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SEPO Community Emails: February 2023

Sent 2023-02-01: Home For Sale - 

See the home, 4132 M MO St, on the Sunshine MARKET that is for sale for Robert and Cheryl Ross.

- Cindy Shriver, broker/owner,     Dream Valley Properties LLC     956-970-0449

Sent 2023-01-06: NOTICE of Board Executive Session, Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023 - 

The below will be posted in the SEPO Office, on the poolside door to Retzlaff Hall and by the mailboxes prior to 1 PM today.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Immediately after the Board meeting (Regular) in Retzlaff Hall

(Board members Only)

This is a formal notice to the SEPO community that Board President, Share Nelson, has called a SEPO Board Executive Session, for Board members only, to be held Tuesday, February 7, 2023, immediately after the 1 PM Board meeting (Regular) in Retzlaff Hall. There will be no access permitted into Retzlaff Hall, other than Board members, during this Executive Session.

This is a closed session as permitted by Texas law. As stated in Section 4.03 of the SEPO Bylaws, the Board may discuss:

  • Enforcement action in violation of Covenants or Bylaws.

- Share Nelson     SEPO Board President

Sent 2023-02-01: AGENDA for BOARD (Regular) Meeting on Tuesday, Feb 7, 2022 @ 1 PM - 

The agenda for the 1 PM, February 7, 2023 SEPO Board (Regular) meeting is:

  • available to view/print directly from HERE

Valerie will be posting a paper copy prior to 1 PM today:

  • in the SEPO office

  • on the poolside door into Retzlaff

  • the mailboxes

Please call with any questions / issues.

Beth Parrish
2022 SEPO Board Secretary & Governing Documents

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