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Arlene Jannsen - (Former Resident) November 13th
Bob Jones - November 12th
Lois Rogers - (Former Resident) November 2nd
Ruth Pancamo,- (Former Resident) October 27th
Betty Osmundson - (Former Resident) October 12th
Kay McPherson - October 3rd
Joe Curry - October 1st
Evalyn Asmus - (Former Resident) September 8
Bob Hunt - September 4th
Leona Scott - August 20th
Pat Pope - (Former Resident)
Harriet Olson - July 5th
Gloria Roeske - June 25th
Tele Page - June 18th
Bob Setter - (Former Resident) May 29th
Nancy Whitley - April 1st
Middi Auclair - March 12th
Imogene Curry - March 3rd
Larry Wuescher - March 2nd
Agnes Bupp - (Former Resident) February 8th
Mary Ryan - (Former Resident) January 16th
Jan Stevens - January 14th
Paul Case - January 13th  

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