer.



Cathy Richmond, Acting Vice President, reported 2 get well cards, 1 sympathy card and 1 thinking of you card have been sent since the October 2019 meeting.


The minutes of the October 11, 2019 meeting were read by Secretary Linda Almond.    The minutes will stand approved as read.


Cathy Richmond presented the treasurer’s report stating Total Income as $998.55, Total Expenses of $594.28 and the bank balance is $24,707.68. The report will be filed for audit. (Report attached)


New Residents

New residents present at today’s meeting are:

Janet Peterson and Sharon Ridlon



Lenore Combs reported on the Neighborhood Watch activities; the next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be November 18th at 3:00 p.m. She announced the following:

  •  A program on “Stop the Bleed” and a review of use of the AED will be presented at that meeting.

  • The Golf Cart Parade, in conjunction with Encore RV park, will be on December 7, 2019.  Details will be forthcoming.

  • Vendors and contractors are required to get an orange card from the office if their company name is not displayed on their vehicle(s).

  • Since the June flood many workers and contractors have been used to complete repairs; if you are satisfied / happy with their work have their name added to the Mr. Fixit list.

  • On January 10, 2020 the “Finger Licking Chicken” will be prepared; details will be forthcoming.   

  • The Police Department is encouraging everyone to complete their Personal Inventory list.

  • The Winter Texan Appreciation Day will be held at Casa de Amistad on January 20, 2020

Vickie Jones, Activities Director, reported on the following:

  • Thanked the committee members for the Octoberfest party; this activity made $980.00 for the Women’s Club.

  • She announced that Dr. Leibert’s group will present a program/music in Retzlaff Hall on December 16, 2019 at 7 p.m.

  • She encouraged members to sign up for the upcoming activities which are posted in the library.


Cathy Chajec announced that the signup sheet for Thanksgiving Dinner is posted in the library; follow the instructions for using the virtual tickets.  The committee will meet after completion of today’s Women’s Club meeting.


No one was present from the committee evaluating the pros and cons of the current kitchen stove versus purchase of a new one.


Lassey Dahlstrom was not present to report on the progress of the video presentation, You, Me, and Alexis.


Old Business

Terry DeBackere and Sue Swidryk volunteered to work on the Photo Directory.  Beth Parrish indicated once the project is complete, she will post it on the SSCE website.  Beth also reminded the members that she has sent an email requesting email addresses for several residents and asked for anyone to help getting that information back to her.

New Business

Members of the Nominating Committee were announced by President Anderson; they are Carolyn Anderson, Pam Lacy and Denise Utterback.

Concern was expressed regarding a lack of microphones for use during meetings. Motion was made and voted upon and passed by majority vote that the SEPO Board be contacted regarding purchasing additional microphones.  Lorraine Lewis volunteered to contact a Board member for this request.

Lorraine Lewis announced that for Friday November 29, 2019 bell ringers are needed for Salvation Army donations at Walmart; a signup sheet was circulated to the members present.

President Anderson received a request from the SEPO board to purchase four (4) sets of shuffleboard equipment (cues and discs); with a 10 percent discount the cost of 4 sets would be $600.00. A motion was made to donate $100.00 towards the purchase of this equipment; the motion failed to pass. A second motion was made, seconded and approved by a majority vote that the Women’s Club donate $600.00 towards the purchase of said equipment.  Per Marion Young, this activity will be every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

It was stated that detailed instructions are needed for operation of the media system in Retzlaff Hall. President Anderson will contact Wade Prater to see if he would be willing to develop these instructions.

Terry DeBackere announced the Craft / Bake Sale will be December 7, 2019 from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.in Retzlaff Hall.  The baked items are due the evening of December 6, 2019 and they should be wrapped and labeled.

Heidi Dill announced the next Crafty Creations will be December 4, 2019; members must pre-register in order to participate; the cost is $50.00.

Jean Eich announced that a signup sheet for serving ice cream at 7:00 p.m. for Sunday night music is posted in the library; the Eich’s will continue to purchase the ice cream.

Jean Burgoine said a new boom box that uses CD-R writable discs is needed for the swimming pool exercise activity. If anyone knows where one can be purchased or if someone would like to donate one, please contact her or Cathy Chajec.

A gift was given to the individual randomly selected for wearing her name tag (Bev McIntosh).

There being no further business a motion to adjourn was made and seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 10:03 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Almond, Secretary



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