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SEPO Community E-Mails: September 2020

Sent 2020-09-30: Garage Sale in Sunshine - 

Dear Friends - Several families are planning a Garage Sale - Thurs  Fri  Sat  1 - 2- 3 October   9am - 3pm 
I would like some volunteers for Neighborhood Watch Patrol during this time. Contact me for questions, Thanks
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276     Coordinator SCCE NW - CERT


Sent 2020-09-28: Golf Tags - 

I want to inform you that we have received our yellow tags for your golf bags. All residents who will be golfing, not only have to have a tag on your golf cart, but also have a yellow tag on your bag. Please call the office before stopping by so I can have it ready for you. At the current time Covid-19 restrictions do not permit anyone other than current residents on the golf course. At such time in the future when other than residents are permitted on the course, they should also stop by the office to temporarily check out a yellow tag for their bag.
Please remember to continue to practice social distancing and wear your masks in all Sepo Buildings that are open … Thank you and Stay Blessed!!
Valerie Basaldua     Office Manager   Phone (956)425-1420 Fax (956)425-1420

Sent 2020-09-26: Sunshine Residence For Sale - 

1949 W Michigan Dr - 

  • Home Owner: Marsha Remington

  • Contact & Phone #: Lolly Burns agency - Carly Thomas agent (956-423-0400)

  • Description:

    • Located on the golf course at the 9th hole. 

    • 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom home plus Office.  

    • Many sun porches!!

    • Separate laundry room with lots of storage.

    • Garage with separate work room.

    • Bright kitchen and living area.


This listing is also on the Sunshine Web site  (

Marsha Remington


Sent 2020-09-26: Sunshine Residence For Rent - 

4317 N Kansas St -

  • Home Owner: John Whitley

  • Contact: John Whitley (​956-551-0266)

  • Renting For: Full Time Rental

  • Description:

    • 1 Bed, 1 Bath

    • Pets: Preferably small

    • Smoking not permitted in Home

This listing is also on the Sunshine Web site (

John Whitley

Sent 2020-09-25: SUNSHINE NEWSLETTER: October 2020 - 

The first Sunshine Newsletter for the 2020-2021 Winter Season has been sent out. Please take the time to read it all the way through. This season is going to be very different, so this is a great way to keep up-to-date on the Dos and Dont's around Sunshine.

As always, it has been posted on the Web site HERE and also sent to Valerie to print and place in the Lounge. Please contact me with any corrections, questions etc.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-09-24: Saturday Golf Scramble - 

We are proposing to re-start this activity Saturday, October 3rd, if there is sufficient interest. A minimum of eight players must be signed up by Friday noon, October 2nd.

Changes to the old procedures are as follows:

  • The sign-up sheet and $1.00 prize fee deposit box will be in the Pavilion starting Sunday afternoon, September 27th.

  • Score cards can be picked up in the Pavilion Saturday before play.

  • Prize distribution will be in the Pavilion after play.

  • Since Retzlaff Hall is closed, bring your own drinks, if desired.

  • SEPO rules regarding use of carts, masks, etc. apply.
    (Refer to the Sunshine Web site for these rules:

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact us.
Grace & Warren Clark(956-792-2931)

Sent 2020-09-24: Name Tags for pickup - 

I just want to take the time to welcome our New Residents and welcome back our Winter Texans.

We have received name tags for our New Residents plus a few other residents. The names are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. Please call the office before stopping by, so I can have it ready for you. 

  • Art Serna

  • Bobby Crouch

  • Bonnie Hancock

  • Brenda Crothers

  • Carol M Ledy

  • Chuck Anderson

  • Cindy Goertzen

  • Corky Ball

  • Dan Crothers

  • Dave Girard

  • Dave McAfee

  • DawnRae Leonard

  • Deb Jones

  • Diana Girard

  • Dianne Holten

  • Frank Leal

  • Fred Lowe

  • Jean Ann Hopkins

  • Jenny Thornton

  • Jerry Utterback

  • Jill Ventrello

  • Kenny Dill

  • Larry Reed

  • Lloyd Hopkins

  • Lynn Reed

  • Michael Kinser

  • Patricia Jorgenson

  • Patricia Utterback

  • Pattie Wood

  • Phaedra Serna

  • Richard Leming

  • Rick Whitley

  • Ro Garrett

  • Ron Clark

  • Sandra McAfee

  • Sandy Lowe

  • Shan Vaughan

  • Sharon Whitley

  • Steven Holten

  • Suzanne Gustafson

  • Terry Goertzen

  • Tim Thornton

Please remember to continue to practice social distancing and wear your masks in all Sepo Buildings that are open … Thank you and Stay Blessed!!
Valerie Basaldua
Office Manager
Sunshine Estates Property Owners
1957 W Michigan Drive
Harlingen Tx 78550
Phone (956) 425-1420 Fax (956) 425-1420

Sent 2020-09-24: Former Resident Passing - 

I was just notified that former resident JP Fisher died yesterday, 9/23/20 at approx. 6:00pm.     William Becker

Sent 2020-09-24: Neighborhood Watch Patrol needed for Garage Sale this weekend - 

Garage Sale Need NW Volunteers.jpg

Sent 2020-09-23: Ladies Golf  Info - 

It’s been decided to start up our summer golf playdays (Ladies’ Golf League Day). Some golfers are returning to our community, so hopefully will have enough to play. Our first playday will be September 30th and continue ongoing on Wednesday mornings. Meet in front of the Lounge at 8:45. Anyone who enters the lounge will need to wear a mask. Players will sign up then and get their hole assignments. Play will start at 9:00. Bring $1 to play. Winnings will be paid out of money collected. Golfers will play their own balls. You will not need to wear a mask when playing but do keep 6 ft away from other players. Only one person permitted per riding golf cart.
Our Ladies’ Golf League starts the first Wednesday in November (Nov 4). It is $25 to join the league.
Sure hope to see you all returning to the RGV. I know it will be difficult for some of you to get down here this season.
Donna Myers

Sent 2020-09-23: FINAL REMINDER: Oct 2020 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Sep 24th - 

This is the FINAL reminder. If you have an article you would like published in the Oct 2020 Sunshine Newsletter, it needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of this month.

Newsletter Guidelines are posted HERE. Please call with questions.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Newsletter Editor   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-09-17: REMINDER: OCT 2020 Newsletter Articles Due by End of Day on Sep 24, 2020 - 

WOW - Some normalcy. I will be publishing an Oct 2020 Newsletter. Thx to those of you who have sent in articles already. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone's article. But if I haven't replied to you with "Received for Newsletter", please let me know.

So this is just a reminder - If you have an article you would like published in the Sunshine Oct 2020 Newsletter, the article needs to be submitted to by End of Day on the 24th of this month.

Newsletter Guidelines are posted HERE. Please call with questions.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-09-16: Sunshine & Covid-19 Update - 

Some of you have been inquiring about what is currently happening in Sunshine concerning Covid-19 and any restrictions. As the situation is fluid at times, we are trying to keep the Web site updated with those changes. Please view this page for current info.     Jim Kennedy   SEPO Board President

Sent 2020-09-16: Missing packages - 

Amazon claims our packages were put in the box or room, not sure which today. We cannot locate them. Anybody pick them up by mistake?     Cathy Chajec

Sent 2020-09-16: House for Sale: 4352 N Kansas St - 

House for Sale: 4352 N Kansas St - 

  • Home Owner: Arni and Harriet Meier

  • Contact: Randy Nicholas

  • Contact Info: For more info or to view property, call 956-222-6876

  • Description:

    • Two bedrooms

    • Two baths

    • All new appliances

    • All new lower cabinets and vanities

    • CA. 1650 Sq. Ft.

The above info is also posted on the Sunshine Web site HERE.     Randy Nicholas

Sent 2020-09-13: Golf cart sticker found - 

Found a golf cart sticker Sunday morning corner of Minnesota and Iowa.     John Chajec


Sent 2020-09-12: QUESTION: SEPO Newsletter for 2020-10 - 

Well - It's that time of year when we normally start sending monthly SEPO Newsletters. I know this year has been strange and this coming Winter season is going to be totally different, at least for the forseeable future. But I was wondering if anyone had any information that would be appropriate for the Newsletter.

I would anticipate - 

  1. Possibly the Board saying a few words (either Covid or non-Covid related). Is this page still up-to-date so people know what to expect when they start returning to Sunshine soon.

  2. And maybe Neighborhood Watch, Men's and Women's Golf Leagues, Women's Club?

  3. What else?

Newsletter guidelines are HERE. So if I start getting articles from anyone, I will be more than willing to create the Oct. Newsletter.   Thanks

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-09-12: SEPO August Financials - 

Good Morning Homeowners, The Financials for August were included in this email. Beth has also posted the information to the Sunshine Web HERE Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
Mecca Henry     SEPO Treasurer   (469) 766-4245


Sent 2020-09-12: TO THOSE WHO HAVEN'T REPLIED YET: PLEASE REVIEW - Web site Updates - 

Thx to everyone who has replied to my previous e-mail. For those of you who haven't replied yet, please do so soon in order to ensure the Office and Web site files are up-to-date.

Here is what I requested previously, except the links now open up the updated files on the Web site as of Sept 9.

NOTE: Due to the confidential nature of the information included in this e-mail, and the fact that no password is required to open the files below, it is being sent ONLY to those who OWN homes in Sunshine.

I would very much appreciate everyone (particularly those of you who are new residents in 2020) to review your information on each of these files to ensure it is accurate on both the Web site and in the SEPO Office. If you have sent me updates, you might want to look at these files to ensure everything is ok now.

And this is an e-mail that I am requesting you to reply with EITHER:

  1. No Updates Needed

  2. Updates Needed and then list the required updates

The files to be verified can be found by clicking on the following Links:

Thanks in advance for you rapid replies to this request.

Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin     E-Mail:     314-960-6710


Sent 2020-09-10: Missing Cat Found - 

False alarm. Pippi showed up back IN my house out of nowhere. Can't imagine where she was, but she's here safe and sound.     Jill Ventrello

Sent 2020-09-10: Missing Cat - 

Please keep an eye out for my cat Pippi. She got out sometime yesterday. She's never been outside so she'll be very skittish. She's all black except for a little white on her tummy. Her sister and I miss her very much. Thank you so much.
Jill Ventrello     2017 W. Montana Ave   720-660-8417

Sent 2020-09-03: Neighborhood Watch VIRTUAL meeting & info Sept 2020 - 

Click HERE for the Virtual Meeting & Info.     Lenore Combs

Sent 2020-09-03: Sunshine Residence for Sale - 

Home For Sale:

  • 4132 N Missouri Street - 

    • ​Homeowners & Contacts -

      • Nancy Luellen: 970-618-3635

      • Verne Luellen: 970-618-3521

    • Description:

      • Well built brick home with a Wind Storm Certificate

      • 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1 Car garage

      • Absolutely move in ready & fully furnished

      • New floor coverings, newer roof, modern appliances

      • Will sell with or without excellent golf cart with newer batteries

Verne & Nancy Luellen


Dear Friends, We have permission for a tribute for labor Day. Everyone is invited. Hopefully we will have a great turn-out. Covid-19 restrictions prevail. This notice will be posted on the usual areas: White board at Office, Pool Doors, Women's Club Bulletin Board by the Mail Box, the Package Pick-up room, exercise Room and Card room. etc. Call me for concerns.     -- Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276  😷❤

SCCE Labor Day Parade 2020.jpg

Sent 2020-09-01: No Walking on Golf Cart Paths - 

Please note that no one should be walking on the Golf Cart Paths unless playing golf. This is forbidden per the SEPO Policies and Procedures (Golf Course), which you can find on the Web site HERE. Thank you for your cooperation with this.     Lyn Swonger   SEPO Board

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