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SEPO Community E-Mails: Apr 2020

Sent 2020-04-29: UPDATED: Resident Directory on Web site - 

I have made numerous updates to the Resident Directory on the Web site so you may want to grab yourself a new copy. You will notice there are some items in BLUE. Those are things that I am following up on currently. I have also added a column that indicates on which page a resident can be found in the Resident Photo Book. Please look over your information carefully and if you have ANY UPDATES/CORRECTIONS, please let me know ASAP. Thanks so much with your help to ensure the information in this document is correct/up-to-date.
Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-04-29: Resident Photo Book: Doc of Names & Pages Nos. - 

I'm hearing that some of you may have missed/forgotten about the announcement that there is now a file on the Web site that lists the Resident Names and page #s of those in the 2020 Resident Photo Book. You can always access this file from the page on the Web site that has all of the Resident Photos displayed.

I have revised this document slightly from the initial one I posted last month to include the names of those who are new residents after the photos were taken and those who did not get their photo taken. Please call with questions.
Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-04-27: New SEPO Board Member

New Board Member Announcement
Sunshine Estates would like to Welcome our newest member to the Board - Jerry Drost: Director of Common Area 3.

I know there have been a couple of Board changes recently. So that no one is confused, the list of our current Board Members is on the Web site HERE.


Sincerely,     Valerie Basaldua,   Office Manager

Sent 2020-04-27: Lost Cash - 

Anyone looking for some lost cash please see John Chajec.

Sent 2020-04-22: The Next Golf Cart Parade - 

We had so much fun last Sunday we're going to have another Golf Cart Parade this coming Sunday 4/26 at 6:30. Gather in front of the office - same as last week. Social distancing and the wearing of masks rules still apply. So come on out and join us.     Kay Sluyter

PS from Beth: Since last Sunday I have added a video and some pictures of the parade spectators to the Web site HERE. Thank you to Spencer Smith.

Sent 2020-04-21: Golf Course Reopening Today - 

We have been advised via a directive from Cameron County Judge Trevino that we can reopen the Golf Course today. The same rules we had just before we closed the course still apply, but now we are required to wear masks when social distancing may be compromised.

As a reminder:

  • Social Distancing still applies

  • Wear a mask when social distancing may be compromised

  • Only one person per cart

  • Only two persons at a hole at one time

  • No flag touching

  • No rakes in sand traps

For today: Since the new concrete path is still being poured on hole 9, until 4 PM the only holes that will be open for play are 1 thru 8. After that time hole 9 should be open for play.

Lyn Swonger
Acting SEPO Board President


Sent 2020-104-22: The Next Golf Cart Parade - 

We had so much fun last Sunday we're going to have another Golf Cart Parade this coming Sunday 4/26 at 6:30. Gather in front of the office - same as last week. Social distancing and the wearing of masks rules still apply. So come on out and join us.
Kay Sluyter

PS from Beth: Since last Sunday I have added a video and some pictures of the parade spectators to the Web site. Thank you to Spencer Smith.

Sent 2020-04-19: Golf Cart Parade Pictures - 

I would say the Golf Cart Parade traveling throughout Sunshine this evening, organized by Kay Sluyter, was a success. I took several pictures and have posted them on the Web site. It appeared to me everyone was having a fun time even in this heat. If anyone has any other pictures I can post, please get them to me. 

Thanks Kay and the pictures are HERE.     Beth Parrish, 314-960-6710

Sent 2020-04-18: Covid-19 Official Announcements - 

I want to thank those of you who have been sending me RGV and Cameron County official announcements, documents, URLs etc concerning Covid-19. I know your intention is for me to send these out to the Sunshine Community. However, I have established an agreement with the Board that I would like to share with you here. I have updated the Web site E-Mail Communications Guidelines with this info as well:

Our residents are responsible enough to keep up on what is going on in the world and how it affects them. The rules concerning the current Covid-19 situation change so frequently nowadays the E-MaiI Admin would constantly be sending out updates that everyone has access to already, i.e. the local news, newspapers, Web sites etc.

The exception to the above is if the Board has an official announcement that directly affects all of the Sunshine Residents (and their guests) residing within the borders of our community. An example of this would be notification that all SEPO buildings - Office, Library, Fitness Room etc. - were being locked up with No Entry allowed.

Thank yor for your cooperation with these updated E-News E-Mail guidelines.

You can contact me with any questions or issues.

Beth Parrish
SEPO E-Mail E-News Admin

Sent 2020-04-17: NW-CERT 17 Apr 2020 New Golf Cart Proposal - 

Please click HERE to view the New NW Golf Cart proposal.

Lenore J. Combs, Coordinator, 956 245 1276,

Sent 2020-04-16: Golf Cart Parade - 

I recently put a message out on FB about a golf cart parade on Sunday 4/19 at 4:30. I’ve been told that the temperature is going to be 101. So I talked to a few people about changing the time to 6:30, hoping for a cooldown with a slight breeze! I hope this works for everyone and hope to see you at the front parking area in front of the office around 6:30. Should be fun and a way to get out and see our neighbors without breaking the social distancing rules.  Wear your masks!!     Kay Sluyter

PS from Beth: Bring your cameras to take pictures for the Web site so that our friends who aren't here can enjoy the parade with us - just digitally.

Sent 2020-04-16: Quilt Show Pictures on Web site - 

I have uploaded pictures from this last Monday's Outdoor Quilt Show to the Web site. Thanks so much Debi Warner for providing them to me. I hope you all enjoy viewing the beautiful quilts that the ladies of your Sunshine Community had on display - especially those folks who were not here to see them up close and personal.

ALL of the pictures are here under the Amenities: Quilting Tab
And just a TASTE of the display (with a link to ALL) is here under the Events: Pics & Videos from Events Tab
ENJOY !!!     Beth Parrish (Web site Admin)

Sent 2020-04-16: SEPO BOARD RESIGNATION - 

To Sunshine Estates Property Owners - 1957 W Michigan Dr. - 
Sorry to announce as of today, John Chajec has decided to resign from the Board. The Board & the Community would like to thank him for all his efforts and services.

Sunshine Country Club Estates

957 W. Michigan Dr.

Harlingen, TX  78550-3100

Sent 2020-04-16: Second Verse - Groceries while sheltering in Place - 

Just over a week ago you received the original Groceries posting.  In that time several folks have used the HEB / Favor service and have said they would do it again.  A couple of them had trouble getting the web page to accept their street address.  I too had to make that adjustment so - If the web page doesn't like your full street address (like 1945 W Michigan Dr) then try leaving  off the "W"  or "N" and that seems to solve the problem.

In our case we ordered "large" Daisy sour cream.  We didn't know that Daisy sour cream came in that large of a container - it's huge.  We perhaps need to be as specific as possible.  We specified "low fat" for the gallon of milk but we did not specify on the 1/2 gallon of Mootopia.  The gallon was what we expected, but the 1/2 gallon was whole milk - we didn't specify.

So - try the different street address if necessary and be reasonably specific about your items.

Take Care and Stay Safe - we'll beat this bug yet.

Pat Harvey

Sent 2020-04-15: YAY - Resident Photos on Web site - 

Well all - I hope you are as excited about the final product as I am. I will have to say I learned a lot about the Web site during this process. One thing is  - I did find there's lots of Shapes, Sizes, Color etc that I can change if anyone wants to make constructive suggestions to anything I've done with the photos.

I have uploaded all of the Resident Photos that were included in the 2020 Photo Book. This page also includes:

  • any New Homeowners who were not yet our neighbors when the book was being created

  • any Homeowners who have either sold their homes in Sunshine since there picture was taken or have passed away.

I also created a page of ONLY new Sunshine Residents during 2020, provided to me by the Office Manager Valerie.

For ease in finding these pages, I have included the direct links above. Ongoing these pages can be found by going to and following the links provided.

Here are some things you can do when you go to a page of photos.
Note: this refers to those viewing the photos from a pc/laptop. I'm not sure how all of this will work from a phone.

  • When you hover over a picture, little icons appear so you can:

    • click on the heart to indicate you really like it

    • click on the 'down arrow' to download the picture

    • click on the 'fat arrow shooting to the right' to share it to other media, i.e., Facebook or E-Mail

  • When you double-click on a photo - It opens up to full-screen. From here you can click on the arrows to the right or left of the photo to 'scroll through' the rest of the photos. You won't be able to see the names in this full-screen view.

  • To see the names, exit full-screen by hitting the 'esc' button on your keyboard or clicking on the two arrows in the top left-hand corner of your screen that are pointing in opposite directions .

  • Once you are out of full-screen you also have access to:

    • 'scrolling through' the rest of the photos while seeing their names

    • and the Heart & Arrows mentioned above

  • To exit this screen, click on the 'X' in the top right corner of your screen.

If you need assistance with anything at all concerning this, please give me a call.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions on the format, etc of these photo pages. And again, I hope you like them. ENJOY

Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin

Sent 2020-04-14: Quilt Show Thank You

The Killer Bees would like to thank the residents of Sunshine Estates for making our quilt show yesterday so much fun! It was great to see so many out and about, but still social distancing.
Thanks also for not touching the quilts! You all made it easy for us to do this show!
Debi Warner   for the Killer Bees

PS: I have given photos to Beth to put on the Web site. She will let everyone know when they are out there.

Sent 2020-04-12: SEPO Maintenance Fees - 

For residents who pay their SEPO Maintenance Fee monthly, you can either call Valerie in the office before heading her way or place your check in slot at the door by the office. A confirmation call will be placed to you the following morning to ensure your payment was processed.

Valerie Basaldua,   Office Manager
Sunshine Country Club Estates,   1957 W. Michigan Dr.,   Harlingen, TX  78550-3100

Sent 2020-04-11: MAJOR CHANGE: Access to "Residents Only" Web site information - 

As I'm sure everyone else does, I have a lot of time on my hands. I know a lot of you don't understand my passion for working on the Sunshine Web site. But, I really enjoy doing it and seeing how I can improve it, but still keep it user-friendly. That said, here is what I've been doing.

From this EVENTS page you can link to the pages I just mentioned plus other past events we've had since I took over the Web site. Please let me know if I have anything out there that isn't accurate.

  • New Feature 1: SEARCH - 
    ​Direct link is: ​

    • When you 'hover over' the HOME Tab you will now see CONTACT US and SEARCH.

    • The Search feature allows you to look for anything in the entire Web site.

    • This feature is still a 'work in process' with the company that hosts our Web site. So, although it doesn't look pretty, it does accomplish the goal of finding key words on the Web site.

    • As an example, enter the word events in the search bar. You will see the pages that mention the word events. Try it out and see.

  • ​Update 2: PASSWORD REQUIRED - 
    Don't fret, the password HAS NOT changed. I'm going to try and explain things here - but you may just have to check it out. I have also attached a picture below that I hope will help.

    • No Change - When you click on the RESIDENTS tab it explains how to request a password it you don't already have it.   Direct Link is:

    • Change - There are now two ways to get to the page (now titled 'What is Password Protected') that lists everything you can link to that is 'Residents Only' Confidential Info.

    • ​From the 'What is Password Protected' page - 

      • ​No Change - You can link to all confidential info.

      • Change - When you click on any of these links you will need to enter the password.

        • ​​​This change was made to keep the confidential SEPO info from being accessed via the new 'SEARCH' feature I talked about above.

    • Change - If you hover over the 'Residents' Tab you will also see some of the most frequently accessed Confidential info, i.e. New Resident Photos. Anything not listed in a tab here can be accessed via links on the 'What is Password Protected' page discussed above. Examples are Gate and Door codes and June 2019 Flood pictures.

​I know this is a lot to take in. But just give it a whirl!!! And then, if you have any questions, problems etc. please don't hesitate to contact me.

And Yes - I'm asking for replies this time. I'd like to know if you DO or DON'T like these changes. If the majority says NO - I will change things back to the way they were and I would need to remove the SEARCH feature. So let me know.

Beth Parrish
SEPO Web site Admin

Residents Only.jpg

Sent 2020-04-11: SUSPICIOUS: 2 persons in vicinity of Stroage Lot - 

Dear Friends.   Happy Easter to all, 
Last night (rain & all)  NW Patrol spotted  2 males in vicinity of the field east of the Storage Lot.         My guess - they were out for exercise ????? 🙃
Anyway, big thanks for NW and their vigilant efforts.  
Residents, please go check on your stuff.
Combes PD is aware and has been very faithful about frequent ATPs (area to patrol).  
We have some spaces on the NW Patrol calendar if anyone is interested.......
Safety & security is all our responsibility - please sign up for a shift or 2.  
Was also thinking about Thank You gift cards for Officers, Fire and EMS - any thoughts from you? (If so - please reply to Lenore and NOT sepoenews.)
--  Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276   NW-CERT Coordinator


Sent 2020-04-11: Quilt Show Addendum -

On Monday, April 13 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, the Killer Bees will try to bring some cheer to Sunshine Estates. We will be having an outdoor, drive-by (walk-by, bicycle-by) Quilt Show.
Addendum:  I apologize for leaving off the following:
1941 W. Michigan - Marge Lehman
4129 N. Minnesota - Debbie Robins (in absentia, with help from Terry DeBackere)
Debi Warner

Sent 2020-04-10: YOU'RE INVITED: Outdoor Quilt Show - 

On Monday, April 13 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, the Killer Bees will try to bring some cheer to Sunshine Estates. We will be having an outdoor, drive-by (walk-by, bicycle-by) Quilt Show.  Here is where you can view the quilts:
Tennis Court Fence: Diane Hines, Linda Swonger, Diane Tewell, Mark and Debi Warner
1933 W. Montana - Marsha Santow
4168 N. Missouri - Mary Dronen
1905 W. Wisconsin - Glenda Wetherbee
1917 W. Wisconsin - Vicki Jones
4324 N. Kansas - Terry DeBackere
2033 W, Michigan - Jan Bathke
2021 W. Michigan - Diane Tewell
Please keep in mind that this is for Estates residents only and please keep in mind social distancing.  With the new Cameron County rules, face masks are needed if you are outdoors.

Also, keeping safety in mind,  PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE QUILTS. 
Even if you have not registered with us, you are welcome to join us by hanging a quilt on your porch, etc.

Questions?  please text or email Debi Warner, or 956-357-8999.

Sent 2020-04-09: SEPO March Financials:Income Statement (new format) - Jan thru Mar 2020 - 

Dear Homeowners, After receiving input about the format of the Income Statement, I have revamped the format to make things clearer for everyone. I would appreciate any feedback about the new format. The attachment that was in this e-mail has also been placed on the Web site in the Financials section under the Resident tab. Thanks
Mecca Henry   SEPO Treasurer


Sent 2020-04-08: Groceries while sheltering in Place - 

If you are 60 years old or more, then HEB has a special way to get up to 25 items delivered to your door. This is different than the web page for the general public - it's only for us "over 60s". 
We tried it for the first time today (Wed 4/8). We filled out the form about 11:15 and just about an hour later the doorbell rang. We got everything on our 19 item list, charged to our Credit card.
So, If you don't want to go out and take a chance of getting more than you bargained for, here's the web address:
It will appear on your Credit Card as "Favor HEB" and it will be $10 more than the HEB checkout slip that comes with your groceries. Take care and Stay Safe     Pat Harvey

 Sent 2020-04-08: REMINDER - Info concerning SEPO & Covid-19 

Please remember - If you are ever questioning or can't remember something that has been e-mailed by the Board to the SEPO Community, you can always find those e-mails on the Web site HERE.

I have placed a legend at the top of this page so you can link directly to the topic(s) you are looking for. 

And please remember, direct any questions to SEPO Board members directly. DO NOT REPLY to this e-mail address as it is only monitored by the Web site Admin (Beth Parrish). Thank you.

Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710


Sent 2020-04-08: Stop The Rumors - 

There are rumors floating around accusing certain individuals of calling the police and are responsible for shutting down the golf course. No one called the police and reported us! Judge Trevino shut down all Cameron County golf courses, no exception.


We are suffering an inconvenience by the golf course being shutdown. Confronting and insulting our friends and neighbors accomplishes absolutely nothing except long time hard feelings! 


John Chajec     SEPO President

Sent 2020-04-08: SEPO March Financials: Balance Sheet - 

Dear Home Owners - The Balance Sheet for March 31, 2020 is posted on the Web site in the "Residents" section under the link "SEPO Financials: By Year". Fixed Assets have increased by $8,600.00 due to the purchase of two golf carts. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
Mecca Henry     SEPO Treasurer

Sent 2020-04-08: SEPO March Financials: Profit & Loss - Jan thru Mar 2020 - 

Dear Home Owners - The Profit & Loss sheet for Jan thru Mar, 2020 is posted on the Web site in the "Residents" section under the link "SEPO Financials: By Year". Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
Mecca Henry     SEPO Treasurer

Sent 2020-04-07: Former Resident Passing - 

Former resident Gene Rice passed away on April 6, 2020.     Valerie (SEPO Office)

Sent 2020-04-06: Golf Course Closed - 

We were advised today in a copy of report on the current Cameron County shelter in place order/joint meeting, (which follows),  with the followng statement provided from the Harlingen Police Department, Assistant Chief of Police, Miryam Anderson, slighlty paraphrased:

Cameron County Judge Trevin’s office continues to get questions concerning golf courses.
“Judge Trevino apologized but said that he wanted to be fair across the county and is making no exceptions. “

In order to come into compliance with this directive from Cameron County Judge Trevino, SEPO Board has reluctantly determined and declares Sunshine Estates Golf Course closed to play until further notice.

SEPO Board Members

John Chajec, President
Mecca Henry
Neil Morehead
Lyn Swonger
Frank Tewell
Tony Tramel

Sent 2020-04-06: SEPO BOARD VACANCY - 

As you may know, there are a total of 7 elected board members of SEPO.  One of our Board members, Jerry Utterback, has submitted his resignation which is in effect. Whenever a vacancy like this occurs, prior to next year elections, the current Board members seek to fill the position, from viable candidates of SEPO. Because of this circumstance, we therefore are soliciting for persons  who would consider filling Jerry’s unexpired term on or before Noon on April 30, 2020. If you, or someone you know, would like more about this opportunity please contact John Chajec, or in the alternate, another Board member noted below.

SEPO Board Members
John Chajec, President
Mecca Henry
Neil Morehead
Lyn Swonger
Frank Tewell
Tony Tramel

John Chajec
SEPO Board President

Sent 2020-04-05: Neighborhood Watch best practice April 2020 - 

Dear Friends - Please read this file and submit any constructive comments. Thanks one and all. --
Lenore J Combs,   956 245 1276,   NW-CERT Coordinator

Sent 2020-04-04: Resident Passing - 

I wanted everyone to know that my husband, Ken Just, passed away today. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.     Audrey Just

Sent 2020-04-04: Schwan Delivery: How to Pay - 

The Schwann delivery guy also said all future deliveries will be paid with credit cards only. No cash or checks due to contamination concerns.     Marlene Hall

Sent 2020-04-03: Birding and Nature cancellation - 

This should come as. no surprise to anyone.  The Birding and Nature end of year social is cancelled since we would have over 10 people in attendance.  We hope everyone has a healthy summer, and, please, continue to enjoy all the birds, bunnies, turtles, etc. that our community has to offer.     Jean Burgoine

Sent 2020-04-03: Change in Golf Course Rules - 

Corona Virus and the Golf Course?The Board wants owners of Sunshine Estates to be able to play golf, however, players must maintain social distance and avoid crowds. It would be easy for the Board to declare the golf course closed. The Board, however, feels it is important to our community to let our members exercise and play golf. Golf play is limited to Sunshine Estates owners / renters.Effective immediately, the maximum number of players in a playing group is limited to 2 players. If there are 2 players on the green, 2 other players would be positioned on the tee box ready to hit after the green is cleared. Social distancing must be maintained at hole number 1 tee box. Couples living together can use one golf cart, others must not have more than 1 person per golf cart.No more “scramble type (i.e. the 9:00am, noon, 4:00pm, etc.) of play is permitted”.These changes are an attempt to ensure we can keep the golf course open. We have no guarantee we can keep it open. The Cameron County order for residents to shelter in place provides the following exceptions, “outdoor activities, provided the individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements, such, by way of example and without limitations, walking, hiking, biking, or running”. We believe with these rules in place, and recent changing of our flag poles, we are satisfying the spirit of allowing “outdoor activities” noted in Cameron County order.There will be changes to these directives by the Board in the future and we will attempt to keep everyone informed of them. Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has issued an executive order limiting social gatherings to 10 people and prohibiting eating and drinking at restaurants and bars but still allowing takeout. The order, effective through midnight on April 30, also closes gyms and bans people from visiting nursing homes except for critical care.John Chajec, PresidentSEPO Board

Sent 2020-04-01: NW-CERT information for April (Wash Your Hands) - 

Dear Friends,
Please see this file for a silly Wash Your Hands poster with Baby Shark singing with his friends.
🎼  ''Wash Your Hands' doo doo doo doo doo doo,,,,,,,,,🎼 -- for 20 seconds
Hope you get a good laugh 😊
Lenore J Combs,   956 245 1276,   Coordinator NW-CERT

Sent 2020-04-01: NW-CERT information for April - 

Dear Friends,
God Bless you and God Bless America and the world.
It is not about N95s and toilet paper - it is about you and me looking out for each other.
Please see this file for NW-CERT April 2020 info.
Lenore J Combs,   956 245 1276,   Coordinator NW-CERT

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