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SEPO Community E-Mails: Mar 2020

Sent 2020-03-30: Mail Packages Update - 



Please spread this info to any Resident not receiving this e-mail.

Those Residents are listed in the "Residents Only" section of this Web site


Mail packages that are too big to fit in your post office box will now be placed in the General Purpose Room. A slip will be placed in your box by the postman to inform you of delivery. The General Purpose Room will now have an assigned Keypad that will be active effective today, March 30 @ 4:00pm. Keypad Code can be found in the 'Residents Only' section of this Web site.

Please be careful to close the door properly behind you when exiting the room.

(General Purpose Room is located between Pool and Gym)     Valerie (SEPO Office)


The board is required to follow restrictions imposed by the government.
The following restriction was added by Gov Abbott concerning flying and driving  from other states into Texas. Logically anyone coming in contact with these individuals would be under the same restrictions. 
Anyone under these restrictions are not allowed on the golf course, tennis court, pool or hot tub.

John Chajec   SEPO President

Texas expands travel restrictions, launches pop-up hospital as coronavirus spreads

Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday ratcheted up travel restrictions into Texas during the new coronavirus pandemic, while announcing the state's first pop-up hospital to deal with the crisis. He also said he was moving to "
stop the release of dangerous felons" amid the outbreak.

Abbott said he was dramatically expanding a previous executive order that requires a 14-day self-quarantine for anyone flying into Texas from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or New Orleans. Now, the state is also mandating a 14-day self-quarantine for anyone driving into Texas from anywhere in Louisiana and for those flying in from Miami, Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago, as well as anywhere in California and Washington.

Need to keep tabs on the latest coronavirus news in Texas? Our evening roundup has you covered.


Sent 2020-03-29: List of Resident Photos taken in 2020 - 

This was sent to only current residents.

Thanks to Pat Harvey for providing the following document. 

If you would like to see (in document form) which residents got their picture taken for the 2020 Resident Photo Book and which page each resident is on, you can find it in the "Residents Only" section of the Web site ( Once you have entered this section, click on the link - Residents in Photo Book (2020)

Please review this document and provide me with any corrections that need to be made. Thx again Pat.
Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710



The coronavirus / quarantine has changed the world.

Until further notice:
The pool/pavilion is restricted to owner / residents only, absolutely no guests.

When you have outside guests you “break” the SEPO quarantine.
The board is trying to make this quarantine as painless as possible.
We need your help to continue or total shutdown is definitely possible.
Maintain your 6 foot “personal space”.
The 2 person golf cart rule is not in effect during the quarantine.

If you know of anyone not on this distribution list, please let them know about the information distributed in this e-mail.

John Chajec   SEPO President

Sent 2020-03-27: Schwans 1st time Delivery Coupon - 

For first time orders Schwans has a coupon code for up to 50 percent off "ENJOY183". I saved $50 off my first order and free delivery. I used the code on Monday, and it says it's good until 03/31/2020.   Tiffany Prater

Sent 2020-03-27: UPDATED: Resident Directory (by Name and by Addr) & E-mail List - 


I have received several updates over the last couple of weeks. Due to the work involved in updating the various directories on the Web site I collect those updates for generally at least a week and then put them out there. 
Today I have updated the Resident Directory (both by Name and by Addr) and the E-mail list on the Web site in the Residents' Only section. All files are dated Mar 27, 2020. You can contact me with any questions or issues.
Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-03-27: Schwans again - 

I just talked to the nice young guy who delivers for Schwans. He said he is generally not able to sell much directly off the truck as most items are already earmarked for customers. However, if you place an order online with Schwans  ( they are making every effort to fill orders as they get them and not make you wait until the normal delivery date (which is usually two weeks from today). In addition, once you place an order online, if you can stand the wait time, you can call Schwans (1-888-724-9267) and ask if they could please expedite your delivery.     Laurel Becker

Sent 2020-03-27: Schwan Delivery - 

(From Beth) Sorry All - I just found this in the e-news inbox to send out. It's too late for this week but there's always next week. Thx Laurel   ***************   To my fellow Isolationists in Sunshine—for those that are having difficulty finding food, keep in mind that Schwann will be making their normal delivery run on Thursday. You can pre-order from them on line or flag them down when you see them! Just a thought!     Laurel Becker

Sent 2020-03-26: Central Location on Web for SEPO Lockdown Info - 

To make it easier for everyone to know what is and isn't in place concerning the ongoing SEPO responses to the Court Order pertaining to Covid-19 earlier this week, I have set up a separate Web page HERE.

This page can be found anytime by clicking on the new tab on the Web site titled 'SEPO Lockdown Info'.

All e-mails being sent out on this topic can be found on this page for quick reference.

If you see I have missed anything let me know. If you have questions about the info posted, please contact the author of that info.

Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-03-26: New Resident Photos on Web site - 

Since I have some extra time now, I have been experimenting with putting some of the 'New' Residents photos on the Web site. I was wanting to get your opinion on what I've done so far.

They are in the 'Residents Only' section if you would like to view them and give me your feedback. Thanks
Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-03-26: CONTRACTORS - 

The only "public" bathroom and shower open are at the pool. In the past, contractors have used our bathroom facilities. All contractors, landscapers, non-residents, will not be allowed to use these facilities until further notice.     John Chajec   SEPO President

Sent 2020-03-26: USPS PACKAGE DELIVERY - 

As part of our lock down we have developed a new policy that will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

We have requested package delivery that previously would be dropped at the office area, will now be placed in the “all purpose / meeting room”. The “all purpose / meeting room” is the small meeting room that has an outside door in the northwest corner of the shuffle board courts. There will be no access from the covered pavilion.

We will be temporarily unlocking this room each day (noon to 6:00pm) until the new lock is installed.   Persons could retrieve their over sized packages during those times.

Next week, we will provide a code access lock at this same door and install a video camera with monitoring capacity and video storage. This new access code can be found in the 'Residents Only' section of this Web site.

This lock will allow residents 24 hr access to this “mail package storage room”.

I would like to thank Frank Tewell for thinking "out of the box" and presenting this solution.

John Chajec
SEPO President

Sent 2020-03-25: Mahjong - 

Although I'm sure everyone is aware - I just wanted to send an additional note to make sure everyone knows Mahjong is cancelled on Tue and Sat until further notice.     Heidi Dill


The board met this morning to discuss our response to the Federal Judge court order.
The board will be constantly reviewing the situation and make changes if necessary.
The court order currently ends Wednesday, April 8th. 2020 at 11:59 pm.
The Estates true “colors” will be shown over the next 2 weeks. Let’s work together through these tough times.
Per the court order:
To the extent individuals are using shared or outdoor spaces, they must at all times, as reasonably possible, maintain social distancing of at least six feet from any other person when they are outside their residence.
All public and private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a household or living unit are prohibited, except for the limited purposes as expressly permitted herein
Our response:
  All SEPO buildings will be shutdown: Retzlaff Hall, Sunburst (card) Building, Library / Office Bldg, Wood Shop, all purpose room, Pavilion and  bathroom.
Per the court order:
The shelter in place mandate does not apply to the person(s) engaging in the following activities:
1) Essential Personal Activities
To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements, such as, by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, biking, or running;
Per City of Harlingen
list of the latest closures/limited access
Golf Course- very limited access – groups fewer than10 people at a time.
Our response: Tennis / pickle ball and shuffleboard courts will remain open.
                           Golf course will remain open.  All organized golf activities will be discontinued.
                           Pool: will remain open, the pool shower and bathroom adjacent to Retzlaff Hall will be the

                            only facilities available  

Social distancing of at least six feet from any other person when they are outside must be maintained. Groups will be fewer than 10 at all times.
Front gate and access to Encore: no change.

Per the court order:
The shelter in place mandate does not apply to the person(s) engaging in the following activities:
xi) Landscaping and pool cleaning services;
Section, to the extent possible, while carrying out such operations:
The minimum necessary activities to maintain the value of the business’ inventory, ensure security, process payroll and employee benefits, or for related functions
Our response:
              To help limit Valeries’ exposure:
              Office will be closed to all unessential activities: copies, etc.
              Mail:  all packages, that will not fit in your mail box, will be returned to the post office for your pickup
Employees will be given the option of working, taking vacation or unpaid time off. They will maintain social distancing.
John Chajec     SEPO President

Sent 2020-03-23: Women's Club Activity Signup Sheets - 

Women's Club Acty Signup Sheets (2020-2021) 


All of the proposed Women's Club Activities we plan to host next season (2020-2021) were approved by the SEPO Board at the Mar 9, 2020 meeting. The Signup posters have been created and are now hanging in the Library for you to view and signup for the activities you would like to volunteer to help with. You can see all of the posters below AND also view the individual posters on the Web site HERE.

If you are debating about signing up for anything, especially those of you new to Sunshine, remember this is a great way to meet people and possibly become close friends with others in the community. I look forward to working with you in the season to come.

Sue Swidryk, Women’s Club Activities Director   847-452-7804 or


Sent 2020-03-24: DISREGARD: Resident Photo Directories for Purchase - 

Based on the Board Response to the Court Order that was just sent out via SEPO e-news to the Community, there will NOT be any photo directories for purchase in the office at this time. Watch for futures updates concerning their availability.     Beth Parrish (for Terry DeBackere)


Sent 2020-03-24: Resident Photo Directories for Purchase - 

Later this week there will be 10 photo directories available for purchase in the office for anyone who didn't purchase one originally or if you would like to have multiple books. The cost of each book is $15.

Terry DeBackere

Sent 2020-03-23: House for Rent (w/Pictures) - 

I have added pictures and a more detailed description of the house I have for rent at 4316 N Minnesota St. (     Tom Eich

Sent 2020-03-23: SEPO SECURITY UPDATE - 


Over the last few days we have had a couple of incidents of nonresidents using the pool. I believe both were from Encore.

Based on these incidents the board discussed closing the front gate, installing the chain between the parks and changing the codes on the buildings.

  • Closing the front gate creates a number of problems. Our gate is a basic system and the only way to allow mail, deliveries, contractors etc is to give out the code, give them clickers or meet them at the gate. It would take some prep work before the gate could be closed all the time.

  • Installing the chain accomplishes nothing if the gate is open except hard feelings.

All of us need to monitor the pool. Please question unknown people, politely, using the pool if they are new residents or guests. All owners have the right to ask someone to leave the pool.

The building codes will be changed this afternoon. It can be found in the Resident's Only section of the Web site (please keep this code safe)

John Chajec
SEPO President


Sent 2020-03-21: SUNSHINE HEROES -

As another winter season comes to a close, I just want to give you all a reminder about the SUNSHINE HEROES wall. In case you haven’t seen it, the wall is up in Retzlaff Hall and has 41 names on it. Those of you who have made a pledge for this project, I will be coming around this week to collect. I want to thank all those who have donated to this project both monetarily and with their time and labor. The applications are still available from Valerie in the SEPO office. When you complete your application return it to Valerie along with your picture. If you do not have a picture or prefer a current picture be sure to check the box on the form that you will need a picture taken. I will be contacting you upon my return in the fall to take a current picture for this book.

Remember as we travel home to be safe and when you get there find your favorite picture of you or your spouse, in uniform or not, to be placed in the book that is placed with the display wall.

I want to have this SUNSHINE HEROS display to represent all of the people who served.

Jim Tennant   4161 N Missouri   (616)866-9960   Email:


Sent 2020-03-21: UNAPPROVED MINUTES: Directors Meeting Minutes from 03-09-2020 - 

Sent 2020-01-14: UNAPPROVED MINUTES BOARD MTG JAN 13 2020 - 

Please take note: Although the minutes from the Mar 9, 2020 Directors meeting are being distributed to the community today, they are the 'unapproved version'. These minutes will be officially approved at the next director's meeting. They are  available on the Sunshine Web site HERE.     Tony Tramel  SEPO Board Secretary

Sent 2020-03-21: VIRUS / FEAR - 

Franklin Roosevelt said  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" in WWII 
The current media has played upon those very words.
In the last few days some of the following things have occurred:

  • A rumor stating that a resident just returned from Spain, has placed themselves in self quarantine and may be a danger to the Estates,

    • Rather than give the resident a visit and clear the situation up, the rumor spread. I would like to thank Tony Tramel, for calling the resident and clarifying the situation is not a threat to the Estates. 

  • A board member was approached and asked "what's it going to take to get things shutdown, somebody dying?"

  • A resident called yesterday and questioned "why are people golfing, riding bikes & golf carts, walking down the streets?

  • The bankrupt state of Illinois has decided that they need to increase their debt and has imposed mandatory house quarantine for everyone, isn't that martial law?

  • A call this morning, stated " we should keep the front gate closed all the time during this crisis".

The board’s response to these matters is: we will continue allowing residents to make their own decisions regarding the current situation.
SEPO E News will not be utilized to spread rumors or updates on the virus that is reported in the media.  If you have internet and TV, you have access to the media.  We will not be using our website to spread rumors and hearsay.  
The Progresso Bridge is still open, per Facebook, for dental, meds, etc.  
HEB is making deliveries to the elderly, 60 and older; call in 9 am to 1 pm, delivery time unknown,  833-397-0080
John Chajec
SEPO President

Sent 2020-03-20: Men's Golf - 

To All: Men's League Golf is suspended until further notice. When we return, we will have one sign-up time for 9:00 am.     Steve Phillips   President, Men's League

Sent 2020-03-20: Saturday Golf Scramble - 

There was no scramble scheduled this coming Saturday, because of the planned Guys and Dolls Tournament (now cancelled). To comply with the mandate to limit social gatherings to a maximum of ten people, we will cancel the March 28th scramble. We believe future scrambles will depend on guidelines established by progress related to controlling the virus.     Warren & Grace Clark

Sent 2020-03-20: Crafty Creations Update - 

Hey there!   This is Heidi Dill. I need to let all know that , due to the risks involved, Crafty Creations will not be havin-g our class on Wednesday, March 25th. Beings  I do have all the supplies purchased and ready, I can assemble kits to complete on your own. Please let me know if you’d like a kit to complete your projects. Otherwise, we can reschedule a later date for class to reconvene.     Heidi

Sent 2020-03-19: PLEASE REPLY: 2020-2021 2-page Activities List - 

The following activities need to be addressed (are they ongoing or need to be changed or deleted). If I don't get  additional updates, they will be removed from the Activities List for the 2020-2021 season. Thanks in advance for your quick replies.

  • Sunday      1:30     Bridge (cr)

  • Tuesday    10:00    The Gathering (cr)

  • Thursday    1:00     Cards-Hand & Foot (cr)

  • Thursday    7:00     Men's Poker

  • Saturday    7:00     Cards-Hand and Foot

Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2020-03-19: Thursday Golf Scramble - 

The Thursday golf Scramble is cancelled until further notice since we do get a group of over ten people and we meet in the hall afterwards. If someone would like their dollar back, please contact Tiffany or Wade at 4344 N. Missouri Street. Otherwise it will be kept in the bag until the next time we are able to have the scramble. Thank you!     Tiffany Prater

Sent 2020-03-19: Friday night Cards - 

Due to the health concerns I am canceling Friday night cards until further notice. I am sorry for the late notice. If you have any questions please contact me at 469-766-4245. Thanks     Mecca Henry

Sent 2020-03-19: Killer Bees Quilting - 

The Thursday quilting group (Killer Bees) has cancelled their meetings until further notice.    Valerie (SEPO Office)

Sent 2020-03-19: Woodworker's Club News - 

Since so many people have already left or will be leaving Harlingen for their "other" homes soon, I'd like to send along a grateful "thank you" to the SEPO residents for the strong support they always have shown the Woodworker's Club.  The spaghetti dinner, recycling aluminum cans, and contributions enable the Club to purchase needed supplies and tools.  This year there was a need to take steps to prevent further injuries within the woodshop when people use a table saw.  And, again, the residents of SEPO helped make the purchase of 2 SAWSTOP table saws possible.  Thank you all.
Aluminum can recycling brings in a few hundred dollars each year.  Once your cans are delivered to the can shed in the storage yard, many hours of crushing, packing, and hauling the cans go into getting the job done.  This year there was, unfortunately, several times that our volunteers who do the recycling experienced the need to clean the "trash" out of the bags left at the shed.  Please remember that the only cans we recycle are beverage cans...…..not dog food cans, soup cans, dirty paper/plastic plates, soiled napkins, discarded food, or milk cartons.  Imagine yourself going to the can shed and having to deal with the odors from all that trash!  Judy and Jack Berning handled the recycling for the last several months and we thank them for handling that yucky job.  We have volunteers to handle the recycling through the summer.  Please, please bring only beverage cans to the can shed.
Wishing everyone safe travels, a great summer, and the ability to return once again in the fall to our winter homes and our Winter Texan friends.     Suzie Sawyer   President

Sent 2020-03-19: REMINDER: Refund from the CANCELLED Guys & Dolls Tournament - 

Refunds will be handed out this Thu and Fri, March 19 & 20, from 9 AM to Noon in the Library from the CANCELLED Guys & Dolls Tournament. If you can possibly get over there Thursday, that would be greatly appreciated, rather than having to have someone sit in the Library for three hours on both days.
Beth Parrish for: The Guys & Dolls Chairpersons

Sent 2020-03-18: Neighborhood Watch meeting notes - 16 March 2020 - 
Dear Friends, Documents for your review

Neighborhood Watch meeting notes (16 March 2020) are available as further meetings and gatherings are discouraged. Commentary is appreciated via email to Lenore ( The hand-out on suggestions about securing your home for the summer is also included (Closing Up For The Summer
Although our Sunshine season came to abrupt halt, Thank you for volunteering, thank you for contributing and doing your part in keeping Sunshine a safe place to live.  Have a safe trip home and we wish you a healthy happy summer with family and friends.     Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276   Coordinator NW-CERT


Sent 2020-03-18: Happy Hour in the hall - 

For those of you who attend the Thursday Sunshine Happy Hour IN THE HALL, we are canceling it for a couple of weeks due to the limitation on groups of more than 10. We look forward to having happy hour soon!
Cathy Richmond

Sent 2020-03-18: House For Sale - 

Additional pictures have been added to:
2024 W Montana Ave -  

  • Homeowner: Brad & Eileen Anderson

  • Contact: Brad & Eileen Anderson

  • Call: 507-317-0296

They are on the Web site HERE.     Eileen Anderson

Sent 2020-03-17: Remember When report - 

Except for a little glitch in the video presentation, REMEMBER WHEN was a fun evening and special night to look back at some of those shows produced and directed by Lassey Dahlstrom.  It was especially nice for some of her regular helpers and performers to express their admiration for Lassey and to hear from her some of her special memories and experiences. We gave a net profit in the amount of $590.75 to Women’s Club.  Many thanks to all who helped and especially Lassey’s family who provided excellent refreshments including a delicious champagne punch.  We will be showing the video of shorts from six shows next season at a time to be determined.  No cost of course.  Stay tuned.     Share Nelson

Sent 2020-03-17: NW--McGruff Schedule - 

Happy St Patrick’s Day!
When this day rolls around, I know that I need to begin thinking about McGruff rotation.  We change to a once an evening patrol (9-11 p.m.) from April 1 to September 30.  If you are interested in being a volunteer for this service to our community, please don’t hesitate to call me!  Even if you can only patrol one or two nights a month.  That would help us keep the BAD GUYS at a distance!  Please don’t worry if you are going to be gone for a short time this summer…….we can work around your schedule.
A BIG THANK-YOU to those volunteers who patrolled for us all winter.  We appreciated seeing that light each evening and getting those “you’ve left your garage door open” calls.  We are a much safer community because of your efforts!  Please remember to return your key to me before you leave and do have a safe summer!
Linda Jones                                        Dick Jones
573-631-7849                                   956-264-2926
4216 N Minnesota St

Sent 2020-03-17: Guys & Dolls Tournament CANCELLED / Read for Refund Info - 

The committee met just now and decided to CANCEL the Guys & Golls Golf Tournament. Refunds will be handed out this Thu and Fri, March 19 & 20, from 9 AM to Noon in the Library. The Committee

Sent 2020-03-17: "You, Me & Alexa" - 

"You, Me & Alexa" was a big success thanks to all who attended, the performers and behind the scene volun-teers and especially to Lassey for making it all go on as scheduled. This event netted $1209.63 and has been given to the SCCE Women's Club. Thanks to all who came and enjoyed a very special evening.     Lassey Dahlstrom and her committee

Sent 2020-03-17: Mar 18 Residents Meeting Cancelled - 

It has been decided by the board that the Resident Meeting scheduled for March 18th will be cancelled. The CDC recommends no large meetings during the current health crisis.
John Chajec     SEPO President

Sent 2020-03-17: Guys & Dolls: Rewards Dinner - 

Today the Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament committee will be paying for the meals ordered from Dave's BBQ for Sat evening. Anyone opting out of the tournament after 1 PM TODAY will not be able to receive a reimbursement.


  • Tournament Awards will be handed out at the Pavilion at 4:30 pm while you are enjoying free adult beverages (if you wish)

  • The dinner will be served by Dave's BBQ in Retzlaff Hall at 5:30 pm

  • ToGo boxes will be available for anyone not wishing to eat at the hall.

Thanks for your understanding with this matter.

Dave & Val Pickett and Dick & Joyce Smith     Guys & Dolls Tournament Chairs

Sent 2020-03-17: Stray Cats & Dogs - 

We have been informed that there are stray cats and dogs roaming around the community. If you leave your cats or dogs out to roam freely just know that the human society has been called.
Valerie (SEPO Office)

Sent 2020-03-16: Shrimp Boil - 

To All SCCE Shrimp Boil partakers:
THANK-YOU!!  The Shrimp Boil is over and we believe it was received with “snapping claws”!  Thanks to the many hands that prepared and served the food……Karen Price, Lenore Combs, Cathleen Sunders, Marion Young, Hollie Pickett, Linda Braden, Larry and Linda Lentz, Dick Jones and Jim Kennedy. Thank-you, also to the roaster loaners…..Hollie Pickett, Kathy Wunderlich, and Diane Tewell.  We have made our final tally and the Women’s Club cleared $756.96 profit from this event.  We sincerely hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks for supporting the Women’s Club!     Cathy Chajec & Linda Jones

Sent 2020-03-16: Women’s Club Mtg - 

The Women’s Club meeting on Friday March 20 has been cancelled. The executive met and made this decision.

  • Over the summer, the pool furniture will gradually be reupholstered under Linda Jones’s supervision. Thanks Linda and Dick!

  • Vic and Ina Hillman have volunteered to welcome new homeowners over the summer. We appreciate that too!

  • Please contact Marian Young if any resident (man or woman) is ill or bereaved and she will send a card.

Most important—Have a Safe Summer and please stay healthy! I look forward to our reunion in the fall.
Janis McFee   President


Sent 2020-03-16: House for Rent - 

4316 N. Minnesota St -

  • Home Owner: Tom Eich (effective 04-01-20)

  • Contact: Tom Eich

  • Call: Tom Eich 612-986-7013 or Duane Eich 651-341-5004

  • Renting For: October 2020 through April 2021

  • Description: Mobile Home

This listing has been placed on the Web site by Beth Parrish.     Thanks Duane C. Eich 651-341-5004

Sent 2020-03-16: Both Doggie Parks Closed - 

Both doggie parks are temporarily closed due to fumigation. Will reopen today at 2:30.

Valerie (SEPO Office)

Sent 2020-03-16: Neighborhood Watch meeting -- Monday 16 March 3pm Retz Hall - 

Dear Friends, Hope to see you there for a quick meeting to get some issues settled. If you have not voiced your opinion on these three items mentioned, please do so. In April we shall discuss Disaster Preparedness.
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276   NW-CERT Team Coordinator

Sent 2020-03-15: Lenore on "Nextdoor" website - 

Dear Friends, Just learned that this website opportunity is abundantly out there again - using my name connected with SCCE posting crime & safety issues as an endorsement.  I am NOT using it. NEXTDOOR is a private online social network as is Facebook and others providing a database for exchange of info. I have contacted the company repeatedly to take my name off their list.  However, it resurfaces periodically.  Use this if you choose.  I did not send in your name or any of your information - and never, ever will do so. Our safe forum at Sunshine is our Neighborhood Watch meeting. (every 3rd Monday  3pm Retz Hall)
Lenore J Combs 956 245 1276   NW-CERT Coordinator

Sent 2020-03-14: Resident photos on Web site - 

Today I got copies from Debbie Robins of all of the resident photos that were put in the Photo Directory. My intent is to eventually get them on the Web site - somehow. With that said I will be working on this endeavor over the summer and will let everyone know when I have completed it. I'm just too pooped to work on it now and I want to do a good job with it. Thanks for your patience. 
Beth Parrish     SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-03-14: Resident Photo Directory Thank You - 

I (and I hope others have done so as well) would like to thank the Resident Photo Directory Committee and any others who worked on creating the beautiful directory.     Chris Price

Sent 2020-03-14: Photo Directories not picked up - 

Thanks to everyone who picked up their photo directories in the library today. Those of you who still need to pick yours up can get them from Terry at 4324 N Kansas St.     Terry DeBackere

Sent 2020-03-14: REMINDER: Resident Photo Directories have arrived - 

The Resident Photo Directories have arrived. If you purchased one (or more) they wil be distributed Saturday @1:00pm in the Library.     Debbie Robins

Sent 2020-03-14: YOU MAY REPLY TO THIS: Daily Activity for Next Season - 

I have a proposal. If you disagree, let me know ASAP.

For the past couple of winter seasons Video Exercises has been listed as a daily weekday activity from 8 am - 9 am in the General Purpose Room (which is locked at all times). The SEPO Office can supply the key, but I'm not sure if anyone has been going to them or not.

What I am proposing to do is to remove this from the 2-page Activity List ongoing as a daily - room reserved - activity. However, everyone is free to use the equipment (TV, DVDs, VCRs etc) whenever they want to, as long as you reserve the room in the SEPO Office and get the key from there.

Valerie has agreed to list this Activity on the 2-pager as being available upon reservation. That way the GP Room won't be listed as in use every day in case anyone wants to hold mtgs etc in there during the 8 am - 9 am timeframe.

If I don't get any disagreements or other suggestions prior to noon next Wed (03-18) Valerie and I will proceed with this plan.

Beth Parrish (314-960-6710)

Sent 2020-03-13: St. Patrick’s Day Party - 

Sorry to announce that our St Patrick’s Day celebration will have to be cancelled due to Corona virus health concerns.     The Andersons and McFees

Sent 2020-03-13: Sunday Night Music Cancelled - 

Mr. Ridlon is feeling under the weather. Therefore the live country music will be canceled for this Sunday, March 15. Thank you        Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2020-03-13:Bible Study (Jan-Mar 2021) - 


You are most welcome to join us on Friday mornings from 10-11:00 a.m. from January 2021 thru March 2021 for a Bible study on "Who is the Holy Spirit ?". The study material is a book by Stonecroft Publications. The book will cost approx. $7.00 and I will have them available by April 2020 if you will contact me by  March 27th (2020). This gives you time to review the material before next January. Again, ALL ladies are welcome:- I look forward to the opportunity to study God's Word with you.     Val Hertel  314 662 1482

Sent 2020-03-12: PLEASE REVIEW: Directory (Resident & E-Mail) Updates - 

NOTE: This is going out to only ''Current" Residents.

It's been a while coming (close to a month) but I finally took time out and made all of the updates that Valerie (SEPO Office) has been sending to me. These updates pertain to both the Resident Directory and the E-Mail Directory. All files are dated 03-12-20.

HERE'S WHERE I NEED YOUR INPUT: Please review these files carefully and let me know as soon as possible if any updates are required. Thx

If anyone has questions or needs help accessing any of these files, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   E-Mail:   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-03-12: Resident Photo Directories have arrived - 

The Resident Photo Directories have arrived. If you purchased one (or more) they wil be distributed Saturday @1:00pm in the Library.     Debbie Robins

Sent 2020-03-12: Shrimp Boil Update (please read carefully) - 

Update on the Shrimp Boil…..please read!

As per recent health updates, we have decided to make a couple of changes to our event.  Snacks will be in individual packages.  Soap and water, hand sanitizer, sanitizing hand wipes, and gloves will all be available.  Carry-out containers will be also be available should you choose to not stay and eat dinner; however, the meal will still be initially served per table.  Should you not be feeling well; i.e., coughing, runny nose, fever, etc., please DO NOT attend.  Call one of us to retrieve your meal or have someone else bring it to you.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!     Linda 573-631-7849, Cathy 708-280-8910

Sent 2020-03-12: BIBLE STUDY/MOVIE GROUP - 

 The BIBLE STUDY/MOVIE GROUP will meeting in Rezlaf Hall on Monday March 16th at 6:00 p.m. We will be continuing in Genesis, focusing on the life of Abraham.     Questions: call     Warren  @ 314 719 6532

Sent 2020-03-12: Encore Events Cancelled - 

The office has been notified that Encore has cancelled Bingo today (03-12) as well as all other events until further notice.     Valerie (SEPO Office)

Sent 2020-03-12: House for Sale - 

2024 W Montana Ave -  

  • Home Owner: Brad & Eileen Anderson

  • Contact: Brad & Eileen Anderson

  • Call: 507-317-0296

See Pictures HERE.

Sent 2020-03-12: Loaves and Fishes annual fundraiser - 

I have received the invitation from Loaves and Fishes for their annual fundraiser, the luncheon and style show that many of us have attended and supported over the years. The date is April 14th. The price $65.  It’s always a lot of fun and for a good cause. You can mingle with celebrity officials and social leaders of Harlingen.  There is a theme for dress if you wish.  We usually have a couple tables  if you are interested please give me a call and I will coordinate rides etc. it sells out fast so we have to move quickly.  Share Nelson  309 2690686

Sent 2020-03-11: Guys & Gals Tournie Update: Day 2 Sales - 

We had 7 more teams sign up this am. That puts us at 80%. We have room for 11 more teams. You don't have to be an avid golfer to participate. This is a get to know your neighbors and have fun tournie. So come on in tomorrow and sign up. All monies collected, minus the cost of the meals, will be paid out. The more players we have, the more money we pay out. And the more fun you have. 
Only one more day to sign up; tomorrow Thu, Mar 12, 9am till noon in the library.
If you need a partner, please be sure to check our the "need a partner" list posted in the Library. There's a couple of guys on there who need gals to play with. (no pun intended)
For golfers who have a spouse or friend who doesn't golf, there is still room on the "meal only" list. 
Dave & Val Pickett and Dick & Joyce Smith   Guys & Dolls Tournament Chairs

Sent 2020-03-10: Guys & Gals Tournie Update - 

We had 36 teams sign up this am. That's almost 70%. We have room for 18 more teams. Only two more days to sign up. Tomorrow Wed, Mar 11, 9am till noon & Thu, Mar 12, 9am till noon. If you need a partner, please be sure to check out the "need a partner" list posted in the Library. For golfers who have a spouse or friend who doesn't golf, there is still room on the "meal only" list.     the Guys & Dolls committee

Sent 2020-03-10: SEPO Board/Resident Mtg Schedule for 2020-2021 - 

The SEPO Board & Residents meetings schedule for 2020-2021 Season is posted HERE.     SEPO Board

Sent 2020-03-10: Resident Mtg Scheduled for Mar 18 @ 1 PM in Retzlaff Hall - 

As some of you may have noticed, originally there wasn't a Resident Meeting scheduled in March. We are now informing you that there will be one held on Wed - March 18 - 1 PM - Retzlaff Hall. Hope to see you all there.
John Chajec   SEPO Board President

Sent 2020-03-10: Woodshop, SAWSTOP Pics & Info - 

In order to promote our Community Amenities on the Web site, I had asked Suzie Sawyer if she had any pictures of the SAWSOP Table Saws that were puchased for the Wood Shop this season. Sure enough, in these pictures you can see our own Vic Hillman hard at work. The woodworkers can work much more safely now. Suzie told me they shut down in a nano-second when flesh contacts the blade!  We have 2 of them.
Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin

Sent 2020-03-10: REMINDER: Guys & Dolls Tournie Signup - 


  • Signup: Begins today Tuesday, Mar 10 at 9 AM in the Library. See details on poster

  • If you need a partner: See poster hanging in Library

​Don't delay signing up or you might get left out of this fun time!!!

Dave & Val Pickett and Dick & Joyce Smith (Guys & Dolls Tournament Chairs)

Sent 2020-03-09: Found Window Screen - 

The recent high winds blew a 18" x 33" window screen into our yard. If it is yours, you can pick it up at 4161 N Missouri.     Jim Tennant

Sent 2020-03-09: Houses for Sale/Rent - 

I'm suspicious that some of the for Sale/Rent info on the Web site is out of date again. Please review this page ( & send me any updates that need to be made. And if anyone wants to add info out there, just send it to me @
Thanks     Beth Parrish   SEPO Web site Admin   314-960-6710

Sent 2020-03-09: You Me and Alexa - 

A sincere thanks to the cast and crew of our latest foray into the world of "theater". I had such fun working with you all. I think you were all stars! You certainly made me very proud and happy. I just read the program that Caroline Anderson (our business manager) made for the show and I'm sorry that I didn't give her the names of the creators of those fabulous costumes worn by our Las Vegas girls. They were Millie Noonan (skirts), Laurel Becker and Lisa Dahlstrom (the headdresses) and Nancy Kendrew (bras as well as behind the scene dresser). Vern Luellen, Mike Garret and John Pearcy are eagerly waiting for a call from Las Vegas ! The Women's Club has some great things planned for next season. See you there.     Lassey

Sent 2020-03-08: Use of Fitness Room - 

It has been observed that some folks who use the Fitness Room are not:

  • Cleaning/Wiping down equipment after using it

  • Turning off the TV, Lights and/or Fans before they leave

Please follow the rules of using this space, which is simply being respectful of others who use it as well.
SEPO Board

Sent 2020-03-07: Guys & Dolls: Do you need a partner? - 

We have a Partner List hanging in the library for anyone who is looking for a golfer to play with in the Guys & Dolls tournament. List your name and contact number now. Signup for the tournie starts Tuesday.     Dave Pickett

Sent 2020-03-06: INITIAL NOTICE - Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament: Days/Times course is being utilized - 

The Guys & Dolls golf tournament is being held on March 20 & 21. This tournament will be utilizing the course on these days from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm. Thank you in advance for respecting these hours and planning other golf around these times. Another reminder will be sent out as we get closer to the tournament.
Dave & Val Pickett and Dick & Joyce Smith, Guys & Dolls Tournament Chairs

Sent 2020-03-06: Mary Ruth DiPietro: 90th Birthday Reception - 

I cannot attach the file that was sent to Valerie, so please click on HERE to see details about a 90th Birthday Reception for Mary Ruth DiPietro.     Beth Parrish for Valerie

Sent 2020-03-06: Golf: Guys & Dolls Tournie Info - 

The Guys & Dolls Golf tournament, open to Owners & Renters only, will be held on Friday and Saturday March 20 and 21. Awards Dinner will be Saturday evening. 

It will be a Scramble format. Tee time will be assigned and be the same for each day.

The cost for golfers is $20 per person and limited to 108 golfers. A meal by Dave’s BBQ (price included in the entry fee) will follow on Saturday evening: 4:45 Social Time (Pavilion) & 5:30 Dinner/Awards (Retzlaff). The cost of meal only, if you don’t golf, is $12 each.

This year we are also offering a ‘Share the Wealth’ prize for a ‘Hole in One’ that any team(s) makes. This OPTIONAL 'Hole In One’ contest has an entry fee of $10 per team. Payout will be a portion of the total ‘Hole In One’ entry fees. If only one team get a ‘Hole In One’ they get half of the entry fee. Two or more teams getting a “Hole In One” each get an even portion of half of the entry fee. The other half of the entry fee will be paid out as prize money for the overall tournament.

Signup will be from 9am 'til noon on March 10, 11, and 12 in the library. Please bring cash - no checks.

If you haven’t found a partner to play with yet, you better get going.

Dave & Val Pickett and Dick & Joyce Smith (Guys & Dolls Tournament Chairs)

Sent 2020-03-05: Water shut off on Missouri right now - 

I was informed just now that Harlingen Waterworks has the water shut off on Missouri for an hour for maintenance.     Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2020-03-05: BIBLE STUDY/ MOVIE GROUP - 

After one week "off " due to family company, the Bible Study / Movie Group will resume on: 
MARCH 9TH in Retzlaf Hall at 6:00 p.m.
We will be continuing in GENESIS (after the flood) 
questions :---  call Warren Hertel  314 719 6532

Sent 2020-03-05: Hot Tub - 

Hot Tub is now functioning but not up to full Temp. It will be ready later this afternoon ...currently in the low 90s.
Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2020-03-05: Women's Club Meeting Minutes: 02-21-2020 (pending approval) - 

Please take note: Although these minutes are being distributed to the community today, they are the 'unapproved version'. These minutes will be officially approved at the next Women's Club meeting on Oct 16, 2020. They are available on the Sunshine Web site HERE.   Respectfully submitted, Glenda Wetherbee, Secretary

Sent 2020-03-04: REMINDER: Photo Directory - Individual Pics etc for Sale - 

As posted in the March Newsletter, the Sunshine Photo Directory Committee is offering various items for purchase (until End of Day, Friday, March 6):

  • A 5x7 for $4

  • An 8x10 for $5

  • The picture file (*jpg file) to do with whatever you like for $5


There are so many great photos. Get your order in! If I am not home, please put your money in an envelope with your name and what you would like to order.     Deborah Robins

Sent 2020-03-04: Hot Tub Update - 

The hot tub went out again. Will be working on it early in the morning tomorrow.
Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2020-03-04: Shrimp Boil is Sold Out - 

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to the Shrimp Boil. The event is now sold out. See you there.
Linda Braden

Sent 2020-03-04: Shrimp Boil Tickets - 

There are only TWO Shrimp Boil tickets left for sale. If you SNOOZE - you LOSE. Call me at (712) 621-4062 or stop by 1904 W Indiana Circle to purchase them. $10 apiece.     Linda Braden

Sent 2020-03-04: Hot Tub Status - 

The Hot Tub has been repaired and is ready for use. Thanks for your patience with this matter.
Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2020-03-3: SEPO Financials - 

To all Homeowners, This is your Treasurer, Mecca Henry, I am sending out this email to update everyone on the financials for year end 2019 and January 2020. After meeting with our Tax accountant there were several changes made to 2019. They are corrections that he felt needed to be made. The new and updated reports are posted on the website. (
I will be sending out monthly reports and having Beth post them on the website. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mecca Henry, SEPO Treasurer, (469) 766-4245,

Sent 2020-03-03: St. Patrick's Day Party - 

Get out your Greens
St. Patrick's Day Party


When: Tuesday, March 17 @ 4 PM
Where: Pavillion (weather permitting), Retzlaff Hall (backup)
Hosts: Brad & Eileen Anderson AND Dak & Janis McFee

  • Hosts are providing A Keg of Green Beer

  • Attendees - Please bring Finger Foods to share

Dak McFee

Sent 2020-03-03: Shrimp Boil, 31 Tickets Left For Sale - 

After selling Physical Tickets in the Library this Mon & Tues, there are only 31 tickets left. Please contact Linda Braden @ (712) 621-4062 if you would still like to attend. Thanks     Linda

Sent 2020-03-03: Shrimp Boil Tickets: GET THEM TODAY WHILE THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE - 

Come get your tickets today while they are still available.

There will be a Women’s Club Mardi Gras Shrimp Boil Dinner in Retzlaff Hall on Friday, March 13. This event is normally held in October each season - so if you've missed it in the past - now is your chance to find out what a delicious meal you've been missing !!!!!

$10 tickets will be available in the Library on Monday, March 2 and Tuesday, March 3 from 9-11 am. Seating will be by tables, with ten at each table (you may sign up as a group or just choose a table). Only 160 tickets will be sold so be sure to mark this date/time on your calendars!

Happy hour/social time will begin in the pavilion at 4:30. Doors will open at 5:00 and dinner will begin as soon as everyone is seated.

The menu consists of snacks, coleslaw, shrimp boil mixture (shrimp, potatoes, corn, & sausage with seasonings), bread/butter and dessert. Coffee, tea, and water will be available; otherwise, BYOB.

If you have questions please call Cathy Chajec 708-280-8910 or Linda Jones 573-631-7849.

Sent 2-20-03-03: House For Sale - 

4313 :


N Missouri St - 

  • Home Owner: Robert Blair

  • Contact: Robert Blair

  • Call: 956-230-4414

  • Description:

    • 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom

    • 2-car garage

    • Too many updates to list here.


Sent 2020-03-03: Office Closed today until 1 PM - 

The Office will be closed this morning (Mar 3) and reopen at 1 PM. 
Valerie Basaldua   Office Manager

Sent 2020-03-02: SEPO BOARD MEETING AGENDA 3/9/2020 - 

The Agenda for the SEPO Board Meeting on Mar 9, 2020 is posted HERE.


Sent 2020-03-02: Women's Golf League Awards Party - 

The Women's Golf League Awards Party will be held in Retzlaff Hall on March 11th at 12:30. Signup sheet is in library. All current and past Women's Golf League members are invited.
Connie Robertson   Women's Golf League Treasurer


Sent 2020-03-01: House No Longer for Sale - 

The house that belonged to Bill Bond (1913 W Michigan Dr) is no longer going to be sold. There are still some items inside the home that will be for sale.     Joanne Ferrell (609-251-1127) / Mark Bond (832-661-7081)


Sent 2020-03-01: Has been FOUND - 

The truant golf cart whirly-gig has been returned from a back yard a few houses from us. It's escape plan did not work. Thank You Steve     Warren Hertel

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