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 SEPO Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

See Also: Covenants - Exhibit B concerning ACC

(This is from April 2021 Newsletter)

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is alive and well and working in conjunction with the SEPO Board to actively cause residents to follow the Covenants, Bylaws and Policy & Procedures of our Community. Every resident in our community has a legal obligation to comply with our Covenants and Bylaws.  These Covenants and Bylaws run with land. They can only be changed by specific votes of our community which are identified in the Covenants and Bylaws.  The SEPO Board nor the Architecture Control Committee can approve any construction that conflicts with our Covenants. Every owner has this same obligation.


We are aware there may have been past construction, either intentionally or unintentionally, which conflicts with our Covenants and/or Policy & Procedures. The ACC is diligently working to identify and trying to mitigate such infractions. The enforcement action by the ACC and/or the SEPO Board is an obligation that is mandated in our Covenants. This effort is to be consistent for the safety and fairness to all the Owners in Sunshine Country Club Estates.


If you are considering work on the outside of your home, repairs or building projects you want to do, based on our Covenants which run with your property, you are mandated to submit a request for review of such a project and obtain their approval before any construction commences. The appropriate ACC Forms are located in the library and can also be printed HERE.

There is one warning that needs to be stated.  Applicants should obtain a building permit from the City of Harlingen or the Town of Combs or obtain a written statement on letterhead from either of these agencies, that state “No building Permit is Required by City of Harlingen/Town of Combs” for the work shown on the attached documents, signed by an appropriate building official from the respective city/town.


Once you have obtained either a building permit or statement that no building permit is needed from Harlingen/Town of Combes, attach your submitted material, and complete the ACC form.  Then please submit your form to Valerie in the office. The Architectural Control Committee meets the 1st and 15th of each month. If an emergency arises please contact any person on this committee.


Thank you for helping to keep this community strong and beautiful.


Respectfully submitted,

ACC Committee     Terry Lacy, Brad Anderson, Kathleen Sunder, Dave Fleiner

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

- View/Print Form HERE -

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