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SEPO Community E-Mails: November 2020

Sent 2020-11-30: Thank You to the Board - 

I want to send a huge personal Thank You to Tony Tramel, Board Secretary, for investigating using virtual software for the Board meeting today. I know he spent several hours figuring out the best approach/software to use to do that. And that involved several tests with residents prior to the meeting in order to get it set up and to provide as clear as possible instructions on how to join the meeting.

And I also want to send out a personal thanks to the SEPO Board for being open to providing a Virtual Board Meeting today.

In this Covid-19 stricken world it is comforting that we have options, such as a virtual meeting, to keep everyone 'safely' informed about our wonderful Sunshine community.

Thanks again,     Beth Parrish

Sent 2020-11-30: Remember - Residents Only in Sunshine - 

A friendly reminder - now that Encore is for all practical purposes "Shut Down" - we have to remember that we are RESIDENTS ONLY for all our facilities. Let's please be careful.    Thank you.   Jim Kennedy   President SEPO Board

Sent 2020-11-29: NOTICE: Former Sunshine Residents and SEPO E-mails - 

As of Dec 1, 2020 all Former Residents of Sunshine will no longer receive SEPO E-mails. Your option to keep informed of what's going on here at Sunshine is to utilize the Sunshine Web site. Within 24 hrs of being sent to the Community, all e-mails are posted HERE. If anyone needs help with utilizing the Web site, feel free to give me a call.
Beth Parrish     SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-29: ACTION REQUESTED: Do you currently have a renter in your Sunshine residence? - 

I am in the process of cleaning up the SEPO E-News distribution list regarding renters in Sunshine. My plan is to keep all CURRENT renters (who have supplied me with their e-mail address) on the list. However, on Dec 11, if you haven't confirmed a renter, they will be removed from the list. Thank you for your quick response to this request.
Beth Parrish     SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-28: Agenda for Board Meeting Monday, Nov 30, 2020 - Retzlaff Hall, at 3:00 PM - 

The Agenda for the SEPO Board Meeting on Nov 30, 2020 is posted HERE.

Sent 2020-11-28: SEPO Board Minutes: Nov 23, 2020 - 

The Minutes from the SEPO Board Meeting on Nov 23, 2020 are posted HERE.


Sent 2020-11-28: Instructions for "Google Meet" (to be used at next Board Meeting on Monday, November 30) - 

Virtual SEPO Board Meeting
Instructions for using “Google Meet”

This is an experiment for the SEPO Board.  There may be several technical difficulties in making this work but this an attempt to provide access to our Board meeting, while recognizing our Covid-19 restrictions.

We are attempting to make this happen with only 24 hours to see if we can get it to work. Please bear with us for this first trial run.

I am sure we will learn from this attempt, and I want to assure you, we are trying to make this happen within our limitations.  All we can do is hope for the best.  We will have an assessment of our success, or not, after our Board meeting.

If you have a gmail account getting online for the meeting is straightforward.  If you do not have a gmail account, you may need to download/install the “Google Meet” app on your iPhone or Android before proceeding.

It is suggested you begin signing in for this 3:00 PM virtual meeting by 2:45 PM.

Notwithstanding this issue: Please click on this link or paste into your Browser on your device -   Once connected to this web page and if a code is requested, enter the following code.

Once connected to Google Meet, you will need to turn on your screen and microphone of your device. 

Once doing that, it is requested you mute your microphone, so background noises are minimized.

Once you are muted, you will have to “unmute” your device on your end to speak.

The software we are using is free and may not have all the bells and whistles other online meeting software may have.

Let us hope for success.
Tony Tramel
SEPO Board Secretary

Sent 2020-11-27: Marketplace Update: For Sale - Bistro Table & Four Chairs - 

The Sunshine Marketplace has been updated with the following and contains pictures.

 "FOR SALE" - Bistro Table and four chairs (Added 11-27-2020)

  • Contact: Jim or Mari Tennant

    • 4161 Missouri

    • 616-866-9960

  • $125

Sent 2020-11-27: CORRECTION: SUNSHINE NEWSLETTER - December 2020 - 

The 'corrected' Newsletter has been posted on the Web site HERE and also sent to Valerie to print and place in the Lounge. Please contact me with any corrections, questions etc.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-23: FINAL REMINDER: DEC 2020 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on NOV 24th - 

This is the FINAL reminder. If you have an article you would like published in the DEC 2020 Sunshine Newsletter, it needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of the current month. I have only received three articles, so if you have 'ANYTHING' the community should be aware of please send it to me. Newsletter Guidelines are posted here. Please call with questions.
Beth Parrish     Sunshine Country Club Newsletter Editor   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-22: Bell Ringing - 

Hi Everyone, Due to a lack of interest, we will not be ringing bells at Wal-Mart on the 27th. If you're feeling generous this year, please remember the Salvation Army. Thanks,     Marian and Sally

Sent 2020-11-22: Agenda for Board Meeting Monday, November 23, Retzlaff Hall, at 1:30 PM - 

The Agenda was sent to the Sunshine Community via e-mail and has also been posted on the Web site HERE.

Tony Tramel   SEPO Board Secretary

Sent 2020-11-20: Gate On Texas Ave Update - 

Small set back on the progress of our Gate on Texas Avenue, has been repaired. Key Pad Entry was set this morning and we are now back in business. Key Pad Code is available HERE. If you may need a gate opener for your vehicle please see the office and Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Have a Blessed Day!!
Neil Morehead, Director of Common Area 3.

Sent 2020-11-20: Former Resident Passing - 

From Beth: My bad - I forgot to state that it was Murphy Koory who posted on Facebook that his wife Shirley Koory passed away yesterday. His post said: To all my family and friends. My beautiful Wife Shirley passed away this afternoon. Her pain and suffering are over. I am so sad and lonely.
Beth Parrish     SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-20: From the family of Arlene Keller - 

Dear friends of Sunshine Country Club Estates,


We would like to thank all of you for your condolences and honorariums for the passing of our mother, Arlene Keller.

For those of you who attended mom's live-stream service, a very special thank you.


Many of you have provided her with numerous years, too many to count, of wonderful, loving memories. For that, we will be forever grateful! We find peace and comfort knowing mom is with dad again, probably square dancing, playing cards or golfing. All of which they loved doing together!!!


We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and we thank our good lord for such loving friends.



Larry & Lehua Keller

Denise & Jerry Utterback


Sent 2020-11-18: Covid-19 Update (sent by SEPO Board) - 

Sent by Lyn Swonger (SEPO Board)


Sent 2020-11-18: 4:00 Scramble - 

Inviting all golfers to join us in our 4:00 scramble.  We play every day.  No charge, No prizes. All level of golfer welcome. Just fun golfing with different people every day.  Meet beside the shuffleboard court at 3:45.  Teams are determined by a draw of cards.  Something fun to do during this trying time of COVID regulations.    Donna Myers

Sent 2020-11-17: NEW: Table of Contents now on Web site (Hope you like it.) - 

NOTE: Replies to the information below are requested and welcomed.


As you can see (hopefully) in the picture below I have added some additional items under the HOME Tab on this Web site. Everything in the list - with the exception of the "Table of Contents" - had previously been accessible on this Web site.


Here's my request to all of you.

  • I would appreciate if you go out to the new 'Table of Contents' page and see if you can find anything I may have misstated, linked to incorrectly or anything else that may not be accurate.

  • Let me know if you like this page/format or 'constructively' make suggestions.

​Thanks in advance for everyone's input on this endeavor. Trust me, it was not an easy (or quick) one. I'm trying to make it easier for Sunshine residents and the rest of the world to find out what we're all about here in this wonderful community of Sunshine. So please help me do that.


Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin


Sent 2020-11-17: REMINDER: DEC 2020 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Nov  24, 2020 - 

If you have an article you would like published in the Sunshine Dec 2020 Newsletter, the article needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of this month. Newsletter Guidelines are posted HERE. Please call with questions.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-16: Sunshine possible events - 

Since (at this time) all of the remaining activities the Women's Club had originally planned for this winter season are Cancelled, I am trying to come up with some activities that Sunshine residents can help me organize and partake in - and that also follow SEPO Covid-19 restrictions.

If I get some volunteers to help me plan/execute these endeavors, the next step will be to obtain approval from the Board to schedule them.

In the next few months I would like to put together:

  • a golf cart scavenger hunt rally

  • a lawn games event 

  • a golf at night glow game event.

I need at least 3 volunteers per event to help me plan and organize each one. If you are interested, please email me at or call me at 847-452-7804. Thanks in advance for help with this.     Sue Swidryk

Sent 2020-11-15: Neighborhood Watch VIRTUAL Meeting Monday 16 November 2020 - 

Click HERE for the Virtual Meeting & Info.     Lenore Combs


Sent 2020-11-15: Resident Death - 

I have been informed that Carol Campbell passed away today. Please keep her husband Gene and her sister Virginia Carubia in your prayers.     Cathy Richmond

Sent 2020-11-15: Veterans Day Program: Video now on Web site - 

One of our Sunshine residents was able to capture on video some/most of the Women's Club Veterans Day Tribute last Wed, Nov 11, 2020. Today I figured out how to load it to the Web site HERE for any of you who would like to view or re-view it. It's my first time loading a video out there, so if anyone has any issue viewing it, give me a call.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-15: Toys for Tots - 

Dear Friends - I recently received permission to place this box in the Sunshine Library for our convenience. 
Contact me if you have any questions etc. Thanks     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276 


Pic_Toys for Tots.jpg

Hello Everyone here at Sunshine, 

Earlier today, the Harlingen Police Department dropped off a Toys For Tots box.  It will be in the Sunshine Library for the next few weeks just waiting to overflow. If you can find it in your heart to donate a toy for this cause, it would be deeply appreciated. The mission is to provide a tangible sign of hope to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas. It is one of the top rated charities and our PD teams up with the local Marine Corps League. It is also a 501 C (3). A donated ~ ten dollar toy of your choice will make some child’s day.   Just wrap it simply with a ribbon and place “BOY" or "GIRL" and the age visibly on the bottom.  Ultimately, Harlingen PD, with its partners, has access for the distribution plan which is usually mid December. I have worked a bunch of these and they are breathtaking – to see the kid’s eyes light up for a gift – and to see them sit on Santa’s lap for a photo op – wow!  Thanking you in advance for your marvelous generosity.
Lenore J. Combs  956 245 1276
Harlingen Citizens Police Academy Alumni Member

Sent 2020-11-14: Sunshine Heroes Wall of Honor - 

Project Background - It was decided here at Sunshine that we would recognize our neighbors, not for a single act of heroism but their heroic service. We wanted to recognize the people from our community who made a commitment to give part of their lives for the benefit of others. This is what the SUNSHINE HEROES Wall of Honor represents.  It is our way to recognize them and say thank you for your service. 
Last Spring in Retzlaff Hall, we unveiled our Sunshine Heroes Wall of Honor complete with their engraved names on an individual metal plate. There is also a Memory Book of photos of our heroes. This touching monument serves as a reminder that many of our residents sacrificed their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. (See picture below.)
You may support this wall by completing an application and some brief information (form available at SEPO Office). We would like a photo in uniform. Jim Tennant is available for questions 616 866 9960.
What is a Veteran?  - whether retired, discharged, active duty or reserve – is someone who at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to ”The United States of America” for an amount up to and including his or her life. (Author unknown)
What Is A Hero? - defines a hero as a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.
A true hero is someone who gives of themselves for the benefit of others, sometimes at great personal risk. There are many in our community who have given parts of their lives in the service of our country regardless of the risk.  There are those who have chosen a career of community service – Law enforcement, First Responders and Fire Fighters are examples. All these people have given freely of themselves for the benefit of others. These are a few examples of what we can all recognize as heroes, but we do not usually honor them for their service.
If you save a person from a car accident or give CPR to someone you would be recognized for heroism. The person who donates blood to help others is a hero. A person who may donate an organ or bone marrow is a hero. Are these very special people any more heroic then the others who served us?
Jim Tennant 


Sent 2020-11-14: Salvation Army Bell Ringing - 

Hello Everyone, For several years, we here at Sunshine have been bell ringers for the Salvation Army. Our usual day is the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Sally Dronen and I will be coordinating this event. Due to covid-19 and people being laid off, the food banks are low on food. 100% of the money collected stays in the valley. The North and South side doors at Wal-Mart have been reserved for our group. One or two people at each door, for one hour, are needed to ring the bells. The times are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. There will be a signup sheet in the library on the 14th. The date to ring bells is Friday, November 27, 2020. The Salvation Army will provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment like gloves, masks, hand sanitizer), but if we supply our own, they can save their supply for others.
Questions:     Sally Dronen  479-531-3421 or Marian Young 719-468-4556
Thanks in advance,     Marian

Sent 2020-11-13: Resident Passing - 

I have been informed that Betty Long passed away on 11/12/2020.
Valerie Basaldua     Office Manager

Sent 2020-11-12: Arlene Keller - 

Dear friends of Sunshine Country Club Estates,
Below is the link to Arlene's obituary:
For those of you who are interested in attending Arlene's virtual services, below is the link for the live-stream service on Monday, November 16, 2020 at 11:00am.
Arlene made her wish known that in lieu of flowers Memorial contributions may be made to either the "VFW Post 4549 Military Museum" or to "Shriners Hospitals for Children" in her name. Contributions should be mailed to the funeral home in Arlene's name:
Goodwine Funeral Home
In memory of Arlene Keller
303 E. Main
Robinson, IL  62454
Thank you for your love and support during this difficult time. Blessings to you all,
Larry, Lehua, Denise and Jerry


Sent 2020-11-11: Room/Area Scheduling Request Form is now available on the Web site - 

The Room/Area Scheduling Request Form is available HERE to print and submit to the SEPO Office when you are in need of scheduling an event. The form is also available in the office. Please call the SEPO Office with questions about/concerning this form. Please call me if you have any issues with viewing/printing this form.
Beth Parrish    SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-11: Scheduling in the Gazebo - 

Sunshine Residents - 
A friendly reminder to let every everyone know that there is a signup sheet for the Gazebo in the office. (Per Beth: It will also be available to print from the Web site soon.) If you would like to reserve time for your group, please check with the office to avoid any possibility of overlapping of dates.
All rules that are in place for our Community apply. See HERE for those rules. 

  1. Masks and distancing

  2. Keep the groups to 10 or less

  3. Residents ONLY

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Jim Kennedy, President
Neil Morehead, Director of Common Area 2

Sent 2020-11-11: PLEASE REVIEW: SEPO E-Mail Guidelines (Updated Today, 11-11-2020) - 

The SEPO E-Mail Guidelines were updated today and can be found on the Web site HERE. They can also be printed from the Web page. Please read thru them carefully as I have expanded the "CAN BE SENT" section somewhat. And made a few other minor changes. Please call w/questions.
Beth Parrish     SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-11: Concerning Replies to SEPO E-Mails - 

Hi All – I know we have had lots of new neighbors move into Sunshine this year. So, the following may be new to some of you. This is also a reminder to those of you who have seen my ‘do not reply’ request before.

My ultimate goal with this e-mail is to help you understand why you shouldn’t reply to a SEPO e-mail unless you are requested to do so. I am going to attempt to explain how things work when you want an e-mail sent to the community.

  1. A resident sends information that he/she wants the SEPO Community to see by e-mailing that info to The Guidelines for requesting a SEPO e-mail to be sent are located on the Web site here. (NOTE: These guidelines were updated today, 11-11-2020)

  2. The e-mail request from the resident comes to the sepoenews mailbox, which is monitored by the SEPO E-Mail Admin. At the current time, that is me, Beth Parrish.

  3. Upon receipt of an e-mail request, please give me 48 hrs to send it out. However, I often get them sent the same day. If your request is an emergency – let me know that and I will get it out as quickly as I can.

  4. When preparing to send the e-mail a Resident requested be sent out, I copy and paste it into a system called Send-In-Blue. That is why you see the ‘unsubscribe’ message and Logo at the bottom of each e-mail sent.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, click here

Send-In-Blue E-Mail Logo.jpg

  5. When you receive a Community E-Mail from the Send-In-Blue system the following are constant:

  • The ‘From’ always says SEPO Community.

  • The ‘To’ is the e-mail address that you, as a Resident, has supplied to me.

So now – in ending this long explanation – here are the KEY points to remember:

  • I am the only one who receives REPLIES to the sepoenews mailbox.

  • That means I am the one who would need to ‘forward’ your reply to the composer of the e-mail. I do forward them sometimes, but I cannot guarantee all your replies get to the person you had intended to see it.

  • That is why it is so important to reply to the COMPOSER of the e-mail, unless you are requested to reply directly to All Resident e-mails that have been supplied to me are HERE.

I am sure most of you know I do spend a lot of time working on SEPO communications – E-Mails, Web site and the Newsletter. I am happy to volunteer to do this, but also want you to understand some of what I do and why I request ‘no replies’ to e-mails sent out. OK – I’m done now. LOL.
Thanks for your understanding with this matter.

Beth Parrish
SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin

Sent 2020-11-11: SEPO October 2020 Financials - 

Hello Homeowners, HERE are the financials for October. Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see everyone soon.     Mecca Henry     SEPO Treasurer   (469) 766-4245

Sent 2020-11-11: MARKETPLACE: More Items For Sale - 

FYI - More items have been added to the Web site Marketplace page recently. Please go check them out HERE
Beth Parrish     Web site Admin

Sent 2020-11-09: Veterans Day - residents agenda - invitation - 

All the information you need/want to know about the Women's Club: Veterans Day Tribute can be found and printed HERE. Please call w/questions and I hope to see you at the Tribute tomorrow (Nov 11)

--  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276

Sent 2020-11-09: Street Map now on Web site - 

Several people have asked if there was a Sunshine street map on the Web site. And now I can say YES. It is located HERE which is the second tab under the Home Tab. This is the map that was distributed to the community way back when we repaired the streets. It's kind of fuzzy but the bigger you make the page the clearer it is. If anyone using a computer to view the map needs help with making the Web page bigger, give me a call. There's also an option to print the document from the Web page.

Couple of other things:

  • If anyone has a more recent and/or clearer picture, give me a call.

  • If you see any mistakes on this map, let me know as well.

Please call w/questions.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-07: Veterans Day Tribute - call out for helpers - Committee Meetings scheduled - 

Dear Friends, Planning is in the works for this Wednesday Veterans Day 11 NOVEMBER program
Meeting: Welcome for all those with interest and sharing of ideas  - meet at the Gazebo Sunday  8 Nov and Monday 9 Nov  3pm at the Gazebo. Won't take long    😷     ❤ 
--  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     USAF Nurse Veteran, SCCE Resident

Sent 2020-11-05: Former Resident Passing - 

I was just informed that former long time resident Arlene Keller passed away this evening around 5:15 PM.
Kent Dart

Sent 2020-11-05: Web site 'Page Not Found' Messages - 

Sometimes I send out e-mails that include the Web site address that takes you directly to a document or a Web page. Wellllll - I have discovered something during my editing of the Web site that, although it makes my work easier, it sometimes makes that address that I sent to you previously no longer valid. You will know that because you will get a 'Page Not Found' message when you click on it. If you run across this error message, please let me know immediately so I can set up a re-direct page to where you were trying to get to. And, yes, I know. To some of you this is all gobbldy-gook. Just remember, if you get a 'Page Not Found' message on the Sunshine Web site, let me know.  Thanks
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-05: Web site Directories have been updated as of 10-31-2020 - 

Due to the confidentiality of the information an e-mail was sent to ONLY all current residents informing them that all Resident Directories on the Web site have been updated as of 10-31-2020. Any residents should please let me know if you have any issues, questions and (particularly) updates to this data.

Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-11-05: Come Play Pickleball - 

There is a small group that would like to expand pickleball play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9 AM (weather permitting). Come Join Us! All levels of skill welcome. Great exercise!!     Marlene Hall

Sent 2020-11-05: SEPO Board Nominating Committee (2021) - Update and Request - 

Hi Everyone – My name is Dana Weise and I am Chairing the 2021 SEPO Board Nominating Committee. Dan Danks and Bill Peterson are working with me on this committee. I know this e-mail is lengthy. However, I hope it gives everyone a better idea of our current situation. Please read through to the end and help us out, if at all possible.


To refresh everyone on how this committee works here is an excerpt from the Sunshine Country Club Estates (SCCE) By-Laws (located on the Web site HERE).


The following is from the -






1957 West Michigan Drive

Harlingen, TX 78550



Nominations and Ballots


6.01  The Board of Directors shall, at least sixty (60) days before the election, appoint a Nominating Committee of three (3) to five (5) members to submit a slate of nominees for Directors to be placed on a ballot for hand delivery or mailing to members. The nominating committee shall post its selection of Nominees at least ten (10) days prior to the January Meeting of Residents and Directors. The Committee shall submit its nominations to the members at the January meeting of Residents and Directors and nominations from the floor will be accepted. The Board shall thereupon validate the status of members, as defined under Article II herein, and cause the committee report to be posted on the Club House bulletin board for a ten (10) day period. At or about noon of the tenth day the report will be removed from the bulletin board. A paper ballot shall be prepared, under the direction of the Board of Directors, to include the nominations of Directors and other items authorized to appear on the ballot.

(See the Web site HERE for additional information and next steps.)


To update you on our progress in getting possible Board nominees, our committee has been speaking to many residents about the upcoming ‘four’ positions that will be available on the Board. While attempting to recruit potential candidates, the responses have been less than favorable to take on this position/duty, at least in the number of residents I have personally spoken to.


I have gotten some good assistance and advise from residents who have lived here in Sunshine CCE for many years, who have either been previous Board members or have run for the Board in the past. The comments and advice I have received have been enlightening and have helped me better understand how the Board’s (volunteer positions) can be somewhat demanding and time consuming for many of them wanting or accepting to take the time they feel is required.


This is something I had expected when I was asked to head-up the committee. I graciously accepted the challenge and recruited a couple other residents to assist me with the search for (committed and reliable) residents who:

  • Would have some true and sincere interest in accepting a nomination.

  • Are willing to work together as a Team Player with the other Board Members.

  • Would put forth their best efforts to help and keep this fantastic community that we are all partnered with (as residents).

  • Would continue making this Development, in all aspects, the same beautiful and appealing community we all like and enjoy.

  • Would be Proud to be a part of the highly successful environment it is today.




I and the rest of the committee are asking ALL RESIDENTS if any of you have any interest at all in partaking in becoming a Board Member? I would like to make it a Private and Confidential sit-down/meet in person with me and the other committee members to discuss and answer each of your questions, concerns and responsibilities of the Position of becoming a Board Member. Hopefully, this may provide a more comfortable atmosphere for both those of you who have resided in Sunshine for some time, as well as the newer residents. Confidentiality, I believe, is the key ingredient so that no one will know who the nominees are until it is deemed necessary to announce them prior to election voting.


An isolated/private location will be determined at a later date. I am also willing to sit down with any resident (in Private) to listen to everyone’s advice and/or opinions to HELP make this a successful process.

Thank you for your assistance in helping our committee finalize the best possible Candidates for Sunshine Country Club Estates!


Kindest regards,

Dana Weise

SEPO Board Nominating Committee Chairperson (2020)

Address: 4312 N. Minnesota St

Phone: (775)-470-9057

Sent 2020-11-04: ARE YOU INTERESTED: Top Golf Outing - 


Topgolf is a golfing game that anyone can play (and win). Score points by hitting micro-chipped golf balls at giant dartboard-like targets on an outfield. The closer you get your ball to the center or 'bullseye' and the further the distance, the more points earned.
There are games for all skill levels....novice to well seasoned. No experience needed.
Guests of all ages and experience can score and win.
You reserve a private bay which holds 4 or 6 players. You compete with your friends.
Top Golf has a full eating menu, appetizers, flatbreads, sandwiches, salads, burgers etc. as well as drinks to purchase. There is a charge for food and drinks. But you are not required to eat or drink.

The nearest Top Golf location is just off the highway in Pharr.

COVID-19: Guests are required to wear a facemask at Topgolf Pharr, upon entry to the venue until you get to your table or bay, and while moving throughout the venue. When in your bay at a safe social distance from other guests who are not in your group, you are not required to wear a mask - this includes while eating, drinking or hitting. Masks are not required for children under the age of 4 or for those with underlying health conditions.
I'm trying to determine if there is any interest in participating in an outing of folks from Sunshine. The date would be either Tuesday, November 17th or Tuesday November 24th from 3pm to 5pm.

If you are interested, call SueBob, 847 452-7804.

Sent 2020-11-04: Veterans Day tribute - forming a committee - 

Dear Friends, On Wednesday  11 November we will have a Veterans day tribute (sponsored by the Women's Club). See the Details HERE. May I please have some volunteers to assist. Flag bearers for Branch Flags etc. Ushers for the gazebo area. Tentative gameplan:  Golf Cart  procession down to the Gazebo, small tribute - see attached poster.

If anyone wants to help please contact Lenore  956 245 1276
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276
USAF Veteran * SCCE Resident

Sent 2020-11-04: Picture directories - 

Anyone that didn't get their directory before I left last spring can stop by 4324 N Kansas to pick theirs up.  I also have extras for sale if any new residents would like one..( sure helps to put a name with a face) ....cost is $15.00 payable to SCCE Women's Club.     Terry DeBackere

Sent 2020-11-03: Gate on Texas Ave - 

Minor maintenance on gate and will be open 2-3 Days. We will keep you posted on any updates.

Sent by Valerie Basaldua (Officer Manager) for Frank Tewell/Neil Morehead

Sent 2020-11-03: Sunshine MARKETPLACE: 5th Wheeler for Sale - 

Items have been added to the Sunshine Marketplace HERE. Please check out this page, if you haven't done so yet.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin

Sent 2020-11-01: Sunshine Web MARKETPLACE - Household Items+ Is Up and Running

Just now I added the first "Free and For Sale" items to the Sunshine Web site "Marketplace: Household etc" page HERE. Please peruse at your leisure. Hopefully you will find something that you need/want. If you have any items you would like me to post for you, follow the guidelines posted HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

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