SEPO Community E-Mails: October 2020

Send 2019-10-19: Birding and Nature - 

Birding and Nature Club will be meeting on Monday, Nov. 2nd at 5:00 p.m. in the gazebo on Texas Avenue.  Please, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and wear your name tag. You may remain in your golf cart, if your prefer.  A microphone will be used. Business to be discussed includes appointment of two officers, Christmas Bird Count, and plans for 2021. This group is open to anyone in Sunshine who enjoys birds and nature. No expertise is necessary.  After the business meeting, we will stroll through the Texas Avenue area discussing whatever birds and vegetation we encounter. Perhaps, a brief history of the part the Birding and Nature Group played in the creation of this area will be given. Newcomers are always welcome. See you there.     Jean Burgoine

Send 2020-10-19: Attention Pet Owners - 

Texas Avenue will be shut down for 2 hours this afternoon (Oct 19) in order to spray for Insecticide. Lalo will be spraying at 1pm and to keep your pets safe, we ask that they stay off that area for 2 hours. The Doggie Area in Storage Lot will be available to you and your pet. You may take your pet out on Texas Ave after 3:30pm. Thank you
Valerie Basaldua     Office Manager     Sunshine Estates Property Owners

Sent 2020-10-18: NW - CERT virtual meeting for Monday 19 October 2020 - 

Click HERE for the Virtual Meeting & Info.     Lenore Combs

Sent 2020-10-17: REMINDER: NOV 2020 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Oct  24, 2020 - 

This is a reminder - If you have an article you would like published in the Sunshine Nov 2020 Newsletter, the article needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of this month. Newsletter Guidelines are posted HERE. Please call with questions.
Beth Parrish     Sunshine Country Club Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 1010-10-16: Report as to what is happening in our Community - 

Greetings- A quick report as to what is happening in our Community
The Nominating Committee is progressing very nicely. Dana Weiss will be heading the Committee and may be reached at 775-470-9057 by phone or text. We thank Dana for his help and if you would like to help him or volunteer to be considered a member of the Board, please reach out to him, it would be much appreciated!!
Visited with Frank this morning, The folks from the gate company met with him this AM and we are still at the mercy of the manufacturer because they are not making any parts at this time.  Not only can we not get the part from any where in the US, there is not a new gate available in the whole country. This is due to the virus and the plants are closed.
Frank also mentioned that there will be some painting of gutters done around the office area next week. He does keep the buildings looking sharp.
Thanks and Stay Safe.  
Jim Kennedy
SEPO Board President

Sent 2020-10-15: Found - 

I found a Liftmaster opener near the mailboxes.     Call Randy  222-6876

Sent 2020-10-15: DATE CORRECTION: Wood Shop 1st Meeting - 

I need to apologize for the email I sent out. I had the wrong date. The correct date for the first meeting is on Friday, October 23 at 1pm. See the corrected details below.     Marian Young

Hi Neighbors, I'm sending this out to the community to encourage new residents, who might be interested, to join the Wood Shop. We will be having our first meeting at the pavilion on Friday, October 23 at 1:00 pm. Jack Berning, Vice President, will conduct the meeting. Masks and social distancing are required. The Wood Shop has several members who can answer questions about woodworking, stained glass, other projects, and the use and care of the equipment. All are welcome!     Marian Young, Secretary

Sent 2020-10-11: Web site: Change to "Residents' Only" pages - 

A while back I added a 'search' feature to the Web site - under the 'site contents' Tab, which then necessitated everyone to reenter the Password multiple times when pulling up the following documents:

  • Resident Directory (sorted by Name and by Address)

  • Resident/Renter E-mail addresses

  • Renter Directory.

​Today I combined the links to these documents onto one page, which means you only need to enter the password one time to get to any of the above docs. The revised page is:

Hopefully, everyone will appreciate this change. And as always, if you every find anything wrong anywhere on the Web site, let me know immediately.

One final note - I'm still working on a site Table of Contents. It is nearing completion. But if I keep changing the Web site as I did above, it requires me to change the Table of Contents too. I can't win!! HA Thanks all.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:

Sent 2020-10-11: BEWARE: E-mail scammers using your friends/acquaintances e-mail addresses - 

It has been reported to me that some of the Sunshine residents have been getting e-mails from, what looks like at first glance, friends/acquaintances of theirs sending them abnormal requests. Some of the types of e-mails they have been receiving contain the following:

  • Asking for transfers and payments to be made for them

  • Subject said - I need for you to help me to get something like  . . .
    Then they want you to go buy vouchers and tell him the numbers on them. 


At first glance you think it is an e-mail address you know. But be sure and look at the spelling of the address carefully if you suspect anything at all. Stay safe out there in cyberworld.

Beth Parrish     SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin

Sent 2020-10-11: From Jim Kennedy -

There has been a rumor floating around that there have been board meetings held with just four members present. This is untrue!!!! I want to nip that in the bud right now. There is absolutely no truth to this what so ever!! There have been social events, like last Friday at my wife's birthday when board members were there as friends, but that is it period.
I realize that I am being labeled a "SOB" for not relaxing the regulations we have in place because of the virus. My concern right now is the health and well being of our community. I will live with that "label" just to keep our community safe. I would like nothing better than to see the Thursday Happy Hours resume and that we could have a Potluck to introduce new members of our Community. The Valley is still being listed as a "Hot Spot" for the virus, so this is not the time to become complacent.   
Jim Kennedy


Sent 2020-10-09: SEPO September, 2020 Financials - 

Hello Homeowners, The Financials for September went sent via e-mail and are also posted on the Sunshine Web site HERE.  Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
Mecca Henry     SEPO Treasurer   (469) 766-4245

Sent 2020-10-06: Residents of Sunshine Country Club Estates - 

Normally we have a scheduled Board Meeting in October and that date would have been next Monday the 12th. But as you know, these are far from normal times. After visiting with some Board Members, it has been decided to postpone this meeting till a later date. There was nothing pressing at this time to warrant putting on an agenda.
Things have been progressing smoothly and things that do pop up can be handled internally.
Frank and Neil have been working on getting the front gate fixed. It has been a struggle getting the necessary electronic part to repair the gate and right now we are at the mercy of the manufacturer, who is, because of the virus, slowing production on these parts. We are also checking on the feasibility of purchasing a new gate.
Frank is keeping the pool and office area running very well. He and his helpers are painting and maintaining so things look great.
Lyn has been busy as usual with the golf course. The cart paths are all poured and look impressive. Course is in beautiful shape!!
Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding through these strange and difficult times. All of our guidelines such as: Residents Only!!, Retzlaff Hall remaining closed, masks, distancing and no groups larger than 10 are asked for our Residence.  Please stay safe everyone!!!!
Jim Kennedy SEPO President

Sent 2020-10-05: Saturday Golf Scramble October 10th - 

Thanks to Tony Tramel, there are now sufficient players to re-try starting this event. The sign-up sheet is posted on the wall outside the office where golf league info is posted. Team assignments will be posted there Friday afternoon. The $1 prize fee can be deposited in the Saturday lock box in the lounge or brought to the Pavilion before 9:00 on Saturday. Scorecards will be available then. 
As indicated before, prize distribution will be in the pavilion after play. Bring your own drinks, if desired. SEPO restrictions regarding carts, masks, etc. will apply.
                                                                                  Grace &Warren Clark


Sent 2020-10-02: What's Going On At Sunshine - 

Hi All - Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

I'm being told there's not a lot going on at Sunshine right now. However, I spent quite a few hours this past week attempting to get the Sunshine Web site up to date with what is going on and upcoming.

I'm requesting everyone to please look through this page AND click on the various links to view the details behind this summary of current/upcoming/cancelled activities.

Oh, I almost forgot. On Sep 30 I updated the following and put them on the Web site in the Residents Only section:

  • Directories (sorted by name and by address)

  • List of e-mail addresses

  • List of residents and their photo book page, along with the names of new residents

  • Pictures of all New Residents were added

If anyone sees ANYTHING ANYWHERE that needs updated, please let me know.

I hope everyone who's traveling to their southern home has a safe trip. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone who will be there this winter season. I'll be there soon.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710


Sent 2020-10-02: Saturday Golf Scramble - 

There are only four people signed up for the proposed re-start of this activity October 3rd. Therefore, it is cancelled until further notice. The $1 prize fee will be returned to those who have paid.
We are disappointed that the interest in the scrambles appears to have diminished. These attracted as many as 90 participants in the past, and provided friendly competition and the opportunity to become acquainted with other residents.
We will consider starting this again, if there is sufficient interest expressed, or more residents have returned to our community.
If someone else wants to attempt a re-start, please contact us for materials.

Grace & Warren Clark


Sent 2020-10-02: Woodshop Orientation Class - 

Any new resident wishing to take the Woodshop orientation class contact JOHN CHAJEC at 708-280-8940. Class will be next Thursday, Oct 8th at 4 PM in the Woodshop. Class will be limited to six people. Reserve your spot. Wear your mask.     John Chajec

Sent 2020-10-01: Sunshine National Night Out - 


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