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SEPO Community E-Mails: July 2020

Sent 2020-07-29: FOUND: Trash Bin - 

A trash bin was found after the storm. If yours went missing (most likely on Nebraska) it can be claimed at 4117 Nebraska.   Thank you     SEPO Office

Sent 2020-07-29: Front Gate and Storage Lot Gate Clarification - 

Some residents have expressed confusion concerning the two e-mails sent out today about the Front Gate Keypad Code change and the Storage Lot Clicker issue.

Hope this clarifies - 

The Keypad for the Front Gate on Texas Avenue has been changed effective today Wed, July 29, 2020. Your clicker will not require any changes/updates and will still work to get into the Front Gate when it is locked.

The Storage Lot Gate has been fixed. It's possible your clicker may need to be updated by Valerie in the SEPO Office in order to open the Storage Lot Gate.

Beth Parrish for Frank Tewell and Valerie Basaldua

Sent 2020-07-29: Storage Lot Gate Repair - 

There was an issue with the gate to the Storage Lot, which has been fixed. However, for those residents who have older clickers, you may not be able to get into the Storage Lot. If this happens to you, please contact Valerie in the SEPO office at 956-425-1420 and she will reprogram your clicker for you.
Frank Tewell     SEPO Board

Sent 2020-07-29: Front Gate: Keypad Change Today (07-29-2020) -

The Keypad for the Front Gate on Texas Avenue has been changed effective today Wed, July 29, 2020.
Please continue to keep all Keypad Codes discrete. Due to its confidentiality you will need to go to the "Residents' Only" section of the Web site to obtain the new code. There you will also find contacts for any problems or questions. 
If you know of anyone who is not on this e-mail distribution, please inform them of this change. Thank you.
Valerie Basaldua     Office Manager
Sunshine Estates Property Owners
1957 W Michigan Drive
Harlingen Tx 78550
Phone (956)425-1420 Fax (956)425-1420

Sent 2020-07-29: For Sale: Sunshine Residence (1913 W Michigan Drive) - 

Residence for Sale: 1913 W Michigan Drive -
(Note - Posting along with pictures are on the Web site HERE.

Mark Bond

Sent 2020-07-28: House for Sale: 1957 W Iowa Ave (Relisted) - 

The home at 1957 W Iowa Ave, along with pictures, has been relisted on the Sunshine Web site HERE today. If you or someone you know might be interested, you can contact the McCorkles: Richard @ 918-915-0671 or Nila @ 918-323-2308.


Beth Parrish (for the McCorkles)     SEPO Web site Admin

Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-07-27: PLEASE READ IMMEDIATELY: Boxes in General Purpose Room - 

Due to water damage to the door in the General Purpose Room it will be left open to dry. There are a few boxes delivered by the postal service in there. If your address is below please come and pick up. Tags were not placed in your mailbox due to the Weather Emergency on Saturday.

  • 1933 W Michigan

  • 2008 W Iowa

  • 1956 W Iowa

  • 4153 N Missouri

  • 4340  N Missouri

  • 4120 N Nebraska

  • 4352 N Missouri

  • 1944 W Michigan

  • 4345 N Kansas

  • 4329 N Kansas

  • 1904 W Iowa

  • 4117 N Nebraska

  • 4117 N Missouri

  • 4224 N Minnesota

  • 1957 N Iowa

  • 4334 N Kansas

  • 1957 W. Iowa

  • 1933 W Michigan

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager
Sunshine Estates Property Owners   1957 W Michigan Drive   Harlingen, TX 78550


Sent 2020-07-26: For Rent: Sunshine Residence (4121 N Missouri St) - 

Residence for Rent: 4121 N Missouri St - (Note - Posting is on the Web site HERE.     Sam Davis

Sent 2020-07-22: Pictures Available for House for Rent - 

Pictures were added today for the residence for Rent by Nile & Marla Hall: 1924 W Wisconsin Ave. Posting and pictures are on the Web site HERE.

​Beth Parrish,   SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin,   E-Mail:,   314-960-6710


Sent 2020-07-19: Sunshine Resident Passing - 

I was informed this evening by Lenore Combs that Lois Humburg passed away at her home this morning (07-19-2020). Deepest sympathies to Don Nelson and Lois's entire family.

Beth Parrish,   SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin,   E-Mail:,   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-07-19: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - Virtual Meeting Monday 20 July 2020 -  

Wish we could have a real meeting with Ice Cream but, these are the times that try men's souls........
We are most fortunate to live in this special community and we are especially lucky to live among residents who are all on the same page.  The NW Volunteers are a special breed as they go above and beyond.  We work with the SEPO Board, the Police from Harlingen and Combes, EMS and the Fire Department.  I get calls and little notes just checking on how we are.  PD has frequent safety patrols in here.  CERT from the FD checks on us too.  We are not alone in this mess. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please call me.  In the meantime, have a Root Beer Float and give Thanks.
Lenore J Combs,   956 245 1276,   NW-CERT Coordinator

Click HERE for the Virtual Meeting Agenda.

Sent 2020-07-18: For Rent: Sunshine Residence - 

Residence for Rent: 1924 W Wisconsin Ave - (Note - Posting is on the Web site HERE and pictures will hopefully be posted soon.)     Nile & Marlene Hall

Sent 2020-07-17: Agenda for July 20, 2020 Board Meeting - 

The Agenda for the SEPO Board Meeting on July 20, 2020 is posted HERE.

Sent 2020-07-17: UNAPPROVED: Minutes from June 5, 2020 Board Meeting - 

The UNAPPROVED: Minutes from June 5, 2020 Board Meeting are posted HERE.

Sent 2020-07-17: Lalo Update - 

After a little scare, Sunshine Estates is happy to inform our residents that Lalo (current employee) and his family have been confirmed negative for Covid-19. We welcome him back on Monday ...

We would like to thank everyone who had him and his family in your prayers.

Frank Tewell
SEPO Board: 2nd VP - Director of Common Area 1

Sent 2020-07-17: ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED: Weed Patrol - 

Weed Patrol -  Friendly Alert: SEPO will be doing a Maintenance Check July 21st. 
Valerie Basaldua     Office Manager


Sent 2020-07-13: Restrictions to Traffic in the SEPO Office - 

There is concern about traffic in the office as the Covid-19 numbers continue to rise. As of today, no more than one person at at time is permitted in the office. Appointments / Service must be called in advance to the office @ 956-425-1420.     SEPO Board

Sent 2020-07-13: Texas Flag - 

Per request from Texas Governor Abbott, the Texas flag at the Number 9 green is being flown at half mast in honor of the two McAllen police officers that were ambushed and killed over the weekend.
Sam, Linda, Doogie, Bailey Mae & Barney B. Davis


Sent 2020-07-13: Lalo Misunderstanding - 

Toward the end of last week I was given some information regarding Lalo. I was asked by some residents if I had heard anything and I passed that information on. As of Sunday evening I found that that information was not entirely accurate. I want to apologize for passing along inaccurate information. I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused. My only concern right now, is for the health and safety of Lalo’s family.     Jim Kennedy

Sent 2020-07-10: SEPO June Financials - 

Homeowners, Here are the June Financials. Please let me know if you have any questions. Beth has also posted the information to the website HERE.     Mecca Henry,  Treasurer,  (469) 766-4245,


Sent 2020-07-08: House for Sale (1957 W Iowa Ave )- 

Information and pictures have been added to the Web site for the house we have for sale here in Sunshine - 1957 W Iowa Ave: If you or someone you might know is interested, you can contact the McCorkles: Richard @ 918-915-0671 or Nila @ 918-323-2308. Thanks     Nila McCorkle

Sent 2020-07-03: July 4th Holiday Parade Saturday 7pm - 

Dear Friends -  🎼       😊
We shall have a July 4th Celebration Parade in honor of Independence Day.  
Golf Cart Line up at Office 7pm    🕖    
Covid rules are in order   *social distance,  have *masks available
Corvid - 19 has challenged our lifestyle but not our spirit.  Independence Day is an important holiday and a symbol of patriotism.  Its most common image is our American Flag and the accompaniment of our National Anthem.  
George Washington issued double rations of rum to all his soldiers to mark the anniversary of Independence Day but we will savor a virtual Hot Dog and Root Beer Float    🌭🍧   yum  yum
God Bless America  --     Lenore J Combs  956 1276


Sent 2020-07-02: Resident Info Updates on the Web site - 

We've had several new residents join our community the last couple of months. Welcome to all.

That prompted me to get the appropriate updates made on the Web site to the:

  • Resident Directory (sorted by Name and also Sorted by Address)

  • Resident E-Mail Directory

  • Photo Book Index

  • Page containing pictures of 'all' residents

  • Page containing pictures of 'new in 2020' residents

All of the updated info & pictures can be found in the Resident's Only section of the Web site.

If anyone has any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to call, text or e-mail me.

Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin

Sent 2020-07-02: Speeding in Sunshine - 

There have been complaints of speeding. Please follow the speed limits in our community.
Valerie Basaldua, Office Manager, for the SEPO Board 

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