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The following minutes from the May 5, 2020 SEPO Board Meeting were approved by the Board on June 5, 2020.

Tony Tramel
SEPO Board Secretary


2:30 PM, Retzlaff Hall, Wednesday, May 5, 2020

(Approved June 5, 2020)

 Lyn Swonger called the Board meeting to order at 2:30 PM, May 5, 2020, and asked for a roll call.  Those present at the meeting included, Lyn Swonger, Frank Tewell, Mecca Henry, Neil Morehead, Jerry Drost, and Tony Tramel.  The purpose of this meeting was to provide an official / documented process of nominating / appointing a person to the Board to fill a vacancy in accordance with the Board’s Bylaws.   Lyn Swonger indicated he had contacted Jim Kennedy asking him if he would take the position of President on the Board.  He then discussed it with another Board Member, and he initiated action and had Valerie issue a release to SEPO News, announcing Jim Kennedy had been appointed to the Board on May 2, 2020, without formal Board Action.  Lyn indicated, this process is what had been done in the past, and even he, had not always been contacted for Board appointments since serving on the Board. 

Both Mecca Henry and Tony Tramel, indicated our Bylaws clearly provide language of how vacancies on the Board are to be filled in Section 5.03, page 5 of 11, of our SEPO Bylaws:

5.03 A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, disqualification, or otherwise, may be filled by an appointment by the Board of Directors to serve for the unexpired portion of the term.

Mecca pointed out in dealing with our banks / financial issues we must be able to show official Board actions when appointing officers of the Board.  Minutes of the meeting are needed to substantiate / document these changes on the Board for our officer positions.

In an offer to resolve this situation, Tony Tramel offered the following motion: “I move to nominate and appoint Jim Kennedy to the SEPO Board in accordance with our Bylaws; contingent upon his acceptance of this nomination, and acceptance of the position of Board President, with the understanding Lyn Swonger would relinquish his current position of President, and would return to his prior position as 1st Vice President of the SEPO Board, if Jim Kennedy accepts todays Board action.”

The motion was seconded by Mecca Henry.  The motion passed unanimously.  Jim Kennedy was then contacted via cell phone by Lyn Swonger, and wherein he asked Jim to come to the Board’s meeting place.  Jim Kennedy arrived within five minutes of the phone call and was informed of the motion noted above, which had been approved by the Board.  Two questions were then posed to him, asking if he would accept being on the Board, first, and second would he also accept the position of Board President?  He provided a verbal “Yes” response to each of these two questions posed to him.  Jim Kennedy by his responses and the Board’s action, became (1) an official Board Member, and (2) was appointed as President of the SEPO Board, effective May 5, 2020.

Each Board member then formally Introduced themselves to Jim Kennedy.

Jerry Drost indicated there was a water supply issue with the Woodshop, and discussion about how to resolve it.  Apparently, the copper water supply line was covered with concrete, after the line was originally installed, and the chemical reaction of the copper with the lime in the concrete mix caused the copper pipe to deteriorate and created a major water leak.  Action was initiated to resolve this maintenance matter.

Openings / closings of SEPO buildings was discussed because of Covid19.  It was decided a formal statement would be prepared and reviewed with Board Members and then provided to Beth Parrish to publish in a SEPO Community E-mail to residents.  Tony Tramel agreed to prepare a draft and review with Frank Tewell.

Discussion about the need to keep SEPO Board meetings open to the public was initiated by Tony Tramel.  Section 4.03, page 4 of 11, of our Bylaws which is noted below: mandates our meeting to be open to the public:

Open Meetings
4.03 All meetings of the corporation’s Board of Directors shall be open to the public.


Additionally, it is his understanding SEPO Board meetings fall under the rules of the State of Texas and Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act, which can and does change by Texas Legislative actions, as noted in our Bylaws, page 10 of 11 under Articles XVII -Compliance which is restated as follows:

17.01 These Bylaws are set forth to comply with the requirements of the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act and the Protective Covenants of Sunshine Country Club Estates. In case these Bylaws conflict with provisions of said Act or said Protective Covenants, it is agreed and accepted the provisions of the Texas Non-Profit Act and the Protective Covenants of Sunshine Country Club Estates shall govern.


Both controlling documents indicated SEPO / the Board falls within complying with Open Meeting laws.  Each meeting should follow a published agenda, and the public should be informed of same.  Additionally,

To comply with Opening Meeting laws of Texas, we also need to provide sufficient notice of a pending meeting, i.e. one to be called, in the future.  We need to “Provide Notice” to the public at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.  This typically would be as a minimum, a notice posted on the Office Door and the location where the meeting will take place. The Board might also consider providing this information via a SEPO Email blast. The public, and in our case, residents of SEPO, may have interests in observing Board meetings and actions they make take and / or consider. 

Tony Tramel pointed out typically a Public Comment item should be included in any typical SEPO Meeting Agenda.  Persons would be able to provide their comment to the Board.   Specific rules can be developed and approved by the Board for such public comment periods on the Proposed Agenda for Board meetings. Examples of such potential rules might be: (1)public comments should be direct, (2) not involve personal attacks, (3) no inflammatory language is permitted during the public comment period, (4) specific time limits could also to be developed, like 1-2 minutes, etc., to ensure a smooth process might exist for both residents and the SEPO Board.

Follow -up discussion about this issue was initiated, which alluded to perceived requirements related to this subject by the Boards’ Policy and Procedures.  Lyn Swonger indicated if someone wished to speak at a Board Meeting, the person had to submit their request in writing and describe the subject of the issue, all of which had to happen several days prior to the Board meeting, and be approved by the Board President.  What Lyn described does not appear in the Board’s adopted Policy and Procedures but may have been a personal procedural request at one time by a sitting Board President, with the consent of the then sitting Board members and appears to be inconsistent with the Open Meetings laws. 

The Board reviews the forms received in the suggestion box.  Several Board members indicated if a complaint is received anonymously, they discounted the concern expressed.  For this process to be effective, the Board members request the suggestion form be signed, to legitimize the concern.  Using this approach, the Board might be able to directly contact the person to get more details relating to same. The specific name of the person submitting the suggestion should not be openly discussed at the Board meeting.

Mecca noted that she had received a suggestion form which indicated the golf Trail Fees may not have been continuously in effect since 2003.  The identification and use of these annual Trail Fees are contained in the Board’s Policy and Procedures document.  This document can and has been changed by sitting and former Boards multiple times in efforts to address and clarify language contained in this document.  (The last change to this document occurred on March 5, 2020, where the siting board expanded “immediate family” definition to include siblings of SEPO residents.)  It is alleged in one of the received suggestion forms, in at least one document copy of the Board Policy and Procedures, which had a 2015 date, the current language, which dedicates the Trail Fees to concrete pathway construction and maintenance were excluded from the published Board Policies.  Mecca indicated she would be researching that matter, and her findings could have an impact on her report made at the last Board meeting about this subject.

Frank Tewell indicated interior renovation had been completed in the exercise room during the closure of that facility.  This work included new paint on walls and baseboard, carpet cleaning and re-stretching of same in the room.

Meeting adjourned at 2:52 PM.

Tony Tramel
Board Secretary




SEPO Board Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2020

(Approved  May 5, 2020)

The following minutes for the April 29, 2020 SEPO Board Meeting were approved by the Board on May 5, 2020.
Tony Tramel
SEPO Board Secretary

Minutes of the April 29, 2020 Board Meeting

President Lyn Swonger called the meeting to order at 11:00AM, April 29, 2020. All Board members were acknowledged as being present, which included, Lyn Swonger, Mecca Henry, Frank Tewell, Neil Morehead, Jerry Drost and Tony Tramel. Larry Keller was also present as an observer.
No amendments to the proposed Agenda were considered by president Lyn Swonger. Lyn requested the minutes of April 22, 2020 be read by Tony Tramel. After the minutes were read aloud, a motion to approve them as read was made by Mecca Henry and seconded by Tony Tramel, the motion passed unanimously. A second motion by Mecca Henry to approve the February 18, 2020 meeting was made, this meeting had two segments; the 2020 Annual Board Meeting, where the results of the election were announced, and the first Board meeting of the newly elected members for 2020. The Board took some time to read the provided minutes for the February 18, 2020 Board meeting, and the Board approved the Minutes as  submitted. Copies of the approved minutes for each of the meeting dates are attached and made part of the minutes for the April 29, 2020 meeting.
Tony Tramel inquired if Jerry Drost and Neil Morehead had taken the Board members Oath of Office, and completed the required statement with their signature pledging they would, (as identified in Section 4.02 of SEPO’s Bylaws, page 3 of 11);

“I, ____________________ will faithfully discharge the duties of the Board of Directors of Sunshine Estates Property Owners, Inc., and will to the best of my ability uphold and follow the Covenants, By-Laws, Conditions, and Restrictions of Sunshine Country Club Estates, so help me God.”

“This executed Oath of Office, shall be keep on file at our office, for a period of 2 year past the end of service as a Director.”

Both Neil Morehead and Jerry Drost indicated in the affirmative they each had executed the required pledge and provided the original to SEPO’s office prior to the Board meeting.




Mecca reported on her research regarding golf cart trail fees. A summary of her findings was presented to the Board and is shown in the summary table which follows, showing the amount of funding collected for Golf Cart Trail Fees, and expenses associated with concrete Golf Cart paths, from 2003-2020:

Summary of Collected Trail Fees and Expenses for 2003-2020

Currently the total Trail Fees collected from 2003 through the date of this report is almost $47,000. It should be noted this fee could be considered a “User” type of fee. If you do not drive your golf cart on the golf course, no Trail Fee is needed or collected. Only if you “use” the golf cart trails, do we require a Trail Fee payment. Approximately $10,800, has not yet been used for the purpose intended. The Golf Trail segments where no concrete pathways existing include:

  • Number 1 fairway, from tee box to existing pond bridge

  • Number 3 fairway, from tee box to number 4 tee box, and

  • Number 4 fairway, from tee box to the existing cart path, leading to Indiana Circle

Mecca Henry indicated it took some time to verify the expenses, because in at least one prior budget year, the expenses for this effort were not clearly identified. Lyn Swonger stated he has consistently marked / annotated the related expenses for golf trails and he will continue this practice. Funds that remain in this account should be carried forward in each budget year for construction and maintenance of the concrete pathways pursuant to current Board Policy and Procedures. Neil Morehead asked if the trail fee would be eliminated once the concrete paths are completed. Lyn indicated maintenance will still be needed.

Since this issue is part of the Board Policy and Procedures, the Board can set any new and / or revised policies to address this matter in the future.
Mecca indicated our current budget document did not identify the revenue for trail fees to be carried forward as currently described in the Board’s Policy and Procedures. Mecca intends to consult with our CPA firm to identify these Trail Fee revenues and related expenses and account for them in accordance with accepted accounting principles and practices. She indicated a journal entry most likely will need to be made, in order to provide documentation regarding this oversight in carrying the Trail fees forward when the 2020 Budget was prepared, and also to continue this practice in accordance with the Board’s adopted Policy and Procedures. Tony Tramel moved to accept Mecca Henry’s report on Trail Fees and authorize her in consultation with SEPO’s CPA firm to make the necessary budgetary adjustments consistent with accepted accounting practices. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously.
Mecca Henry also reported the budget sheets provided to her, and which she has published, and the 2020 Budget document presented by Mark Owen, do not match. There were two expense line items lines that were not put into QuickBooks, which is our accounting bible. Two project type expenditures; concrete trail construction of $6,000, and $2,400 for LED lighting type improvements for the buildings within Michigan Circle, needs to be included under QuickBooks line item as “Other”, in our 2020 Budget. Each Director has the funding, it is just split a little differently, when the April financials were posted at the end of the month. Mecca Henry will notate those two lines in the budget and provide the documentation concerning these two projects. The Budget is not changed, the entry of all the 2020-line items was not verified before Mecca assumed her position as Treasurer.
Mecca also asked if someone could report on when or if the Board approved the 2020 Budget, as she could not find anything in the minutes approving same. She voiced her concern that nothing official was in the 2019 Minutes of the Board, regarding approval of the 2020 Budget. Both Lyn Swonger and Frank Tewell verbally reported the 2020 Budget document had been approved by the prior Board in a meeting, and it must have been an oversight in not reporting the approval of the 2020 Budget in the minutes. Based upon those statements, which Mecca Henry is relying upon, she indicates she would provide monthly financial reports as noted per her discussions and presentation. Mecca Henry presented the following Treasurers report to the Board.

Board Review of Potential LED Lighting for Texas Avenue

Tony Tramel presented material related to potential options for street lighting for Board discussion for Texas Avenue. He explained that before taking the position of Secretary he had been assigned the Directorship which included streets, common ground, and Texas Avenue. While in this first week of assignment, he inventoried several potential improvements that might be considered for projects. One of them was to determine if the Board might consider changing the daytime, and more importantly the nighttime appearance of Texas Avenue. Obviously, this central entrance sets the tone for Sunshine Estates Country Club impression for visitors and our residents. He indicated, this hopefully open discussion, was in no way a criticism of how we got here, regarding street lighting on Texas Ave. Tony Tramel felt the look of Texas Avenue at night could be called the Lowes or Home Depot of lights. Adequate but not modern, or attractive to the eye. He indicated he had found a LED downward facing light fixture, that appealed to him and was seeking feedback about the potential use of these type fixtures. There are total of 24 fixtures on Texas Avenue, with 4 of these fixtures located outside our gates. A copy of the product information sheets was provided to each of the Board, and follows:

Potential LED Lighting for Texas Avenue - Submitted to Board


These 60-watt fixtures would replace, the 150-watt bulbs used in the 24 existing lights, which represents a significant cost saving, (estimated to be approximately $1,200 per year for all 24 lights based on an assumed rate of $.12 / kWh).
Additionally, Tony Tramel proposed we could “try out four of these fixtures” outside the gate so we could see what they look like and evaluate them. If this Board decided they did not like them, or if the Community did not like them, we could easily remove the light fixtures and send them back, as these light are listed on Amazon, and they allow free returns. By using this technique, we have little or no risk in trying something Tony felt would be enhancement to the quality of life and environment of SEPO. Lyn Swonger, said, “I think the existing light is a good light”. He indicated the Memorial Committee had paid for those lights and they were installed in June 2015, and he already had one person indicate they did not want to see any change.
This led to discussion where, Tony Tramel continued to advocate, this project, or for that matter all capital- intensive projects should be determined by a positive consensus of the Board during budget preparation and or when presented to the Board. Currently the Director responsible for Texas Ave, Neil Morehead, has complete and total authority to decide, what if anything, using budgeted SEPO funds can be expended on Texas Ave. Tony Tramel maintains there is a need for the entire Board to discuss projects and build consensus regarding this proposal. When others asked Neil what he thought, and also saying, “it is Neil Morehead’s decision” it became apparent, there would be no Board consensus on this proposal. Neil Morehead indicated he thought the light was a good light but was not a $130 worth light. He indicated he is only here until the end of the year and he does not want to get involved in any project that has to be left for someone else. Neil Morehead noted each of the 24 light fixtures are being repainted and re- connected to the vertical pole to provide a better appearance, and LED light bulbs will replace the current incandescent bulbs as time allows by our SEPO employees. He indicated that he thought 4 of the lights had new LED lightbulbs. Tony Tramel indicated he was aware of this effort, however, if one were to move towards the LED streetlights, we would not be using staff time to repair our existing lights fixtures, if we choose new equipment.
Tony Tramel indicated he was amazed at how the Board reacted to this proposal to try 4 fixtures outside the gate considering:

  1. There is no financial risk.

  2. The fixtures look modern and clean.

  3. The light generated by the fixtures is aimed at the ground where it is needed, rather than 360 degrees.

  4. We get a trial period, to try them out, before deciding on their suitability, and acceptance.

  5. The change from 150 to 60 watts for each fixture saves significant money in power cost, estimated to be enough such that this saving in 2-3 years would pay for the cost of the proposed LED fixtures.

  6. The lights have a 5-year warranty.

  7. SEPO residents could be surveyed and / or they could provide comments during the trial period.

  8. If the Board or Community does not like the new look and light color, one can return to our existing fixtures, and

  9. The initial proposed project would only include 4 fixtures, with a maximum financial cost of $500 or less.

There was not a single positive feedback / discussion by the Board regarding this proposal.
Tony Tramel indicated to the Board he had strong feeling regarding this matter, and he offered the Board another proposal. He offered to personally pay for the 4 lights outside the gate, have them installed, and the Board and the Community could decide within 2-3 weeks of their installation if they liked them or hated them. If it was determined the Board did not like them, then he would replace the existing Home Depot type fixtures to the 4 lights outside the gate, and we would remain as we are today. He asked for the Board to consider this request. Jerry Drost indicated he thought the LED light fixtures would provide a very crisp light and the light would be directed where it needs to be onto the ground rather into space. Jerry Drost thought the light was a great design for Texas Avenue.
Tony Tramel then inquired, if someone on the Board in general, could identify what specific items are programed to be used in the 2020 budget for the $5,500 identified for Texas Avenue. Frank Tewell responded, “that is an extraordinarily strong question!” Tony Tramel responded he thought it was in fact a very fair one, as he did not know what was planned or programmed for the $5,500 identified for Texas Avenue.
The Board failed to respond in any positive way to either of the proposals provided concerning potential change in lighting for Texas Avenue, and Tony Tramel dropped the discussions other than he would like to continue the pursuit of this request. He asked the Board members to work together in building better communications and consideration of other ideas to provide what is best for our SEPO community.

Unfinished Business

Tony Tramel indicated for the record; Lenore Combs had withdrawn her request for $1,000 from SEPO to purchase a replacement golf cart for Neighborhood Watch services. It appears she was able to define an alternate means of securing sufficient funding without SEPO assistance, through outreach and private donations. Therefore, no further discussion for this item is needed under Agenda item Unfinished Business.
Under other Unfinished Business it was indicated we would have more discussions about use of Lyn Swonger’s personal golf cart while acting as the Director responsible for the golf course. Lyn indicated the point Mecca noted at last meeting, that Lyn Swonger could use one of the maintenance golf carts when providing duties supervising the golf course. Lyn Swonger indicated this is the course of action he is now using.
Discussion about how SEPO should respond to the Covid-19, the Texas governor’s and Cameron County’s restrictions would be implemented. The consensus was to take a wait and see approach, use good judgement and social distancing, and to also protect our own employees as well. There were no recommended changes to our current restrictions that were in place on the date of the meeting, other than opening the Woodshop. It was decided later that restrictions in the Woodshop would include social distancing, masks and a maximum occupancy of 7 persons. We agreed a review of our current and future changes would be addressed in future Board meetings. Frank Tewell indicated the Library was open on weekends so persons could gain access there for library resources, board games and puzzles, which have become popular r. It was decided Tony Tramel would prepare a draft Board release for Frank Tewell and others to review, and/or comment, and once it was in writing we would publish SEPO restrictions out via an Email blast and post signing, and we also agreed we would adjust as needed in the future.

Jerry Drost then inquired about what expenses he should, or might anticipate, in the storage shed area. It was indicated Mecca would provide him a condensed version of the prior year budget to see what was historically spent in this area. Weed poison was identified as a major cost for this large graveled area. Other related discussion included there were about four times a year 120,000 lb. heavy trucks delivering golf course sand, and some discussion about paving a portion of the storage area, even though it most likely is not very practical or economical to consider.

Filling of Vacant Board Position

Mecca Henry asked Lyn Swonger if he was going to discuss the above referenced agenda item he had requested about the filling of the Board President position. He indicated it would not be discussed as it was not the right time, therefore no discussion took place.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made and approved at 11:58 AM.


Tony Tramel
SEPO Secretary

Click HERE to view above referenced "copies of the approved minutes from previous Meetings on Feb 18, 2020 and April 22, 2020".


SEPO Board Meeting Agenda

11:00 AM, Retzlaff Hall Wednesday, April 29,2020

Proposed Agenda:

  • Call to order.


Roll Call

  • Mecca Henry

  • Lyn Swonger

  • Frank Tewell

  • Neil Morehead

  • Jerry Drost

  • Tony Tramel

Adoption/Amendments to Agenda for meeting Administer Oath of Office and execute same if needed for:

  • Neil Morehead

  • Jerry Drost


Review and approval of prior minutes of Board Meetings

  • April 22, 2020

  • February 18, 2020

    • ​Annual Meeting from 1:00PM – 3:00PM

    • First Meeting of New Board 4:00PM - 4:30PM 




Budget 2020

  • Cart Path Funding & Accounting Process

  • LED Lighting Project for Retzlaff Hall

Board Review of Options for Lighting Change for Texas Ave (Neil and Tony)
Filling of Vacant Board Position

Unfinished Business
New business
Future Board Issues



SEPO Board Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2020

(Approved April 29, 2020)


Minutes of April 22, 2020 Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order by President, Lyn Swonger at 11:00 AM on April 29, 2020 with the following Board Members present:

  • Lyn Swonger

  • Frank Tewell

  • Neil Morehead

  • Mecca Henry

  • Jerry Drost

  • Tony Tramel


Discussion ensued about a request received from Lenore Combs / Neighborhood Watch to provide $1,000 to supplement other available funding to replace the existing golf cart, which has become an unreliable vehicle to operate Neighborhood Watch patrol.  The discussion revolved around the current condition of the cart and options which might be available to repair / replace Neighborhood Watch cart.  It was determined there were too many unanswered questions before the Board could act on the request.  The board asked that Lenore obtain written proposals for a new golf cart, and have Frank obtain information regarding prior maintenance.  A tentative Board meeting was scheduled for next Wednesday, April 29, 2020 to resolve this matter.

Lyn Swonger requested consideration for naming Jerry Drost to the Board, who would responsible for Area 3, Storage & Shop Area, Shuffleboard, & Tennis Court.  Neil Morehead moved to nominate / accept Jerry Drost for that position on the Board and was seconded by Tony Tramel.  Said motion passed unanimously.  Jerry was welcomed to the Board.  A formal swearing in will occur at the next Board Meeting, noted above as being scheduled for next Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Lyn Swonger noted Golf Cart Trails / pathways have been recently completed from tee box 5 to number 9 green.  Funding for these improvements comes from the annual $25 per cart fee. Researching this matter after the meeting, it was determined that on page 5 of 8, Item 8 of the adopted Boards Policy and Procedures, the following is provided:

“18.  All Trail Fees collected will be placed in a designated fund for golf trails (concrete paths) and not be placed in the general funds.  Such funds will be strictly used for maintenance or installation of new golf trails.”

There was significant discussion about how this funding has been handled in SEPO budgets over the years.  Mecca indicated she would review the historical records and provide a report at the next meeting and provide recommendations for Board action, if needed.

Jerry Drost asked if the storage lot fees should be limited to improvement in the storage area.  It would appear those fees are not restricted to that use; these fees would be general fund revenues.

Motion by Tony Tramel to approve the minutes as provided at the meeting; to approve and accept the minutes provided / submitted  to the Board as published on SEPO Web site for Board Meeting of March 9, 2020, which is provided HERE.

Board voted to approve the minutes unanimously.

New Business

Neil Morehead asked consideration for SEPO to provide a golf cart for the Director in charge of the Golf Course for his use in carrying out his SEPO duties.  This was prompted because Lyn has used his “new” golf cart for significant hours in conducting his duties.  Options considered, was some form of “mileage compensation”, maintenance paid for personal cart, etc., however, there cannot be any compensation to Board members.  SEPO has an extra golf cart, and therefore, could be used by Lyn rather than his personal golf cart.  It was decided to place this item in unfinished business to be discussed at next Board meeting, again scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Mecca briefed members that once a monthly financial report has been provided, one cannot change those reports after they are published. Apparently, a request was made to change an expense line item more than a month after the monthly financials had been closed.  Expense items assigned to an incorrect expense items are legitimate adjustment; however, it must be made in the following month(s) report.   A journal entry will be needed to acknowledge these types of changes.  No adjustments / reassignment of expenses or revenues can be made retroactively.  Mecca will document these type of journal entries when needed.


Frank Tewell indicated he could not find a line item that he had submitted for the current year project to do LED lighting in Retzlaff Hall.  Mecca indicated she would look at this matter and report at the next meeting.


Jerry Drost requested that the shop area be improved to make it look more professional.  Lyn responded that several residents have decided to “drop off” miscellaneous items, which occurs two or more times a week.  It was pointed out that Harlingen residents can dispose of up to 500 lbs. of trash at the Harlingen Landfill each month, if they bring proof that they pay Harlingen utilities, (i.e. a copy of their water bill).  Other solutions offered were locking the gate, video surveillance, signs, emails, etc.  This issue will be followed up in next meeting, to see if it is a real problem and / or options under unfinished business.


Tony Tramel requested that descriptions of “projects” for next year’s budget be developed so every Board member can see the requests.  Once compiled each project can be presented by the responsible Director, so that they can be discussed, reviewed, receive comments and  the Board will be aware of each project so it can be prioritized for inclusion in next year’s 2021 Budget year.  Tony Tramel also volunteered to help in this effort by leading this financial programming / planning request.


Meeting was adjourned 11:25AM.




Tony Tramel

SEPO Board Secretary


SEPO Board Meeting Agenda

April 22, 2020

  • Discussion of Golf Cart for Neighborhood Watch

  • Finishing of Cart Paths on Golf Course

  • Appointing of a new Director

  • Reading of the minutes, which have not been read in record.

    • For SEPO Board Meeting Minutes March 9th, 2020 10:30AM




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